Muscle Drain

Jason's Muscle Hunger Grows


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason wakes to find his leg once more chained to the ring cemented in the floor. He doesn’t know how long he has been sleeping. He feels very weak and just wants to go back to sleep. He looks down at his skinny, drained body wondering how things could have gone so wrong. He notices another chain tied to the ring in the floor and following the chain to a bed against the wall, sees a lump of bed sheets and what is unmistakably the back of Darrin’s head. Jason walks over and shakes Darrin awake. “He’s got you chained up like an animal now too, huh?” Darrin turns over and looks at Jason. Jason sees a drawn, gaunt frame of the former body that Darrin once had. Darrin replies, “Yea…he doesn’t trust either of us around his new muscleboy, Kurt.” “The thing is though, Kurt’s no muscle BOY. He’s the master. He has Jon completely under his control. Jon is completely taken with him and will do anything he says.” Jason shakes his head and replies “That’s such a switch in Jon’s personality. It’s strange…” “Shh. Listen” Darrin says quietly. The two former musclemen can hear muffled voices from the other room.

It’s Kurt’s voice, “That’s right. Feel my power in my arms…and pecs! Aww yeah! Look at all my muscles. I’m gettin’ boned! Watch ‘em flex!”

Jon’s voice replies, “You’re fuckin’ beautiful! Look at you!”

“That’s right! Feeeel it! I’m your muscle boy now. And now you’re gonna get me more muscle right?”

“I’ve already got 3 guys coming over tonight. Hot guys. Lot’s of muscle.”

“Yeaah! We’re gonna get that fucker Jason to feed me the muscles from those dudes. I’m gonna get fucking huge! Stronger! I wanna GROW! I gotta be HUGE!”

Darrin looks back at Jason’s reaction and says. “They’ve been at it all morning. They’ve got a plan to bring more guys in and have you transfer their power into Kurt.”

Jason sits down next to Darrin and wonders how he will stop Jon and Kurt’s plan. As he sits thinking he notices his own muscles starting to ache for power. They need feeding. They need to grow….

Three hours later Jason is doubled over on the floor writhing in pain. His muscles are screaming for more power. “Aww Fuck! My muscles are killing me! I need some muscle”, he moans. He looks over at Darrin sizing up the muscle Darrin has left on his body.

Darrin notices Jason eyeing him and nervously moves over against the wall.

Jason knows his muscles are so famished that if he starts feeding on Darrin’s muscles he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. He’d suck all of the muscle out of Darrin. Darrin intuitively knows this as well. “Your body looks so good”, Jason moans, unable to help himself. “You’ve still got some muscle left on you. God! It would feel so good to have that muscle.” Jason pumps his arms up and down looking at his skinny chest and then looking longingly back at Darrin’s pecs. “I need your muscles in these pecs. They need to grow. I gotta get them big again. Ohh God! All my muscles hurt so much. They’re so hungry. They need your power.” Jason can’t stop himself as he slowly starts moving toward Darrin. “I need your muscles Darrin. My muscles need feeding. I’ve got to grow.”

Darrin slinks slowly along the wall away from Jason. One half of him wants to feel himself inside of Jason and the other half knows his small amount of muscle won’t be enough to satisfy Jason’s muscle addiction.

Jason keep slowly moving toward Darrin, his muscles convulsing with hungry pain, “C’mon Darrin. You know you want to feel my body growing with your muscles…to feel your power flowing into me, feeding my muscles…making me grow. I need your muscles, dude”.

Darrin backs into the corner of the room, not sure whether to run or succumb to his urges and Jason’s wishes.

Jason moves to within reach of Darrin and stops, nearly doubling over in pain. “Darrin, I need your muscles” Jason starts raising his hands toward Darrin’s slim biceps. “I need them now!” he says as he grabs Darrin’s upper arms. Jason grits his teeth and strains to latch on to Darrin’s power. Darrin can feel the familiar feeling of Jason invading every inch of his body. He can feel Jason in him as all of his muscles start to quiver and then his entire body goes stiff. Jason sucks in a huge breath through his clenched teeth then yells out “Auugh” as he feel Darrin’s power start to move up through his own arms. Jason can feel the warm power flowing into his muscles. “Yes!” he screams, as he closes his eyes. Darrin can feel himself inside Jason becoming part of Jason’s muscles. He loves the feeling of himself feeding Jason…making Jason bigger.

Jason, quickly becoming intoxicated by the power, yanks hard at Darrin’s arms to increase the flow. “Aww yeah! More! Feed my muscles! I’m growing!” Jason looks down at his body and sees his veins expanding and branching out, feeding his muscles with Darrin’s power. Jason yanks harder at Darrin’s body. Darrin’s head flies back, his mouth opens in a silent scream and his body goes stiff as sparks of power fly up Jason’s arms into all of his muscles. Jason lets out an animal scream, “Awww Yesss! Look at me grow!” He yanks harder at Darrin’s power. “More! More! Give me MORE! Darrin’s power is now flooding into Jason. Veins bulge everywhere. Crackling bolts of power shoot out of Darrin into all of Jason’s muscles. “FEED me!” Jason is quickly absorbing all of Darrin’s power. The more muscle Jason has, the more he wants. Suddenly the flow of power slows to a trickle. Jason looks down at Darrin and sees a limp body of skin and bones. “No! You’ve gotta have more. I need MORE!” Jason strains and grunts, desperately trying to pull more power from Darrin’s emaciated body. FUCK! I gotta have MORE MUSCLE!

