Teen's Fantasy, A


By hairyman101

Hal woke up...the sun coming through the window. he knew all that he had done was a dream. he cracked his nuckles and reached for his watch he always put on the table. he saw his mother. his eyes widen and he quickly got out of bed. breathing heavy he was in a panic. "i slept with my mother!!" he went to the bathroom mirror. there he saw his huge body as it was in the dream. "but it must have not been a dream" then a worse panic came over him....his mother....was she...dead? he ran back to her and was going to shake her when she rolled over and streched. "good mourning.." she said. there he stood , naked, and his mother was smiling. "so this must only work on men" he whispered. "what??" she looked at him. "you mumbling again" "i need to get to school....later" he ran into his room and dressed. David was already walking down the street when his friend ran out. "hal.....stop running!!" hal slammed into david feeling the force of a steel beam. "it happened??" david smiled "yes" "but i founf that we can only drain males and we have control over it.....like a vampire" hal walking with him sunddenly stopped him "i FUCKED my MOTHER" david stared. "so....she had wanted it for along time" hal didnt know this person anymore. "you are david?" david smiled..."lighten up....you got some and now you have super power...lets get to school"

In an alley karl johnston was waking up too. his eyes wild. he felt his shirtless body. the hard pecs and the biceps that he had wanted fro so long. he licked them, carressed his cock. he got up and looking around saw some kids going to school. inside him his need for strenght had begun.

hal and david were almost at the school...hal stopped. "what about that crazy reporter dude??" david reached around hals neck..."you think to much" "come on." they raced the rest of the way. karl watched as his buddies ran. School was always boring until they could go outside at PE and play soccer or football. the period ended and david and hal went to change up. taking off there clothes they flexed. "you look bigger than me" hal said. david pointed to hal's dick..."well you make up for there....10 inches....wow...what i could do" the door shrung open and the new kid came in....he was 6'4 270 muscle bound. he pushed david to one side. "yeah you bastard...im standing here!!" the huge guy never turned. hal went to punch him but he felt dizzy as the guy turned. "YEAH ....what??" he said. david came over to help and he felt the power draining into him. hal was now bear hugging the new guy as massive amounts of strenght came into him. they fed on him. the power did not stop..."this one is very strong" david mouthed as he held tighter to the body. The new guy fell down to his knees as his weak body was dying. "please...stop....I....will....do" he never finished as he left this world. the teens let the body fall to the gym floor. "wow....look at your huge chest" david was pointing at hal. he flexed. "it must be like 60 inches" david flexed his triceps. the chiseled triceps made his body look complete. they changed and left.

The police came to the high school and photos were taken of the body. the newspaper was covering it. the teens played soccer as if nothing happened. karl watched them from the forest. they finshed PE and showered. david watched all the cocks swinging in the warm water of the showers. hal eyed him. he got his towel and dried. "we need to go" hal whispered. david knew of home or maybe to the gym to lift weights. "we need to find karl" hal stared. david had a bad feeling that karl would find them. As they walked home and the girls noticed them. there huge bodies tight against there clothes. david saw a shadow of a man. "look over there....at that alley" karl showed his face and pointed for them to come to him. hal and david knew they had to finish this. they walked to him. "having fun my muscled friends?" karl said as he rubbed his hard pecs. "thanks for the galaxy 4 but we dont want to see you again" hal spoke. the teens turned to go..."i have your superman" karl said. the teens stopped. "what?? you must be crazy" hal said. "well as close to him as one can get" karl pointed down the alley. "its a trap." david stopping hal. karl left into the alley. the teens walked into the darken alley and did see a beam of light. "COME FORWARD!!!!" the teens heard a great voice command. they walked toward the light until they saw a room. on an old torure table they saw a male, tied and bound. his mouth stuffed with cloth. karl was jacking off on him. "come join me" as his cum load dropped onto the weaken male. the teens felt the need for draining. they had to go to him. the cum covered naked body of the man was nothing compared to the power lust of the two teens. they lay on top of him and felt the power increase into theres. karl was laughing as he tore off there clothes. "thats right....all the strenght you want.....feed.....feed." the power drain never stopped. the teens gourged bodies were like ticks filled with blood. they felt karl pushing them away...."you fools....dont you know your human bodies cant hold all of this mans power" hal and david could not put there arms down because of there huge chests. karl did kneel down and suck them off. wiping the cum from his lips. "now you must go.....come here when you need strenght....." the teens did the best they could putting go there jogging pants.....no shirts as they knew they had to go lift now to get rid of some of the power. they ran out with lighting speed.

The gym was not to crowded as the massive teens came into the weight room. the others eyed them. they did dead lifts and bench presses of 600 to 800 pounds. they could feel there power slowly leaving as there bodies became more human-like. "who was that man?" hal asked david. david strugged his broad shoulders....."maybe he is superman" hal cupped his hands around his face....sitting....he took his hands away slowy....the mirror in front of him...."GOD....i dont even know myself" "dont cry hal" david mocked. "i need to get back to pop.....he was wanting to show me some legal papers" they hugged as david left. Hal thought. "superman?? will this dream ever stop? a dream?? " he flexed into the mirror.

David made it home ....his shirtless muscled body always turned his father on. "ok pop what was this legal stuff you wanted.." david saw his father jacking in the bathroom...."i told you a thousand times to close the door" david said. his father walked toward him with his hard cock. "your so pretty son....your well defined body is not human for teen.....lets jack off together" david's dick became hard. his father reached for the bulge. david slapped it away. he grabbed his father and lifted him into the air. throwing him onto the bed. david took out his thick cock and holding down his father with his power face fucked him. his father loved it. the cum soon followed and his daddy drink it up.....he kept face fucking him until another load and another load popped into daddy's wide sore mouth. his father tried to talk but david gave him what he had wanted. he felt a small drain also from the middle aged man. taking his dick out....the cum dripped as the father breathed heavy..trying to get his breathe. "you like it??? you want more???" david lay beside him. he took his powerful hand and started to jack his fathers cock. faster....faster....faster.....until at force speeds the mans cock was spurting cum and then more...."STOP...STOP....my heart cant stand it!!!!" his father pleaded. david stopped as he took the cum covered hand up his fathers face and MADE him eat it. "im going to take a shower....i feel...DIRTY" david said.

In the alley room karl sucked on the bound mans toes. feeling the mans hairy legs. the man struggled to get free. "these bindings you can not break" "those teens will be back.....but this time i think i will let them see who you are" the mans eyes widen as if to say NO!!!! •

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