Muscle Drain

The Muscle War is On!


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason wakes up to hear muffled screaming coming from behind the locked, heavy steel door leading to the next room. “Take it! Take all of it! GROW!” It was Jon’s voice.

“Yeah! Look at me! I’ll be bigger then I was before!” came the sound of Kurt’s voice. “Bring me more muscle boys! I need more muscle! I gotta be bigger!”

Jason looks over at Darrin sitting on the edge of the bench press staring back at him. Darrin looks good with the small amount of muscle Jason had given him. “They’ve been at it for about an hour” Darrin says.

They could hear Jon again, “I’ll bring you all the muscle boys you can take. That’s right. Keep sucking the power out of him. Keep growing.”

Darrin looks back at Jason and asks “What happens when Kurt gets bigger than you again? Will he come after you?

“I don’t know” Jason says as he looks down at his enormous bicep and watches it curl up into a tight ball as he flexes it.

Just then the lock on the heavy steel door clunks open and the door opens halfway. Two skinny young men get shoved through the door and fall on the floor near Darrin.

“Look. Kurt’s already got the power of two men. It won’t be long before he has more.” Darrin says nervously.

Jason needs a plan for when Kurt returns. He’ll have to have an advantage over Kurt even if Kurt is more powerful than him. He looks around him at the room becoming more crowded with skinny muscle drained men, their bodies aching to regain power - the power they once had. He looks back over at Darrin with the slight bit of muscle Jason had given him. “Hmm…it just might work” he says to himself as he hears more muffled screams through the door. “Augh yeah! Flex them! Yeah! I’ll get you more muscle! You’ll grow huge!” Ungh…Ungh…UNGH! More muscle!”

Jason gathers the other guys in the room around him to explain the plan for defeating Kurt. “I need an advantage that Kurt doesn’t have…and I think I know what it is. The last few times I’ve gotten power from someone else, lightning bolts of power have shot through the air into my body. If I can develop the ability to pull power from other people without touching them – that is by drawing their power through the air through those bolts of power, I would have an advantage over Kurt. See, he would have to touch me in order to take power from me. But, if I could stand several feet away from him and draw power from him I should be able to overcome him. I just need to practice drawing power from other people without touching them”. Jason looks over at Darrin who still has the small amount of muscle Jason has given him. “Darrin, come stand right in front of me.” Darrin cautiously gets up and walks over in front of Jason. Jason stretches his arms out toward Darrin as if trying to grasp him. “OK, now stand just a few inches beyond my grasp”. Darrin moves to within a few inches of Darrin’s outstretched arms. Jason’s hands go rigid as if trying to grasp something. A pained look of determination comes across his face. “Aaah…Uhhhn”, he grunts as he strains harder. His arms and hands tremble and shake as he grasps at the air in front of Darrin. Just then Darrin gasps and jerks stiff. “AUUNNGHH!” Jason screams as his body tightens and trembles. Small sparks dart across Darrin’s upper torso and then start sparking across to Jason’s outstretched fingers. “AUUGH! YES!” Jason screams as the sparks of power charge into his hands and he feels the warmth of muscle power flowing up through his arms. Jason throws his head back and with a snarl on his face he curls his fingers inward. Veins bulge out on Jason’s arms as the sparks of power shooting out of Darrin turn to bolts of power. “YES! MUSCLE!” Jason screams as his muscles grow and harden. Jason realizes he is slipping into a muscle feeding frenzy when he was only supposed to be practicing with Darrin. He looks at Darrin’s skinny body and pulls his arms back as sparks crackle and dart randomly from his hands.

Darrin falls weekly onto his knees. “It worked”, he whispers.

“Damn right it did!”, Jason exclaims, flexing and caressing one of his freshly fed pecs. “We’ll just need to practice some more until I can increase the distance to several yards away. The other piece to the puzzle is - I won’t be able to absorb all of Kurt’s muscles myself – my body won’t be able to hold all that power”, Jason explains, looking around the room at all the skinny men. “So I will need to transfer some of the power to each of you as I am taking it from Kurt”.

The men standing around the room look at each other and smile, almost licking their lips. In the next room faint screams can be heard again. “That’s right. Flex ‘em and pump ‘em. Work that power into your muscles. I got another muscle boy waiting here after that one”. “AUUNGH, yeah! Look at me grow! Pumping and flexin’ em really gets that power worked into ‘em! MORE! Look at me!”

Jason looks around the room at the other men. “The war is on”

The rest of the day is spent by Jason transferring small amounts of power into each of the men and then drawing it back out of them as they stand further and further away from him. By the end of the day Jason is able to pull power from someone standing almost 6 feet away. After working all day, Jason treats all the men to a muscle show. They all stand around him and beat off while he flexes one engorged muscle after another.


The next morning finds two more skinny young men in the room with Jason and the other guys. The two new men are sitting around Jason, with some of the other guys drinking protein shakes from the cases of protein powder in the corner of the room. The rest of the guys are working out with the weights on the other side of the room trying to regain at least some of their lost muscles.

