JP (2005)

The Parting


By luvyalots

“Congratulations, Matthew!” my mom came up to me after the graduation ceremony and gave me a hug. I had no choice but to hug her back. “I’m so proud of you!”

“Thanks,” I muttered, a little embarrassed by her expression of affection in public.

She pulled back and looked at me in my graduation gown. “It looks so good on you,” she commented, faintly brushing at an invisible smudge on the collar. “The blue really brings out your eyes.” I could tell she was trying not to cry, but small streaks of tears stubbornly rolled down her cheeks.

It was June and, like I knew they would, my high school years had flown by. It felt like it wasn’t even a year ago when I walked into school as a shy, slight freshman, unsure of myself and wishing I could fill that void in my life I couldn’t explain. But now, I was a high school graduate – strong, confident and more in love than anyone in the world had ever been.

The last few months had been a blur; I couldn’t begin to describe all that happened. Between final exams and preparing for college, I felt like everything and everyone surrounding me moved like a whirlwind. But there was one constant, one person who was always there for me when I needed him…JP. Nearly every night, he’d be over at my house – he never wanted to be around Ryan – and we’d sleep together, holding each other in our arms, sharing each other’s warmth. That was probably the only thing that got me through those times; whether we had sex or not, I felt his power surge into me and make all my worries go away.

So you can imagine why I didn’t want to leave him, why I wanted to take him with me to college.

“Meet you back at home?” my mom said, snapping me back to reality. I nodded distantly before she gave me another quick hug and scurried off through the crowd of smiling families. I watched her go and thought to myself how lucky I was to have a mother who understood. I mean, she might have completely gone overboard when JP and I came out to her, but she didn’t. She took my love for my boyfriend as real and I knew I could never thank her enough for that.

“Hey, Matt!” Chrissy surprised me from behind. Since she had graduated, too, she was also wearing the navy blue gown; her hat, though, was being carried by Danny who seemed to be following her around like a puppy dog. They had become a full-blown couple – they were constantly together.

“Congrats, man!” Danny greeted me with an outstretched hand, shaking mine vigorously. His eyes were dazed and his hair was out of place. I glanced at Chrissy dismayed and she blushed. They had been making out!

She went to hug me and as she did, she whispered into my ear. “I couldn’t keep my hands off of him.” I laughed silently, completely amused. She looked back at her boyfriend, who peered at her longingly. Chrissy bit her lip and shuddered like a little girl. I always knew Danny to be totally taken by Chrissy, but she now seemed to have fallen for him. I mean, he was a cute kid – and well built, as well – but she usually wasn’t the kind to fall for just any guy. “Where’s JP?” she asked me.

“He’s probably with the band,” I answered. “He’ll be at the party later. You know how he hates to miss out on my mom’s cooking.”

“Matt! Chrissy!” I swung around and saw Hunter jogging toward us. He had already taken off his gown and had it draped over his shoulder. I hadn’t seen him in a while outside of band, since we no longer hung out together, but we still got along fine, sharing many of the same classes. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you guys,” he said, catching his breath. “I guess you deserve some of this,” he said importantly, shaking our hands.

Hunter eyed Danny conspiratorially, noticing Chrissy’s hat in his hands. “Don’t tell me you’re dating this fine specimen of the female gender,” he stated to the boy, gesturing elegantly toward Chrissy.

Danny looked like he was about to break out in hysterical laughter. “Yes,” he answered confidently. “We’ve been going out for four months.”

“Well,” Hunter’s face lit up with surprise, “then I should offer you a hand of congratulations as well.” And he did just that. “She’s a tough one to land, especially for an underclassman like you.”

“Oh, shut up,” Chrissy spoke up, smiling amusedly. “You’re only jealous because I never said yes to you.”

He shrugged. “Well, maybe a little bit, but seriously dude, congrats,” he said again to Danny. “Anyway, where are you two headed off to next year? I’m going to Maryland – heard the ladies are fine in the business school there.” I shook my head. It’s nice to see that some things never change, I thought.

“Baldwin-Wallace, it’s a conservatory near Cleveland,” I answered automatically. I must’ve been asked that question a million times over the course of the last few months.

“That’s cool. Chrissy?”

“Johns Hopkins…medical school,” she grinned.

