Power of Attraction, The


By Londonboy

Diego passed by the front counter and out into the parking lot. The cool air brought him out of his daze. He was trying to get his mind around what was happening to him. He had strength beyond his wildest dreams and he was growing. What was causing this? He wanted to know, but he also loved it and didn’t really care. He stopped at his Explorer, opened the back, and threw in his gym bag. He shut the back door and got an idea. He wanted to test his strength. He bent down and grabbed the car by the bumper. He stood up and lifted the rear of the car easily. He quickly glanced around the parking lot to make sure no one was around. The parking lot was empty. He wanted to test his strength a little more. He started curling the back of the car up to his chest and back down to his waist. On the third lift both sleeves of his jacket ripped completely to free his bulging biceps. Diego was getting a hard-on again as he continued to curl his car for a few more times. He noticed a car pulling into the parking lot so he dropped the car and it bounced a little as it hit the pavement. He walked around to get in his car. He reached up and pulled his jacket off with one quick jerk of his powerful arm. The back of the jacket split in two as it was ripped off his monstrous body. He decided to put the windows down even if it was cold. He liked the way the cool air made his huge nipples hard. He also like the way the wind felt on his pecs. As he started his car he noticed his aluminum travel coffee mug. He was starting to see everything as a potential strength test. He grabbed the mug with his right hand and squeezed. The sides dented in immediately – as if he was squeezing cardboard. The top of the mug shot off and hit the ceiling. There was too much pressure built up in the crumpled mug. Diego then put one palm on the top of the mug and one palm on the bottom. He brought his palms together slowly. He watched his arms bulge as he smashed the mug. Finally his palms met and Diego opened them to reveal a flattened disk. Diego laughed as he thought maybe it would fit in his CD player now. Diego was starting to like his strength. He liked it a lot.

As he drove down the street he noticed people staring at him. He was stopped at a light and looked at the car in the lane to his left. It was two guys who were from the local university. They had their letterman jackets on and were obviously pretty big guys. Diego guessed they were part of the football team. They were also staring wide-eyed and wide-mouthed at Diego. Diego was flattered. He smiled. The guy in the passenger seat rolled the window down and said meekly, “Nice arm, dude. Can we see it flexed?” Diego had forgotten that his arm was resting on the open window and how it looked huge bent at the elbow. The light turned green and Diego pulled away. The guys stayed right beside him.

Diego glanced over as they were driving down the road and yelled, “You guys like this bicep, huh?” As he said it Diego pulled his fist into his chest – not really flexing but making he arm bulge enough to make the guys get more excited.

At the next stoplight the guys quickly started yelling, “Come on man, we gotta see that arm. We can tell its full of power. Show us what you got, please.”

Diego knew he shouldn’t keep them from their prize. He raised his arm and blasted a bicep flex. He could tell the guys had not been ready for what he had to offer. He doubled his effort and the bicep peaked even more. He could tell one guy had pulled his cock out and was pumping it hard. The light changed and both cars peeled out from the rush of showing off AND seeing muscle. Diego kept his arm flexed out the window as they drove down the street. “Come and get it boys,” he yelled over to them. He kept hearing the guys yell things - encouraging him to flex more. At the next light Diego lowered his arm and looked right at the guys. “You guys want to feel this muscle or do you just like to stare. How about a little worship session? You up for it?”

It was obvious that the guys were blown away. They just stared at him and couldn’t respond. The light changed and Diego yelled, “Follow me if you want to feel a real muscle stud.” Then he zoomed away. The guys couldn’t move. The car behind them finally honked and the guy driving came back to reality. He stomped on the gas pedal to catch up with Diego. Diego was watching them in his rear-view mirror. They pulled behind him in the lane. Diego was excited about showing these guys his body and having them worship his muscles. Diego couldn’t believe how brave he was being. This was an incredible feeling. Not only did he feel strong he felt like he had power over other guys just because of his body. It was a great feeling. He saw an alley up ahead. He turned quickly to the right making sure the guys following him saw where he was going. Diego was blown away by his luck. It was a dead end alley with no one around. He pulled his car to a stop and stepped out. He stood tall next to his car with his hands on his hips as the guys turned the corner and came down the alley. They guy driving saw Diego and slammed on the breaks. Both guys were thrown forward by the sudden stop. Diego was glad they were wearing their seatbelts. The driver turned off the car. It was like a scene from a movie. Both guys stared at Diego soaking in his magnificent body and then they turned and looked at each other in disbelief.

