Teen's Fantasy, A


By hairyman101

As he thought the teens made there way back to the alley room. karl had just drained the bound man for his feeding. "ahhhh....my teens friends....come on in....feed" the teens ran to the BODY and fed there muscles with pure strenght. karl stepped back as he watched them grow into supermen again. the feeding of the power had a very pleasurable sensation. you could feel it pushing your muscle mass out as the viens were supplied with more blood than every before. "keep feeding....as i tell you who our ...MAN is" karl smiled. "when i was doing the article on the galaxy 4 i uncovered a secret cult that had found what it would do to a human. i was very interested so i went to find them." hal and david got off the body....full of strenght once again. "the body was in there procession until i freed him. i won his friendship and quickly hid him. the others came for me but all they wanted was to feed." hal rubbing his hard chest and arms asked..."but how did you get by bounding him again?? he must be strong" karl opened the green box. "this keeps him in my power" david looked up from jacking his cock...."dont tell me....kyptonite??" the teens got up and came toward karl....."OK....who is this MAN????" hal shouted. putting the green box away karl walked over to the still bound naked man. "i want you to meet mr. rice.....a clone of superman" the teens looked puzzled.

"clone??" hal slamming his mighty fist into the rock wall. the pieces flying. "mr rice was the leader of the group of men that are like you" karl staring at two huge teens. "it seems they found a way to clone superman" david pointing at karl "superman is a comic" "you are a LIAR!!!" karl on the defense.."no..no....my young chiesled teen....i tell the truth...how else could you feed on a human for so long without killing him???" the two still puzzled knew they had to get back...."the bindings are of kyponite??" hal asked. karl nodded...."a small amount....but enought to keep him bound" "we want the WHOLE story when we come back" david raising his arms to flex them. they left. walking home shirtless had become a daily thing.....there was no shirt big enough for them. people always looked at the two beasts. smiling and sometimes the guys would scratch there balls through there pants has if to say "come see me" "do you believe all that?? or are we being written in a book like puppets" david asked. hal still had a unreal feel about the whole thing. they went there separate ways into there homes. hals mother was waiting for him...naked. "mother please....that was my fucking mistake.....i really raped you....let it be" his mother pulled her pussy lips apart. "let me have it hal....please.....im begging." her sweet wet pussy calling....begging. his cock became hard....."NO!!!!!....." he ran into his room. rubbing his face as if to think his mother was soon on top of him. he knew he was strong enough to kill her or even worse but he didnt. she slowly pulled his cock out of his jogging pants. licking the tip of it....caressing his balls. a drop of precum pushed out. she licked it up as cream. his 10 incher was straight and hard as she sat down on it. her pussy tight but wet so it slid in. she could not take it all so she had to use her legs to sqat down on the dick. up and down....her screams of delight filled the house and probably outside too. he found that since he had so much power that his cum would flow now freely like pissing. he felt the load coming up and he fucked up inside her ...harder and faster. the cum exploded up into the warm pussy as she went wild with pleasure. she got off of her son and licked his cock clean. "nice....sonny boy....very nice......are you taking steriods???" he found that funny comming from a mother that had just fucked the cum out of her son. he laid back and slept as his mother licked some more and finally slept next to the now soft man meat.

The next day david woke up to his father watching the news. "way to loud" he said. his father turned it down...."they say there have been a number of killings and the bodies are nothing but bones" david got up and watched the news himself. they were showing the bones and they said they had some leads. his cell buzzed. "hal???" hal had awoke to the same news. "what do we do???" david breathing heavy. "meet me back at the alley room" hal muttered. The teens stepped into the room . karl was no where. the body was gone also. "i told you this is just a dream....." hal said. "well we cant kill anymore males .....they are looking for the killer" david and hal sat on the table where the man had been. hal looked up as david was licking his biceps....loving them..."we need.....to....." hal had a weak feeling as he watched david fall back onto the table. the blackness came over hal also as he went out.

when the two came to they were bound...there bodies facing opposite of each other. they pushed and pulled with there massive strenght but the straps did not move. karl came into the room. "nice to see you again" he rubbed his hands over there bodies. "the other male clone had to be removed......heart problems.....or was it , dead problems? .....i dont remember...." the teens were captured and there was nothing they could do. "the other group will be here soon....the ones i told you about.....in return for there clone i had to promise ....two strong males" hal knew they would feed oof them and then they would die.....they were no supermen....but humans that drain...parasites. karl saw the terror in there eyes. "what a turn on....fear....it makes life more...real" he laughed as he left the two to think of there torture. •

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