Just then the door into the room flies open. “Get off of him!” Jon screams.

“Fuck no! I need every ounce of his muscle!”

Jon dashes back through the doorway and pulls an incredibly built blond bodybuilder into the room. “Jared, go pull Jason off of Darrin”, Jon commands the blond bodybuilder. Jared quickly walks over to Jason and grabs him around the waist pulling him away from Darrin.

Jason is amazed at the strength and power Jared displays in pulling him off of Darrin. Jason tears loose from Jared’s grip and steps back to get a good look at Jared. Jared is huge and muscular, standing shirtless in front of Jason. He’s easily one of the biggest bodybuilders Jason has ever seen in person. Jason’s heart races with excitement imagining all the power in Jared’s muscles and what it would be like to have all that muscle in his own body. Jason glances over at Jon and sees a sly smirk on his face. He also sees that Kurt has come through the door. Kurt is still huge, full of Jason and Darrin’s muscles. But, Jason can see in Kurt’s eyes…he’s hungry for more muscle. Jason looks back at Jared standing in front of him. Jared’s body is huge, pumped and perfect…

“Jarod, flex your biceps for Jason. Let him feel them”, Jon calls out. Jared responds by flexing two huge, beautiful mountains of muscle.

Jason, still a bit delirious for muscle, reaches out and grabs both of Jared’s flexed bi’s. Jason can immediately feel deep into Jared’s body. Immense tremendous power…so much muscle…right in his hands.

Jon and Kurt both smile, devilishly excited. “That’s right”, Jon says under his breath. “Take that bodybuilder’s muscles”… Jon looks at Kurt, “and then he’s going to give all that muscle to you!” Kurt pumps his biceps several times and moans, “Aww yeah!”

Jason, in his animal-like frenzy for muscle, is paying no attention to Jon and Kurt. All he cares is that he has the most muscle he’s ever felt right in his hands. With Jared’s muscles he would be bigger than he was before the mishap with Kurt.

Jared starts to pull away from Jason and says “Dude, that’s feelin’ kind of weird when you feel my biceps”. Jason grabs Jared’s arms tight, his hands barely able to make it halfway around the huge arms. “You’re not leaving yet”, Jason says as he feels his body seizing control of the muscles in Jared’s body. Jared makes one more jerk to free himself and then freezes paralyzed. Jason grits his teeth and strains hard, his whole body trembling and fighting for control of the power in Jared’s muscles. “Fuuuck! Auughh! C’mon!” Jared is so powerful Jason struggles to gain control of his muscles. “Auughhh! I need it NOW!”,he screams straining to tap into Jared’s muscles.

“Get the fuck off of me!” Jared screams and starts to pull away again.

Jason can feel Jared’s power starting to slip away from him. “Give it to me NOW Mother Fucker!” Jason screams as he pulls at the power he feels in Jared’s muscles. Jason’s heart skips a beat with excitement as he feels a small burst of power come into his body from Jared. “Yes! I have him!”, Jason says to himself. He looks down at Jared’s immense body with all its muscle and power now standing subdued in front of him. He can feel it all in his hands…within his grasp. Jason yanks on Jared’s arms again and feels the warm power start to flow into his body toward all of his muscles. He savors the feeling for a moment and then notices the flow getting stronger on it’s own. Without Jason trying, the power is coming into him more and more intensely. Jason looks down at his arms and sees grotesque veins swelling with power and branching up his arms. “What the fuck!?” The flow intensifies with each passing second. Sparks of power shoot up Jason’s arms and into his torso.

The power in Jared’s body is so immense it flows out of him like a dam full of water that has been pierced. “Holy fuck! You’re so full of power it’s just bursting out of you into me”, Jason exclaims.

“Oh dude…it feels great!” Jared moans.

The flow of power keeps increasing. Veins bulge all over Jason’s body. Sparks of power encircle him. Jason’s muscles grow and harden. Still the flow increases. “So much muscle! Look at me growing!” Jason’s chest heaves up and down with heavy breaths – his pecs expand with each breath. His dick hardens with excitement. Sweat starts to bead up all over his searing muscles. Still more power shoots up Jason’s arms filling his body with muscle.

Jon and Kurt stand by the open doorway beating their dicks at the sight. Kurt mumbles to himself. “Yeah! Get that muscle. It’s gonna all be mine soon. I’ll be huge beyond belief. Keep growing”.

