Muscle Drain

Darrin Bombarded With Muscle


By 2VienyBiceps

Darrin looks down at his body with his huge, swollen, distressed muscles still being bombarded by lightning bolts of power. Veins try to drive more power into his muscles to force his monstrous, gorged muscles to get even bigger. Sparks of power swirl of around his body in search of muscle to invade. Even in his excrutiating pain, Darrin is awestruck and dumbfounded by the size of his unreal muscles. He can barely see any of his body past his protruding pecs. He manages to overcome the pain long enough to squeeze his pecs into a flex. The huge, sweat-shined muscles harden with deep striations. Not quite able to believe the size of them, he flexes his pecs as hard as he can. The painful muscles jump into huge, striated, rock-hard slabs. At the same time, the sparks of energy encircling his body dart toward his pecs and shoot into them. The veins that had been covering his pecs bulge larger and then branch out into even more veins, visibly burrowing into and feeding his pecs. Darrin can feel more power surging into his pecs. Darrin squeezes his pecs, again, flexing them harder. He can see his pecs expand and grow as more finger-like sparks of power arc into them. He realizes flexing his muscles makes them grow and allows more power to flow into them. “FUCK YEAH!” Darrin yells as he watches his pecs grow before his eyes. Darrin flexes his pecs as hard as he can. Sparks of power searching Darrin’s body for muscle fly from all over - gather together into bolts of power and then arc down into his pecs charging them with immense power. His pecs nearly glow from the power surging into them. “AW YEAH! Feed my pecs!” he screams as his pecs gorge on the power pouring into them. The inhuman muscles grow bigger and bigger with each flex and each bolt of power. “Fuck! Look at ‘em GROW!” he screams. Darrin’s stiff cock spontaneously shoots a load of cum up onto his terrifying pecs. The cum splatters across his sweaty pecs, pooling among the engorged veins and running down into the huge canyon between his the mammoth muscles. Jason tries to lick the cum out from between Darrin’s huge pecs, but his tongue can’t reach the bottom of the deep valley. More cum bursts out of Darrin’s dick, landing on the middle of his left pec and dripping down alongside his erect nipple. Darrin’s pecs look like two half watermelons jammed under his skin. They are totally out of proportion with the rest of his body and definitely the largest pecs on any human. His skin is on the verge of ripping open as it tries to stretch over the huge monster muscles. “Yes! Feed them!” he screams as he squeezes his pecs again and more bolts of power sear into them.

Jon and Kurt, standing on the sidelines beating off, can take no more. They move over next to Darrin and simultaneously shoot wads of cum onto Darrin’s unreal pecs. Darrin squeezes his pecs again to get the last bits of power encircling his body to shoot into his pecs. At the same time, Kurt reaches down to feel one of Darrrin’s pecs flexing. As Kurt places his hand on Darrin’s pec a bolt of power crackles and arcs up toward the pec just at the same time Kurt’s hand moves through the bolt of power. Kurt’s body stiffens in pain and he let’s out a scream as the bolt of power crackles up Kurt’s arm and absorbs into Kurt’s body.

“Fuck!” Kurt screams as the power burns into his muscles. He can feel the hot pain working it’s way into his muscles returning some of the power he had lost. He realizes something feels familiar. It’s HIS power from his muscles that Jason had taken from his body only moments before. Kurt’s muscles taste their own power flowing back into them. And - now Kurt’s muscles want all their power back. His muscles need their power back – and more. Kurt looks down at Darrin’s inhuman pecs stuffed with power. Darrin’s pecs are so charged with power that they literally glow and sparks still crackle across them every few seconds. Kurt can see the power in those engorged pecs – HIS power - and Kurt’s muscles want their power back.

Kurt grabs one of Darrin’s swollen pecs in each of his hands. He can feel the heat coming from within the monster muscles “Give it back”, Kurt screams as he digs his fingers into Darrin’s pecs. “Give me my fucking muscles back”

Darrin smirks. “It’s all mine. The power from the muscles in your entire body are crammed into my pecs. Look at ‘em. Feel them!” Darrin flexes his pecs again taunting Kurt.

Kurt can feel the monster pecs harden under his grasp. The last few sparks of power darting around Darrin’s body gather together and arc up toward his pecs. Once again the arc of power hits Kurt’s hand and travels up through Kurt, dissolving into Kurt’s body. Kurt can feel the warm power flow into his muscles. It feels so good. His muscles feel charged and stronger. Kurt looks down at his hands and sees more sparks of power leaving Darrin’s pecs and circling up around his own arms. He feels more power start to flow into his muscles. More sparks follow those sparks and then bolts of power start shooting out of Darrin’s pecs into Kurt. Kurt’s power is returning to Kurt. Kurt throws his head back crying “Oh yeah!” Darrin cringes in pain and contorts as his back arches up off the bench. He screams in agony, “STOP, STOP IT! I need that power! I need the muscle!”

Bolts of power crackle through the air up from Darrin’s pecs and charge into all of Kurt’s muscles. Kurt screams as the power sears into his muscles. “Yes! Make my muscles big again!” Kurt digs his fingers tighter into Darrin’s diminishing pecs. “I fucking want it all back!”

Jason, standing next to Darrin, is trying frantically to figure out what is happening. How could the power in Darrin’s body be returning to Kurt? He figures when the sparks of power hit Kurt’s hand and entered Kurt’s body it created a wave or ‘siphon’ which started sucking the rest of Kurt’s power out of Darrin’s body. The power was simply returning to where it came originally came from.

“Look at my muscles grow!” Kurt yells deliriously as he keeps digging his fingers into Darrin’s shrinking pecs.

Jon, standing on the sidelines with a hand covered in his own cum, screams “Stop it! He’s my muscle boy! Let go of him!” Jon grabs Kurt’s growing shoulders and tries to pull him away from Darrin. But, Kurt’s hands are fused to Darrin’s pecs by the crackling bolts of power.

“Fuck yeah! Keep feeding my muscles! Aww yeah! Keep me growing!” Kurt screams while Jon simultaneously screams “Get the fuck off of him!” while Darrin pleads “Stop it! Stop! I need my huge pecs! I need my muscles!”

Darrin’s shrinking body contorts in pain as his muscles are being taken. All the while Kurt’s body keeps growing bigger. Jason looks at Kurt and notices that his growing muscles look bigger than they had been before his muscles were transferred into Darrin. He realizes Kurt is not only getting his own muscles back, he is taking Darrin’s muscles too. Kurt’s sweaty pecs heave bigger and bigger with each breath. His veiny arms keep hardening and growing. His shoulders widen and harden.

“Fuck! Look at me!” Kurt screams. “I’m getting bigger than I ever was before!” The power feels so good! I need more! I gotta get bigger!” Kurt sinks his figures into Darrin’s now soft pecs as more sparks of power shoot out of Darrin up through Kurt’s straining arms.

Jon screams to Jason “Stop him! He’s taking all of Darrin’s muscles!” Jason reaches down toward Kurt’s forearms to pull them off of Darrin. He can feel the heat emanating from Kurt’s arms before his hands even get near them. He reaches in through the sparking bolts of power and grabs Kurt’s wrists. Instantly Jason feels a sudden weakness. Jason can feel his own strength is draining from him. He sees sparks of power now leaving his own body and traveling up Kurt’s arms into Kurt. Jason looks at Kurt and sees an almost demonic smirk on his face. Kurt slowly closes his eyes and groans “Aww yeah! Now I’ll have it all!” •

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