Joce and Peter


By Rex Torres

Joce was walking outside of the schoolyard with Nikki, who was her best friend, when she spotted Peter as he was talking to some of the other guys in her class.

Peter was wearing shorts and his basketball jersey, and he was talking to Jim, one of the other classmates. But, Joce couldn’t see his face because he was standing with his back facing towards her.

“Look, Nikki… There’s my boyfriend…” she giggled, as she pointed at Peter. He was standing about ten yards away from her.

“He’s such a hunk of a man… I love him like crazy!” Joce said, with a huge grin on her face.

“Yeah, but look at Jim! He’s such a nice guy! And he’s the captain of the football team! Look how big he is! He’s even bigger than Peter!” Nikki chuckled.

Joce looked on and noticed that Jim was definitely bigger. But, she didn’t want to show any disappointment to Nikki.

“Nobody’s bigger than my boyfriend! He’s the biggest, the strongest, and the tallest guy in the school…”

“Oh come on! No he’s not! Just look! Jim is taller than Peter, and he’s more muscular, too!”

Joce just stared at her in disgust.

“Oh yeah? Well, you can’t do this!” Joce laughed, as she pointed at Peter. “Look at his legs…”

“Peter’s legs? What’s wrong with his…”

Suddenly, Peter’s calves began to inflate rapidly!

Joce cast a spell so that Peter wouldn’t notice any changes to his body, unless she said so.

Peter’s calves filled up, expanding like balloons which had air being pumped into them. Two round spheres of hard muscle began to rise up from the back of his legs, like bread which was being baked in an oven. Thick veins surfaced on the skin, crisscrossing over the mighty calves, while the round muscles continued to inflate while they were attached to the back of his legs.

“His legs are growing!” Nikki shouted.

“Yeah! And, I can make them as big as I want!”

“Oh, come on…” Nikki argued. “There have to be limits on how big you can make Peter grow!”

“Nope!” Joce laughed convincingly. “No limits! I can make him as big as I want!”

Peter’s calves continued to inflate, until they started to resemble soccer balls, which were permanently attached to the back of his legs. They were as hard as bowling balls, and they started to make peter’s legs bigger and heavier.

As a result of the rapid growth of his calves, the rest of his body had to catch up, in order to maintain the increased weight and size of his mighty super-calves.

“Watch. I just have to grow his calves, and the rest of his body will start growing as well. It has to stay in proportion, so that his body can support his calves. Eventually, all his other muscles will grow, too!” Joce chuckled.

Peter’s calves suddenly ran out of room to grow. They were freakishly huge, sticking out by almost a foot from his legs. His legs began to grow longer, next, just to make more room for the muscle so it could continue to grow. His legs, from the knee down to the ankle, continued to grow longer, making him taller than he was before.

But, now that his legs had grown longer, his quads had to catch up as well, in order to keep the rest of his body in proportion.

“Look now! Check out those legs now! Nobody can outrun him, now that his calves have become such monsters!” Joce grinned.

“He’s still smaller than Jim!” Nikki teased. “So there!”

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to speed up Peter’s growth!” Joce exclaimed, as she pointed her finger at her boyfriend once again.

Suddenly, Peter’s waist began to shoot upward, as his legs grew even longer and bigger. He was growing taller.

“Let’s do something to his chest and his abs…” Joce whispered to Nikki.

“What? You mean, you can make him grow bigger than…” Nikki wondered.

“Girl, there is NO LIMIT to how big I can make him!” Joce stated confidentially.

“Yeah, right!” Nikki said in disbelief, as she folded her arms. “Don’t tell me you can make him over a hundred feet tall!”

“Alright, you asked for it…”

Nikki gasped as he realized that Peter started growing bigger and bigger…

First, his enlarged feet had burst out of his shoes. Next, his shorts began to rip at the seams, while his shirt started to tear just below the collar.

Peter’s pecs continued to blow up as well, pushing his arms further sideways while large slabs of muscle began to push his chest forward as well, straining the fabric of his shirt.

Joce quickly wished for Peter’s swim trunks to become extra stretchy, so that they would cover him up, while Joce continued to make his body grow even bigger.

Slowly but surely, Peter was standing 9 feet tall, and he was growing. His shirt was torn to shreds, and it had finally fallen off his enlarged torso. All his torn clothes had fallen to the ground, revealing his giant muscles, on the ever-growing body.

“I bet you he’s bigger than Jim, now!” Joce laughed.

Nikki just stared at Peter in disbelief, as she noticed Peter pass the 15 feet mark.

“Okay okay! I believe you! Stop it! He’s becoming a giant!” Nikki pleaded with Joce.

“Alright!” Joce replied, as she waved her hand. “Stop growing, Peter…”

Peter turned around and walked up to Joce. Both Nikki and Joce would now come up to his knees, that’s how tall he had become.

“Joce!” Peter said, now that she had allowed him to notice the changes. “I’m too big! You made me into a giant!”

“Hi, honey… It’s so much fun to watch you grow…” Joce said softly.

“I love you, do you know that?” Peter chuckled.

Peter had to bend down all the way, just so he could kiss Joce with his giant lips.

“I love you so much…” Peter said softly.

“So… how do you like my boyfriend, now?” Joce said to Nikki.

“He’s BIG!” she said in amazement. She was looking at his knees, and she had to tilt her head completely to the sky in order to see his face. “Way too big!”

“Oh, you’re just jealous!” Joce said angrily.

“Alright… I can’t make my boyfriend grow the way you could…” Nikki sighed.

Joce didn’t care. She loved Peter like crazy. She was madly in love with him, and she treasured her power to change him in any way or shape she wanted to. Plus, she loved the fact that there was no limit to Peter’s growth. She could make him grow infinitely large, if she desired to do that.

“I’m gonna keep him big for awhile…” Joce said to her. “I can shrink him back whenever I want…”

The two girls turned around and started to walk home, while they were being followed by a large, muscular boy who was over fifteen feet tall… •

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