The power flooding out of Jared into Jason’s expanding physique keeps intensifying. Jason grits his teeth and grimaces with pain at the power cramming into all of his muscles. He gulps hard - and looking down at himself, is startled with the new size of his muscles. His muscles start to tremor and shake unable to take the bombardment of power. The flow keeps increasing in magnitude, pouring more power into Jason’s tortured body. “Fuck!…I can’t… stop it!” Jason screams. “I can’t take any more”. Veins bulge bigger all over his body force-feeding his muscles. His muscles, crammed full of power, can’t take any more. “Aww Fuuuck! Too much….muscle!” Veins throb all over Jason’s body. A cyclone of energy swirls around him, angry fingers of energy striking into his muscles at random. The power coming from Jared keeps increasing with no signs of slowing. Jason gasps to catch his breath as he drowns in muscle and power. Then he remembers how Darrin and Kurt flexed their muscles to force more power into them. He squeezes his triceps and feels power flood into them. He flexes them harder and sees sparks crackle and shoot into the growing horseshoe shaped muscles. They fill with searing power and grow larger. “Yeah, that feels fuckin’ hot. Look at ‘em grow!”. Jason looks down at his pecs and flexes them. Fingerlike sparks of power crackle all over his pecs and veins bulge out all over the tortured muscles feeding them more power and size. “Aww yeah! Grow!” Jason’s dick throbs at the sight of the slabs of pecs growing on his chest. Power from Jared is now gushing into Jason at an incredible rate. Jason’s arms tremble and burn like fire as the power races through them to the rest of his body. Jason squeezes his pecs as hard as he can. Suddenly, sparks of power start to shoot out of Jared’s body through the air directly into Jason’s pecs. Jason, startled at this new sight screams “Fuck! Your power’s flying straight from your muscles into my muscles now!” Jason is in ecstasy over this new development. Jared moans with pleasure. Jason flexes his quads hard. Bolts of power fly through the air from Jared’s legs straight into Jason’s quads. Veins snake out over Jason’s quads as they absorb Jared’s power. Jason’s quads grow and harden. Jason turns rabid for muscle at the sight of bolts of power flying out Jared’s body directly into his own muscles. “I’ll have ALL of your muscles NOW!!” Jason screams as he rears his head back, takes a huge breath and flexes every muscle in his body all at once. Power explodes out of Jared in a blinding array of light. It slams into Jason knocking him back a step. Jason’s back arches as he screams “Fuuucck!” Every fiber in his body burns with new power. Jason keeps tensing and flexing all of his muscles as crackling fingers of power shoot out from all over Jared’s body into each of Jason’s muscles delivering them power from Jared’s body. “Aauuugh! Fuucck!” he screams as veins bulge over his expanding muscles. Jason’s body grows more muscular by the second as he absorbs Jared’s muscles at an astounding rate. “I’m….Fuckin’…GROWING!” Jason’s dick is so hard from the feeling of power invading his muscles it feels like it will explode. Jason, now completely delirious with muscle, takes a huge breath, and screams “FEED MY MUSCLES! Watch me GROW!” as he flexes every muscle in his body again. Jared’s body jerks and convulses as a bolts of power tear out of his body and slam into Jason. Jason is knocked off balance from the jolt of power. “Auwwwgh!” Jason screams as he catches his balance, his body sucking in what is left of Jared’s power. “I’m getting so fucking big! So strong!” Jason sceams as he looks down at his mammoth sweat drenched, vein covered body. His dick stands straight out, hard as rock. Jared has now slumped down on his knees, with not enough strength left to stand. Jason looks down at the skinny body on his knees in front of him. “Nearly all of your muscles are in me now. Your power is coursing through my veins, feeding my muscles. Making me huge”. A sneer comes across Jason’s face “But, my biceps want what you’ve got left.” Jason stretches his heavy, veiny, muscle packed arms out to his side and then tensing his biceps, he slowly starts to hit a double bicep pose. Sparks fly up through the air from Jared’s body and slam into Jason’s biceps as he flexes them. Jason closes his eyes reveling in the searing pain. Veins bulge all over the huge softball-like muscles. “Yes! Feed my biceps all the rest of your power!” “More!”, he screams as he flexes the growing muscles tighter. Jared’s body stiffens as more lightning bolts of power fly out of him into Jason’s biceps. “Ohh, yess! Look at them! Watch ‘em grow! Jason flexes again and the veiny balls of muscle charge with more power and bulge larger still. Jason’s dick can take no more. Jason flexes again and more power drives into his biceps as his dick erupts - shooting cum all over Jared’s skinny body kneeling in front of him. “So much POWER! I’m so HUGE!” Jason walks over the mirror and starts flexing his massive new muscles, examining the size and shape of each one. “Aww yeah! Look at me! Look at these huge pecs! And my shoulders are so wide and like rock!

Kurt stands across the room next to Jon. He is frantically beating his dick as he watches Jason flex in the mirror. “Look at all of the muscle on his body. I want it now! I need it in ME! I need that power feeding my muscles - making me grow!”

Jon replies, “Yeah, you’re gonna get that muscle. You’re gonna grow… my huge muscle boy. He’ll be ready to give you that muscle soon.” •

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