Colossal Chris

By GhostWriter

Hey Everyone. This is my first story so here goes. I tried to please everyone so I made it muscle gain with a bit of gut growth in there, but it's a musclegut so don't worry. OK here goes.

Chris was an average guy who believed in doing average things. He had an average house, an average car, and an average job, which he worked as a bus-boy for the local pizza place, Pizza Shack. A few blocks from the Pizza Shack was a gym where many people went for their daily workouts. Chris longed to be like them; to be in a gym full of weights, to pump iron feverishly until he was built like a brick wall. To be able to walk by people and have them Ooh and Ahh at his marvelous physique. This dream haunted him forever because it seemed no matter how hard he tried, or how much he ate, he just never grew. But Chris' dream still reamined the same. Then, the sound of "Table 3 needs cleanin'" took Chris from his pleasant daydream and back to his hellhold of busting tables for minimum wage. How Chris wanted to be big and muscular. He loved the idea of growing large. He loved the idea of being able to let more than his ribs show when he went to the beach during the summer. He loved the idea of never having to worry about women turning him down after they got in the bed with him, and he hated the idea of being a scrawny 5'8" and a measely 155 lbs. It's not as though Chris never tried his hand at getting bigger. Working in a pizza shak had its benefits; FREE PIZZA ALL THE TIME! Most of guys that worked with Chris were over 220lbs. Some had very muscular physiques, but due to too much pizza(as if there is such a thing), they had grown some pretty decent guts. However, these guys' guts were hard and dense like they had been training their entire lives for that gut. Yet, it seemed that no matter how much Chris ate during his breaks, he never got any bigger.

As the time flew to 5:00 p.m., Chris thought more and more about quitting time. He also spent the whole 20 minute break thinking of a way to get huge and get huge quickly, but all of them seemed to involve steroids, or traveling to some alley in Mexico to get steroids. Chris was almost convinced that maybe being little was all life and genetics had to offer him. That this was his punishment for always believing in dreams, Until he busted his last table. A customer had left a newspaper section on the table, and upon paying the cashier, had no will to return for it. Chris, looking more closely at the paper, noticed that it was a classifieds section and there was a job listed as a "Locker Room Specialist" for the Ironman Gym, which just happened to be the gym a few blocks from where Chris lived.. Chris was filled with joy. After checking the schedule, he noticed that he had tommorow off, so he went home from the Pizza Shack and hoped never to be little again after tommorow. With that in mind, Chris hopped in his 1992 Pickup and headed for home, still dreaming about the way things were and the way things were going to be.