“Well boys, what are we waiting for?” Diego yelled. “Come and feast on some huge muscle.” Those two young men couldn’t get out of their car fast enough. They came quickly and stood in front of Diego. They knew not to do anything until this muscle master told them to. They were just happy to be able to gaze at him. The guy who had been yankin’ his cock had not even zipped up his pants. “You boys from the university I see. Let me guess, by the look of your build both of you play football.” Diego could tell this made the young men happy. He knew they were amazed that this muscle stud was commenting on their body. They both just nodded with their mouths still wide open. They kept looking up and down Diego’s body. Diego sized them up. It looked as if both of them weighed about 200 to 210lbs. They were well built in that “I play football” kind of way. They were in awe of Diego's chiseled muscle-body. Diego stepped closer to the boys and reached down and grabbed both of them by the front of their jeans making sure he got hold of their belt. He effortlessly lifted the two guys into the air above his head. They both grabbed his wrist to steady themselves in the air. “How about a little lift guys.” Diego could feel their raging hard-ons pressing against his hand. He bounced them both a little so his hand rubbed up against their cocks. He could tell this sent shivers through their whole body.

“So tell this muscle stud what you like,” Diego commanded looking up at both guys. They found it hard to speak because they were still stunned that they were up in the air each being lifted by a guy’s one arm. Diego was shocked they hadn’t shot their loads yet. He was impressed by their stamina.

They both spoke at the same time. They were stumbling over their words. One said, “Huge bulging muscles” and the other said “a muscle guy showing off strength.” Diego thought of those old beer commercials – Tastes Great and Less Filling.

“Well today is your lucky day. Because I can accommodate both of your needs. Think of me as your wet-dream come true.” Diego was smiling big and pumping the guys up and down a little to show off his strength. Both guys were just staring at his huge arms. “Let’s start with a little worship session on these massive pecs, shall we. Diego lowered the guys to the ground, grabbed both of them behind their head and pulled them forward until their faces smacked into his chest. He could tell by the sound that it hurt them a little. He didn’t mean to hurt them – he had just forgotten how hard his chest was not. It didn’t seem to bother the guys at all. They immediately started kissing and licking his huge pecs. Diego marveled at the sight but he also noticed that there was room for about four more guys to work his chest. The guys’ heads were so small compared to his mammoth muscle pecs. The guy on the right went straight for the big nipple jutting out. He parted his teeth and sucked the nipple into his mouth and then pushed it out again. Diego loved how the guy allowed it to scrape against his teeth just enough to excite. The other guy was using his mouth like a vacuum on all parts of Diego’s pec. It used to be that Diego would worry about marks left on his chest – because he couldn’t go shirtless, but he realized that the guy wasn’t leaving any marks. Diego’s chest was just too hard. They guy finally gave up and went for the nipple, as well.