“Wow!” Hunter looked genuinely impressed, but then returned to character and leaned toward Danny. “You’ll want to stick with this one.” The three of us laughed.

Only a couple of years ago, I saw myself as a loner, someone without any real friends. I never thought I’d become something special; I was never going to amount to anything. But the night JP and I came out to each other changed my life around. It set off a chain of events that gave my life new meaning. I started feeling different, started looking different, acting different. I had real friends who I knew truly respected me, a family who I knew loved me no matter what and a boyfriend who held me on the highest of pedestals. So much had changed, it was like I was a completely different person.

It was all I could think about as I drove home to my graduation party. There, I was surrounded by people – family and friends – who loved me for who I was, even though most of them didn’t yet know all the truth about me. I was excited about where my life might lead next. That’s why I almost choked up when I saw my dad standing in the living room when I arrived.

My mom seldom ever mentioned him, much less invited him to anything, she held so much bitterness towards him…but there he was.

“Your mom figured I wouldn’t want to miss this,” he said, answering the exact question that was floating through my head.

I stood there silently in front of him, trying to avoid looking directly into his eyes. I knew that it was a giant leap of faith for my mom to ask him to come and it was also a leap for him to answer that call. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had changed. I cracked a slight smile.

“I’m sorry, dad,” I finally muttered, barely loud enough for him to hear. His eyebrows furrowed as if he didn’t know what I was talking about, but I knew at least part of him did. “I’m sorry I shut you out all these years,” I repeated, this time a little more confidently.

“I understand,” he replied simply. It was all he needed to hear; he knew I meant it. “You know,” he continued, seemingly reading my mind, “if you ever need something, you can always call or even visit.” I nodded, as he moved in to place his arm around my shoulders in a half-hug. I forcefully fought back tears. Everything was falling into place in my life so perfectly; it was almost too good to be true.

I returned to my friends, Chrissy kissing me on the cheek when I told her about my conversation with my dad. She said she was so happy for me. And Nick was there, too. Wow, had he grown! His workouts at home were seriously starting show.

He had sprouted another inch or two and his face was starting to mature from a cute kid to a drop-dead gorgeous teen. His tan skin shone brilliantly and his dark Mediterranean features echoed those of a true young Greek god.

But it was the change in his body that was the most startling. His forearms were shredded and vascular and his upper arms filled the sleeves of the T-shirt he was wearing. His pecs were clearly noticeable pushing outward and the bottom of the shirt hung loosely, suggesting that familiar trim, athletic waist. Even his shoulders and traps were already developing nicely and his neck was thickening up. The kid was obviously a born athlete…and he was still only 13 years old!

“Wow,” I said, barely able to cover my excitement, “you’re looking fantastic.”

Nick smiled brightly, flashing a perfect set of white teeth. “Thanks,” he answered, his voice cracking of puberty. “I’ve been working hard.”

“Just wait ‘till JP sees you.”

“Oh yeah, he’s gonna be floored,” he grinned, pulling up his right sleeve and raising his arm to flex. Out of nowhere, a mound of solid muscle erupted from his skin, peaking to a still small, but incredible-looking mountain of rock. My eyes widened and I almost jumped. “I’ve gotten them up to 13 inches already.”

“Jesus,” I exclaimed. “I think Nick Angelakis is going to be the next JP Maloney.”

Nick’s smile broadened at the comparison to his idol. Damn, I thought, at the rate he’s going he might actually surpass him. The idea of that made me gulp. I prayed he’d be able to find a girl who supported him like JP supported me.

“Matt, JP’s here!” my mom called from the front hall. A tingle went down my spine, like it always did when I knew my boyfriend was near.

And then, the Adonis himself walked into the room. God, he was so hot! His massive body swelled the constraints of his sky blue Polo shirt, his gigantic muscles stretching the seams. In fact, his chest was pushing so hard at the fabric, his nipples were visibly poking through and the top button was left undone, allowing the very top of his pecs to be seen.

“Congratulations, Matt!” he greeted me with a monstrous hug. His thick lats nudged my biceps as I hugged him back. Oh my God, I could’ve stayed in that embrace forever. “Did you hear me cheering for you when they called your name?” he asked. “The whole trumpet section was.”

