JP (2005)

The Final: Part Two


By luvyalots

“Oh, shit, no!” I heard Danny shout in dismay. The crowd was going crazy, so intense that nearly everyone was on their feet.

Chrissy dug her fingernails into the back of my hand, shooting pain up my forearm, but I didn’t care. I just couldn’t watch my boyfriend lose the match after such a hard fight. I shut my eyes tightly; I didn’t want to see what was surely going to happen next. I cringed with each passing second, expecting to hear the sound of the referee’s whistle. It would all be over – and JP would’ve lost. The crowd was white noise to me; nothing mattered. I just couldn’t imagine that there was actually a wrestler better than my boyfriend, the boy wonder of the sport. How could he lose? Especially when all the local newspapers couldn’t stop talking about how amazing he was?

“Oh my God, look!” Nick suddenly shouted, his voice hoarse from yelling so much, somehow making its way into my head. “How is he doing that?”

Knowing that it was hopeless, but my curiosity getting the better of me, I slowly opened my eyes. No, I couldn’t be; it’s impossible. My eyes widened and kept getting bigger as my brain gradually registered what was right in front of me.

Benson was still on top of JP, but he no longer had full control of the match. In fact, JP’s torso was arched in a bridge, the back of his head pressed hard against the mat, forcing his shoulders away from the formerly inevitable pin. His muscular neck throbbed visibly as it supporting his entire upper body, his pelvis rising into the air in a display of his outrageous flexibility.

Benson, completely taken aback by this unexpected move, found himself in an awkward position, practically being lifted upwards, one arm draped around his opponent’s body of pure muscle…and his other arm his only means of support. His once-strong hold on JP was quickly becoming weak. I could tell in his eyes that he knew he had just exposed himself.

And JP knew it too, for as soon as the he sensed his rival’s vulnerability, he swung his left arm underneath his back and wrapped it around Benson’s right forearm, taking it out from under him. With his strongest point of foundation now gone, Benson collapsed sideways, allowing JP to roll on top of him. The breathless referee – who all this time had been lying down next to the pair looking for the pin – raised one finger, giving JP a point for the reversal.

Before Benson had any time to react, JP immediately gave the guy a taste of his own medicine, pushing his shoulder blades ruthlessly toward the pin. JP’s eyes were blazing with determination. There was no way he was going to let this go into the third period; he was going to finish this now. He was showing his opponent what defeat was.

Finally, the referee blew his whistle, signaling the pin – and the victory of JP Maloney.

Chrissy, Nick, Danny and I were all jumping up and down now – Nick standing on his seat, almost as if he were trying to outdo us – in sheer jubilation. Chrissy reached over and gave him a huge hug.

“He did it!” she screamed. “I can’t believe it! He did it!”

The two wrestlers got up from the mat – Benson considerably more slowly than JP – and followed the referee to the center. I could tell my boyfriend was trying his hardest to hold his emotions inside until after he was allowed to release them. The ref took both their wrists and after a brief pause, raised JP’s in triumph. JP pumped his free arm into the air and the crowd erupted in cheers – everyone was on their feet.

Immediately, Coach Graves crossed the mat, meeting JP halfway and bear hugged him, patting him much-deservedly on the back. Then, my boyfriend did something I would never forget. He gazed up into the stands, looked me straight in the eye, smiled and mimed a kiss in my direction. Instantly, I felt a warmth seep inside of me and I fell in love with him all over again. My stomach was doing back flips and my heart was racing a mile a minute. And I knew JP was feeling the same way.

“Matt, you’re crying,” Chrissy said to me over the pandemonium.

“I am?” I blurted, instinctively wiping my eyes. I hadn’t even noticed that tears were streaming down my face. She smiled warmly at me as I blushed. She knew what was going through my head. My boyfriend, the greatest love of my life, had just won the state wrestling championship. It just couldn’t be true.

“I’ve never seen anyone come back from a near fall like that,” Danny amazed as we filed out of the arena and into one of the back-door hallways. He had acquired passes so that we could go meet JP right outside the locker room.

“I seriously thought Benson had him at that crotch lift,” Nick admitted. “That bridge was awesome. I want to learn how to do that.”

“Dude, the guy is sick,” Danny beamed. “I can’t even imagine being his size and still being able to bend that way.”

Chrissy rolled her eyes. I knew she was going to be hearing about this for months from her little brother. The look on Nick’s face was one of pure exhaustion and excitement at the same time. He was just as pumped as I knew JP was.

The four of us turned the corner to see JP himself standing there talking to a small group of reporters. He had his singlet pulled down to his waist so that his shredded torso was bare, his bulging muscles pumped and shimmering with sweat. I sprang an instant boner as I saw him lit by the fluorescent lights and the occasional flashbulb of a camera. God, he was drop-dead gorgeous, simply put. Every inch of him was absolutely flawless; there was nothing like it in the world. I was briefly paralyzed by his beauty, mesmerized by his twinkling blue eyes, his shining white smile and his glistening tanned skin as he graciously answered questions. One look at the boy and you knew that he was someone special, someone incredible, like a god.

