Muscle Drain

Jason Makes Darrin Grow


By 2VienyBiceps

“Ahh yeah! I can feel myself growing!” Darrin moans between quickening breaths. Beads of sweat break out all over his body as the hot power flows into his muscles. “Make me huge!” Darrin moans as he moves a step closer to Jason.

Jason, now able to reach Darrin with both arms, puts his other hand on Darrin’s chest. Jason can feel power immediately start flowing into Darrin from his second hand. Darrin gasps painfully and stiffens slightly at the increase of power feeding his muscles and then moans “Aungh, yeah…More. Feed me more”.

Jon, standing several feet away can see that power is now flowing into Darrin’s body - feeding the perfect body he has trained for so many years. He can see Darrin’s perfectly proportioned muscles starting to grow. “That’s right”, Jon says as he starts stroking his dick, “Make him grow. Make his muscles bigger. Feed him power“.

Jason is in lust watching his muscles feed Darrin’s beautiful body. He wants more of himself inside that body and he pushes harder, increasing the flow of power. Darrin winces again at the increased flow and then lustfully relishes the pain as he looks down at his growing muscles. Darrin can see his pecs getting thicker, his arms growing, covered with veins feeding them even more muscle. “Make me big! Make me huge!” Darrin screams. “Give me MUSCLE!”

Kurt, the muscular hustler, moves in closer to get a better look. He and Jon stand next to each other beating off as they watch Darrin reveling in his new muscles and Jason feeding him even more muscle.

Jason throws his head back, grits his teeth and pushes with all his might to feed Darrin’s growing muscles an even greater flow of power. Sparks crackle around Jason’s hands and shoot into Darrin’s body. Darrin jerks stiff and gasps as the increased power slams into his muscles. The gasp turns into a lustful moan. He looks down at his body again. His muscles have grown bigger than they were before Jason drained them a few minutes earlier. They’re now growing bigger than they have ever been. Veins cover all of his muscles as they feed more power into them. Small sparks dart and crackle here and there over his body. “Yes! Muscle!” Darrin screams lustfully, “I feel so powerful! Give me more! I need more muscle!”

Jason pushes harder to cram more power into Darrin’s growing muscles, but he can feel his own power starting to wane. Jason looks down at his own body and sees his muscles are much smaller now. Jason has to get more power to feed Darrin. He needs to make Darrin bigger. Darrin keeps begging for more. Darrin wants more muscle. He has to have it - and Jason wants to give it to him. Jason glances over at Jon and Kurt still beating off over the scene unfolding in front of them. “Kurt, come here” Jason commands. Kurt walks over to Jason, his erect dick wagging back and forth as he walks. Jason removes his hand from Darrin’s arm in a shower of sparks. His other hand is still on Darrin’s chest. But, the flow of power into Darrin is immediately cut in half.

“No! What are you doing?! Put your hand back!” Darrin commands. “I need MORE muscle!”

“I’m gonna get you all the muscle you need”, Jason says as he grabs Kurt’s shoulder. Jason bears down on Kurt’s muscles and starts pulling power from Kurt’s body. Kurt immediately stiffens and then falls into lustful pain. Jason can feel the power start to course through him from Kurt and directly into Darrin’s body.

“Awww yeah!” Darrin moans as he feels the power flowing into him increase again. “Fill me with power! Give me muscle! “ he commands, then adds “I want you to ram power into me with your dick. Fuck me!”

Jason wastes no time. First, he pushes Kurt down onto his knees and tells him, “get my shorts off me and then get Darrin’s off too”. Kurt pulls Jason’s shorts down to his legs. Jason’s already hard dick flops out and stands out straight in front of him. Kurt gets Darrrin’s shorts down past his feet. Jason then pushes Kurt’s head over to his dick and says “Get my dick lubed up”. Kurt wraps his mouth around Jason’s dick and then slowly backs his mouth off leaving a generous supply of wet ‘lube’. Jason pushes Darrin onto his back on a weight bench, then takes aim at Darrin’s ass and pushes his dick deep inside. Darrin screams with pleasure.

Jason is momentarily stunned as he feels power start rushing through his dick into Darrin. The feeling is incredible and fantastic. Jason’s dick grows and hardens as the power rushes though it. He winces with pleasure as he starts to slowly fuck Darrin.

Jon, still on the sidelines beating his dick, is jealous, yet turned on by this new turn of events.

“Aww yeah! Fuck me! I can feel power coming into me through your dick. Fuck me harder!” Darrin pleads.

Jason starts driving his hips harder into Darrin’s ass. He can feel the flow of power increase through his dick as his excitement level increases. Jason concentrates on making Darrin’s muscles grow bigger through his dick as he pounds it into Darrin’s ass. He can feel the rush of power shooting through his dick into Darrin grow stronger and stronger with each thrust.

“C’mon! Harder! Ram power into me with your dick!” Darrin screams. “Cram me full of muscle!”

Jason starts plowing his dick into Darrin. The power now gushes through his dick into Darrin with each thrust. The feeling is immense and intoxicating. “Take more! Get Huge!” Jason screams as he rams hard into Darrin.

Darrin gasps, winces and hungrily pleads, “Oh yeah, more! Harder! Make me grow!”

Jason looks down at Darrin’s body lying on the bench. It has grown huge and beautiful. Darrin is at least 20 pounds heavier than he had been earlier that day. Jason can see the veins feeding more power into the muscles etching Darrin’s tightening skin. Every now and then a spark darts into one of the sweat glistened muscles. Darrin’s face has a look of muscle intoxication and unsatisfied hunger.

Darrin, delirious in his thirst for power, reaches up and claws at Jason’s chest and arms, “Give me that muscle! I can feel it in you! I want it in me!! Cram it into me! Fuck me harder!”

