Power of Attraction, The


By Londonboy

“Man, I don’t know what you’ve done to suddenly be stronger, but keep it up,” Jim was telling Diego as they headed to the locker room.

Diego was still confused. He was able to do things he had never done before. To bench press the same amount of weight Jim had done. That was unbelievable. Maybe he had finally broken through that hidden barrier that prevented him from being able to get stronger. He didn’t know what it was, but he liked it.

“I’m gonna take off without showering. I get to work from home today,” Jim said as he unloaded his locker and gathered his stuff.

“Alright, Jim. See you Thursday,” Diego said as he began to strip. He wasn’t fully “there” at the moment. He was still trying to figure out what was happening to his body. He was pretty sure it had something to do with that blast of hot air and the raging hard-on that had come on suddenly when working out. He really needed to figure it out. By this time he had taken the shower stall furthest away from the front of the shower room (in case he decided this was a morning to jerk off – something he often did after an intense workout). He had pulled the plastic shower curtain closed and turned on the water when he suddenly felt that blast of hot air again. This time it was more powerful than before. His entire body seemed to be on fire. It didn’t hurt – it just felt incredibly weird. The intensity of the hot blast made him a little dizzy. He had to steady himself by placing one hand on the tiled shower wall and grabbing the shower nozzle with his other hand.

Just as before, the hot blast of air caused his cock to immediately spring to life – but the speed at which it got hard was something that had never happened to Diego. A huge wave of pleasure and power streamed through his body. The intensity was too much and all of Diego’s muscles tensed. His hand on the wall began to press harder and tiles cracked. Diego could barely register the sound coming from the broken tiles or the feeling as his hand started causing a dent in the wall. Meanwhile the intense feeling in his body caused his other hand to crush the nozzle head of the shower. The metal completely caved in from the power of his hand and he bent the neck of the showerhead so it was now sticking straight up. It looked like a piece of crushed tin foil in his hand. The intense wave of power stopped suddenly. Diego could breath once again. He quickly grabbed for the shower curtain as a second wave hit his body. His hand was able to grab hold of the metal shower rod as the blast of intense power shot through every part of his body. Diego could not control his muscles. The shower rod was easily ripped from the walls. Chunks of the tiles and cement from behind stuck to the ends of the rod as Diego fell back in the shower. When he hit the wall it had no protection from Diego’s uncontrollable strength and his body caused tiles to break. Diego’s back pushed much of the wall back and suddenly there was an indention as if a car had hit it. The wave of tension subsided. Diego was just leaning against the wall breathing heavily. He realized then that he had cum for the entire second intense wave. His abs and chest were covered. He pulled himself from the dent in the wall. He noticed that water was spraying everywhere. He looked up and saw why. The nozzle was crushed and water just sprayed out of any hole in the metal. Part of the where the showerhead pipe met the wall was bent so much that there was a gaping hole. Water streamed out. Diego looked at the shower curtain rod in his other hand. It was snapped completely in two pieces – his hand had broken the pipe just like some guys broke pencils between their fingers. Diego heard some voices in the locker room. He was worried that another intense wave was going to hit him and he was worried what the gym would say if they saw what he did to the shower stall. He quickly laid the shower rod on the floor and tuned off the water. He grabbed his towel to dry off. As he did he looked up and saw where his hand had pressed into the wall. Even though the tiles had cracked it was easy to see the imprint of his hand in the wall. Diego was so confused. He still had a raging hard-on and there was an incredible feeling that his body had changed. He quickly left the shower room and went to get dressed. He needed to get home immediately.

************************************************** *************

As Max opened the door to leave the steam room a second wave of intense heat hit him. He immediately thought he had stayed in the steam too long and was about to pass out. He didn’t connect it to the earlier intense blast right away. As he stepped out of the door he panicked that he was going to fall over. There was a metal bench up against the wall beside the door – it was a place for you to put your towel or clothes before going in the steam room. He slid down onto the bench. The blast of heat was immediately followed by this intense wave of pleasure. For the second time that morning his cock got rock-hard. Max grabbed the bench to steady himself. A second wave of pleasure and power shot through his body. Max couldn’t focus on anything except how tense his muscles felt. As the wave subsided Max realized he had cum during the second wave of pleasure. He went to release the bench and realized his fingers were a little stuck – he had to pull harder to get them away from the metal bench. He wondered what was so sticky. He looked down and was shocked to realize that his hands had been a little stuck because they were imbedded in the metal. There was a perfect mold of each hand on the corner of the bench. Max closed his eyes and opened them again. Was he dreaming? He felt the hand impressions with a finger. He had crushed the metal like it was Styrofoam. He was trying to get his mind around all that was happening when he suddenly got the feeling someone was near. He looked up and there was a guy just standing about eight feet away staring at Max. He had a towel around his waist and was holding his shower kit. It was obvious he had been there for a few minutes. Max could see the outline of a hard cock underneath the towel.