The alarm clock woke Chris up the next morning as he prepared for his long awaited interview. Throwing aside old bodybuilding magazines and other fitness articles he hopped in the shower and afterwards, quickly dressed in his Sunday's best and brought a change of workout clothes just in case he was that big of an impact on his hopefully-soon-to-be-manager. Chris once again hopped into his pickup and sped to the interview. Upon getting there, Chris gaped in awe.The gym was absolutely beautiful from the outside, but on the inside, it was even more outstanding. Everywhere he turned, lots of huge, bulged-cocked, massive, muscular men were posing, lifting, sweating, and pumping to become their biggest and their heaviest. Chris started getting hard at this sight and noticed that he had 5 minutes until it was time for his interview. He desperately tried to force the growing pleasure that was his cock back into its limp state until finally he was able to regain control. As he checked in with the receptionist, he was greeted by a huge guy who was at least 5 times Chris' size. His arms bulged from his sleeveless tee shirt, his black shorts expanded greatly from the size of his legs, his massive shoulders looked as if they could have belonged to Atlas in a former life, and his waist was overthrown by an extremely large, but rock hard defined food gut which could qualify him as a human wrecking ball.. He shook Chris' hand with power and authority and announced that he would stay and chat, but he was late for an interview with a maybe future employee. Chris' cock grew larger and larger until he felt unable to hold it in. Was this the boss he was coming to apply for? Obviously "boss" wasn't the correct term. Maybe "indestructible gigantic master of my skinny ass" was the answer. Chris slowly snapped out of his daze and murmered that he was the applicant. The giant grinned and scanned Chris' pencil-neck frame. He then led Chris into his office for the interview. Chris' eyes dropped at the sight of the office. It was a gigantic weight room filled with racks going up to 1800 lbs. The giant eyed Chris with pleasure. "So you want a job," he bellowed in voice deep enough to put the best barbershop quartet tenor out of business. All Chris could do was look on in amazement as the giant extended his hand and said the words that Chris had waited the last 24 hours to hear, "You're hired. Can you start right now?" Chris was overwhelmed and thanked the giant for his generosity and immediately changed into his workout outfit in the nearest locker room, which hung off him like baggy pants. It was like a dream come true. So, "What do I do as a Locker Room Specialist?" The giant replied that Chris was to manage a locker room, particularly his. It soon struck Chris as amazing that he was the only one who applied for this job, but he didn't care. He was among giants and men of mass. He was happy, and that was all that mattered to him becuase now his main job was at the gym he loved, while his weekend change came from the Pizza Shack. "CHRIS," his new boss called, "Come here I got a job for ya." Chris could hardly wait. The giant grabbed Chris and began to caress his scrawny ass. His entire hand could have fit over two of Chris' asses. Afterwards, his boss pulled him closer and ripped off Chris' clothes. Chris tried to return the favor, but noticed he was too weak to do it. The massive hulk went to a nearby desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of bluish liquid. Chris thought it was some kind of Gatorade, and assumed he was prepping himself for the fuck of a lifetime. After drinking about half, the giant confronted Chris again and flexed twice. After a while, the giant grew even larger. His gut and massive pectorial muscles ripped his shirt in half and and massive arms looked as if they were invincible. His legs grew bigger, and the snake between his legs sloped further downward. Chris turned around and let the ass punishment begin. It was the best 6 hours of Chris' life. In and out, the massive cock rammed Chris' ass until Chris found it extremely dificult to even speak. The giant then slammed Chris against the wall behind the desk. He then held Chris there with just his muscular stomach. Chris began to moan as he could feel each one of the thick abdominal muscles flexing into his back. The stiff hard cock that rammed Chris entered once more. "You like how big daddy just handles his little boy, don't ya," the giant whispered in Chris' ear. All Chris could do was nod yes and let the punishment continue.