Diego reached down and put his arms around the lower backs of each guy. He pulled them into him a little more and lifted them off the ground. The guys never stopped their mouth massage. Diego just stood there for a while looking down at the guys as their feet dangled in mid-air. Both guys had already pulled their cocks out and were busy pumping away. Diego noticed the action. “Hey, little men. Let’s save getting off until later. I have some more ideas of how to make you unload.” Both guys immediately let go of their cocks. Diego carried the guys over to the hood of their car. He set them down but kept his body bent so they could suck on his chest. “Let’s move to the arms, shall we,” Diego said pulling away. He saw looks of disappointment from each guy. “Don’t worry, I think you’re gonna like this.” Diego hit a double bicep pose. It was beautiful. Both guys gasped and their hands instinctively returned to their cocks. Diego pushed his biceps harder and kept turning his wrist to get that incredible split peak that made any man jealous. The guys were in sexual overdrive now. All they could do was stare at Diego’s biceps. Suddenly, Diego dropped his arms and placed one hand underneath the bumper of the car right between the dangling legs of each guy. “Here’s a little trick I learned today, boys.” He lifted the car up to his chest. Each guy had to let go of their cock to brace themselves as the car tilted up. Diego started curling the car and each arm was right in front of one of the guys. Once they had their balance each shot an arm out to feel the power of the huge bicep in front of them. The guys were groping Diego’s hard biceps and trying to get their hands around his arm. “That’s it – feel the power in those arms. These monsters are lifting your car and you and it doesn’t even feel like I’m lifting twenty pounds. That’s it. Try and dent that bicep. You can’t do anything to it. Go ahead hit it.” One guy took his fist and rammed it into Diego’s bicep. Diego could feel it but it only felt like a light tap. The other guy did the same to the bulging bicep in front of him. Diego was holding the car at about chest level. “Hold on to something boys I’m gonna give you a little bounce.” And with that Diego dropped the car to the ground. It bounced a little and the guys fell back on the hood. Diego could tell they were fine as they quickly sat back up and returned to their cocks watching in anticipation.

“Let’s stop the muscle worship for a second and let you see what these arms can really do.” Diego was on fire with excitement. He loved what he was able to do to these young men. He was getting so turned on by the lust in their eyes. He wanted to find something that would shock the hell out of them. He wanted them to cum so hard that they would never forget their day with a muscle stud. He looked around the alley. He got a great idea. He walked over to the brick wall to his right. He glanced back to see if the guys were following him. They were sitting there pumping their cocks in anticipation. “Yeah, I think I know just the thing to show you my strength. Take a look at this power, little men.” With that Diego pulled his fist back and threw it into the wall. He never took his eyes off the guys on the car as he did it. He wanted to see their reaction to his strength. He was so hard just because of how much they were in awe of him. His fist sank into the brick. He could feel the bricks breaking apart as his muscles powered his fist into them. He felt the impact a little – but it didn’t hurt at all. He kept pushing his fist into the wall up to his elbow. He turned to look at the hole he had made as he pulled his arm out. “Hey, no wonder it was so hard I hit some concrete too.” The hole was deep and his hand was covered with tiny specs of brink and concrete. Dust was still filling the air around the hole.

Diego looked back at the guys. The guy who had said he loved seeing what powerful muscles could do had fallen back on the hood as he unloaded cum all over his letterman jacket. He shot all over his stomach and chest. He cried out as if in pain as he continued to shoot. Diego turned to the other guy and was impressed that he had held out. But Diego knew what he liked. He walked over to him and took his dust-covered arm and flexed that powerful bicep right in front of the guys face. Diego pumped the bicep a few times inches from the guys nose. The guy opened his mouth and leaned in to lick the monstrous bicep in front of him. As soon as his tongue touched the rock hard skin he came. His ejaculation was even harder than the other guys. He leaned his face into Diego’s bicep as he shot all over the hood of the car. Diego was impressed with the force of this guy’s load. When his body was finished jerking hard the guy just rested against Diego’s arm. Diego could tell the guy was spent. He took his other hand and lowered the guy onto the hood. Diego panicked for a second that the guy might have had a heart attack, but then he noticed he was breathing. They guy was just in total heaven. Diego glanced over and saw that the other dude was sleeping soundly. This had just been too much for them. Diego smiled at what he had been able to do. This had been so much fun. He knew these guys would have something to talk about for years to come. He walked back to his car, started it, and backed out of the alley. When he got beside they guys on the hood he stopped to make sure they were fine. One of them was slowly coming back to reality. Diego pulled away. He thought it would be fun to leave while they were out – so they would always wonder if it had all been a dream. Then Diego remembered the hole in the wall. That would be a sign for the guys that they did spend a little time with a muscle stud. Diego smiled as he drove down the road. He was beginning to think about all the guys out there that would love to feel his body and see what his power could do. Diego was more than ready to meet their needs. •

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