Teen Muscle

After Six Months


By snjn

Geoff and Nat had walked down the hill, through the pasture, and were standing at the edge of the pond. It was not a big depression in the ground but large enough to make a good swimming hole. The depression was created by an abandoned stone quarry which was not profitable enough to make it worthwhile. The stone made the water clear and the stream that had been diverted away from the site had found its way back to its original bed, flowing through the quarry, keeping the water pure. They had come down shirtless and shoeless in their standard warm weather attire, square cut, tight lycra shorts. The super snug shorts hid none of the curves of their groins, in fact they enhanced them. They stood by the water's edge taking in the early morning rays of the sun, quiet Nat standing calmly relaxed, while antsy Goeff stood shifting his weight from one foot to the other flexing his glutes. It had become an affectation whether there was anyone to see or not. Finally they pulled off their shorts and stood there naked.

Nat was a beautiful man with jet black shoulder length hair hanging loose and eyes that appeared black under brooding, dark brows. His face had finely chiselled features. He smiled seldom, but when he did, it was a smile that should have been against the law. His skin was deeply tanned and stretched tight across a beautifully muscled body. His pecs were shelf like with nipples that turned down under the strain of the muscles. He had an impressive eight pack, rare on even the most well developed bodies. His body was naturally hairless except for a light fringe that trailed from his navel down into his black pubic hair. His thick, cut cock draped over smooth generous balls. His legs were heavily muscled with shapely calves and unusually small feet for a man his height. He and Geoff had similar builds and were near the same in development, but otherwise Geoff was his opposite both in coloring and temperament. His hair was sun streaked and cut so that it seldom need attention. He could come out of the water, shake his head, and his hair would dry in a perfect tousle. He was tanned but lighter that Nat and there were a few freckles across the nose of his boyish, all American face and across his broad muscled shoulders. He had impressive traps, delts, and peaked biceps. His pecs were huge slabs and topped another set of eight abs. He was hairless, but not naturally, except for strawberry blond pubs. His powerful legs were an easy match for his torso. His feet were the nearly square toed, high arched feet of an all American type.

As they walked closer to the water, still talking, Goeff stopped letting Nat get slightly ahead of him, then lunged forward pushing Nat into the water. He quick dove in himself and swam to the far shore. When Nat caught up with him shoved Geoff's head underwater and held him there until he thought he would drown. On surfacing Geoff returned the favor and they began vigorous water wrestling, their hard bodies brushing together, their dicks alternately brushing and being crushed between their bodies. Winded they swam back to their spot and pulled up, semi hard, onto the grassy shore. Both flopped on their backs in the growing warmth of the sun.

"How's your prodigy progressing?" Nat asked.

"That's right, you haven't seen him in a while. It's fantastic how he's grown. He's going to surpass us, Nat. I created a monster, literally. By the time he's eighteen he'll be more than ready to compete. Nobody will believe that's a teenager on the stage. Not too sure I like what I've done, but can't stop now."

All this talked of Danny had gotten them both rock hard and throbbing.

"Lend me a hand, Nat."

Nat lazily reached over and and began slowly rubbing Geoff's lower abdomen letting his fingers go through his trimmed pubic hair, following the crease in his leg, and cupping each ball in his hand. Then he began to slowly massage his engorged rod, his own twitching repeatedly.

"Let me help you out with that."

Nat rolled on his side for Geoff's easier access his purplish meat flopping noisily against his leg. Geoff roughly took hold of it. It felt as if it were about to burst. He began milking it with rapid strokes, sometimes letting it go to flop against his leg. Nat continued his slow stroking of Geoff's ever growing, ever stiffening rod. Sensing the time was coming and hardly able to restrain himself, Nat began pumping Geoff faster and harder. With a shout they both erupted volumes of hot cum onto each other's chests.

"Yaah! That's better. Now we'll have to take another dip to cool off," Geoff said breathlessly.

They were back sitting on the grass when Danny came running naked down the hill.

"Doesn't that kid ever wear clothes, Geoff?"

"Not if he can help it. Hey, Danny, I hope you don't go to work like that."

"Naw, Mr. Sanderling, even I know better than that. I didn't wear much, though," he said with an impish grin,"The lady we're doing the job for nearly dropped her teeth when she saw me."

Nat grinned at Danny, "I wonder why? Ok, I'm heading home. What are you guys doing?"

"I've gotta get to work in a half hour. See ya, Nat."

"See you guys."

"You're planning on getting dressed, right?" bugged Geoff.

"Yeah, yeah. I don't know what I'm gonna wear though. Wanna come up to

my house while I change? Hey, want to see where I work after that?"

"Sure, let's go."

Danny and Geoff paced up the hill toward Danny's house. Geoff couldn't

help lagging a few feet behind Danny to watch his young, blossoming

lats, glutes, hams and calves bulge rhythmically as he climbed the


"Hey Danny, really flex your toes hard while you climb. And slow down.

That will give you a wicked pump in your calves. That's what makes 'em grow."

