By Florian

Emil turned to Coach Ashcroft. The coach was clearly angry and stormed up to him. "I know you were responsible Emil. Mr Webster might have washed his hands of the fight. But I haven't. Don't think you'll get away with injuring some of my players.", Ashcroft said glaring at Emil. "Last year Bill Cairns beat up one of my friends. A couple of days ago he did the same to Joey.," Emil answered. "Last year you didn't do anything to punish him, and I'm sure you wouldn't have done anything this time around. Well they were looking for a fight so I gave them one. Now when they get beat up, suddenly you care, only 'cause your stupid football team might lose some games. You could care less what they do to people." "I'll go to the police if I have to about pressing charges against you. At the very least I'll get you thrown out of school." Ashcroft retorted. Emil sighed, looked away then stared back at the coach, an icy look formed in the coolness of his blue eyes. "Hmmm not such a good idea coach. What would your wife think about all this." he said. "What's my wife got to do with what's going on?", Aschcroft asked. "If you don't drop what happened, I just might have to pay your wife a visit.", Emil replied, a dirty smile came across his face. "I've always had the hots for her ever since 9th grade." "Why you little shit! If you even touch....." "Then drop it, otherwise...well you know.", Emil interrupted. That stopped the coach in his tracks. Emil just walked away still with his dirty grin across his face and went back to class. A couple of days afterward Erik Lanier had a small party at his mothers house. Erik's sparents were divorced and the mother was away on business so they had the place all to themselves. Emil was there along with about a dozen or so close friends. There was small talk but the big subject was the fight. By now everyone knew Emil had beaten the shit out of Terry and his lot all by himself. "Dude Terry must've been shittin' in his pants.", Erik said. "Ya pretty much.", Emil smiled as he planted himself down on a plush couch. "Just wished I had been there.", Joey added. "I would've loved to see those guys gettin' their asses kicked." "Yeah finally.", Andrew Laird added."All those fuckin' years of having to put with their bullshit. I saw Dax and Terry yesterday. Man they looked fucked up. Terry's arm was in a cast and their faces looked like hammered shit." Everyone laughed. The doorbell rang, and Erik went to answer the door. Emil craned his neck to see who it was and saw Zoe, Sonja, and a real cute guy with long hair in a ponytail walk in. "Hey dudes!", Zoe said in her brash voice. "where's the fuckin booze Erik!" Erik took Zoe to raid the liquor cabinet. "Hey Son.", Emil said with a warm smile. "Hey Em.", she answered bending over to kiss him on the lips. Emil smelled her perfume. Her tight blouse and incredible cleavage made his cock rumble. "Guys this is Sepehr, he's a new student. He'll be in our senior class" Sonja said introducing him to the group. "Hello," Sepehr said sheepishly. "Hi Sepehr," everyone seemed to say in unison. Emil was captured by this new guy. He was lean, toned and his complexion was dark as if he was either Spanish or North African. "Damn this guy's pretty hot."Emil thought to himself. Erik came back in the living room where everyone was getting comfortable. Zoe was her usual loud self as she nursed her first glass of 7 and 7. "Sepehr you want something to drink?", Erik asked. "Oh yeah just a Coke please.", he answered. Sepehr was talking to Joey when someone behind him said, "Here ya go Sepehr." He turned and saw a very muscular attractive blonde hand him his drink. "I'm Emil." "Nice to meet you.", Sepehr answered shaking Emil's hand. Emil looked in his eyes and thought to himself, "Hmmmm very hot. Very hot indeed." •

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