Muscle Drain

Jason's Muscle Hunger Grows


By 2VienyBiceps

Three days have passed and Jason has not seen or heard from anyone other than a plate of food and a bottle of water that appear next to the heavy steel door when Jason falls asleep. A large stack of a few dozen cases of protein powder in the corner of the room keeps Jason fed between the plates of food. He knows Jon is watching him through several darkened windows that overlook the room from a second floor. "Probably beating off as he watches me", he thinks to himself. Jason’s muscles are starting to ache for some more power. They've shrunk a little over the past few days and he knows he needs to feed them power soon. He occupies his time in the room by lifting the weights, which usually ends with beating off after he watches himself pump up his muscles in the mirror. His biceps ache the most for more power.. He reasons that since they had so much power crammed into them from Mark they now require more power in order to feel normal. He flexes one of the still beastly muscles watching it ball up under the tight skin on his arm.

5 days have passed since Jason last fed his muscles. They ache terribly and Jason shakes and trembles whenever he moves. His biceps ache the most. They need to regain the size and power they had earlier in the week - and then some. Jason can feel his biceps, and whole body’s desperate need to grow. His muscles need power. They need feeding.

On the 6th day, Jason wakes writhing in pain. Sharp pain shoots through all of his muscles. They scream for power. His muscles need feeding so badly. His whole body cramps and trembles in uncontrollable spasms. Jason guesses he has lost about 50 pounds. His body’s hunger for more muscle is unbearable. Jason feels weak. His muscles scream to suck warm muscle power into them. They need to feed.

"OK! What the fuck do you want?” Jason screams at the dark windows.

No Answer.

"I'll do it. Whatever you say. Just get me more muscle! I need more muscle!”

The steel door opens and Jon comes in. "So, you're ready to cooperate now, huh?" Jon asks.

"Yes, just get me some muscle, quick. I can't stand it any more".

Jon walks over to the door reaches inside the room and flips on a light switch. The lights in one of the second floor rooms come on and Jason can see two very well built shirtless guys standing on the other side of the previously darkened windows. He thinks to himself they must be hired escorts since they are so well built and good looking. Jason's muscles cramp up and convulse at the sight of the two muscled studs. He needs their muscle. His muscles ache and yearn for their well-pumped bodies.

Jon smirks and says, "As you can see there are two boys in the window. They are both very full of muscle. One of them is for you and the other is for Darrin. All you need to do is figure out how you can get the muscle from one of them into Darrin".

"I can't do it", Jason replies "I don't know how. I've never done it."

"Kurt, show me that most muscular shot", Jon yells in through the doorway. One of the two hot-bodied guys squeezes his pecs and flexes out a beautiful most muscular pose. The guy is built with striations in his pecs, big thick arms and veins popping out all over his flexed muscles.

Jason feels the excited, excrutiating hunger wash through his body and his muscles cramp again screaming for power. His eyes are transfixed on the flexing stud. Jason has to have him. He needs those muscles. "Fuck! I'll try. I need that muscle! I'll do anything. Please! Give it to me!"

Jon inside the doorway and yells loudly “Darrin, come out here” After a couple of minutes Darrin, also shirtless and in gym shorts, appears in the doorway. He immediately eyes Jason, staring at him intently with those same hungry eyes as he enters the room. Jason’s muscles shudder and a wave of excited hunger washes over him again at the site of Darrin’s beautifully symmetrical, muscular body.

Jon yells, “OK Kurt, come downstairs. But, do not come any closer than the doorway.” Kurt enters the room with a quizzical look on his face as he takes in Jason’s muscular body. Jason, wearing nothing but the workout shorts Jon has let him keep, still has the build of a well-trained bodybuilder. Jason moves toward Kurt a few feet but is stopped short by the thick chain still secured to his ankle.

“Alright Jason”, Jon says. “There is Kur…here is Darrin…and you can see Brett inside the other room. Once you’ve gotten Kurt’s muscle into Darrin, you can have Brett. Just to give you some incentive, you’ll notice that Brett is more muscular than Kurt. You can have the biggest guy for yourself, but you have to take care of Darrin first”. If you decide to keep Kurt’s muscle for yourself instead of giving it to Darrin I truly will leave you here to wither away into nothing”.

Jason runs through the scenario in his head. He really does not know if he can put the muscle into Darrin. He assumes it is possible. If he can suck power out, he should be able to force it into someone, provided they were willing to receive the power. What he is not sure of is if his muscles would allow him to give up the power they so desperately crave and need after they have it.

