Muscle Drain

Jason Makes Kurt Even BIGGER


By 2VienyBiceps

Jon returns to the room where Jason is fucking Kurt - filling him full of more and more muscle. “Fuck yeah! Take that muscle! Get huge!" Jason screams down at the growing muscle boy Kurt, impaled on Jason's power filled dick.

Jon leads 2 new bodybuilders into the room where Jason and Kurt are. The bigger and hottest of the two bodybuilders takes one look at the scene in front of them and screams “What the fuck!?”

Jon says excitedly. “He’s raping Kurt! I can’t stop him. I need you two to pull him off of Kurt.”

The two bodybuilders cautiously walk over to Jason “Dude, get the fuck off him or we’re gonna mess you up.” The smaller of the two men gets a good look at Kurt and does a double take, not believing the size of the mammoth body supposedly being raped.

“If your gonna mess me up you’d better get started” Jason replies slyly.

The bigger of the two guys grabs Jason’s shoulders to pull him off of Kurt. The smaller of the two keeps staring in disbelief at Kurt.

Jason reaches up and grabs the bigger guy’s arm. He can feel the power in his body. He concentrates on grabbing hold of his muscles and power.

“Dude, quit looking at him and gimme some help here”, the bigger guy says to the smaller one.

“But…It’s not possible for someone to be that big…”, the smaller one replies in awe as he grabs one of Jason’s legs.

Jason places his hand on the smaller guy’s back. The power he feels in the two men is tremendous. “Auurgh!” he screams as he grits his teeth. Both men go stiff and Jason can feel their power start to flow into him. It feels so good. His shrinking muscles need the men’s power to recharge them. “Ah yeah…muscle”, Jason moans as power from the two bodybuilders start to enrich his hungry muscles. He throws his head back and strains to suck more muscle from the two men. Power floods in through each of Jason’s arms. Veins bulge all over Jason’s body. Sparks of power dart from muscle to muscle. His muscles mushroom and burn with new power. Jason can feel that the two bodybuilders have a mind-boggling amount of power between the two of them. “Fuck yeah! Feed me your muscles! So much fucking power!” Jason screams, as he tightens his grip on each bodybuilder, drawing more and more strength out of both of them – without giving any of it to Kurt.

“Give it to ME!” Kurt screams with jealousy. “Give ME their power!” Feed MY FUCKING MUSCLES!”

Jason ignores Kurt’s commands as he revels in the power recharging his body. He continues sucking power from the two bodybuilders into his own muscles, growing bigger and stronger by the second. He yanks harder at the two muscle filled men in his grasp. Lightning bolts of power start to shoot out of every muscle in the men’s bodies striking into each of Jason’s muscles. The power bolts crackle as their angry fingers charge Jason’s muscles with power. Jason’s muscles visibly grow and glisten with sweat as veins snake all over them. “Fuck, yeah! Power! MUSCLE! I’m fuckin’ growing huge again! It feels so fucking good! I’ll get even bigger than I was before!” Jason grits his teeth, throws his head back and strains to pull even more power from the two bodybuilders. Searing bolts of power slam into his body from the two men. Jason looks down at his bulging, tortured muscles and screams “Grow fuckers! GROW!”

Kurt, insanely jealous of the muscle pouring into Jason’s body, screams “You mother fucker! That’s MY muscle! Give it to me!” Kurt tightens his grip on Jason’s arms and concentrates on restarting the flow of power from Jason into his own body. “Give it to me! I need more fucking muscle! Now!” Kurt’s body trembles with desire and need for all of the muscle pouring into Jason. He can feel the power in Jason’s body. He can sense Jason’s muscles growing. “C’mon…I need…MUSCLE!” Just at that moment Kurt feels a small amount of power flowing into his body from his grip on Jason’s arms. He concentrates harder on the sensation and feels even more power flowing in through his arms. Kurt is dumbfounded at first. But, then he realizes he has broken through the mind barrier and is now able to transfer power into his body on his own. Kurt doesn’t need Jason to give him power anymore. Now he can take power from other’s himself.

Jason feels power leaving his body. He can’t understand at first, then looks down and sees Kurt with an evil, lustful smirk on his face. He sees the swollen veins in Kurt’s arms as power flows from his body into Kurt’s body.

