By BicepBeast


Chris was BIG. That much he knew. When massing up at the gym, he knew that all eyes were on him. Some eyes strayed to his chiselled face and met his own piercing blue eyes, occasionally accompanied by a ghost of a smile from his lips which were set in a broad, stubble darkened jaw. His hair was jet black and very short, cropped close to his skull at the base of his bull neck.

But most eyes in the gym weren't on his face, godlike though it was. They were on his body. Every sinew, every muscle in his body rippled and pulsated as he worked out - from the peaks of his incredible biceps to the heads of his balloon-like calves. Glistening with sweat, bursting out of a tight black unitard, his tanned body screamed of power, and the promise of endless, unbelievable sex. His cock strained in the pouch of his unitard, engorged with blood and darkening the front with blossoming patches of precum. The fact that all the other guys in the gym lusted after him turned Chris on immensely. When getting changed to work out, he would peel his dark city suit from his body, letting the gaping men admire every curve, the full tightness of his barrel chest, and the peaks and shadows of his rippling six-pack abs. He would climb slowly into his unitard, sliding the suit up his tree-trunk thighs and across his rock-hard ass, up to his broad back and wide, defined shoulders. And the entire time, his ten-inch cock would throb and pulse and twitch. And if ever a few beads of precum were to dribble from his radiant member, he would glance over his shoulder as he left to enter the gym, enjoying the sight of men scrabbling to lick the warm trail from the tiles of the locker room floor.

This Monday night was very much like any other in the Colossus Gymnasium. Guys pumped and grunted, straining to improve their already impressive bodies. Women weren't allowed in the gym, and guys openly cruised, looking for violent muscle sex in the locker room, or in the open shower area.

As Chris slid on his unitard, he heard the grunts of two studs fucking in the corner of the locker room. As one goateed jock, fit and in his late twenties, bent forward holding on to an open locker for support, a younger, smooth skinned twink rammed his raging pole up the guy's bubble ass.

The guy receiving the cock craned his neck to look at Chris the entire time, his own cock sliding a glistening trail over the locker before him. The guy licked his lips and moaned as he imaging Chris' mammoth prick pulsing up his butt.

The younger guy yelled, and pulled the goateed guy close to him as he filled him with his hot cum. The youngster them fell back, landing hard on the tiled floor, an arc of hot cum spraying over his own washboard abs.

A few guys scrabbled to get a taste of the prone guy's salty seed. The goateed guy, who had just been fucked, prowled across to Chris, cock bobbing in anticipation.

Chris took in the image of the guy coming towards him. Late twenties, dark hair, trim goatee…not bad, facially. His body was hard and pumped, a light dusting of black hair shadowing his chest, a silver ring glinting from his left nipple. Not bad…strong thighs that rippled with each footfall… a wonderfully cut six-pack…

The guy dropped to his knees before Chris, his open mouth inches away from the rod-shaped bulge in Chris' unitard.

Using only a fraction of his endless energy, Chris slapped the guy away, the crack of knuckle on jawbone echoing across the locker room. The guy lay stunned a few feet from Chris, shaking his head groggily. As he tried to look up, he smelled the rubber of Chris' trainer, as the sole of his workout shoe pressed against the side of his face, pushing him to the floor.

"If I want you," Chris growled, his voice a deep rumble, "I'll have you. Don't EVER try it on with me." He pushed a little harder with his foot. The guy issued a muffled squeal of apology.

Chris grinned as he lifted his foot and walked through the doorway into the gym…the guy had shot his thick wad over the floor, the moment Chris' foot had touched him…

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