Jason, now becoming just as delirious as Darrin, rams his dick deep into Darrin and feels more power shoot into Darrin. Jason needs to get more power into Darrin. He needs to see Darrin’s body keep growing. Darrin keeps begging for more, digging his fingers into Jason’s shrinking muscles. Jason places both of his hands on Kurt’s shoulders and rips at the power in Kurt’s body. He can feel Kurt’s power flood into him. He rams his dick harder into Darrin and feels the increased power from Kurt rush into Darrin. Darrin moans in ecstasy. Jason grips harder at Kurt and feels even more power flood into him and rams into Darrin again feeling a greater flow into Darrin as Darrin groans “Oh fuck, yeah!” More! Make me grow!”

Darrin looks at his arms and flexes one as he watches the huge new bicep grow into a veiny ball of sweaty muscle. “Oh fuck! Look at my huge arms! Make ‘em even bigger! I need them bigger! GROW!!!” Darrin screams at his bicep as he flexes the huge ball of muscle again and again. “Grow!!! Get Bigger!”

Jason looks down at Darrin’s glistening mound of bicep muscle covered with angry veins. Several sparks shoot up Darrin’s body into the flexed bicep. Jason becomes rabid at the sight of the beautiful, growing ball of muscle. He grits his teeth and pulls at Kurt’s muscle. “Give it all to me NOW!” he screams at Kurt. Bolts of power shoot into Jason as Kurt reels back from the pain. Jason gasps then lets out a roar as the burning power sears into his body. Sparks shoot from Kurt up Jason’s arms and crackle all over Jason’s body. Jason can feel the power charging him up. He can feel it welling up in him filling his own muscles with power. The feeling is overwhelming. His balls draw up tight, loading cum into his dick. Jason slowly starts drawing his engorged dick back ready to ram it deep into Darrin with a load of cum and power. The power keeps gushing out of Kurt into Jason, filling his muscles fuller and fuller. Jason can feel the power and cum welling up in him wanting their release into Darrin’s body. He takes a deep breath and then with an animal scream buries his dick deep into Darrin. Power and cum explode into Darrin. Darrin’s back arches up off the weight bench as the power crashes into him. He can feel the pain sear into his muscles. Sparks dart and crackle all over his body. “Fuuck!!” he screams. Jason pulls his dick back and slams it deep into Darrin again as more cum and power gush out of him into Darrin. Darrin’s back arches farther off the bench and he contorts in pain as sparks dance all over his glistening, pain wrenched muscle body. “Aauughh! Fuck!” he screams, as veins bulge out all over his tortured muscles. Darrin’s muscles can hold no more power. They’ve taken as much as they can for now. Yet, his body still has more power working it’s way toward his muscles, welled up in his engorged veins and swirling around his muscles in sparks of energy, trying to force its way into his choking muscles. Darrin’s body can’t take any more power from Jason.

Jason looks down at Darrin’s pain wracked body. Darrin’s muscles are dark red and swollen, covered with veins and shiny with sweat. Darrin’s muscles look like they will explode if they get any bigger. But, Jason can feel more power from Kurt building and burning inside him, collecting for the final blow into Darrin’s overfilled body. It feels as if all the power left in Kurt’s body and Jason’s own body are welling up for one last huge explosion into Darrin. Power floods from Kurt into Jason. Sparks of energy fly and swirl around Jason’s body like a tornado of power building for it’s strike into Darrin. More power and more cum than the last two gushes combined are building. Jason cocks his dick back ready to ram it into Darrin.

Darrin can sense the bolt of power building in Jason readying to shoot into him. It seems immense, too much for his already painful, overstuffed muscles. Fear and desire meld into a frightened look on Darrin’s face as he says through clinched teeth to Jason, “Do it”.

Jason takes in a huge breath and his body stiffens. The angry sparks of energy swirling around Jason gather together and then arc down in a bolt into Jason’s hard dick. The power searing into and building in his dick feels like fire. Veins bulge out all over his already erect dick as the power keeps arcing into it. Jason’s dick starts to glow and grow bigger as the power keeps charging into it. He screams in agony at the pain as his dick grows to nearly twice its normal erect size, literally glowing with power. Unable to bear the pain of the power and cum building in his enormous cock, Jason rams it once more into Darrin. Jason screams as it feels like all of his muscles are ripping loose and shooting into Darrin. Cum and power explode out of Jason’s dick into Darrin.

Darrin’s already overstuffed body jerks into contorted pain as what feels like a ball of fire slams into it. Sparks encircle Darrin’s entire body and shoot into all of his muscles delivering painful bolts of power. He screams in excrutiating agony as the power crashes into him. His tormented muscles cry out in pain as they drown in more and more power. “Auugh!! FUCK!!! It’s too much!!!” Darrin screams as the power keeps trying to force its way into his muscles. His whole body contorts and shudders, choking with power. “Take it!” Jason commands. “Take it all! Get HUGE!” he commands as he concentrates on directing and pushing the power still encircling Darrin’s body into his overstuffed muscles. Darrin’s sweat drenched body is covered by a grotesque network of power filled veins burrowing into all of his muscles. The veins try to force the power they still hold into Darrin’s jam-packed muscles. Sparks of power continue to circle Darrin’s body with their crackling fingers shooting into Darrin’s muscles. Darrin’s agonized muscles convulse and shudder in protest. They can’t hold any more power. They’ve grown all they can for now. “FUCK! STOP! I can’t take any more!” Darrin pleads. “Take some power back!”

“No Fucking way”, Jason yells back at him as he watches Darrin’s huge muscles being bombarded by more power. “You gotta get bigger! Feel that power feed your muscles! Take it all! •

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