Muscle Drain

Kurt Grows Huge


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason tries to free his hands from Kurt’s arms but his hands are uncontrollably clamped onto Kurt’s arms like a vise by the power flowing out of him into Kurt’s body. Jason can feel himself getting weaker and weaker as he watches Kurt’s sweat glistened muscles grow bigger and bigger. Jason realizes that he was the one who took Kurt’s muscles from him before giving the muscles to Darrin. By grabbing Kurt’s arms, the remains of Kurt’s power still in Jason’s muscles got caught up in the power siphoning into Kurt’s body. Now Jason’s muscles were being siphoned into Kurt along with Darrin’s muscles.

“I’m gettin’ it all!…All the muscle from both of you! I can feel it in me! The power’s making me huge! Look at me!” Kurt screams, looking down at his growing muscles. “Look at my muscles growing! Soon I’ll have all the muscle and power from both of you in me. I’ll be huge! So much muscle…It feels so good!” he moans through gritted teeth, throwing his head back with his eyes closed. Sparks of power encircle Kurt’s body darting into his growing muscles. Veins bulge and grow burrowing into his muscles feeding them more power. Making them bigger.

Darrin stops fighting against Kurt taking his muscles and he slips into a pleasured moaning as he feels his muscles feeding Kurt’s growing body. Darrin looks up at Kurt’s shining muscles growing with his power. He can see the total satisfaction in Kurt’s face – and the hunger for more muscle – to be huge. Darrin wants Kurt to be huge. He wants to see Kurt’s body grow with his muscle. He can feel his power flowing into Kurt’s muscles, feeding them, growing them. “Keep growing Kurt. Make my muscles yours.” Darrin pleads.

Jon has backed away from the scene unfolding in front of him and is totally enthralled with the growing muscle man in the center of the action. Jon takes note of Kurt’s handsome, chiseled face – even more handsome than his muscle boy Darrin’s face. Jon notices Kurt’s smooth, shiny skin becoming stretched to its limits with more and more muscle. He thinks to himself that maybe Kurt could be his new muscle boy. Maybe he could build Kurt into the muscle god of his dreams. Jon grabs his dick and starts beating it at the sight of Kurt’s body growing in front of him.

Jason can feel himself getting weaker and weaker. He can see his muscles shrinking in size. Oddly, he realizes his muscles aren’t fighting to keep their power. He looks at Kurt’s body. Swirls of energy crackle and circle around Kurt forming into mini lighting bolts that strike into Kurt’s individual muscles. With each strike of power the individual muscle it hits tenses hard, then veins bulge out all over it, and then the muscle grows bigger. Kurt winces and cries out with each strike then his face relaxes into a satisfied look of power. The mini lighting bolts keep striking randomly into each muscle. His muscles, shiny with sweat, continue filling with power, growing, hardening, becoming huge. Kurt moans “Yes! Look at my - Auugh!” (winces at another bolt of power) “I’m becoming a muscle god. Feed me more power.”

Jason can feel himself falling in love with Kurt’s body. Kurt’s muscle and power are intoxicating. Jason loves the feeling of his power flowing into Kurt’s body…Feeding it…Making it bigger and more powerful. He wants Kurt to keep growing. Jason wants to give Kurt his own muscles. He can’t believe the feelings he’s having as the ‘thinking’ side of his brain is panicking at the loss of his muscles.

Jon, standing on the sidelines beating off, is now totally into Kurt’s growing body. “Give him your muscles Darrin! Give him all of them! Look at his beautiful body and face.” Kurt looks over at Jon beating off at him, gives him a smirk and flexes his pecs for him. At the moment Kurt flexes his pecs, sparks of power swirl up toward them, gather into a crackling arc of energy and slam into his pecs. Kurt stumbles backward, screaming as the jolt hits his pecs. Veins bulge all over his sweaty pecs and burrow into them. His pecs visibly swell under his shiny skin. “Oh Fuck!” Kurt screams at the searing pain. He looks down at his pecs, still burning from the infusion of power. They look so good. He looks at Jon again, gives him a devilish grin, then throws his head back screaming “Bigger!” as he flexes his pecs hard again. “Ahhrrr” he screams, as another bolt of power drives into his pecs. Veins bulge and branch off into more veins burrowing into his pecs, gorging them with power. Still grimacing and reeling from the pain, Kurt looks down at his pecs to watch them swell even bigger. They are now at least a couple of inches thick, protruding out from his chest. His dick hardens at the sight.