“Yes! Now it’s all mine! Your muscles…their fucking muscles…it’s all MINE now!” Kurt screams in lust as he tightens his grip on Jason’s arms, feeling Jason’s power flow into all of his muscles.

Jason feels a rush of panic. How could Kurt be taking his muscles? How could Kurt have developed the ability to absorb power on his own? Jason looks back down at the lustful look on Kurt’s face. “You want more fucking muscle? Take this!” Jason screams angrily as he buries his dick into Kurt’s ass, shooting a huge bolt of power into Kurt.

Kurt’s body writhes in pain at the huge bolt of power. He screams out in painful agony, “Aughh…FUCK!” And then after the initial shock he moans, “YES! MORE!” He grasps Jason arms tighter and feels himself pulling more power out of Jason. Kurt’s body is like a bottomless pit absorbing more and more power and growing bigger and bigger with no sign of stopping. Kurt’s body is not hitting any barriers or limits in the amount of power it consumes and the amount of size it can gain, “More muscle!”

Jason feels momentarily light-headed from the increased flow of power Kurt is pulling from him. He grips the two bodybuilders still in his clutches and pulls more power from them - recharging his body. But, he can feel this power leaving his body into Kurt nearly as fast as he gains it from the two bodybuilders. Jason realizes he has to do something different – fast - and he concentrates on reversing the flow of power exiting his body into Kurt. He struggles to gain control of Kurt’s muscles. But Kurt, full of the power Jason has already given him, is stronger than Jason – and getting more powerful by the second. Kurt’s superior strength is overpowering Jason’s attempts to reverse the flow of power.

Kurt, with a lustful, maniacal look screams out “You can’t stop me. I’ll soon have the muscle from all three of you!” Look at me fucking grow!” Kurt pulls himself off of Jason’s impaling dick and stands up next to the pile of crushed boxes. His enormous body - now with the muscle of several men crammed into it - is beyond human. Pulsating veins branch out across all of his ominous muscles. Each muscle distends in overblown proportions, beet red and swollen, glistening with sweat. His arms are a grotesque network of veins upon muscle enveloped in Saran wrapped skin. Kurt’s body, unlike Jason and Darrin, shows no limits of how much muscle it can hold. Kurt just keeps growing – absorbing more and more muscle in his unstoppable plundering of power.

Jon, standing by the doorway beating off, screams out, “Look at you Kurt! My fucking muscle god! You’re bigger than any human has ever been!’ Jon’s breathing quickens and he tenses up in an orgasmic convulsion, “And you just keep growing…Auugh!” Cum spews out of Jon’s dick, “…and growing!…Unngh!…bigger!…Ahhhng!” Cum pools at Jon’s feet. “Take it all…take all fucking their muscles! GROW!”

Jason realizes Kurt is now guzzling more power out of him than he is gaining from the two bodybuilders in his own grasp. Every time Jason increases the flow of power from the two bodybuilders into his own body, Kurt just seizes it and then takes more from Jason’s body as well. Jason is feeling weak and faint and knows he must do something quick. Jason strains to lift the two weakened bodybuilders to their feet and then he pushes them toward Kurt, right next each of Kurt’s hands. Then Jason releases his hold on each of the bodybuilders stopping the flow of power from them into his own body. The effect on Kurt is like turning a gushing water hose down to a dribble.

Kurt stares furiously at Jason and screams, “Grab them back or I’ll suck every bit of life out of you!”

Jason stands firm and says “I’m all yours”.

The two bodybuilders stumble, dazed and weak within immediate grasp of Kurt’s arms.

Kurt sizes up the situation and sees that there is more muscle in the two bodybuilders combined than in Jason. “Who needs your fucking puny body? I’ll have these two”, Kurt sneers as he releases his grip from Jason’s arms in a shower of sparks and grabs onto one arm of each of the two bodybuilders. Kurt’s head falls back in ecstasy as he feels the power from the two men start to pour into his muscles. “Awww…fuck yeah! Give me more muscle! Unngh!”, he grunts, as he pulls harder at the power in the two bodybuilders.

