Joce and Peter

The Sum of Man, Mass, Might, and Muscle


By Rex Torres

Joce had just woken up from a long, restful night. It was Saturday, and she had some errands to run and some laundry to do. She was actually looking forward to going out with Peter, her boyfriend. She had just loaded the washer with her first load for the day, knowing that she couldn’t go anywhere until her laundry was done. No matter, she was granted special powers, thanks to Ty and Prince, to “tune in” to Peter, no matter where he was and what he was doing. Joce sat in the recliner chair and closed her eyes. She had about 45 minutes to wait before her wash was done…

Peter had just woken up that morning. He had taken a shower and he had brushed his teeth. He had just put on a pair of shorts, and he decided to check his emails before he headed out.

He was about to sit down at his desk, when he felt a warm tingling sensation in his body. Suddenly, his body began to rise up from the ground! He tried to walk, but he couldn’t move. When he looked down, he gasped out loud, when he realized that his feet were hovering three inches above the carpet in his bedroom!

“What the…” he exclaimed. He tried to point his toes to the floor, but he was just too far away from the ground. He tried walking again, but his feet ended up just moving in mid-air!

Suddenly, he started to levitate towards the living room, where there was a mirror! He just looked on, since his body seemed to levitate and sail over to the room on its own. He couldn’t move at all, and he just had to wait and see what his body was going to do to him next.

Then, he stopped in front of the mirror. He stood there, floating 3 inches above the ground, standing hovering in air while some invisible forced had moved him around the house.

Next, a new tingling feeling came over his torso. He gasped, while staring at his reflection in the mirror, when he saw his pectorals grow slightly. The muscles on his chest filled up slightly, and his shoulder grew wider as his pectorals expanded. His biceps started to inflate as well, forming well defined spheres of muscle on his arms.

Suddenly, the growth stopped, just as a familiar voice rang inside of his head, that only he could hear.

“Were you planning on going to the gym today?” Joce’s soft voice said to him.

Peter wanted to say yes, but Joce had already read his thoughts. She had the wonderful ability to hear his thoughts and to sense his feelings and emotions, no matter where she was. She could levitate and move Peter’s body to any place she wanted, and she could magically teleport him at a moment’s notice to virtually any place in the world, with minimal effort. Lastly, she could shrink or grow any part of his body at will, and she had unlimited power over his body. Not only that, but she could grow him infinitely large as well!

“We’re going out tonight! So, I want you to be big when you go to the gym. I think I have an idea…” she said to him, communicating telepathically.

Suddenly, Peter vanished into thin air, and reappeared just outside the entrance to the gym, where he was a member.

“There you go! I made you pop up at your gym! I’ll make your muscles grow as much as all the guys in the gym put together…” Joce chuckled. “Have fun growing!”

Peter’s body slowly descended to the ground, until his feet touched the floor. It was as if some invisible force was holding him up, and finally set him back down on the ground.

Peter walked in to the gym, wondering what Joce was talking about. He didn’t quite understand that Joce had placed a spell on him, that he would grow just as much muscle as any bodybuilder he would meet during his workout!

As soon as Peter had walked in, he went to the locker room. There, he ran into Aaron, one of the trainers. Aaron was big and tall, and he weighed about 330 pounds, all solid muscle.

“Hey, Peter… Good seeing you here again! Are you ready for your workout?” the trainer said to him.

“Yeah… I guess so…”

Peter couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of Aaron, who had a great body.

As soon as Aaron had turned around so that he could help another one of the members, Peter felt that familiar tingling sensation again. Suddenly, his legs began to grow longer, as well as his torso! He was growing until he was just as tall as Aaron!

“Ohh… whoa!” Peter exclaimed, as he felt his body change.

His legs grew to over two feet wide, packed with layer upon layer of muscle. His calves ballooned slightly, adding the size and weight of Aaron’s calves to Peter’s. Then, his abs increased slightly, followed by the pecs and then his arms, which started to resemble mighty pythons of strength and power!

When the growth stopped, Peter turned around, and gasped as he saw his reflection in the large mirror before him.

While he was standing there, Alfred walked past him. Alfred was 7 foot and 7 inches tall, and he weighed about 345 pounds, all muscle!

“How’s going, Peter?” Alfred said to the boy.

“I-I’m OK…”Peter stuttered shyly.

“You’ve been gaining weight, huh? You look bigger…” the bodybuilder noticed.

“Yeah… I guess you can say that… You’re looking pretty good, yourself…”

Alfred just nodded, as he turned around and walked away.

Not a moment had passed, or Peter felt that familiar tingling sensation again! This time, however, he already had over 300 pounds of muscle on his body, so he didn’t expect to grow much more than that. However, Peter had forgotten about Joce’s spell!

Suddenly, his mighty quads began to inflate even more!

“Oh no! I’m getting BIG! I’m growing again!” Peter gasped, as the tingling intensified.

His quads were now 3 feet wide. He had awesome slabs of muscle, which were covering his legs like armor plates of steel! Thick ropes covered the muscles, as veins surfaced on them, pumping blood to the hungry muscles.

His calves ballooned even more, as Alfred’s muscles were appended to Peter’s body. Peter just continued to accumulate muscle, from any person who approached him and started to talk to him while he was visiting the gym!

His calves inflated to the point where they were slightly bigger than basketballs, which jutted out from the back of his legs. It was beyond the shadow of a doubt that Peter now possessed the biggest legs in the gym!

Next, his torso widened, as the estimated weight and muscle mass of Alfred was added on to the muscle mass and weight that peter had gained, after he had spoken with Aaron. His body was accumulating and absorbing the muscle from the other bodybuilders in the gym!

Peter’s abs grew bigger and more defined, as his muscles took the form and mass of that of TWO men. Lastly, his pectorals grew bigger, until they contained the estimated weight of Aaron’s and Alfred’s pecs combined.

Peter’s pectorals kept on ballooning outward and sideways, forcing his shoulders to grow wider. His lats also grew, so they could support the increased weight. His entire upper body increased in size, in order to stay in proportion, as the muscle mass from the two men continued to accumulate in Peter’s own body.

Peter’s pectorals were now three feet deep and his shoulders had a total span of almost six feet, making him the biggest man in the gym!

He was now humongous! In fact, peter was becoming almost freakishly huge! He had become so big and so wide, that he couldn’t fit his shoulders through the door to the locker room anymore!

He was big and heavy, and he had a hard time walking around the gym. Luckily, he started growing even taller, so that his body now had made some more room for the additional muscle. Peter had grown from 6 foot 3 inches to 7 foot and 5 inches tall.

He strutted around the gym, containing the weight of two men in his body, when he heard a voice of another bodybuilder.

The large man walked in the door and came up to Peter.

Peter could only guess how much muscle the man had, when it dawned on him, that the familiar tingling sensation had returned.

“Uh oh…” he thought to himself. “Here we go again!”

Peter gasped as he felt his muscles grow once again!

How much bigger would he get, before Joce would meet him at the gym for their date?

His legs had already become inhumanly huge, and his pectorals were freakish. Slowly, his muscles began to hulk out further, and Peter started to fill the room as he was being transformed into a giant muscle monster… •

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