Power of Attraction, The


By Londonboy

Diego and Jim had been workout partners for about six years. That is about how long they had been friends, too. They worked out together four days a week. They both had pretty good builds but had each reached their plateau. Diego wasn't satisfied. He often wondered why he couldn't build any more mass on his body and why he didn't get any stronger.

It was Tuesday - chest day. This was not Diego's favorite day. Jim could bench press so much more than Diego. It really bothered him and Jim's constant kidding did not help. Jim could usually pump more weight than Diego, but on the bench press there was a big difference.

It was 6:00am. The free-weight room was pretty empty. It was also very cold. Jim was on the bench about to push his warm up weight of 550lbs. Diego could barely work up to 480lbs on his best day. As Diego readied himself to spot Jim there was suddenly a rush of hot air that literally blew right through Deigo. It was as if someone had turned on a giant heater beside him. But it was even more - because it felt as if his bones were even being warmed. It shot completely through him like he had an intense fever for a few seconds. And then it was gone.

"Wow, did you feel that?" Diego asked.

"What?" replied Jim on the bench.

"You didn't feel a blast of hot air?"

"No," Jim said grabbing the bar.

"Really," asked Diego, "I just felt this intense hotness completely through my body."

"Maybe they finally turned on the heat," Jim said, "Or maybe you're getting sick - stay away from me."

"No - it was more than that, really," Diego added as he got in position. "Well it's gone now." This was a lie. At the same time as the heat blast Diego's cock got a blast of its own. He could not remember his dick getting this hard this quickly - not since high school. It was still hard as stone. He was glad the gym was pretty empty. At that moment Jim looked up at Diego.

"Man - what's up with the huge boner?" Jim asked smiling up at Diego. Diego flushed red with embarrassment.

He quickly said, "You know, uh, it's that morning hard-on thing," trying to cover it up.

"You gay guys get hard just from a blast of hot air," Jim said laughing.

That was one thing Diego loved about Jim. He was so comfortable with Diego being gay. Jim was straight. As a matter of fact he was the stereotypical straight man in many ways - but he was comfortable with almost anyone. Diego believed that was because Jim was comfortable with himself.

"It must be my animal magnetism that caused it," Jim continued to kid.

"Oh yeah, that's it - you really make me hot Jim," Diego teased. Jim really did nothing for Diego. It wasn't that Jim wasn't handsome - it was just that Jim was taller and bigger than Diego (and liked to constantly remind Diego). Diego had a passion for guys who are smaller than him. He thought it was cool to be the one in charge in relationships. He also just liked being bigger than the other guy. He liked a guy who would admire (and maybe even worship) his body.

Jim grabbed the bar and quickly pumped out ten reps. Diego was still thinking about the strange sensation he had felt. And even though the blast of hot air didn't last long, Diego was aware of another weird feeling. He felt energized. It was almost as if he had been injected with some powerful juice that gave him a rush of power. It was an incredible and strange feeling at the same time. He knew that his raging hard-on was somehow connected to this feeling. He actually felt powerful. Diego shook his head - this was nonsense.

"Hey, there's Tom - give me a minute. I'll be back to spot you," Jim said after noticing Tom Peterson - a local bodybuilder who had come into the room. Tom had a great body, great looks, and was a really nice guy. He often gave Diego and Jim training tips. "I want to ask him that question we had about squats from last week." Jim walked away towards Tom.

"Uh-huh," is all Diego said as he looked at his left hand. His body really did feel different. It didn't feel like he was getting sick - it felt like he was suddenly stronger. His right hand was still gripping the bar with 550lbs loaded on it. Without really thinking about it Diego moved his hand to the middle of the bar and lifted. this was insane but he just did it instinctively. The bar rose off the supports about three inches. Diego immediately let go of the bar and it slammed back into place. It made a loud noise and Diego quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking. No one had noticed the noise. He grabbed the bar again and lifted the weight easily. He set it down again.

"What the hell is going on?" he thought to himself. He tried to lift the bar a third time and was only able to lift it slightly off the supports. By this time the feeling in his body was beginning to go away and his hard-on was subsiding. His mind was racing wildly. Did he just dream all of this? How could he have possibly lifted 550lbs with one hand?