“We just need to keep practicing until I can pull power from one of you guys at about 15 feet away. I think that is a safe distance to be from Kurt”, Jason explains to the men seated around him. In the distance they can hear more frenzied screaming from the next room. The screaming has increased to almost constant now as Jon keeps bringing Kurt more and more muscle boys. Jason and the guys sitting around him can only listen to the sounds of a muscle monster growing in the other room and try to imagine what Kurt is becoming.

In the next room, Kurt stands in front of a full-length mirror, his eyes fixated on his body in the mirror as he flexes and pumps all of his muscles. A skinny, drained, young man lies motionless at his feet. “He was fucking great. He had a ton of muscle.” Kurt says to Jon. “Now I just have to pump his power into my fucking muscles… flexing and pumping really does work the power into my muscles faster. Fuckin’ look at me! Look at my muscles! Gimme more!” he screams taking in the sight of his powerful, tortured muscles in the mirror.

Along the side of the room are two more horrified looking muscle boys tied to a long bench. Jon walks over and grabs one of them. “Your turn!” Jon says with a sarcastic chirp and an evil smirk. The muscle boy starts to scream and squirm, trying to escape his bindings. Jon cuts the rope loose from the bench, but the young man’s hands and feet are still bound. Jon pushes the young man across the room to Kurt who is still standing in front of the mirror flexing and pumping his muscles. Kurt slowly turns around and grabs the young man by the back of the neck. The young man’s chest heaves up and down as he breathes heavily. Kurt takes his free hand and runs it slowly down the young man’s heaving chest and then down across his undulating abs. “Mmm…beautiful muscle body” Kurt moans. “And now… it’s all MINE”, he says as he seizes onto the power in the young man’s muscles and lifts him up, grabbing him by the legs and his upper torso. Kurt holds the stiff young man horizontally in his grasps and then slowly curls the stiff body up like a barbell. “Yeah…Fuckin’ Muscle!” Kurt moans as he slowly does a bicep curl with the young hunk’s body. “Ungh!” Kurt jerks at the body and the veins in his arms swell with power from the young man. As Kurt curls the body up, his biceps strain and swollen veins invade the bulging muscles. The veins branch out all over his biceps and burrow into them injecting his straining muscles with power. Kurt sucks more power from the body as he curls the moaning muscle boy slowly higher. Kurt’s veiny biceps strain and burn with new power. He curls the muscle boy’s body all the way up and then holds the curl at the top squeezing his biceps, feeling more and more power flood into his arms searing and burning. “Awww...fuck yeah!” He lowers the muscled body to the bottom of the curl and then slowly starts to curl it back up again as he throws his head back and pulls hard at the power in the young hunk’s body. The veins in Kurt’s arms bulge larger and sparks of power shoot out of the hunk’s body directly into Kurt’s biceps. “Auugh FUCK!” Kurt screams in pain as the power sears into his biceps. Arcs of power, like lightning bolts, shoot from the young hunk into Kurt’s straining, sweat-drenched biceps. Kurt screams in pain as the power burns into his arms forcing his biceps to grow more powerful.

“That’s right! More! Feel that power in your biceps!” Jon screams, as he frantically beats his dick. “Fuckin’ take it! Keep makin’ your muscles bigger!”

“Fuck yeah! Look at me!” Kurt screams as his biceps grow and harden with each slow painful bicep curl. Kurt’s arms are at least 24 inches - and growing. Veins bulge all over the grotesque mounds of sweaty meat. The veins burrow into Kurt’s arms feeding them more and more power. With each rep even more veins branch off the bulging veins feeding his arms. A hideous network of veins cover the growing boulders. “Feed my biceps! Feed my fucking arms more power!” Kurt stares down at his monstrous, tortured arms, grits his teeth and screams “Fucking MORE!” as he concentrates with all his might on pulling the rest of the power from the young hunk and driving it into his biceps. Blue arcs of power crackle from the young man’s stiff body and stab into Kurt’s biceps. Kurt stumbles backward and screams out in pain as even more veins branch out and burrow into his biceps forcing more and more power into his already overpumped arms. “Awww Fuck yeah!…grow!” Kurt keeps pumping his tight, swollen arms. The sweat shined skin of his arms stretches to the limit. Cum oozes from his rock-hard dick as he watches his arms suck the last bit of strength from the once muscular young man. Kurt throws the limp body on the floor and flexes his over-engorged biceps in the mirror as small sparks of power continue to dart across his the grotesque mounds. The two painful balls of horrifying muscle are each nearly as large as Kurt’s head. “Fuckin’ look at my arms!” Kurt screams as his dick shoots a stream of cum up onto the mirror. He straightens his arms out then painfully flexes them again into iron cannon balls as another jet of cum blasts from his dick. “Auungh! My biceps!!” He flexes them tighter watching all the veins pulse over the towering, striated, melon sized balls of sweaty muscle. “Auuuungh!!” More cum splats onto the unbelievable image in the mirror.

John doubles over and screams in agonized ecstacy as he cums. “Ungh! So much muscle! Aunng! Look at your fucking arms! Ungh! Look at your biceps! Awungh!” Jon’s cum shoots all over the drained young bodies laying at Kurt’s feet.

Kurt slowly kneads his drained dick, looking at himself in the mirror. After a few minutes of self-worship, he starts flexing and squeezing his hungry pecs as he slowly turns around and smirks at the next muscle hunk sitting on the bench. •

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