“Dude, that was one intense orgasm,” the guy said.

Max was immediately embarrassed and stood up, grabbed his towel, and wrapped it around his waist. His still-hard cock made it a little difficult and his stomach and chest were covered in cum. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he felt some on his cheek, as well. “Uh, yeah, sorry about that. It’s what you get from abstaining for six months,” Max stammered as he walked away for the showers. He wasn’t sure if the guy had noticed what he had done to the metal bench but he wasn’t staying around to find out.

As he walked away he heard the guy say, “I gotta try that myself, then.”

Max wanted to leave but he couldn’t until he showered. He found the shower room and immediately went to the furthest shower stall to avoid seeing anyone. He also needed to hide this raging boner. He stepped into the shower stall and immediately noticed the curtain rod on the floor. Was it broken in two? He looked up at the wall where it was supposed to be connected and he saw two gaping holes. Even some concrete was missing. That is when he noticed the big impression in the back of the stall and all the broken tiles. What had happened he wondered – did someone take a sledgehammer to the stall? He glanced at the showerhead and noticed it was crushed. It would be unrecognizable if it were anywhere else. What the hell was going on? He then noticed the indention on the opposite wall. He stood on his tiptoes to get a better look. He couldn’t believe his eyes – could it be? Yes, it was the impression of some guy’s big hand. It was then that Max head cleared and he got it. Someone else was going through the exact same thing as he was. There was some other guy in the gym that was having this intense wave of power shoot through his body. This is what the intense pleasure had caused that guy to do. This was too much for Max to handle. His mind was racing – should he look for the guy or just get the hell out of the gym. He was so confused. First things first, though. He stepped across the room to another shower.

************************************************** **************

Diego was in a hurry. He wanted to get out of the gym before anyone saw that shower stall. He tried to calm himself down by saying what is anyone going to think happened. No one would connect the destruction to him automatically – hell, no one would think a person had done this. It didn’t matter; he wanted to get home as soon as possible. He needed to figure out what was going on. This was not breaking through some work out plateau. Something was wrong with him. Not that he was complaining, but he wanted to understand it. He got to his locker and started to do the combination lock. He was so nervous that he got it wrong and it didn’t snap open. Diego got an idea. He quickly glanced around and noticed no one was in his row of lockers. He placed his hand around the lock and squeezed. He could feel the lock simply crush in his grip. He pulled down and the piece that went through the hole in the handle of the locker bent and ripped off. He opened his palm. The lock was now unrecognizable. It was just a mix of metal. This was fucking unbelievable. Diego’s now soft cock started to get hard again. Diego immediately opened his locker, placed the lock on the bench, and willed himself to concentrate on getting dressed – not on the incredible power his hand had just displayed. It was then that he heard a loud voice that made him jump.

“Diego, man, what’s up?”

Diego quickly glanced up and saw that it was Tom Peterson – the local bodybuilder who gave he and Jim great tips on working out. Tom was such a stud and Diego secretly wished he could have a body like his. Tom was a lot bigger than either Jim or Diego. Diego knew wit a body like that he would be able to attract any man he wanted. Tom had obviously startled him, but Diego was able to get out, “Oh, uh, hi Tom. Nothing. Nothing is up. Why? I mean, what is up with you?”

Tom looked at him and laughed a little, “Sorry to startle you little man (this wasn’t a put down – Tom used this term for everyone in the gym – and he was certainly bigger than Diego), did you have a good work out?”

Diego was calming down a little and replied, “As a matter of fact I did. For some reason I felt a little stronger today.” Diego chuckled inside. If this was a LITTLE stronger he didn’t want to see what a LOT stronger looked like – or did he?

Tom was opening his own locker down the row, “That’s great man. Something you’re doing is working. You look huge today. I bet you have added about twenty pounds of muscle. I hadn’t noticed it recently, but today you look totally pumped.”