“Kurt, you slowly walk toward Jason. Jason, I’m going to move Darrin just outside your reach. I swear, if you fuck this up you’ll never see another ounce of muscle”.

Kurt shakes his head slowly and says, “You dudes are into some kinky shit”, as he struts toward Jason, not realizing what is going to actually happen.

Jason can almost feel the power in Kurt’s body as he slowly moves closer. Kurt rubs his hands over his muscles and caresses his own body, like a stripper dancing as he walks slowly toward Jason. “You want my body, huh?” Kurt teases, not realizing the literal meaning of his words. Kurt slowly removes his pants as he makes his way over to Jason, teasing Jason with his beautiful body.

Jason shudders at the sight of the muscle stud coming toward him showing off his body. Jason realizes he actually can feel Kurt’s power even though he is still a good 20 feet away. He can sense the power in Kurt’s muscles as they writhe and tease Jason from halfway across the room. Jason’s muscle lust increases to point where he can stand it no longer. “Give me your fucking muscles now!” Jason screams, concentrating on the power he can feel emanating from Kurt. Jason stares at Kurt in the eyes and commands sternly, “Come give me your body now!” Kurt stares back into Jason’s eyes. Kurt’s eyes develop a glassy, far-away look as he stops his teasing dance and walks deliberately toward Jason, and throws his arms around him. Jason is bewildered at first, but then realizing the muscle stud has him in a full-on bear hug, Jason lets out a roar as he feels the power flood into his body from Kurt. The hot, searing power flows into every inch of Jason’s body, immediately satisfying the hunger and pain which had consumed him just seconds before. Kurt’s body pulls in tighter against Jason as the power flows through every point where Kurt’s body is coming into contact with Jason’s body. Jason can feel his muscles grow and harden against Kurt’s body as they continue sucking in more and more power. Jason throws his arms around Kurt increasing the contact between their bodies. More power floods into Jason’s body from the increased contact. Jason lets out a scream somewhere between pain and ecstasy as more power floods into his body. He looks down to see his huge muscles growing bigger, covered with veins feeding them more. Somewhere in the distance he hears someone screaming “Jason, godammit! That’s for Darrin!” Jason glances over and sees Jon holding Darrin in front of him about 5 feet away. Darrin looks good with his perfectly pumped muscles. Jason releases one arm from Kurt and motions Darrin to come over. Darrin quickly walks over as Jon tries to grab him back. Jason throws his free arm around Darrin and feels the power from Darrin’s body start to flow into him. Darrin immediately throws his arms around Jason and Kurt. Jason holds a muscle stud in each of his arms.

Jason can feel the power from Darrin flowing into him faster and heavier alongside the power coming from Kurt. He can hear Jon screaming obscenities somewhere in the background. Jason throws his head back again and lets out an animal roar, as he feels power flood into him from the two very muscular studs. The power feels endless. There is so much muscle between Darrin and Kurt that Jason can’t even fathom all of it. “Fucking MORE!” Jason screams as he squeezes both bodies tighter against him. Power gushes into Jason’s muscles as though he is literally squeezing the power out of the two muscular bodies. “He can feel Darrin and Kurt squeeze tighter also and let out a painful moan every time Jason rips harder at the power in their bodies.

Jason looks at his arms wrapped around the two shrinking bodies. His arms are snaking with veins and bulging with new muscle. They feel tight and full but not satisfied. They want more. “Give me more!” Jason screams as he feels the flow of power into his muscles increase again. “So much power…so much muscle!” Jason says deliriously. Then in a more ominous tone he adds “And now it’s all mine”, as he grits his teeth and draws harder at the power in the two studs. Wave after wave of power crashes into Jason’s body. Jason can feel his body growing bigger and the other two bodies growing smaller in their muscle embrace. “All of it! I fucking need ALL of it”, Jason says to himself as he keeps concentrating on the power feeding his bloating muscles.

