Teen's Fantasy, A


By hairyman101

Karl thomas had worked for the newspaper for two years and was a rising reporter for the paper. the door of his office was opened by two teens. "excuse us we are loooking for karl thomas" hal stated. karl got up and went to the teens. "i am him." he shook each teens hand. he could feel the power behind the hand shake. "you two look like you are in very good shape. you also look like you might be just out of high school?" he motioned for them to enter and to sit. they did. "we will be out soon and we do work out" hal punching david in the side. "yeah we will and we go to the gym by the school." david broke in. hal held up the newspaper "we came to ask about this" karl seen the topic. "yes. that was amazing. " karl looking at the bulges in the teens jeans. "did you see them mining this or is it a compound?" hal asked. "you could have emailed me and saved time. i just did the story." the reporter mouthed licking his lips. "what do you want mr johnston for more information on this?" hal said. the reporter leaned over his desk.."i want you two to show me your flexed bodies" the two looked at each other..."not here?" he said. "come back tonight and show me and i will have all you are looking for" they agreed.

Darkness fell and hal went out his window as did david to meet and go back to the meeting. going to the front of the building the guard let them through by orders of karl. they made there way to his office. "well nice to see you again.....lets get to it" karl's lips watering. the teens took off there shirts. the muscles of young men was always a turnon for karl johnston. the two flexed together...first there biceps...huge and strong....then there pecs and chest.....then there triceps. karl felt his cock hard in his pants. "well done....may i touch ?" hal nodded yes. the two teens stood as karl carressed the studs bodies. feeling the rock hard muscles . "i have a surpise for you two" he said. the teens looked straight ahead as karl felt of there cocks. "the galaxy 4 that you want is in my procession" david grabbed him by the hands, "i think you have had enough of our bodies....show us the "stuff" " the reporter backed away. "ahhh to be young again." "you will find the galaxy 4 somewhere in this office" hal's face turned red..."you bastard....this is just a game for you" karl stroking his cock under the table..."good things come to those who wait" david looked at his friend.."this could be dangerous....or a trap" hal began to rearange the office with his body...throwing it around. david looked in the only other door there. as he turned he saw down at the floor of karl's shoes a box. tapping hal on the back he pointed. karl smiled as his cum spilled from his cock. "you found it"

"you prevert......" hal reache back to knock the hell out of karl. david stopped him...."the guard" hal rested his fist. "we gave the show and you.....got off....now show us" karl reached for the box. "here and enjoy" the two looked puzzled.

they opened the box to find a can marked "GALAXY 4" "wait....what if this is just uranium and we...die?" hal asked. karl laughed. "i thought that too so thats why i got you to come back and open it for me" hal had waited long enough and with his fist knocked the reporter up against the wall. david trying to stop him dropped the can. it hit the floor and the lid flew open. the green rays filled the room as all three men felt there bodies tingle. the windows blew out. the file cabinets crashed to the floor. the mens eyes turned green as the rays from the galaxy 4 entered there bodies. the green rays stopped. each man standing feeling the rush of blood through there bodies. the guard had heard the noise and rushing in stopped to see the shirtless teens and the reporter just standing. suddenly he felt weak...dizzy...."whats happening....i feel like im ....dying" the guard fell back dead. hal looked as his biceps grew an inch so did david. the reporter felt the same as he tore off his shirt to see. "YES!!!! IT WORKS!!!!" the teens felt the burst of power. the reporter hugged them.."dont you see it worked....we are now parasites"

"this cant be....." hal could feel the strenght of the guard. "this is fantasy...a dream...." david flexed his new bicep...."dont look like a dream to me" he added. the reporter looked in the mirror as his new found strenght erased the wrinkles and mad his chest smooth and his pecs harder. he ran out of the office wanting more. "dont tell me superman is going to fly in next" hal said...david smiled..."no but there are supermen out there. muscle guys of great power. all for us to....feed" they ran out after the reporter.

Karl was no where to be found. the teens did notice a body up the street. going to it...it was a man. his corpse drained of strenght. "karl has wasted no time in using his new power" "lets go home....." david pleaded. "ok...but tommorow when i wake up and all this was a dream i hope you are still my friend" hal looking into david's eyes...."sure...always" they turned to walk away and there coming toward them was the police. "that guard must have called for them" as the policemen got near hal and david felt the surge of power going into them. each policeman that got close was also falling in front of them. they watched as there shirtless bodies became stronger and more defined. there were like 20 cops and now there was 10.....and counting as each teen drained.....fed on the cop muscle. there bodies became engorged with power. they flexed and watched there biceps grow inches more and there chest expand . hal watched as the last cop stopped. "stay away from me." he backed up. the massive teens coming toward him. they wanted more now.....the feast had began. like vampires they jumped on him and lay on top of him until all his strenght had ran out and into them. "now lets go home......" hal's voice had deepened...."i feel like i want some ...pussy" they got up off the bones of the man and made there way back to there homes. Hal went back in through the window...but now it was a tight fit. he took off his pants. his cock had grown too. he made his way to the dimly lit hallway. at the end his mother was sleeping. the naked monster watched her. "mother?" he said. she moaned....turned over. "who's there?" turning on the light. 'its me mother" "hal??? what are you doing naked??" "i told you about that" hal came nearer and finally took the bed sheets and pulled them off with ease. his mother saw the swinging dick. "are you taking steriods?" hal reached down and found his prize. his mother 's head going back in pleasure as hal's finger went into her pussy. two fingers and then three......then four....the pussy getting wetter with each push. his mother moaning and screaming as she felt the orgasm cumming. she arched her back as she now fucked his fingers. one finally push and....there.....she came. hal took the juices and rubbed them on his cock head mixing with his precum. she lay there exhausted. he made his way on top of her as he slipped his 10 incher into her wet cunt. she screamed as the log slammed in. "this is what you wanted...mother!!!" he fucked her as she held on to the bed. his mighty body and cock feeling the pleasure of the wet hole. in and out he slammed his mother until he had to cum. "dont take it out" she pleaded. "im cumming." he arched back as his cum flooded into his mother's pussy. she screamed. she felt the warm sperm in her body. he pulled out. his cock still ready. "more....i want ....MORE!!!!" she screamed. he smacked it into her again. "now i want you to stop and just leave it in there" he did. "dont move" she commanded. she felt the pleasure of fullness and slowly fucked his cock, moving her body toward the great reward. •

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