JP (2005)

The Bad News


By luvyalots

“Come on, JP, push it!” I encouraged breathlessly as I spotted my boyfriend on the bench press. He was just finishing his last set of ten at the heaviest weight he had ever lifted: 405 pounds.

I shook my head in disbelief as I watched the bar – loaded with 4 45-pound plates on either side – being forced upwards by JP’s massive chest and arms. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I couldn’t believe that a 17-year-old kid could bench that much weight, let alone bench it ten times.

“Aaaargh!” JP roared, commanding his muscles to fight through the pain barrier. His face was red and flushed, his eyes burning so intensely, it was as if he was trying to stare a hole through the ceiling. JP was an animal; nothing could get in his way, especially a load of metal and iron.

Finally, we racked the bar and JP let out a huge sigh of satisfaction. I was dazed, still staring at the weight my boyfriend had just lifted. This couldn’t be true, I said to myself. I couldn’t have just seen this. I must’ve been dreaming.

But that’s what JP kept doing to me over and over: leaving me dizzy with astonishment as he kept getting bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger with each passing day. In fact, it had been almost three months since the end of the wrestling season, since the day that JP accomplished his greatest goal of winning the state championship. And in those three months, he had somehow packed yet another 12 pounds of solid muscle onto his already-huge body and now tipped the scales at a rock-hard 201 pounds. Plus, he had gotten so strong, we had to go out and buy more plates; the ones he had simply weren’t enough for his still-growing muscles.

He sat up on the bench, his insanely wide back filling my fogged vision. As his wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand, the gigantic back muscles slowly shifted in front of my eyes. God, every single bit of him is perfect! I couldn’t help saying that over and over in my head.

“Wow, that was tough,” JP said, his velvety voice rumbling through my body, bringing me out of my haze. Silently, I strode around the bar and sat down behind my boyfriend, wrapping my arms around his enormous torso. I gasped at the incredible hardness of his pecs, their vast size feeling warm and pumped under my fingers. Instinctively, JP flexed them, send a ripple of strength through each individual fiber and striation. I sighed in amazement.

“Nothing is too tough for you,” I cooed, laying my head on his huge, round shoulder, my lips touching against his thick traps. JP reached up a hand and brushed my hair. I could tell he didn’t know how to respond. Emboldened with the power of my boyfriend, I continued my praise:

“6 foot 1, 201 pounds, 19-inch biceps, 50-inch chest, 28-inch thighs, 29-inch waist…” My voice trailed off as I recited from memory the stats of a god. My hands slid down to JP’s abs, shredded beyond possibility for someone his size. I closed my eyes and felt his gentle breathing, mine automatically falling into the same rhythm. This boy in my arms just could not be human.

“And all in love with you,” JP finally muttered, his voice choked with affection. “Ever wonder why,” he asked softly. I lifted my head and gazed up at him.

“You are the most beautiful guy I’ve ever met,” he whispered, his eyes shivering with devotion. “You’ve made me become what I am.”

“How?” His words didn’t make sense to me; they echoed inside my brain like a bark off the walls of an empty church. “Name me one other teenager who can bench a max of 440, who can curl 200, squat over 500, leg press well over 1,000…” JP glanced down at the ground and meekly chewed on his lip. It always embarrassed him whenever I talked about his immense strength. “Name me one other guy who can do all that and be as amazing as you.”

He looked back at me and gave a slight shrug, sweeping the shaggy bangs of his golden brown hair out of his deep blue eyes. “You love me,” he answered simply. Again, he was speaking in riddles, but somehow, it gave an unexplainable sense of fullness. I sighed at his beauty.

“Come on,” he spoke up louder, “we still have to do flyes.”

I groaned, shifting uneasily. My cock had gotten stiff with all that talk of my boyfriend, especially being pressed up against his gorgeous butt.

“You know, JP,” I chided, only half-joking. “You don’t know how hard it is to keep from wanting to fuck you when we work out.”