“Hi, Matt,” Erin waved from behind her big brother. I smiled back at her.

“So, where’s the food,” JP looked around comically. “I’m starving.” Of course he was, I thought.

“JP, you big hunk,” Chrissy called from across the room, Nick right behind her. “Aren’t you going to say hi to me?” She hurried up to us and hugged my boyfriend tightly. “Mmm,” she joked, holding on a little longer than was probably necessary, “just as big and hard as usual.” Her eyebrows cocked in feigned seductiveness. “But you may have to work extra hard to stay ahead of Nick here.”

“Really?” JP said, looking at Chrissy with a proud look on his face. “How’s he been doing?”

“You gotta see how much muscle the kid’s put on,” she gushed. “Nick!” She called to her brother, but he was unresponsive. Instead, he was gazing blankly ahead at something – or someone.

“Oh my God,” JP breathed when he realized what was happening. Nick was staring at Erin Maloney. My mouth dropped open in shock.

“Nick!” Chrissy repeated. Nick finally snapped out of it and swung his head around.

“No, it’s all right,” JP assured, walking over to his protégé. “Erin, come over here.” Nick, who by this time was looking up at his hero, suddenly froze in horror. Erin obeyed her brother and made her way over to him. “Erin,” JP introduced, “this is Nick. Nick, this is Erin.”

Erin gave JP a puzzled look, until she redirected her eyes to Nick. And then, it hit her. My mouth dropped open even further. The two just stood there staring at each other as if they had never seen another human before. JP was standing next to them biting his lip to keep from laughing out loud.

I immediately recognized the look their both their eyes. It was a look that I knew I wore every day of my life. Nick was completely taken by Erin…and Erin was totally smitten by Nick. They were dumbstruck with each other. Finally, Nick blinked and, swallowing hard, held out his hand. “Um, hi,” he said nervously. “I’m…I’m Nick.”

Erin glanced down at the boy’s hand, apparently noticing the powerful arm that was behind it, because her mouth fell ajar. Her eyes rose to Nick’s and softened. A chill went down my back at its familiarity; she had fallen in love. Erin cautiously took hold of Nick’s hand and shook it. “Hi,” she murmured. “I’m Erin.” As soon as they touched, it was like some sort of electricity flowed between them. They had found each other.

“I can’t get over how perfect it all seems,” I laughed to JP. It was now a few weeks after the party and my boyfriend and I were spending another night in my room. “Your sister, Chrissy’s brother. They were right under our noses and we never thought how great of a pair they would make.”

JP smiled warmly. “Erin can’t stop talking about Nick. She’s so into him.”

“Imagine,” I said, stripping off my shirt, “what kind of kids they’d have.” A chill went down my spine. “I don’t think there’s a single bad gene in their pool.” I looked at my boyfriend fondly as he sat on my bed, gazing longingly at my torso. Immediately, my attention was drawn to his crotch. Even though he was wearing shorts, they still couldn’t hide his growing monster of a cock. I grinned mischievously. “Why don’t I go into the bathroom and, uh, get ready for bed,” I drawled suggestively.

JP caught my undertones, his eyes flashing in reply. “Ok,” he answered. My heart was racing as I left the room. You’d think that after having sex with a gorgeous guy nearly every night, it would start to lose its luster. But JP was unlike any other gorgeous guy.

I went down the hall and into the bathroom to brush my teeth, giving my boyfriend time to get undressed. I looked down at my boxers. Oh, what the hell, I thought, and slipped them down my thighs. My erect cock flapped up, slapping my abs with a twack. Jesus, I was so aroused just thinking about sex that it was already throbbing painfully. I fought the urge to touch it, afraid that I would blow my load if I did.

Then, I sighed. This was going to be it; this was going to be my last night with JP. I didn’t have to be at school until August, but I was going to visit my grandparents in Minnesota for most of the summer. My mom said that they wanted to spend some time with me before I went off to college, hinting that they might not be around for too much longer. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I wanted to spend my last summer home with my boyfriend instead. Anyway, it would be months before we would have a night alone. I wanted to make this last night special.

I grabbed a bottle of lube from my medicine cabinet and carefully applied the gunk to my dick, trying not to touch any of the sensitive spots too much; my stomach tensed with the effort. Finally, I took a deep breath and snuck back to my bedroom. Slowly, I swung open the door.

