By BicepBeast

At 6:00am the following Saturday morning, Chris pulled up to the Colossus Gym in his Audi and parked near the entrance. Being a weekend, Chris had already changed into his workout gear, in today's case a simple pair of blue square-cut shorts. In the early morning light, the lights shone out from the glass-walled building and from inside his T.T. Chris could get a good view of the open-plan pumping area inside.

As usual, there was a strong showing of regulars, even at this early hour. Feeling his cock beginning to stir, Chris took a moment to sit back and enjoy the sights.

He could make out the heavily muscled form of Chad, a regular at the gym, who was doing single leg squats at a station near the window. The knotted cords of muscle bulged down the entire length of his legs as the gargantuan weights on the equipment threatened to crush him. Chad was a firefighter by trade, about forty years old, and had a greying crew cut, which contrasted against his golden-tanned neck and shoulders. Working out only in a tight pair of black shorts, his bullish body combined with his dangerous and heroic occupation appealed to many of the guys who worked out with him.

Wil, a younger guy in his early twenties, with a shaved head and a neatly trimmed black goatee stood alongside the squat station, shouting encouragement to Chad. Chris couldn't make out what Wil was shouting, but from his vantagepoint could see that the young jock had a raging hard-on jutting out from his unitard.

Maybe if he got himself inside quickly, Chris could slip himself into Wil, and fuck him as they watched Chad work out. Then again, maybe he'd take Chad himself in the showers later on; the older fireman never could resist a throatful of Chris's hot phallus and a hot meal of churning sperm.

A little further back into the gym, Chris could make out the shapes of two huge guys at the bench-press. The guy laying on the bench and working out was definitely Kurt - Chris could tell from the black tribal tattoos which spiralled up Kurt's bulging left leg to snake across his pumped torso to finally stop at his corded neck, just below his left ear.

Kurt was benching some massive weights this morning, hundreds upon hundreds of pounds, made all the more impressive by the fact that he was also fucking a guy who sat straddling his cock. The hunk sitting atop Kurt was slightly shorter, but very wide and brawny with short black hair and a mass of curls decorating his sweaty, barrel chest. He bucked with the strain of Kurt's throbbing cock up his tight butt, his own massive penis bulging toward Kurt's handsome face.

Chris couldn't recall seeing the hairy hunk before, but quite fancied a loud, messy fuck with him, or maybe a torturous fisting session. There were quite a few stocky, military-type guys in the gym, and Chris loved to feel their strong ass-cheeks squeezing against his elbow as his corded forearm and fist worked into their sphincter.

As Kurt started upon yet another gruelling set of reps, the stocky guy leaned back to sink deeper onto Kurt's pounding assault. Holding on to Kurt's knees, the guy threw back his head in ecstasy as he finally shot a steaming fountain of semen into Kurt's groaning face. Another jet of cum followed and most of this gushed into Kurt's open mouth. And STILL the stud managed to keep his reps controlled and complete.

The fucked stud rolled off Kurt's still engorged cock and collapsed to the floor. With his back to the window, his gaping, cum-filled ass was on display to Chris, like a gaping pink mouth. Chris watched in amazement as the guy rammed the end of a heavily weighted dumb-bell into his yawning ass. After a few vicious jabs, the stud came again, the hot shower spraying up Kurt's glistening shins and coconut sized calves.

Chris was wet and rock-hard inside his shorts and made up his mind to top Kurt again soon. Kurt may have been a very active top, but like most guys at the Colossus, was willing to open up for a godlike slab of ripped muscle like Chris. In fact, he had only ever bottomed for Chris, preferring to only top other guys in the gym.

Locking his car, Chris jogged to the gym entrance and strode through the door. Rapid techno music pounded through the pumping room, adding to the muscular ambience of the musky air and cum-slicked flooring.

As usual, all turned to look at Chris's beautiful mass. Kurt nodded to him as he sat up. "Whenever you want, big guy," he mouthed to Chris, as the muscular stallion walked in front of him.

Wil, the young, goateed jock, fell to his knees, forgetting all about Chad, who had started his twelfth set of astonishingly heavy squats. As Chris walked by, Wil rubbed his hand over his own crotch, twitching slightly as a dark patch of slick precum blossomed over the front of his unitard.

Chris ignored the prone youngster; he'd fuck Wil when HE wanted. If necessary, he'd pound Wil into total submission before giving him the fuck of his life. Wil still had a reputation for bothering the bigger guys for training or sex, and Chris was keen to put a stop to it. The last guy who had dared to interrupt Chris while he was training was still harboring a body full of bruises and four cracked ribs.

Striding into the locker room, Chris grabbed a towel and threw his gym bag into a locker. Stepping over a young twink who lay masturbating alongside his locker, he turned to go back into the workout area.

He became focused.

Today he was going to pull off what no other guy in the gym had done. He was going to pull, lift, curl, squat, press, the very heaviest weights - entire floor to ceiling stacks, or lift the heaviest free-weights - barbells with plates the size of tractor tyres. And when he succeeded, he would BECOME like the Colossus the gym was named after. Untouchable. Unsurpassed. A God. And everyone in the gym would WORSHIP him - or feel his wrath. •

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