Muscle Drain

Feel Jason's POWER!


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason wakes the next morning to see his leg still chained to the floor. He’s surrounded by Darrin and the two - now skinny – bodybuilders.

“Hey there, Jason”, Darrin says as Jason painfully sits up. Jason looks down at his body and can hardly believe his eyes. His muscles are enormous, bigger than they have ever been. He flexes a bicep and feels the pain as his skin stretches and it flexes into an enormous ball the size of a cantaloupe. One of the skinny former bodybuilders rushes over and gropes at the huge ball and starts beating off with his other hand. Jason flexes his other bicep as well watching the huge muscle ball up unbelievably thick and tall under his paper thin, stretched skin.

“Fuck Jason! Look at your fucking arms!” Darrin exclaims as he also gets a hard-on.

“Ungh…Yeah..Ungh”, the former bodybuilder groping Jason’s other arm grunts as he cums all over Jason’s bicep. Cum rolls down over the huge ball of flexed muscle in little rivers diverting around the veins that bulge out all over the massive arm. Jason tightens the flex of his biceps, feeling the tight pain in the two mounds. The former bodybuilder starts to lick his own cum off of Jason’s massive arm. Darrin’s dick is now in a full, enraged hard-on at the sight of Jason’s arms. “Awww Jason…look at you!” Darrin says trance-like as he beats off watching Jason flex his arms. Jason stands up, walks over to the mirror and nearly scares himself when he sees his reflection in the mirror. He is huge! Each muscle is over-inflated with power. Jason starts to hit pose after pose for himself in the mirror. He can’t believe the image in the mirror is really him. Jason’s dick hardens and stands out in front of his massive thighs. Darrin stands next to Jason beating off at his muscle show.

“Oh Fuck, Jason! Look at your body! You’re so fucking huge and hot!” Darrin exclaims. “Flex you pecs for me”.

Jason puts both arms down in front of him and squeezes his pecs between his arms. His huge veiny pecs bunch up into hard masses of muscle. His dick throbs with excitement at the sight of his unreal chest. “Suck me off while I flex” Jason commands Darrin.

Darrin runs in front of Jason and eagerly takes Jason’s huge cock into his mouth. As he sucks he looks up to watch Jason flexing his pecs. Jason’s pecs look like two half watermelons as he squeezes and flexes them with his arms down straight in front of him.

“Look at me! Look at my fucking muscles! Suck my dick harder!” He commands Darrin. “You two” Jason screams, looking over at the 2 skinny bodybuilders, “Feel my muscles while I flex. Feel my fucking power!”

The two former bodybuilders quickly come over to Jason and begin feeling and groping and licking all of his massive muscles.

“Yeah – look at my body! Feel my muscles! Feel my power!” Jason hits a double bicep pose and watches in the mirror as the two skinny guys grope and kiss and caress every inch of the huge bicep mounds. Jason thrusts his cock deep into Darrin’s mouth screaming “Fuck yeah! Look at me! Feel my huge fucking biceps”. Jason keeps flexing one arm and takes his other hand and grabs the back of Darrin’s head as he plunges his cock down Darrin’s throat. Darrin gags at first then moans with pleasure and sucks harder. “Fucking huge! Fucking strong! Feel my power!” Jason screams as he rams his cock down Darrin’s throat again and again.

The two skinny bodybuilders keep worshipping Jason’s flexed bicep. “Oh god! You’re huge! So Beautiful! Your fucking muscles”, they moan.

Jason chest starts to heave with deep breathes as he feels a powerful orgasm coming. “Fuck Yeah! Power! Feel my power!” he screams as he continues fucking Darrin’s mouth. “Feel it! Auugh! Feel my powerful muscles!” Jason wants Darrin to feel the power surging in his muscles. He wants Darrin to taste his muscle. Jason can feel power welling up in his dick. He wants to make Darrin taste it and feel it. Jason’s dick starts to swell larger, veins bulging all over it as it charges full of power. “Oh Fuck!…Yeah!…You’re gonna feel my power!” Jason’s dick continues swelling larger forcing Darrin’s jaws wider and sliding farther and farther down his throat. “AUGH!….FUCK!…LOOK AT MY MUSCLES! Jason screams as he watches himself flex in the mirror. “FEEL MY MUSCLES!….AAUUGH!…FEEL MY POWER!!” Jason grabs the back of Darrin’s head with both hands burying his power swollen dick deep down Darrrin’s throat. Jason’s whole muscled body trembles as he thrusts his pelvis hard. “FEEL IT!!” Jason erupts into Darrin’s throat shooting cum and power into Darrin’s body. Darrin grabs Jason’s ass pulling himself in tighter onto the huge rod exploding into his throat. “AAUUGH!….FEEL IT!….YEAH!” Jason screams as he continues ramming and shooting into Darrin’s throat.

Darrin can feel his muscles burning and growing. He sucks hard on Jason’s dick sucking more power and muscle and cum out of it. He feels his muscles filling with power – growing – hardening. Darrin sucks harder as Jason’s engorged rod keeps ramming down his throat.

“AUUGHH!…AAUUGGHHH!” Jason screams. “FEEL IT!…TAKE IT!…FEEL MY POWER!” Jason bucks his hips one more time with a ferocious roar and then pulls his dick out of Darrin’s mouth.

Darrin gropes after the dick trying to coax the last bits of muscle power from it.

Jason falls exhausted on the sofa as Darrin moves in front of the mirror and flexes his new muscles while he beats off. •

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