"Shall we take off some poundage for your reps," Jim asked as he walked back up. He began to take some plates off the bar.

"Let's leave them on," Diego said, "I'm feeling pretty good today." In a trance-like state Diego moved around and got into position on the bench.

"Hey man, you've never lifted this much remember?" Jim was saying. Diego didn't hear him. He placed his hands on the bar and pushed. "Diego - you're gonna hurt yourself..." Jim stopped in mid-sentence. Diego easily lifted the bar and promptly blasted out ten smooth reps with the bar. "What the fuck?" Jim exclaimed, "Diego have you been holding out on me? Are you getting little secret workouts in without me? Man, that was perfect!"

"No, Jim, I promise. I just feel strong today. I don't know why," Diego said still staring at the bar. The reps had been kind of hard, but he had been able to do it - he ws stronger today for some reason.

"Well whatever you had for breakfast - keep eating it," Jim said. Diego didn't even hear him. He was already pushing out the next ten reps.

************************************************** **************

It was Max's first day at this gym. He had gotten the membership about a year ago, but had never been there. His friend Randy had gotten him ten sessions with a trainer as a birthday gift. It's not that Max didn't like gyms - it's just that he'd rather run for exercise. And he'd rather be running along the beach. It seemed crazy to him to be working out inside. But he was presently training for a marathon and thought it might be good to increase his upper body strength a little. He certainly did not want to become some bodybuilder. He liked his slim athletic runner's build. He wanted the big bodybuilder as a boyfriend. But that dream had eluded him thus far in life. Sure he had had some great relationships - but none had been able to live up to his dream. He had recently resigned to the fact that being single was fine for him. He'd just keep going on dates and occassionally seek out sex. Less complicated - less stressful - less work.

He entered the lobby of the gym around six in the morning. As soon as he opened the door he was hit with a burst of hot air. It went through his entire body - straight through. He had never felt anything like this before. At first he thought that the gym had the heater on overdrive, but as soon as he stepped into the lobby he realized it had only been some freaky air pocket or something. He didn't think about it too much because he was too busy focusing on the unbelievable hard-on that had sprung up in hs sweats right when he walked into the gym. He could not believe it. He guessed it was in anticipation of his trainer - he secretly hoped the guy named Joey would end up being some huge gay guy that immediately took a shying to him. When he walked up to the counter he immediately his his crotch with his gym bag.

"Hi, may I help you?" asked the young lady at the counter.

"Yes, my name is Max Scott and I'm here for a training session with Joey."

"Hold on and I'll get him," the girl said as she turned and walked into a room behind her.

While she was gone Max noticed a weird feeling in his body. He usually hated the morning and it took him a couple of hours to wake up. But right now he almost felt . . .no, he DID feel great. By the time the girl returned the tent in Max's sweats had settled down. Max his his disappointment as he saw Joey come around the corner. Max could tell immediately by the slicked back hair, the gold chain around his neck and the way he smacked a big wad of gum in his mouth that Joey was not gay. The good thing was that he had a pretty good body - nothing to jump up and down about - but nice enough.

"Hey man, I'm Joey," he said as he held out his hand to shake. Max held up his hand and Joey gripped it hard. It was obvious that Joey squeezed his hand hard intending to put Max in is place from the beginning - but Max barely felt it. Max thought this was really odd and then quickly got an idea. He squeezed his hand back - hard.

"Oww, hey man, ease up on the power grip, please," Joey yelped as he pulled his hand back and immediately covered it with his other one. Max watched as Joey continued to massage his hand. Max had barely squeezed. He could tell that Joey was surprised by the power in Max's hand - but not as surprised as Max was. He could tell when he squeezed that he had more power in his hand than ever before. He didn't know why he had it - but he had liked having the power. He could tell that Joey's opinion of him had changed quickly.

"It's great to meet you Max - can I call you Max?" he asked grabbing a clipboard and some kind of chart from the counter. He was still shaking his hand out.

"Max is fine," Max answered as he looked down at his own hand. He made a fist and for the first time he felt what a little strength can do. He mind was racing trying to figure out what was going on as he followed Joey into the gym. •

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