Danny and Geoff both dug their toes into the grass as they climbed the

steep grade of the hill. The two plump lobes of Danny's calves popped

and churned like pistons. Geoff was already jealous of the shape of

Danny's calves. Geoff's calves were bigger, but not for long from the

look of things. By the time they reached the back yard of Danny's house, Geoff had a massive pump on his calves - and his dick. As they stepped up onto the back porch, Danny opened the screened door to the house.

"Anybody home, Danny? Your mom?"

"Nope, nobody. My mom is up north at my aunt's house all week."

Geoff felt a pulse of excitement at the thought of being alone with his amazing prodigy. They walked through the kitchen, down the hallway and turned to head up the narrow flight of stairs to the second floor. They walk down a short hall and through a doorway to end up in Danny's

bedroom. Geoff was surprised to find the spacious room fairly orderly, for a teenage guy's place. A broad bed with an high, old wooden

headboard dominated one corner, while countless posters of pro and

amateur bodybuilders, monstrous super heroes and blonde, big-breasted,

bikini-clad girls almost completely covered the walls. A wooden writing desk sat near the door. There were several notebooks on the desk, one marked "training," another "nutrition". Along the wall opposite the bed, attached side by side were three full length mirrors, somewhat beat-up. Nearby the mirrors were a small weight bench, short barbell, assorted plates and a small dumbell set. Danny walked to a large door beside a wooden dresser and opened it into a deep, wide walk-in closet. Geoff walked to the door and looked inside. The closet was hung on one side with Danny's older clothes and on the other with a row of new, bright-colored, hip gym clothes.

"Wow Danny, did you buy out the GNC? Look at all the muscle clothes you've got."

"No, I didn't buy anybody out. I found a few places that carry pretty

cool stuff. I'm out of cash for a while, though. I guess I went

overboard a little. Help me pick out something to wear to work."

Geoff flipped though the new clothes.

"Maybe you shouldn't wear new clothes to work - aren't you working on a house - they could get messed up."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," said Danny, thoughtfully scratching one of his hard glutes.

"I've definitely gotta wear my work boots there."

Geoff found a pair of soft cotton shorts near the back of the closet.

"I don't think I've ever seen you wear these. They would really show off your shape. Go ahead slip 'em on."

"These?" said Danny, taking them from Geoff. "Aw, these are shorts my

mom bought me last year. They're too big for me."

"Maybe they were too big, but I bet there the right size now. Go


Danny stepped into the shorts and pulled them up, snaking his beefy teen hose and balls down inside. He zipped up the fly and snapped them, surprised to find his thighs straining the fabric.

"Awesome! Shit, check out how big my thighs look."

Geoff noticed that his thighs looked almost as impressive as the slab of cock and balls that thrust forward under the front of the shorts.

"Danny, I believe those are your new work shorts. Now how about a shirt?"

"Have you got just a plain, old flannel shirt or something?"

Danny pulled a faded, brown checked shirt from a hanger.

"I tore the sleeves off this to show my arms."

"Perfect. Put that on and come out here to see how you look in the mirror."

Danny slipped the old work shirt on and turned to face himself in the

mirror. The front of the open shirt revealed the deepening crease

between his pecs above the eight chiselled tiles of abdominal muscle. His wide, hard shoulders and beefy arms both escaped through the cutaways. The cream colored shorts showed ever crevice and bulge of his thighs, prodigious cock and ball package, and solid bubble butt.

"You'll knock 'em dead in that. Say, Danny, I better not go like this. Can you lend me a shirt?"


He tossed Geoff one of his oversized muscle shirts with a scooped out neck. He pulled it on. It was scooped out low exposing his pec cleavage, just short of his nipples. Thus suited out, off they went.

Geoff pulled up in front of a large brick victorian brick house, and sat there looking at it. It was here Danny had a part time job, mainly lifting and toting heavy things. The bricks of the house were of two hues, most a dull sulphur color with dull red bricks for trim. The facia of the peaked gables was fretted with busy designs and painted a dullish brown. The entrance was a peak roofed, glassed in front stoop. It could have been dropped there from England, so authentic was it. The house was owned by a feisty 80 year old grandmother who was adding a glassed conservatory on the south side of the house and wanted it authentic in every detail, as if it had been with the house forever. That's how she happened to hire Danny's uncle who was a consummate craftsman, well capable of carrying out her wishes.

As Danny stepped down out of Geoff's jeep, his tight cream shorts strained by the extending and flexing of his quads, his bubble butt nearly ripping the seams in the seam that crept up the crack of his ass, and his stuffed crotch alternately being crushed and freed. His open shirt blew in the breeze leaving him bare chested, revealing his sculpted torso. They walked up a stone path that led around the house to the side where the foundation of the conservatory was being prepared. Grandma, who had been taken aback the first time she saw our well displayed teen hunk, had recovered and become quite fond of him.


The self-spotting rack was already set up for his bench press. Danny looked at the bar, counted the plates, and did a few seconds of figuring in his head before shooting a defiant look at Geoff.

"There's only 175 pounds there. I can do more than that."

"Come on, Danny, don't get carried away. That's five pounds heavier than last week. You're already benching more than most guys your age. Stretch out your pecs for a few seconds while I grab our water bottles. Maybe I'll psyche you through an extra set, ok?"