Jon, now beating his dick furiously, screams at Kurt. “Again! Make them bigger, my new muscle boy!” Then, Jon looks down at Darrin and commands “Give Kurt your muscles. Make him huge!”

Darrin, now minus about 50 pounds, says softly, “Yes. Take my muscles. Feed your body with my energy.”

Kurt looks over at Jon again. He knows Jon wants to see him grow to be his new muscle boy. He knows how Jon has stopped at nothing to make Darrin grow. And now, with Jon to help him get the muscle he will want - and need, Kurt knows that he can grow into the muscle god he now feels destined to be.

“Again!” Jon screams, beating off furiously. “Hit your pecs again NOW!”

Kurt looks back at Jon with a “watch this” expression on his face, then grits his teeth, digs his fingers into Darrin’s shrinking chest and flexes his pecs hard. “Aauuuugh!” he screams as swirling sparks of power fly up from Darrin and Jason towards his pecs and pound into them. Even more hideous veins bulge, force-feeding more power into Kurt’s pecs.

Jason can feel his power pouring into Kurt. He can feel his power in Kurt’s muscles. It feels so good to feel himself in Kurt’s growing muscles. He is intoxicated by the feeling and the sight of Kurt’s muscles continuing to grow. Jason wants Kurt to have his muscles.

“Triceps!” Jon commands. “Flex ‘em now!”

Kurt squeezes his triceps. Sparks converge and blast into his triceps. “Fuck!” Kurt screams at the pain of his horseshoe muscles growing.

“Quads” Jon commands, beating off more furiously at the site of Kurt growing into his new muscle boy right in front of his eyes.

“Auugh! Fuck yea! Grow!” Kurt screams as he flexes his quads and power sears into them…“Abs”… “Aw Shit,! Yea!”… ”Shoulders!”… ”Fuuck! Bigger!”… ”Calves”… ”Ahhh God!”… ”Triceps Again!” … “Auuggh! Fuck! Look at me growing!”

Jon keeps commanding his muscle boy to flex and grow muscle by muscle, sculpting and creating his perfect muscle boy. Kurt’s eyes keep darting back and forth between his expanding muscles and Jon. Kurt knows Jon is sculpting him to perfection with every command. Kurt loves seeing Jon beating his straining dick harder and faster the bigger and more perfect Kurt’s muscles become. Kurt looks down at his body. His muscles are reaching pro bodybuilder proportions, covered with a grotesque network of veins feeding them even more power. His shiny skin is stretched tight over every muscle. Sparks of power swirl around him like a cyclone and then strike into each muscle as he continues flexing. Kurt looks down at Jason and Darrin. They now look like two average built guys. They both stare up at Kurt with reverential eyes, beating off at the sight of Kurt’s massive body. “I want all of your muscles completely inside of me. Watch me grow!” Kurt says, throwing his head back and flexing his delts. “Errrgh – Fuck! The pain hurts so good!”

Jason looks up at Kurt’s beautiful body and beats off at the sight of Kurt getting bigger and bigger. He is powerless to his own body’s current craving to keep feeding more power to Kurt. Jason’s muscles want to be part of the growing muscleman standing over him.

Kurt is able to flex or squeeze all of his muscles – super-charging them with power - except his biceps. He can’t flex his biceps because his hands are still firmly planted on Darrin’s chest drawing power from Darrin. To release his grip would mean disconnecting from his power source. But, Kurt needs to flex his biceps. He needs to make them grow. All the rest of his muscles are cram packed with power. “I gotta flex my biceps. I need to make these things grow!” Kurt says to Jon.

Jon is almost at the point of spilling his load frantically beating his dick. “No! Wait!” he says between his quick, deep breaths. “Don’t let go of those boys until you get all their muscles. I wanna see all that power crammed into your beautiful body! Flex those quads again. Now!”

Kurt flexes his quads again and more painful bolts of power sear into them swelling them larger. He looks down at his arms again and sees his neglected biceps. He just HAS to make them bigger now. He needs to see and feel them grow. “I’m gonna flex my bi’s now!” he snaps at Jon.

“No!” Jon screams back. “Keep pulling that juice into your body. Calves! Now!” Jon commands.