“I do know,” he grinned, standing up and looking down at me over his colossal chest. His eyes drifted down my body, as if he was looking me over and I could practically see his mind racing. I couldn’t believe he thought I was that hot.

But he reminded me of that fact nearly every day. In truth, our lust for each other had grown so unbearable, that we had sex at least six or seven times a week – sometimes twice in one day. We just couldn’t keep our hands off of each other; the urge to hold one another in our arms was too great. I had become addicted to JP and he had become addicted to me. And each time we did it, it got better and better. JP was a sex-god and the orgasms he gave me were beyond what I ever thought possible. And there wasn’t a single workout that went by where we didn’t blow each other afterwards. It was amazing. The taste of my boyfriend’s nearly 10-inch cock – yes, it had gotten even bigger, too – as it filled my mouth was indescribable. And then when gallons of his cum flooded inside of me – oh my God!

I never wanted those days to end. It was a time in my life that was flying by like a supersonic jet. I constantly needed someone I could spend a few fleeting hours with – and JP was always there for me. But we both knew that very soon this was all going to have to end. My senior year of high school was quickly winding down and college was looming on the horizon. I had already chosen to attend Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory, a small music school outside of Cleveland, Ohio…which meant I’d be hours away from my true love, from my boyfriend…from JP. I didn’t know if I could handle it.

But right now, I didn’t want to think about that; we were working out. Just as I helped him stay the muscle god he was, JP helped me get back in shape for crew season…and it worked. I had made the Varsity eight and physically, never was better. My weight was edging close to 160 pounds now, but nearly all of that new weight was muscle. I actually didn’t mind walking around the house without a shirt on and even my mom couldn’t help but comment on my improved physique. But every time I caught a sight of my body in a mirror, I was reminded of how much my boyfriend meant to me. I knew for sure, although JP would immediately dispute it, that if it weren’t for him, I’d still be the insecure, dorky kid I was only two years ago. I owed so much to him.

We were just finishing up our final sets when there was a knock on the gym door. Both of us looked up to see Chrissy peeking her head inside.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” she said apologetically.

I shook my head. “No,” JP answered. “We’re done for today. You can come in.”

Chrissy stepped delicately into the room, eyeing all the equipment with awe. She seldom came down there and I had forgotten how impressive the sight was.

“Wow,” she exclaimed. “Just don’t let Nick see this or he’ll want everything for his own gym.” She smiled brightly, knowing the truth in her statement. Her little brother had gotten a weight bench for his birthday a few months ago and, although I hadn’t seen him since then, I had heard he was making some amazing progress. “Whew!” she went on, flapping her hand in front of her nose. “I wish you could do something about the smell, though!”

JP chuckled. “Sorry,” he shrugged. “It comes with the territory. What are you doing here?”

“Erin invited me over to help her get ready for the eighth grade dance,” she answered with a slight smile. “I thought I’d come down here to see how my boys were doing.”

I stood up from the fly machine and stepped more fully into the light. “Damn, Matt,” Chrissy gasped, making her comment into a theatrical event, “you’re almost as hot as JP now!” I blushed, looking bashfully down at the floor. “You looked great at the regatta last Saturday, by the way,” she continued, shaking her head playfully. “I’ve been surrounded by nothing but hunky jocks these days.”

“Thanks,” I muttered, not knowing what else to say and wishing she would stop lauding me.

“Yeah, check out those abs,” JP remarked proudly, pointing at my stomach. “Aren’t they shredded?”

“Wow,” the girl agreed. “Pretty soon, you’ll be making all the girls orgasm on sight, too.” JP smirked amusedly, but Chrissy shot him a deadpan look of honesty. “You think I’m joking,” she said. “JP, Jenny Hunt ran home to change her pants one day after seeing you coming out of the locker room, if you know what I mean.”

My mouth dropped open as it was now my boyfriend’s turn to glow red. “You’re not serious!” I gushed, practically beside myself.

“Come on! That girl’s so horny, she’d lose it if you just looked at her a certain way,” my boyfriend mumbled uncomfortably. He bit his lip and restlessly grabbed a white T-shirt to put on.

