By Florian

Terry swung first with tire iron in hand. Emil blocked his swing and grabbed the iron rod from his hand. He then bent it as easily as one would bend a garden hose and flung it aside. Emil then punched Dax squarely in the face sending him flying back. Dax was knocked unconscious bleeding profusely from his mouth and nose. "Your turn fuckhead." Emil growled looking at Terry. Terry looked around, there was no one left to help him. "Coach Ashcroft!", Terry shouted looking behind Emil. Emil quickly turned to see if coach Ashcroft had indeed entered the locker room. He hadn't. Terry right crossed Emil's face with all his might. Thwack! Emil put his hand against his nose, a small trickle of blood came out. "That's all the chance you'll get.", Emil said glaring at Terry with his piercing blue eyes. He grabbed Terry's right arm and snapped it like a twig. "Aaaaaaaaaaaagh. Shiiiit!!!!,"Terry yelped. Terry held his right arm and wimpered. Emil then punched him on the side of his head causing Terry to crumple to the floor. Emil wiped the small trickle of blood from his nose and looked around him. He was done here. All those years of torment from Chow Mein came to this moment. He knew this was only the first round, and he had won. Emil picked up his torn shirt from the floor and walked out. Once outside he breathed in a breath of fresh air. He felt good, powerful, unstoppable. The next day word had spread of some big fight on school grounds. Some members of Chow Mein didn't come to class. Those that did showed evidence of having the shit kicked out of them. People noticed that the only one's wearing these war wounds were the bullies. Everyone wanted to know what exactly happened. Had these bullies been fighting each other, some sort of gang related brawl? Then somebody mentioned that they had seen Emil walk into the locker house...alone. Coach Ashcroft was livid. Several members of his football team were injured in the fight and it was doubtful if they would be able to play for the first half of the season. Ashcroft questioned "World" and found out who had been responsible for his player's injuries.....it was Emil Eichinger. Emil was in AP Calculus when he was informed to go to the front office. In the class with him were two of his friends, Erik Lanier and Andrew Laird. They knew Emil beat the shit out of those guys but they stayed quiet. They were happy as hell that Emil did what he had done but were now afraid of the consequences for their long time friend. Emil got up from his desk said nothing but turned to Erik and Andrew and smiled as he walked out. He went in the front office where the Headmaster's secretary told him to got into the headmaster's office. Once there he saw Mr Webster talking to Coach Ashcroft. "Sit down Mr Eichinger.", said Headmaster Webster. "What happened yesterday?", Coach Ashcroft demanded. "I heard there was a big fight", Emil answered. "Some of those involved are saying you started it.", Mr Webster said. "Those guys beat up Joey yesterday and threatened me.", Emil replied knowing that half of what he was saying was a lie. "The locker house looks like a damn warzone!", Ashcroft yelled. "Several of my players aren't gonna be able to make the first couple of games and a few others won't be able to make it period!" "Mr Webster is everyone saying that I singlehandedly beat up all these guys?" Emil asked. "That's what some told Coach Ashcroft." Webster added. "Well I don't know what they're telling you but I had nothing to do with it....honest", Emil said. "These guys got beat up and now they're trying to blame me for it. Mr Webster you've known me for a long time. I would never harm anyone. I always try and avoid a fight." Mr Webster had known Emil for quite some time and he and his friends never caused any problems. Those who did cause him headaches were the one's who got mauled yesterday. Terry Nelson's bunch were always responsible for fights, and complaints about bullying. Unfortunately there was little he could do to stop them. Their parents would never admit that their kids caused such problems. It was always someone else's kid. Deep down Mr Webster felt that Emil had indeed beaten the bullies up. "That'll be all Mr Eichinger. You can get back to class. Let's hope that this sort of thing never happens on school property ever again. Don't you agree?", he said. "Holy shit I'm off the fuckin' hook.", Emil thought to himself. Coach Ashcroft wasn't pleased but there wasn't anything he could do. This dumb punk sitting next to him may have just caused his team to lose the season. "Thanks Mr Webster.", Emil smiled shook Mr Webster's hand and walked back to class. As Emil walked from the administration building Coach Ashcroft followed him. "Emil I want a word with you!", he demanded. •

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