“Thanks, Tom,” Diego replied as he grabbed his t-shirt and his gym bag from his locker. This was typical of Tom. He complimented everyone. He was truly a great guy. He wasn’t cocky and never put anyone down. He constantly gave people encouragement and genuinely helped people by pointing out their achievements. This was a reason why Diego respected him so much. Diego pulled his shirt over his head. It was hard to pull down the shirt. It must be bunched up in the back, Diego thought. He thought it was because he didn’t dry himself off enough. Diego pushed his shoulders forward to reach back to untangle his shirt. There was a ripping sound and Diego could feel the back of the shirt open up. The sound filled the room. Diego noticed that the shirt wasn’t bunched up in the back. He had it completely on but it didn’t fit. He quickly glanced to see if he had gone to the wrong locker. No, it was his. He looked down and saw it was his GAP t-shirt. He also saw that it didn’t reach his belly button. Diego couldn’t comprehend what was going on. He barely registered that Tom was talking to him.

“Man, I think it’s time to spring for some new clothes, Diego. Is that shirt from high school? I know it’s cool to wear tight clothes but that is a little ridiculous,” Tom said smiling while he pulled on sweats over those muscled legs.

Diego instinctively spread his back and the shirt completely split up the back. He reached up and pulled the rest of the shirt off. He looked at the tag and, yes, it was his extra large t-shirt. At that moment it sank in. Diego had grown during those intense blasts of heat and power-pleasure. Goosebumps of excitement immediately covered his body. He HAD gotten bigger. Tom wasn’t just complimenting him. He was ecstatic beyond belief. He needed to find out how big he was. He grabbed his underwear and pulled it own underneath the towel around his waist. He had worn his big boxers today but when he pulled them on they were skin-tight. He dropped the towel and grabbed his shorts.

“Diego, man, even your boxers are too small. Come on – what are you trying to do – make sure everyone sees your pretty package?” Tom continued to joke. Diego looked down and saw what Tom was talking about. His cock was outlined in the tight boxers. Had his dick grown too? It was then that Diego registered that Tom had said pretty package. Diego looked up and noticed Tom was smiling at him. Diego immediately blushed. Diego couldn’t say anything. He wasn’t sure he had heard correctly. Tom was finished dressing and had his gym bag over his shoulder. He walked up to Diego and reached up to give his right nipple a pinch. Pleasure shot through Diego’s chest to the rest of his body. “You really are looking great, man. I think you’ll pass me up one day – soon. Maybe we could do a little mutual muscle worship sometime.” And with that last statement Tom just walked away.

Diego had to sit down. His legs simply could not hold him up anymore. This day had been too much. Tom Peterson was the stud of the gym. Everyone wanted Tom – all the girls and most of the men – even if they weren’t gay. No one had ever known if Tom was straight or gay. He got along with everyone and no one ever saw him dating – men or women. It was one of those great mysteries in life. For a few minutes Diego forgot all about his improved body and incredible strength. Tom Peterson had come on to him. This day was just too bizarre – but definitely in a good way. He stood up and absent-mindedly pulled his shorts on. He didn’t notice how tight they were. His thighs looked monstrous in shorts that used to fit a little big. When he sat down to put on his shoes the shorts tore a little at the side seams. Diego didn’t even notice. Even his shoes seemed a little tight. He pulled out his jacket and put it on. It was tight, but at least he could fit it over his body. He tried to zip it up but the zipper would not go up further than his abs. His chest was just too big now. Diego didn’t even notice. He grabbed his bag and walked out in a daze.

************************************************** **************

Max got back to his locker after taking a shower. He accidentally stepped on a t-shirt that was left on the floor near his locker. He picked up the shirt. He went to lay it on the bench and realized it was torn completely up the back. He wondered why someone had ripped a perfectly good GAP t-shirt. When he dropped it on the bench he noticed something beside it. He reached down and picked up what seemed like a crumpled piece of paper but then he realized it was heavy. It was metal! He looked closely and could make out that it used to be a combination lock. He immediately knew that the open locker in front of him had belonged to the guy who destroyed the shower stall. Max’s cock was instantly hard again. He was thinking about what the other guy must be feeling – the power. He also hoped the guy was big. Max had to find out what was happening to him – but he also had to find this other guy. What if he knew answers? What if the other guy had felt this intense power before? Max believed differently. He had a strange feeling that their surges of pleasure and power were connected somehow. He needed to find out more. He dropped the crumpled lock in his bag, dressed, and left for home. •

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