Teen's Fantasy, A


By hairyman101

The two male teens made there way home. The gym had been great with an extra heavy workout. the two had been friends for ages...growing up next to each other and going to school too. they had got into weight lifting in middle school and now the end of high school was not far off. there muscled bodies showed the years of hard work. "you want to stop by my place ?" hal asked. "sure....." david smiled. david started to run with hal close behind him...."i can catch you.....anytime!!!" david stopped as hal ran into him , knocking them down to the ground. on top of each other they looked into each others eyes. they felt there cocks against each other also. "yeah get off me!!" david pushed hal off. the two wrestled...grabbing at each others butts and legs....trying to pin the other one. "stop...stop....." david fell back. "that workout today as got me tired.....come on and get up" hal got up and david raised up also. the bulge in his jogging pants was huge. "i see your ready" david rubbed the bulge as if trying to get it down. "go.....stop before someone sees you" they both ran into hal's house. the t.v was on so they both sat back on the couch. "what do you want to watch? or play a game?" hal looking at the bulge. david shifted his body...his biceps flexed as he moved. hal flexed his arms also. "not again.....a bicep showoff" they both laughed. each flexed his arm for the other. "you need some work....very soft" hal feeling david's arms. "16 inches as of today" david flexed real hard. he knew hal was an inch bigger but he had a bigger cock. On the t.v was cartoons. "turn that......thats for kids" david flexing both arms. superman was on now. "yeah do you remember when we were into superman?" hal asked. david took off his shirt to cool down..."yeah...but that is just fantasy" his rock hard abs showed tight. "but do you remember the parasite story where that guy could drain superman of his strenght?" david nodded. "yes and how the other one.....icy harris had stolen the galaxy 4 and it turned him into a parasite also." david saw hal's bulge now. "wow....didnt know it turned you on so much" hal rubbed his bulge as he told david of the first time. "i was 12 and superman was just a comic book but that time they showed him being drained ...my cock got rock hard." david was rubbing his too. "it was hot now that i think about it" he said as he reached into his pants and pull out his hard cock. hal did the same. they stroked and then stroked each other..."did you wish you could do the same thing?" hal feeling the pleasure of david stroking his thick cock. "i always wanted to find that galaxy 4 so i could drain men" on the t.v the same cartoon that they had talked about came on. icy harris was transformed into a parasite. he was draining the police that came to arrest him. the two teens stroked harder as superman started to be drained. "im cumming" david whispered. his cum flying into the air. his body jerking with pleasure. hal stroked slower as he let the cum fly with no hands jacking . they watched superman as icy hugged him as his last once of strenght was going in. "this is HOT. i wish we could drain men. there cocks hung down between there legs. "lets find the galaxy 4" hal said. david looked at him..."its a cartoon....stupid.....just fantasy....there is no galaxy 4" david got up..."im going home.....i need another shower." they both smiled. cum dripping down there stomachs. david left. hal stroked some more as superman was almost killed by icy harris. "im a fool......there is no superman or galaxy 4" he finally got up to shower also. David's father was home and reading the newspaper. "where have you been?" david reache for a apple. "you know. hal's" his father looked at how well his son was looking. "no shirt" david showed his father the shirt. "it was hot." his father wondered if he meant the weather or hal. david turned as he did he saw the headline. "NEW ELEMENT FOUND" and below it in smaller print. "the name of the new element is called galaxy 4" his eyes wide. reaching for the cellphone he called hal. "he must be in the shower" "hey dad where is that new element going to be at" his father read the story. "it seems that the galaxy 4 was found not to far from here." david felt his bulge coming back on. his cell buzzed....

"hal?? you want believe." david went on to tell him.."just read the newspaper" hal naked and dripping from his shower read the newspaper. his hardon raging. his mother came up behind him and slapping his butt."i told you to wear clothes in the house...please" hal turned as his mother got a glance of her son's dick. he covered his waist with the towel. "sorry mom.....i was talking to david and.." she interrrupted..."thats no excuse to go nude" he went into his room as his mother watched her muscled hung son. she pinched her nipples though her clothes and felt pleasure all over. she stopped. "thats my son...my god woman get ahold of yourself" she thought. hal called david back..."its says that it was found near here." david looking at the cable news. "nothing on here." he said. hal saw the reporters name..."hey down at the bottom is the name of the guy that wrote this.....a karl thomas" david looked also as the cell slipped out of his hand. he bent over as his father's raging hardon had popped up. "sorry hal....i dropped it....go on" hal started back..."we need to go meet this guy." "but hal me and you know that this is just a story...nothing more." hal took off his towel walking around in his room trying to find more clothes. his mother peeked in . he found his clean clothes. "you still there?" david turned to see his father eyeing him.."yeah......tommorow we will go to the news office because i know you hal." hal thanked him. putting down the cell...he dressed. his mother fingering herself. her wet pussy wanting something huge and thick.

david dressed also as he could hear his father pissing. as he came out of his room he saw the bathroom door wide open and his father was stroking his cock. "dont you want to watch?" his father showed david his full rock hard cock. "pop....i told you about this....you have to repress these feelings" he walked away . his father finished jacking his huge load of cum into the water of the toilet. •

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