Chris still wanted to get extremely huge. He asked his heavy "boss" for advice, who was called by all of his workers as "Big Joe". Big Joe spoke of a drink that could make Chris a colossal man. Chris would do anything except steroids to become huge so he listened more. "There is a drink that I be obtained by going to Mexico, and I have some left over still in my desk." Pulling out a clear bottle almost full of blue liquid, Big Joe handed it to Chris saying, "Drink all of it whenever you desire. The more you drink, the bigger you get. However, after drinking it, fill the bottle with water and leave it there for 10 seconds. The bottle will then replenish itself for your drinking pleasure later." This sounded too good to be true for Chris, but he was willing to do anything to get huge, so he took the bottle and left for home. Chris imagined what it would be like to have a massive body that everyone marveled. Upon getting home, Chris changed into a black wifebeater and boxerbriefs, which were all 3XL's which made Chris look as if he were parachuting. He then proceeded to drink the potion, but then came to a thought. If he ate while on the potion, he could get even bigger. Chris began to cum at the fact that this idea stayed with him while he dialed his phone and ordered 8 large pizzas from the Pizza Shack. After the pizzas had arrived, he quickly drank the potion and filled it with water. Sure enough, it replenished itself and Chris, as his habit during the day, stood up and ate pizza while continuously drinking the bluish liquid. Chris found himself able to down a lot more pizza than he was used to. About 25 minutes passed and Chris began to feel a weird feeling inside of him. His small body began to rumble as if it was not satisfied with the seven boxes of meat lover's pizza that Chris had already eaten. He was on his last box of pizza when his arms started to tighten rock hard and grow. Rock hard muscles, the size a bowiling balls, bulged from his biceps, triceps, and forearms. His shoulders thickened and got wider and more muscular. His Chest expanded and his nipples grew to the size of doorknobs. The mounds of muscle, which was once Chris' small bird chest, grew huge with power. His neck grew almost to his ears. His abs were growing larger and larger until he, too, had obtained a small gut that was perfectly defined with his gigantic, rock hard muscular abdominals. His legs grew like tree trunks and his calves became like steel. His quads grew big enough to crack nuts (no pun intended . Chris' cock extended to 10" and began to harden. 11", 13", 15", 17" and his now manly balls were the size of baseballs. He was so onto himself, but all he could do was keep eating and drinking that potion. All the pizza was gone and Chris still felt powerfully hungry. He ripped the door from his refrigerator and crammed leftover dinners, saved Chinese food and all sorts of leftover beef, pork, and chicken into his mouth. Frozen food and vegetables, chips, everything that was available. At this point, Chris now felt hair prickle his skin and muscle. He was growing hair all over his body. His rockhard defined gut had grown even larger to accomadate the rest of his growing body. His flat ass blossomed into a ripple of muscle. After his last piece of chicken, he took a shower and gazed at his extremely massive physique. He hit poses in the mirror while his wet body hair sexually laid across his skin and then shot a massive load that made the mirror appeared to be covered in vaseline. He began to get hard at the sight of the huge defined body he now possessed and knew his luck was going to change for the better. Afterwards, he cleaned himself up rolled into bed and raised his brick belly and now 20" cock into the air while resting for tommorow at work.