“Seriously,” she went on. “And I’ve heard rumors of some of the other girls seeing you pass them in the hallway and then running to the bathroom to” – she cleared her throat comically – “relieve themselves, I guess you can say.” JP was scarlet from embarrassment and I was laughing heartily now. “Believe me, you don’t even want to know what’s been written about you on the walls of the toilet stalls.” Chrissy rolled her eyes dramatically. “JP, the pheromones are just dripping off of you.”

JP was ashamed at how he affected the opposite sex, though you had to admit that it was hilarious. Really, have you ever heard of a guy having that kind of power? That he’s actually able to give a girl an orgasm without even touching her? A lot of guys can’t even pleasure their own girlfriends while having sex, for crying out loud!

But I looked over at my boyfriend as he flipped the shirt over his head and knew that it was possible with him. I mean, he had the same power over me; he was so hot, so sexy, he could control my every move by just gazing at me with his angelic eyes. Every time he took off his shirt, my breath would be taken away, I would have to fight unconsciousness each time we had sex. And he seemed to get better and better all the time.

Trying hard to ignore our fits, JP wrestled the T-shirt over his shoulders and upper arms, forcing it down over his bulging chest. It fit him like a second skin, the fabric barely containing his mammoth pecs, the contour of his nipples clearly visible poking through the material. The sleeves hardly covered his giant shoulders, not even coming close to touching his huge upper arms.

“Funny,” I sniggered, struggling to get the words out clearly, “that shirt fit you a lot better a month ago.”

“Shut up,” JP grinned humbly, though knowing it was true. He bent down to pick up a stray towel, but then, there was the loud noise of fabric ripping. Chrissy and I burst into hysterical laughter when we saw what caused it: the back of JP’s shirt had completely split in two right along his upper spine. He had officially outgrown it. He stood back up with his back away from us, a sheepish look on his face, careful not to move too much in fear of tearing it even more. These occurrences had happened so frequently with him, he had gotten used to it, but I always found it funny how he would literally burst out of his clothes.

“Dude, that’s what you get for wearing those shirts so long,” I remarked.

“Just help me get out of this thing,” he snapped, humiliated.

Chrissy instantly perked up. “No, wait,” she bubbled, rushing over to him. “Let me do it. I’ve always wanted to.”

Puzzled, JP looked over at me. I smiled amusedly. I knew how much Chrissy loved JP’s body, but at the same time, I also knew that she would never dishonor me, especially in my presence. I gave her a subtle nod. As soon as I did, she ardently licked her teeth, grabbed hold of the shirt’s collar and suddenly ripped the shirt right off of JP’s torso with a fantastic swoop.

JP gave a look of shock, but soon smiled and burst into laughter himself…his abs tensing along beautifully. Enamored by the display of muscle standing directly in front of her eyes, Chrissy gently placed her hands on his pecs, feeling the warmth that I had so many times. I could tell in her fixed expression that she had been dying to do this.

I walked over behind my boyfriend and placed my chin on his shoulder. He turned and grinned at me brightly. “You jealous?” I taunted her.

She peered up into my eyes and then into JP’s. “Why do the two most perfect guys in my life have to be gay and in love with each other?” she asked rhetorically, but then smiled inwardly. “At least I have Danny.”

JP’s eyes brightened. “Oh yeah, so how is that going?” The day after the state wrestling tournament, Danny had asked Chrissy out…and they had been dating ever since.

Chrissy bit her lip. “He kissed me,” she squeaked girlishly.

“I had a feeling you two’d make a good couple,” JP smirked. It was pretty obvious that Chrissy had a crush on him, especially now that we were forever out of the picture – and Danny was definitely smitten by Chrissy. His eyes would always glass over when he talked to her.