Kurt starts to flex his calves and then looks over at Jon. Jon’s body is stiff. His chest is heaving. He’s on the verge of cumming. Kurt wants to see Jon cum at the sight of his muscles. He wants to make Jon shoot. Kurt looks back down at Darrin and Jason. They are also on the verge of spilling their loads. “Look at me! Look at the power coursing through my veins…making me bigger and more powerful by the second! Beat your fucking dicks at the sight of my muscles growing!” Kurt taunts. “And, now, - watch me become complete!” Kurt looks down at his biceps – the final muscles to be supercharged with power to complete his perfect physique. Kurt rips his hands free from Darrin’s chest and tears lose from Jason’s grip. Sparks of power fly and crackle between Kurt’s hands and Darrin and Jason as he breaks the connection.

“No!” Jon screams in a panic.

“Auugh No!” Darrin and Jason plead as they slump to the floor still beating their dicks.

“Yes!” Kurt hisses back as he stretches his arms out to his sides. “Watch me make mountains out of my biceps!” Sparks of power searching for muscle whirl around Kurt like a cyclone as he holds his massive arms outstretched. A vision of ultimate power and muscle. Kurt grits his teeth and throws his head back chanting “Biceps…biceps” as he slowly starts to bring his outstretched arms up into a double biceps pose. Sparks of power start to crackle over his biceps. “Biceps, Bi-augh-ceps”. Wincing at the pain, Kurt keeps slowly bending his arms tensing his biceps, slowly bringing them toward a full flex. “Bii…auugh…ceps, Biceps! The sparks of power circling Kurt’s body start gathering together into a bright mass of energy circling around Kurt’s upper body. “Fucking Mountain Biceps…NOW!” Kurt screams as he brings his arms into a full double biceps pose. The glowing mass of power encircling Kurt gathers together into two menacing bolts of power that shoot into Kurt’s biceps. Kurt’s entire body goes rigid as he screams “Fuuuck! Auuuuggh! Biiiceps!” through gritted teeth. Veins bulge on his biceps and they start to grow, becoming taller…rounder…bigger…harder. “Mooore!” Kurt screams as he re-flexes his arms. Bolts of power crackle from all over his body and shoot up towards his biceps, supercharging them with power. “Eaaaahh! Fuuuck! Yyess! Mooore!” His biceps literally glow with power as more veins bulge and dig into the sweaty round muscles force-feeding them more power and size. The muscles grow taller and taller, harder and harder. Kurt’s skin stretches thin and tight trying to contain the growing mounds. Then, Kurt squeezes the flex as hard as he can, his whole body trembling. The rest of the power encircling Kurt slams into the twin peaks. “Ooohh Fuuuuuckk!” he screams at the pain as he feels his biceps being crammed with power and expanding to their physical limits. Huge pulsing veins cover the mounds forcing them to grow even bigger. Two huge, sweaty, veiny, hard mountains of muscle rise from the top of Kurt’s arms. “Look at my fucking arms!” Kurt screams as his dick spontaneously explodes a load of cum up onto his massive pecs. The cum drips down onto Darrin and Jason.

“They’re fucking huge!” Jon screams in disbelief at his new muscleboy’s biceps. Jon walks over to Kurt and grabs one of the monster balls of muscle with one hand and furiously beats his own dick with his other hand. “Feel it!” Kurt commands Jon with a sneer. “Feel my body crammed full of the power of 3 men!!” Kurt straightens the arm Jon is feeling and then slowly starts flexing it back into a huge mountain of muscle. Jon watches and feels the slick, shiny skin wrapped around living rock, pulsating with veins as the muscle contracts and hardens and rises and grows, becoming bigger and bigger as Kurt slowly flexes it up into a hard ball. Jon’s eyes are wide with amazement trying to take in the whole sight. Kurt looks down at Darrin, now just a skinny boy at his feet, and with an all-powerful sneer, looks back at Jon and commands “Look at your new muscle boy!” Look what I’ve become! A fucking muscle monster! Feel my muscles! Worship me! Cum at the sight of my body!” Jon, completely under the spell of Kurt’s muscles, groans “Awww…Look at your muscles!” as his dick explodes cum all over Kurt’s hard, massive muscle body. “I’ll get you more muscle.” Jon says breathlessly as another volley of cum shoots out his dick. “We’ll make you even more huge,! Unngh,! More powerful! Auung! A muscle god!” Kurt grabs one of his own huge pecs, looks at himself in the mirror and quietly says “Yes. More…much more” •

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