The reporters wrapped up their interviews and thanked JP, who politely thanked them back. Then, spotting us off to the side, he turned and started walking toward us. Nick immediately ran up and catapulted into his arms, the force almost knocking JP’s gym bag off his shoulder.

“JP’s the state champion! JP’s the state champion,” the kid chanted animatedly, hugging his hero with flailing arms. JP couldn’t stop laughing. At last, Chrissy and Danny came to his rescue, pulling the boy of off him.

“Dude, that was unlike anything I have ever seen,” Danny commented, making JP blush a furious red. “You are a GOD!”

“Come on,” JP answered modestly. “If Benson hadn’t panicked at the last minute, there’s no way I would’ve scored that reversal.”

“Please,” Chrissy piped up. “You made him panic. No wrestler in the world could’ve bridged like you did.” We looked at her surprised. She never before had gotten involved in wrestling conversations. “What?” she grinned sheepishly at our reactions. “I’ve learned a lot about this sport ever since this little idiot” – she narrowed her eyes at Nick – “has been making me go to every meet.”

Nick broke into an offended expression at his sister’s words. “I am not an idiot,” he protested in a way that made us break out into laughter. “Just watch. One day I’ll be just as good as JP.”

JP laid his arm on the boy’s shoulder, prompting him to look up at his idol with awed eyes. “If you keep working as hard as you have been,” he stated, “you’ll be even better than I am one day.” I felt a shudder down my spine knowing that Nick would take those words seriously and JP knew it. “Come on, Nick,” he continued, readjusting his gym bag on his shoulder, “let’s get food. I’m starving.”

The three of us told JP and Nick we’d catch up with them later and moseyed on back to the main concourse, navigating our way through the thinning crowds.

“JP is so good with Nick,” Danny observed. “Imagine the athlete he’s going to be when he grows up.”

“I know,” Chrissy agreed. “He’s like a big brother to him.”

That’s when I had a thought. “You know,” I spoke up, “I think JP is trying to be the big brother he wished he still had.”

Both Danny and Chrissy looked over at me with enlightened looks on their faces. “Shit, you’re right,” Danny exclaimed. “Ryan used to be that way with him, but then…I don’t know, he sort of drifted away.” I bit my lip, trying not to show any emotion; I still hated Ryan for what he did to my boyfriend and had completely forgotten about him until now. “How has their relationship been lately?” he asked. Danny knew that JP and his brother had not been getting along too well.

“Well,” Chrissy answered for me, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to, “they haven’t spoken since Ryan went back to school, if that’s what you mean.” She side-glanced at me, but I was looking away, trying to look interested in a souvenir table. “From what I’ve heard, he’s been spending a lot of time modeling.” I closed my eyes at that last word, suddenly remembering Brionna and her proposal to seduce my boyfriend. “There are rumors that Ryan’s been juicing. Is that true?”

I flexed my jaw muscles. Why couldn’t we change to a different topic? I asked myself.

“I don’t know,” Chrissy shrugged her shoulders, my awkwardness starting to spread to her.

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” I suddenly blurted angrily. I didn’t even realize I had spoken until I recognized my own voice. Danny seemed to jump a bit, completely surprised by my outburst.

“Um, Danny?” Chrissy said nervously. “I’m kinda hungry. Would you mind getting me a hot dog or something?”

“Uh, ok,” he responded dazedly and bewilderedly went off into the crowd.

“Matt, are you ok?” Chrissy asked me once he was gone. I nodded unconvincingly. She knew how much I disliked Ryan and, though she didn’t know about Brionna, knew that I didn’t like to talk about him. “If it’s JP you’re worried about,” she went on assuringly, “don’t. He can handle his own brother.”

I look away from her prying eyes.

“Look, I know you love him more than anything and don’t want to see him hurt. But believe me, if what we saw tonight is any indication, he can battle his way out of anything unharmed.”

I had never heard Chrissy talk to me that way, but it made me feel a little better. I mean, why was I so worried about JP? Of all people, I should know that he would always turn out ok in the end.

“You sound like my mom,” I uttered, forcing through a weak smile.

“Now there’s my Matty,” Chrissy said motherly, wrapping her arm around my shoulders. “Now where is that other hunk of mine?”

“Hey!” I protested mockingly. “You better be talking about Danny!” We both broke into healthy laughter.

The rest of that day was a blur; I don’t even remember what happened. The delirium of JP winning the state wrestling championship didn’t wear off until that night when he and I were finally alone in his bedroom. I gazed at the big, gold medal that was hung by his bed. It shone in the light as I took it in my hands; it was heavier than I thought it would be.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” JP whispered softly into my ear.

I purred as he wrapped his muscular arms around my chest. Looking down at his vascular forearms, I instinctively ran my fingers along the individual fibers of muscle, tracing the spider-web pathways of his veins.

“Not as beautiful as you,” I sighed, relaxing my body so that he had complete control of my every motion. I leaned my head back so that it rested on his shoulder. My back was against his massive pecs and I could feel his giant cock on my butt – I could tell that he was naked. And the thought of that naturally made me excited.

