Joce and Peter

The Power of Love


By Rex Torres

It was Saturday morning. School was out, and the students had all day to do whatever they wanted. There was a high school football game the night before, so all the kids slept in late, since they got home late that night following the exciting game.

Peter had completely covered himself, from head to toe, with his sheet and blanket. He was sound asleep. Suddenly, he was awakened by an odd feeling in his chest. As soon as he opened his eyes, he felt a soft rumbling inside of him. His body was changing.

“What the…” he exclaimed, as he felt his pecs suddenly grow just a little. His upper body stretched out just a little bit, making him taller. Then, his pectorals slowly began to inflate some more.

Next, he heard a soft, female voice ringing inside of his ears.

“Rise and shine, my boy… It’s the start of a brand new day…” Joce said. Peter was the only person who could hear her voice ringing inside of him.

Peter closed his eyes, wrapped his arm over his pillow, and turned around on his side, so he was facing the wall. He closed his eyes as tight as possible. He didn’t want to get up just yet.

“Oh, no you don’t!” the voice warned. “I’m getting you out of bed, whether you like it, or not!”

Peter let out a soft moan in defiance. He knew Joce could sense everything he was doing, but he wanted to press his luck and stay in bed as long as possible.

Suddenly, Peter’s entire body started to rise up from the bed!

“Whaaa!” Peter shouted, as he dropped the pillow on the mattress below him. He was floating in a complete horizontal position about three feet above his mattress!

Suddenly, as if his entire body was being supported by an invisible, magical being, his legs were shifted slightly higher. His body seemed to tilt on its horizontal axis, as the legs pointed towards the ceiling while the head was now pointing to the floor. For the moment, Peter was hanging upside-down in his bedroom, suspended in mid-air!

“Joce!” Peter shouted. “What are you doing to me?”

“I’m getting you out of bed, you sluggard!” the voice rang, inside of him.

For a brief moment, Peter was floating in the middle of his room, with his head facing the floor and he arms dangling below. All ten of his toes were pointing to the ceiling.

Then, without warning, his body began to float away from the bed, and over the carpeted section of his bedroom. Then, his legs began to shift towards the wall, while his head slowly started to rise up. He was suspended in a horizontal position again, but not for long. As his body continued to rotate around its axis, his feet were slowly getting to the point where they were facing the floor, and he head was now pointing upward. Finally, his body descended slightly, until both feet landed on the floor.

“Whew! Thanks, Joce…” Peter chuckled. He was amazed by Joce’s increased power over him. She was now able to levitate his entire body at will, without even being there with him!

“I wonder what I look like, now…” Peter thought to himself.

As he started to walk towards his dresser, he noticed that his feet were no longer touching the floor. He started to levitate once again!

“Hey!” he exclaimed, swinging his arms sideways in order to maintain his balance. His feet levitated about two inches above the floor, and then his entire body started to glide towards the mirror, on the other end of the room. It was as if he was surfing or skateboarding on air!

“Weeeee!” he cheered. “This is fun!”

Peter surfed over to the mirror, and his feet slowly landed back on the floor, right in front of the mirror.

“Oh, Joce… You’re really getting the hang of this, aren’t you?” Peter chuckled.

In an instant, Peter’s bedroom had transformed into Joce’s bedroom! Peter suddenly saw Joce standing right in front of him!

“Whoa! What did you do?”

“I teleported you to my bedroom, Peter!” she replied with a grin. “You probably forgot that I could do that too, huh?”

“No, I didn’t forget…” he answered in confusion. “You teleported me so fast, that I didn’t even notice it. It was as if my room suddenly changed into your bedroom! It was instantaneous!”

Joce walked up to Peter and looked up to him with a wide grin on her face.

“The more I love you, the stronger my power will become. Isn’t that cool?”

“You… You’re getting stronger? What… What power are you talking about, Joce?”

“I’m talking about the power I have over your body…” she said softly, as she ran her hand over his pectorals. Every muscle she touched would grow slightly bigger and harder. She could make him stronger just by touching him.

“Who… Who told you that?”

“Haven’t you noticed how my power over your body has been increasing over the last few days? A gentleman named Prince has made me stronger.”


“Don’t worry. You’ll always be the hottest, tallest, biggest, and the strongest guy around. I’ll make sure of it!” Joce whispered.

“Oh… that is good to know!” Peter rolled his eyes.

“Well, I guess you’re off to the gym, right?”


“Okay, Peter… See ya!”

Joce waved her hand, and Peter disappeared into thin air. A second later, he was standing in front of his favorite gym.


He began to get used to the idea of having a girlfriend who was watching over him, twenty-four hours per day…

What would Joce do next?

Peter pushed the door opened and walked into the large weight room, wondering what he would do first. Then, a huge, muscular man walked up to him… •

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