Jason feels a sharp blow on his back. He comes out of his muscle daze to notice Jon hitting him with an empty barbell. Jason is unfazed and frankly unhurt under his new mounds of hard muscle. “More!” he screams as he keeps pulling power out of the two muscle bodies. Another blow lands on Jason’s right shoulder. Jason doesn’t care. He is in total ecstasy as the seemingly never-ending flow of power keeps pouring into his body. The pain from the barbell blows blend with the pain in Jason’s overstuffed muscles and just drives Jason to want more. Muscle is pain - pain is muscle. “More!” he screams again and squeezes the two shrinking men even tighter against his growing body. Another bar swing lands on the back of Jason’s head. Jason’s legs buckle and his huge muscle body falls to it’s knees releasing Jason’s embrace on the two muscle studs. Kurt and Darrin throw themselves on top of Jason pleading “Don’t stop. That was incredible!” They try to get their arms around Jason to try restart their journey through muscle ecstasy. Jason is too dazed to continue. Jon, realizing he would probably hit one of the guys writhing all over Jason if he took another swing holds back for a moment and then with the bar in a threatening overhead grip yells, “Get off of him now!” Kurt and Darrin, realizing Jason is nearly knocked out cold, and not wanting to end up in the same condition, slowly climb off of Jason.

“Get over on the other side of the room”, Jon yells at Kurt and Darrin. Kurt and Darrin slowly move over to the wall of the room out of the range of the chain around Jason’s leg. They look down and examine their skinnier limbs and torsos as they move away.

“Now, you get up!” Jon screams at Jason with the bar still cocked over his head, ready to swing. Jason shakes his head like a boxer trying to get back on his feet. He then slowly rises from the floor. Kurt and Darrin moan with pleasure as they see Jason rise to his feet. Jason is a hard, muscular freak. His entire body is overstuffed full of rock hard muscle. They both start jacking their hardening cocks at the sight of Jason’s huge muscle body. Jason looks down at himself and through his stupor realizes he is bigger than ever before.

Jon also notices the huge new muscles. “Give Darrin that muscle now!” he screams. “This is your last chance or you will wither away in this room by yourself! Now, tell me how you will do it!”

Jason starts to regain his senses and get some control over his frenzied muscle lust. He thinks to himself for a minute and knows that he can’t screw this up because he is certain Jon is serious about the ‘withering away in this room’ threat. He would not put it past Jon. After thinking for a minute he turns to Jon. “I need Darrin first before Kurt comes over. I need to start feeding power into Darrin before I start taking more power from Kurt. If I start taking the power from Kurt first, I’ll lose control like I did last time. I’ll try as hard as I can this time”.

Jon thinks for a moment and says, “Alright Darin. Go over to within arms reach of him, but do not get any closer”.

Darrin moves over to where Jason can reach him with one arm.

“This is your last chance Jason. Do it now or never see any muscle again”, Jon warns.

Jason concentrates hard and reaches over and grabs one of Darrin’s arms. He can feel the delicious power still left in Darrin the moment he touches him. He fights hard to resist the temptation to start feeding on Darrin’s muscles. He thinks hard to himself, “I can feel Darrin’s power and I know he can feel my power…” Then Jason says, “Darrin, I need your help. I know you can feel my power”

“Oh yeah”, Darrin says lustfully.

“I need you to imagine feeling my muscles coming into your body”, Jason continues. “Let my power come into your muscles”.

“But, I want to be part of YOUR muscles!” Darrin pleads.

“I think you might like this just as well”, Jason tries to assure him. “Just try it. Concentrate on my muscles becoming part of your muscles. Imagine it to yourself”

Jason concentrates on pushing his power into Darrin’s muscles. He can feel his own muscles fighting the concept of giving up any of their new power. He grits his teeth and grunts as if straining to do heavy squats. “C’mon Darrin. Feel it come into you” Jason says as he keeps trying to force the power to flow the other way. He strains to force his power into Darrin’s muscles. Then, he starts to feel a strange sensation. At first it is like a weakness suddenly coming over him which quickly turns into lust. A lust to see Darrin’s muscles get bigger. To feel Darrin’s muscles fill with his own power. Jason looks at Darrin and sees him gasp with a look of brief pain on his face, which switches to a look of ecstasy and lust. Jason glances down at Darrin’s arm and sees the veins bulging. He can feel power flowing from him into Darrin.

“Oh fuck! I can feel it”, Darrin proclaims excitedly. “It’s like a warm pump from working out in all my muscles”.

Jason can feel it too. Contrary to what he was expecting, Jason is getting turned on by his power invading every inch of Darrin’s gorgeous body. Jason can feel Darrin’s body growing with his power and he wants to make Darrin bigger. Jason wants to fill Darrin’s body with his own power and see Darrin grow and become stronger, bigger and more perfect. •

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