By Florian

For the rest of the afternoon Emil thought about what was going to happen after school. He wasn't worried in fact he looked forward to it. The only thing he was worried about was that Dax might not tell Terry and his thugs to meet him after school. Emil knew that Terry's group had at least a dozen members. How many would show if Dax did tell Terry was the question. Emil wanted all of them to show. Twelve against one didn't scare him. Hell 100 to one wouldn't faze him. He possessed strength that was not of this earth. What Emil wished was to beat all of them in one fight, to subjugate them. He wanted to prove to Terry that he was the alpha male and wipe out Chow Mein. If they resisted after today he would continue to beat them until they surrendered. He was prepared to dole out punishment to their girlfriends as well. Emil would fuck them silly with his powertool if any of their boyfriends raised a finger against any of his friends. Three o' clock came and school was officially over for the day. The school had several locker rooms, the one which he was now headed towards was a seperate building catering to football and men's soccer. As Emil walked towards it he noticed someone running in the main entrance. He couldn't tell who it was from this distance. He entered the building and made a beeline to the huge guys locker room. As he walked down the passageway which led to the main room he could hear voices, alot of them. He recognized Terry's. Emil entered the main locker hall and was confronted with what looked like a thug convention. All of Chow Mein was there including some guys he didn't even know. He counted at least 35 guys. When he walked in, the room got silent and all of them seemed to cluster to the opposite side of the cavernous room. Emil was pleased. They were all here for him. The whole scene looked like some B movie. Here was one guy facing a small army. Nothing was said, Emil looked at them. They were nothing like him physically. "Everybody here for me?", Emil asked. "Yeah you could say that.", Terry said standing in front of his crew. "Where's Dax?", Emil asked. "He'll be here. You ain't leavin' here in one piece dude.", Terry said defiantly. "How's it gonna be. One at a time or all at once?",Emil queried. Just as he finished he had his answer. At least half of them rushed him. They thought that with their combined mass they could knock Emil over and pin him to the ground. At which point they believed they could pummel him into submission. They were wrong, dead wrong. Emil grabbed two guys with each hand and threw them back into the guys following behind. They fell like bowling pins. One rushed him to his left, so with his left hand Emil picked him up over his head and threw him 30 feet to where Terry was standing. Another two tried to tackle him but Emil threw them to the side like ragdolls. His shirt was torn so Emil ripped it off, revealing his godlike muscled torso. His veins were popping, ripped muscle revealed, and his huge man tits flexed. There Emil stood shirtless wearing only a tight pair of jeans. The second wave of thugs faired no better than the first. Bodies flew hitting lockers and walls. The place looked like a typhoon had hit it. Only Emil and Terry stood. All the others were writhing in pain on the floor. Bill Cairns rose up with a baseball bat and swung with all his might at Emil. The bat met a fist causing it to shatter into splinters. Emil picked up Bill with his right hand and tossed him trying to hit Terry with Bill's body. Terry ducked and Bill slammed into the lockers. He didn't get up. "Now it's your turn Terry.", Emil said. Suddenly someone grabbed him from behind. It was none other than 6' 7" Will "World" McKenna. He played center for the football team and flattened his opponents with ease. Dax apparently left before Emil came and brought Will to help Chow Mein. When Dax entered the locker room his jaw dropped. Emil was standing amidst broken and writhing bodies. Will squeezed Emil from behind with all his might. It didn't do any good. Emil broke his grip with ease, turned quickly to face Will and lifted him over his head. Emil just stood there for a minue holding 395lb Will "World" McKenna clear over his head with no effort. Emil smiled and threw Will clear across the room. Will's body smashed into a row of lockers with such force they buckled and collapsed. "Come here Terry!", Emil demanded. "Fuck you prick!", Terry answered picking up a tire iron he had gotten from his car before the fight. "Come and get me." Emil walked towards him, stepping over Terry's friends who were writhing on the floor in pain. Dax sidled up next to Terry. Both were trying to prepare for the inevitable onslaught from Emil, who had singlehandedly beaten all their friends in a few minutes. They witnessed his power and strength and knew they couldn't beat him. But ego demanded that they try. Emil came withing 10 feet, stared at both and said, "Who's first?" while flexing his huge pecs. •

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