Jason stumbles backward, weak and dazed from the loss of muscle and strength. He catches his breath for a second and then gets a good look at Kurt. “Holy Fuck!” he says to himself taking in the sight of Kurt’s enormous muscles still growing with more power. “How could Kurt keep gaining so much power without hitting any limits? His muscles just keep growing…packing in all the power he can obtain.” Jason is momentarily entranced with the sight of the behemoth continuing to grow in front of him. “So much muscle…he’s so powerful” Jason says to himself in a trance as he watches Kurt’s shining muscles and veins writhe and grow, pulsating with increasing power. Jason also sees Kurt’s dick, enraged and throbbing between his legs. Precum drips from it’s angry purple head. It seems to be begging to be sucked…to spray cum across Kurt’s electrifying muscles…or down some hungry throat. Kurt sporadically thrusts his hips, jabbing his dick in the air as if ramming into a hard muscle ass. Jason, entranced by all the muscle and Kurt’s needy dick, starts slowly walking toward Kurt.

Kurt notices Jason’s muscle dazed walk toward him. “Yeah, that’s right. Come give me the rest of your muscles as my dick explodes down your throat. Come feel me grow!” Kurt tenses all of his muscles and they explode into shockingly inflated, rock hard, striated mounds. Kurt looks down at his own frightening body and with a look of satisfied ecstasy on his face and jerks harder at the power in the two bodybuilders, “Ungh”. As he does, veins bulge and sparks dart across his tensed muscles. “Awww…yeah!” he moans as his muscles surge and more precum drips from his aching dick.

Jason walks over and stops right in front of Kurt. The gigantic body in front of him is amazing and frightening all in one. Kurt’s muscles are terrifyingly huge and still growing as they seize more and more power from the two dwindling bodybuilders. Jason reaches both hands out and slowly moves them toward Kurt’s pecs.

Kurt looks down at Jason’s hands reaching enticingly toward his pecs. “Yeah! Grab onto my pecs and feel your muscles become mine! Give me all your fucking power!” Kurt closes his eyes with his head back anticipating the feeling of Jason’s power flooding into him along with the other two bodybuilders. “I’ll be so fucking huge and…Ungh!” Kurt suddenly feels something unexpected. The power flowing into him from the two bodybuilders has slowed. He opens his eyes and looks down to see Jason grabbing the other arm of each of the two bodybuilders. Jason has tricked him.

Jason concentrates with all his might to pull as much power as possible from the two bodybuilders. Both of their bodies go stiff as they let out a painful moan. Jason feels power from the two men flowing into his body.

“You mother fucker! Let go of them! Their muscles are mine!!” Kurt screams out. Kurt struggles to take control of the power in the two bodybuilders. “Auugh!” His muscles tense and strain to continue feeding on the power.

Power floods into Jason. Veins bulge all over his body as they deliver power into his muscles. Jason, with more experience in transferring muscle into his body, is able to override Kurt’s plundering of the two bodybuilder’s muscles. Jason let’s out a roar as he intensifies his efforts. Power starts to pour into his body. Sparks of power swirl around his arms and penetrate his muscles. Jason looks down over his ballooning pecs at all of his muscles swelling and hardening. “Yeah! Look at me grow! Feed me!”

Kurt strains with every fiber of muscle in his body to regain control of the power in the two bodybuilders. His massive muscles tense and strain. “Auuugh! Give me those fucking muscles! I need to get bigger! I need more fucking POWER! Auungh!” As hard as he tries, Kurt can’t restart the flow of power into his body. He looks at Jason absorbing the power from the two bodybuilders. Kurt sees Jason’s muscles swelling and Jason’s skin shining as it tightens around his growing muscles. Kurt becomes insanely jealous. He yanks at the two bodybuilders attempting to pull them from Jason’s grasps. But, Jason’s grip holds tight.

“Fuck yeah!” Jason screams as he bears down with full intensity on the power in the two bodybuilders. Lightning bolts of power arc from the two men into Jason’s body supercharging his muscles. “Auurgh!” Jason screams as his muscles surge with new power. His triceps stand out like swollen horseshoes. His biceps distend into round vieny balls. His abs harden and tighten into a more and more perfect 8 pack. The lightning bolts of power strike into every muscle continuing to feed them, making them grow by the second.