“Close your eyes and just let go,” JP breathed in that hunky voice that always made my mind numb. I obeyed, letting every muscle in my body just collapse into the comfort of my boyfriend’s muscled chest, letting him support my entire weight. He embraced me gently and began kissing the side of my neck. It seemed like I was flying and I became lost in his touch. His arms drifted down to my waist, his soft hands tenderly tickling my abs. I let out a faint moan as he worked his fingers up my torso, lifting up the bottom of my shirt along the way.

Meanwhile, his lips had moved on toward my shoulders, delicately sucking on my traps, his tongue playing on my skin with incredible adoration. I inhaled deeply, allowing the shots of passionate electricity to pass through my body. The warmth that I felt coming from my boyfriend was indescribable, unlike anything I had ever felt before. Small beads of sweat began rolling down my face as the heat rose between us.

I vaguely lifted my hand to his neck and grasped the incredible hardness and thickness of it, the solid cords of muscle pulsating underneath my fingers. I became aware of JP’s breathing as it started to quicken, his hands on my chest become more desperate…and that’s when we started losing control of ourselves. Pretty soon, he was groping me, feeling every inch of my pecs.

“Oh, my God, you’re so hot,” he panted. I couldn’t believe that he was worshipping me like this, as if I was the god and he was just the normal teenage boy.

The heat was becoming too much to bear and I started to remove my shirt. JP caught what I was doing and practically tore it off me – flipping it over my head in a single motion – in the frenzy of his lust for my body. Once it was off, he thrust his massive arms around me once more, his lips returning to my neck. I clutched onto my boyfriend’s thick shoulders and traps, my heart racing wildly, as his hands continued grappling my body.

Suddenly, his left hand dove beneath my shorts and began searching for my aching cock, as if he had sensed what I was wanting. No sooner had he found it, he then started stroking it, my pelvis rocking back and forth savagely. My right hand flew down to JP’s arm, feeling his gigantic tricep flexing as he jacked me off. Shit, his arm was so big, I couldn’t get my fingers around it. And they kept slipping on the sweat that was now pouring out of every pore in his skin. Our grunts intensified as we got more and more into each other.

Then, I felt his huge cock twitch against my ass, throbbing profusely as if it had a mind of its own. I heard my boyfriend’s breathing grow uneven as his own hips starting shuddering uncontrollably.

“Matt!” he groaned in between his kisses. “I – oh God!” He could barely get the words out.

“Yes!” I hissed. “Oh fuck!” I knew exactly what he wanted and realized that I wanted it, too. In one furious swoop, JP ripped my shorts of off me, tearing them into pieces with his immense strength and sheer desire. I felt a brief blast of cold air on my butt before my boyfriend’s monstrously thick nine-and-a-half inch cock plunged into my crack.

I ignored the pain of the penetration, suddenly overcome with every emotion. It was as if our own sweat acted as lubrication; it was perfect. As our bodies brutally rubbed together, my chest started heaving violently. JP’s cock fucked me barbarically, moving harder and faster as my breathing grew more rapid. With my own dick now completely free, he worked harder than ever on it. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold.

My legs, completely overwhelmed by the immensity of my boyfriend’s lust, gave way beneath me and I fell to my knees against the bed in a heap. I was now surrounded by the muscles of this sex-god, fighting the temptation to pass out. No, I was going to feel every moment of this.

He kept going on every part of me – his tongue savagely licking my shoulders, his hand wildly groping my trembling penis, his cock untamedly pounding my ass. Finally, I hit my limit; I couldn’t take it anymore. I let out a primal scream and orgasmed all over the place, my body shaking uncontrollably. At the same moment, JP spewed into me, his spunk filling me up inside.

We both fell forward on the floor. JP rolled off of me and we both lay there exhausted and delirious. After what seemed like an hour, JP finally struggled to his knees, his enormous cock dangling flaccidly between his gigantic legs, and crawled slowly to my dazed body. I was conscious, but barely; my eyes watched his arms as the muscles shifted with each movement he made.

“Are you alright?” he asked me concernedly.

It took me a few seconds to focus my tired eyes on his angelic face. They gazed down at me with such love, I almost lost it again. I breathed in deeply, trying to speak, but couldn’t.

“I didn’t mean to be so hard on you,” JP sighed, his voice echoing through my head. “I just couldn’t help myself. You’re so hot!”

I slowly raised my hand to his face, caressing the chiseled features of his cheek. I opened my mouth, but I was at an utter loss for words. Then, my boyfriend bent down and kissed me one more time, the touch of his lips against mine sending torrents of warmth all through my body.

Suddenly, I began to spasm again and felt my cock erupt a second time, blowing another huge load of jizz all over myself. JP’s eyes widened and he jerked his head toward my dick.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, looking back at me and smiling blankly.

I smiled meekly. Never in my life had I ejaculated twice in such short succession. My boyfriend was so beautiful, so perfect, I had lost all control of everything. •

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