Geoff trotted to the locker room slapping high fives as he passed three guys from Danny's class who had just joined the gym.

"Hey, Mr. Sanderling, what's up. Are you training Danny right now? Can we watch you guys a minute?"

"Sure, guys. If you're looking for inspiration, Danny's your man. He's making awesome progress."

"Damn straight, Mr. S.! That's why we joined up here."

Goeff opened his locker and grabbed two water bottles. Then he jogged back to the rack with the boys in tow. As they approached he saw that Danny was already lifting, smashing the bar onto the rack with a decisive clang. Jon, the gym manager, stood over Danny spotting him.

"Couldn't even wait for your trainer, huh? What's up, Jon?"

"Come over here, Geoff. What's up with Danny? People are starting to notice that his progress isn't normal. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah, Jon, I know. He's got some amazing genetics. What's the problem?"

"Have you got him juiced up?"

"Jesus, Jon, no way. You think I'm giving him 'roids? You know how I feel about that shit."

"I thought I knew, but that's why I'm confused, or amazed, or both. He just did a solid set of ten reps with 225 pounds, no sweat."

"He did what?"

You heard me. Wasn't he benching around a hundred pounds just a couple of months ago?"

Geoff and Jon walked back over where the others boys were gathered around Danny. Geoff took his place to spot Danny.

"You feel comfortable with that weight for another set?"

"Sure," said Danny sliding under the bar.

The boys stepped back to watch as Danny handily hoisted the bar once again,paused, and launched into thrusting the poundage up, then down again onto his pecs. His reps were even and controlled. Geoff felt a little flutter in his stomach when he thought that Danny might soon be repping more than he in the bench. Danny finished a second ten, racked the weight and sat up on the bench. He pulled off his workout tank and began to massage one red, pumped up pec, then the other. The boys gathered close around.

"Damn you are pumped!"

"You're benching over two hundred freaking pounds, man!"

"Check out your pecs, bud. Are they hard when they're pumped like that?"

"Go ahead. Feel 'em, guys."

The three boys touched Danny's pecs. One of them thumped on them like a melon.

"Damn, you are awesome!"

Geoff cleared his throat.

"Ok, you guys, better get to your own workouts. We've gotta finish ours, ok?"

A little disappointed the guys made their way across the free weight area. Danny slid under the bar and hammered out a final set of ten more reps, more labored this time. By the tenth rep Geoff had to help the bar up a little as Danny finished. Danny sat up on the bench and started to massage his pecs before the next exercise. He stopped after a few seconds, shaking his hands.

"What's the matter, Danny?"

"Nothin', Mr. S. It's just kinda hard for me to loosen up my pecs after heavy benches like that. My hands are a little tired."

"Well, why don't you just lie back on the bench and I'll loosen up your pecs, ok?"

Danny lay back. Geoff grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to the bench. He started massaging Danny's upper pecs at the tie-ins to his delts. He could hardly make a dent in Danny pecs. They were hard as a rock.

"Danny, why are you flexing your pecs? The whole point here is to get you relaxed before your other chest movements."

"I'm not flexing, Mr. S.; I'm relaxed."

Geoff felt another small flutter in his stomach. Danny's pumped pecs were as hard as stone.It took a lot of effort to massage them. When he finished his hands were fatigued. Now Goeff was really spooked. Was Jon onto something? Could Danny really be taking 'roids? How else could you explain his accelerated size and strength gains? Danny sure didn't seem the type to pull something like this, but he was really bent on getting huge and powerful. Geoff thought about it all during the rest of the workout. He hope it wasn't true, but how could he find out?

After the bench press Geoff moved Danny on to the lying flyes. Danny grabbed a pair of 50 pound dumbells from the rack and walked back to the bench.

"50's? Shouldn't you start with a lighter weight? You only got used to 40's last week."

Danny frowned at Geoff,"Aw, can't I try just one set of these?"

"Alright, but you were doing four sets of ten. This will knock one set off for sure, but go ahead. Danny lay back and lowered the dumbell to starting position. He squeezed them high above him with controlled, mechanical precision. His next five reps increased in speed, losing none of the control as he lowered the weight. He finished a confident ten reps, sat up, smiled at Geoff and rested the dumbells at his feet. Danny took about one minute pacing and stretching his pecs before returning to the bench and hammering out three more perfect sets, fatiguing only during the last two. He finished his chest workout with cable crossovers.

Geoff quietly guided Danny trough two movements for lats and two for delts before calling it a day. As Danny sat towelling off his face, neck, and pumped frame, Geoff kicked his sneaker, smiling.

"You know, Danny, you're growing so fast people might think you're on 'roids," he said laughing.

"Danny's face didn't register anything at first, then he smiled.

"So? I'm not. Why, do you think I should take a drug test or something?"

Geoff thought a moment.

"You know, that's not a bad idea. I mean at the rate you're going, you could be competing before your nineteenth birthday! Since you'll be competing natural, this might be a good time to get used to proving it, you know?" •

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