“Chrissy?” a light female voice called from the stairs. Erin had come downstairs and was standing in the hallway right outside the gym. At 14 now, she was reaching the end of her eighth-grade year and had grown up tremendously since the day that I first met her. The girl was no longer the little, chirpy kid who greeted me so cheerfully; she had evolved into a strikingly beautiful young woman. Her eyes were the same deep, exotic blue as JP’s and her long, dark brown hair flowed luxuriously across her shoulders. She was wearing a tightly-fit, low-cut mini-skirt that hugged her shapely hips and supple breasts exquisitely. Erin Maloney was simply a knockout.

Chrissy immediately snapped out of her daze and looked up at the girl. “What is it, hon?” she inquired in that motherly tone of hers, the one she used so often on her little brother.

“I need you to tell me which color eye shadow will go best with this dress,” she answered, her silky smooth voice reminding me of my own boyfriend’s. Of course, they were from the same blood, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that she’d be so dazzlingly attractive.

“Ok, I’ll be right up.” Erin turned enthusiastically on her heels and heading back toward the stairs. “I’ll catch up with you two hunks later,” Chrissy meowed, popping an eyebrow in a mock flirt.

Once she was gone, JP shot me one of his debilitating glares that never failed to bone me. “Shall we continue where we left off,” he suggested.

“I thought we were done,” I looked back at him blankly, though I knew exactly what he was talking about. JP began sliding down his gym shorts, drool practically already dripping from my mouth. Man, I wanted his cock so badly. My dick was already rock-hard.

But then, the loud thumping of music from a car radio vibrated the walls and a pair of headlights shone brightly through the basement windows. “Shit,” JP cursed, “it’s Ryan. What the fuck is he doing home so early?”

I knew that JP’s brother wasn’t due back from Virginia Tech for another week – something to do with football, so it was a total shock that he’d show up, especially since he hated being home if he didn’t have to. We threw on some clothes – JP had to scrounge around to find a shirt down there large enough to fit him comfortably – and ran upstairs to warn Chrissy to be careful. No doubt, Ryan would try to bed her should they accidentally meet.

But by the time we got to the kitchen, Ryan had already entered the house, carrying a backpack on his shoulders and two large, heavy-looking boxes in his arms, his gigantic biceps bulging menacingly at the strain. He was wearing nothing but his football shorts, having either discarded a shirt hours ago or not bothering to put one on that morning in the first place.

The thing I noticed the most about him, though, was his body. He hadn’t gotten any bigger, but he had cut nearly all of his fat. He was absolutely ripped and shredded; every single muscle was clearly visible, down to the last striation. If he wasn’t such a conceited asshole, I would’ve actually admitted that his body was almost as perfect as JP’s. And the thought of that made me sick to my stomach.

“Hey, little bro,” Ryan flashed his arrogant smirk at his brother, ignoring me as usual. I felt like I was going to throw up. I hated his piercing green eyes, his jet black hair, his constantly tanned skin. I detested his near-flawless body, his terrible sex drive, his self-proclaiming tattoos. I even hated his voice; it boomed so loud and deep that it rattled every bone in my body with terror.

JP stood in the room like a rock. There was no way he’d yield to his older brother and give him any upper hand. Ryan plopped one of the boxes onto the kitchen table with a bang, the repercussions of which rattled the dishes in the cabinet on the other side of the room. I briefly looked at the box and noticed that it held a desktop computer. I didn’t remember him bringing it home last time.

“Have a girlfriend yet, dork?” Ryan snorted, knowing full well the answer to that question; he just wanted to hear how JP was supposedly still a virgin, while he had fucked dozens – maybe hundreds – of steaming hot girls. My boyfriend made no response. Ryan sneered as he looked down at his own massive chest and fondled his abs lovingly, just like he always did…except now his abs were ridiculously cut like a huge concrete washboard.

“It’s too bad you don’t,” he went on. “Now that I’m home, all the chicks that walk into this house will be going to my room.” He looked back up at JP, their glares meeting head on. Ryan smiled victoriously, as if he had just bested his brother at an arm-wrestling match or something. “I’m not going back to Tech. I’ll be living at home now.” •

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