Chris awoke the next morning and took a look into his bathroom mirror. He was huge! He stepped on the scale and it read 498 lbs. Chris had grown almost 350 lbs. in one feeding. He loved his new muscular size. He also noticed that his wifebeater had ripped in half across his bulldozier gut and his briefs were on the verge but soon ripped because of his hardon. Chris pulled on a larger wifebeater and some sweatpants and headed for work. This time, getting in and out of his car was a bit of a problem. He walked into the gym and strolled into Big Joe's office. Big Joe looked in awe as he recognized Chris' massive body. Chris then began to sit down and curl 350 lbs. in one bicep. He benched the full 800 lbs. and squated a massive 1400lbs. Big Joe was amazed and gave Chris some more of the potion, and even sucked him off. He even called Pizza Shack and ordered 12 large pizzas and fed them to Chris himself. Chris ate pizza and ate piza all while Big Joe was sucking his cock. "You like suckin this big fat cock don't ya Big Joe, or should I say little Joe. Chris grew another 120 lbs. while granting Joe's begging plea to suck him off. Then Chris locked Joe in a deep massaging kiss. Their massive guts rubbing against eachother. Chris kept growing as his tongue slithered in Joe's manly mouth. His gigantic arms squeezed Joe for all he was worth. Then Chris let out a mssive roar that shook the foundation of the gym. He easily flipped Joe around and rammed his massive cock up Joe's muscular ass. "Fuck me you muscle daddy. Fuck me till your hot and sweet cum flows through my mouth. Chris fucked Joe until Joe felt his own own muscle mass to diminish as Chris absorbed muscle from Joe into his own growing body. Then Chris asked Joe to measure him. Chris was a gigantic block of muscle. Even now, his extremely large gut was still defined and rock hard. His Chest was 72", his waist was 88", His arms were 42", Neck 22", Quads 56", and calves 26". His cock was at a stunning 22" long and 5" wide. He looked like a humongous bear. Now Chris wanted to try his mass in the real world. After getting off of work, he went into the parking lot and noticed a young female who was about to drive out of the lot after her workout.. Chris blocked her path until this made the woman angry. With a huge push of the pedal her car zoomed at Chris at about 65 mph. Chris just stood there and let his gut take all the impact. In seconds the car was totalled and Chris let out a massive roar and drank more of the potion as he lifted the woman out of the wrecked car. Noticing that she was fine Chris pinned her against the wall of an alley behind the gym where he took his potion, and fucked her until hot cum spewed from her mouth. Pushing his massive cock in and out of her until she declared him as her bear daddy. She felt every grwoing muscle of Chris' body until she began to cum. She then grabbed Chris' gigantic tool and swallowed it in her mouth until she began to choke. After withdrawing Chris turned her around and began ramming his massive cock up her ass while pushing he into the wall with every thrust from his monsterous belly. The woman invited Chris back to her apartment where Chris happily fucked her some more until she was left spread out on the bed unable to move with a gigantic smile across her face. Feeling much more confident about himself, he struggled into his car and headed towards the beach. At the beach, Chris was greeted by any girl you could point out, and each one of them grabbed a body part and begin begging Chris to flex until you could see the massive veins bulge on his body and even his rock hard cock. He carried 4 girls riding on his gigantic cock, 2 on each of his biceps, and 6 on his gut. All of this extra weight didn't affect Chris at all. As Chris and his girls were walking back to the parking lot, the girls spotted a nice Escalade and wished they could have one just like it. With a deep sexual voice, Chris told the girls to go and bring him 3 extra large pizzas each. While they were gone Chris drank more of the potion and then begin eating all of the pizzas. The girls saw how massive Chris grew and began drooling as his shorts stretched then ripped off leaving a very huge cock exposed in the wind. Chris flexed his muscles until one would think that they would rip from his skin. Afterwards, he ripped the doors open and escorted the girls inside. Just then the owner of the car appeared and began to demand that Chris pay for his car repairs. Chris took his dick and smacked the man in the head who then passed out. Then Chris lifted the car up over his head and carried all the girls home. He carried them back to his house and fucked all of them. Each girl screamed when the 28x5" dick probed their asses. Chris even lined the girls up by rooms and held one against the wall with his muscle gut and shoved his mostrous cock through each girl until there was a chain of hoes on his dick. Yet, Chris still was not satisfied. He continued to drink more potion, he cotinued to eat more, he continued to fuck girls and Big Joe, and his gut continued to swell to musclar heights. He now weighed in at 1025 lbs and towered at 7 feet with 6% body fat. Chris just kept growing until every woman in the community left their life to live with Chris just to be fucked by his colossal cock and bulging muscles.

Chris continued to grow and grow. He grew to mosterous proportions and fucked women, and Big Joe (who now stayed with Chris) all day long. Big Joe continued the potion but only reached 600 lbs. The testosterone that Chris emitted while he fucked, plus the potion and food made him a titan of the city. Now he dwarfed Big Joe and carried his women around on his body. Chris knew that he had to continue eating. He prepared himself to travel to Japan and train with the sumos. The sumos were also dwarfed by Chris and submitted all of their food to him. Thsi made Chris extremely huge. Chris now began to feel the power of his new massive. Instead of lifting weights, he benchpressed houses and 18 wheelers. He also strolled through Japan for more food and continued drinking the blue potion. Chris got to a local McDonald's at around 9:00 am and demanded that they feed him until he said stop. The next day around 3:00 pm, McDOnald's was closed for business. Chris just kept eating and eating and drinking the potion. Chris was at a massive 28 ft. tall, 10,736 lbs., 197" arms, 500"waist, 280" legs, and a 16 ft. dick. All of these were rock hard muscle thanks to the potion. Chris soon took advantage of his new girth and rampaged the city of Japan. He crushed buildings with his gut, he ate all the food he could find, and he drank their entire water supply. He even placed cars between his biceps and crushed them into compact heaps. There just seemed to be no end to his destructive rampage. So the world was enslaved by Colossal Chris and Chris just kept growing and growing. And just think that he used to work in a Pizza place. •

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