Kurt sees Jason’s body developing in front of him and goes mad with desperate jealousy. “Those muscles are for me! That’s my fucking power! Give it to me!” Kurt lunges his entire body into the arcs of power shooting out of the two bodybuilders into Jason. Kurt gasps and his body goes rigid with pain as the power bolts strike into his body. He can feel the power surging into him. “Yes!” he screams triumphantly as he feels the power flow into each of his muscles. His body writhes and contorts with fantastic pain. Then he notices the bolts of power shooting out the other side of his body and into Jason. He can feel the power from the two bodybuilders passing through him and into Jason. Even worse, he can feel some of his own power getting swept up in current feeding Jason as well. “Fuck NO!” Kurt screams.

Jason’s body is growing huge - fast. “Awrr..YES! Feed me! Look at my fucking muscles!” His sweat drenched skin covers a network of pulsing veins injecting power into his tortured muscles. He can feel his muscles reaching their current limits of size and power. They ache with a tight, burning super-pumped feeling. He remembers that by flexing the muscles it will force more power into them. He flexes his pecs hard. The arcs of power shooting into Jason’s body intensify and crackle as the strike into his pecs. “AUUGH, FUCK!” he screams as the veins in his pecs swell and burrow into the massive slabs of beef to feed them more power. He squeezes his pecs tighter and feels even more power bombard them.

Kurt continues to struggle to escape the power drain he is stuck in. He claws at the two bodybuilders in Jason’s grasps trying to pull himself away.

Jason looks at Kurt struggling as he feels Kurt’s immense power becoming part of his own muscles. “Look at your muscles feeding my body!” Jason squeezes his pecs again and feels another rush of power invade the massive muscles. “Feel yourself becoming part of my muscles. “ Jason pulls the two bodybuilders closer to his own body, scooping up Kurt between them. Kurt fights and struggles as Jason pulls all 3 bodies closer and closer. As Jason brings the 3 men closer to his body the arcs of power intensify and crackle and buzz. Jason’s body trembles with pain as it absorbs the increased power. He pulls the 3 men to within an inch of touching his enormous pecs. Bolts of power crackle between the men and Jason up and down the full length of their bodies. Every muscle in Jason’s body trembles and shakes from the power bombarding them. He tries to pull the 3 men in completely against his body. But, the power crackling between them creates a resistance, almost like a force field. Jason looks at Kurt’s defiant face and Kurt tries to struggle away again. But, now Jason is much more powerful than Kurt. He can feel Kurt’s power dwindling by the second, feeding his own outrageous muscles. “Fuck yeah!” Jason screams as he flexes every muscle in his body. The crackling sparks between Jason and the other men shoot into Jason’s flexing muscles. Jason squeezes the men tighter toward his body Jason is now powerful enough to be able to pull the men fully against his body. They make contact from Jason’s legs up to his jutting pecs. Jason’s body immediately stiffens and convulses as the direct contact with the other men kicks the power transfer into overdrive. Every muscle in Jason’s body overloads with searing power, cramping up and violently shaking. He glances down at his body and sees all of his muscles turn an angry purple - red as veins bulge obscenely all over them. “AUUWWRR FUCK!” The 3 men Jason holds against his body are visibly shrinking as they are absorbed by direct contact with Jason’s muscles – and Jason’s body visibly grows and hardens at the same rate. His trembling pecs and arms swell out against the bundle of dwindling power they caress. “OH FUCK!” The burning pain and muscle convulsions intensify to a level that is unbearable. Yet the power flooding into his body keeps increasing, drowning his muscles in more and more power. Jason can feel his vision going dark and his head feeling light. He looks down once again at his hideously swollen, tortured muscles writhing and trembling in ecstatic pain - and then he blacks out as all four men fall to the floor. They lay for a moment in a heap as Jason’s body twitches in pain on the bottom of the pile. Then the two bodybuilders – now skinny men – slowly roll off Jason’s mountains of muscle leaving Kurt laying across Jason’s torso. Jon runs over to Kurt, pulls him off of Jason and then helps him stumble into the next room, slamming the heavy steel door and locking it behind them. •

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