Holy shit! My breath was completely taken away when I saw JP lying on my bed. He was buck naked and sprawled face-up, his massive thighs spread, his thick cock fully erect to its 10-inch length. His shredded abs slowly rose and fell with his breathing and his enormous pecs pushed upwards, actually touching his chin. But his eyes were what got to me. They peered at me with such desire, my legs began to weaken and I literally fell to my knees. I felt my body start to shake, but I desperately fought ejaculation. My abs and butt tightened; my eyes squeezed shut. I was not going to blow it now; it was too early. After a few seconds, amazingly, the feeling began to subside. I glanced down at my still-hard dick. How the hell did I do that?!

Dazed and a little light-headed, I struggled to my feet and glided over to the bed, focused on the giant pole of meat that greeted me. “You ready?” JP asked in a husky voice that sent shivers through my every nerve. I nodded and then, he leisurely turned over so that his ass was staring me straight in the face.

I almost lost it again as my breath instantly began to quicken, my heart racing wildly. I placed my hands on the warm cheeks of that perfect bubble butt like I had so many times before entering it. But this last time, I wanted to do something different. I bent over and gently kissed his butt, my lips sensitively touching his soft skin, my tongue heating to his warmth. JP groaned appreciatively. But I didn’t stop there.

I continued up his ass, down to the small of his back and up his spine, allowing my lips to linger listlessly every so often. Gradually, my body began to pull up even with his, my aching penis coming closer and closer to its target. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his fingers writhe in pleasure.

At last, I reached the back of his wide, muscular neck. I opened my mouth and, stroking my hands through his shaggy hair, softly began licking the tendons. JP groaned again and shifted uneasily beneath me, his back muscles flexing against my chest and abs. He was getting close to orgasm.

When I figured he had had about as much as he could take, I lifted off, but kept my hands around his massive traps. As I slid my fingers along the ripped striations, massaging their ridiculous hardness, I watched the beauty of my boyfriend’s perfect body pass before my eyes. His big, round, broad shoulders dwarfed my hands with their immense power; his defined horseshoe triceps bulged menacingly out of his skin. I cupped my fingers around the underside of his arm, feeling his gigantic biceps against my wrists. God, they were huge! I couldn’t even begin to get my hands around those things.

Then, I centered myself again over JP’s back and slowly lowered my body onto him, my dick slipping easily into his ass. Both of us moaned simultaneously as I slunk deeper and deeper into him, every little bit shooting waves of passion through our bodies. Finally, my pelvis touched up against his hot butt and the feeling of my dick being surrounded by my boyfriend’s internal power and strength began to overwhelm me.

I opened my eyes to see his head lying sideways against the pillow. He was gazing up at me in such awe, I almost collapsed on top of him. He smiled calmly, his face shining like an angel’s. A single tear dropped down on one of his vast upper back muscles and silently rolled down into a deep valley. Fuck, I wish I could’ve stay like this forever.

After a few blissful minutes, I began to fuck JP one…last…time. Slowly, I pulled out and pushed back in, repeating the motion over and over and over. There will never be another feeling like this, I thought to myself. He reached up and grabbed my head; I took hold of his arm, marveling at the utter size of it. This was an arm that could probably crush me with one squeeze, but here he was, caressing my head, urging me to work harder.

More tears started to escape from my eyes, falling onto JP’s back, mixing with the sweat that was beginning to form. We started to thrash around a little, our limbs becoming entwined with one another. This was where I belonged; I didn’t want to ever leave.

Finally, with a yell, my dick erupted in a torrent of cum, shooting all of it into JP’s body. Both of us had reached a feverish pitch, not wanting it to end yet. This felt too good; it was too perfect. I gave him a few more strokes with my hips even though I was drained. Eventually, we settled down, my cock still protected inside my beautiful boyfriend’s ass. I don’t know how long we lay there like that, but it was the most comfortable feeling I had ever felt in my life.

“Thank you,” JP whispered from under me once we had caught our breath. I simply didn’t know how to respond. I sensed the sadness in his voice, knowing that this was the last night, the last time. It was going to be a long time before we could experience this again…and I wanted to remember it forever. •

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