Power Grab

By WBHunk

This has been brewing as a "current events" topic ever since the California recall election began -- and hopefully I am just in time for some of our counterparts in the Golden State. As always, comments and brickbats are welcomed. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All identifiable characters in this story are included for reasons of parody and entertainment. Please do not read if doing so will violate law in any political entity in which you reside.

"With the ceremony over and the new governor sworn in, we're back to the studio. From the Capitol steps in Sacramento, this is – "

The TV made a short sighing sound as Bob reached over and flicked it off. "Well, that's that, ladies and gentlemen. We are officially unemployed."

"Has it been thirty-nine days already?" I groaned, leaning back into the soft leather, kicking my Rockports up on the polished mahogany desktop. "On the good side, I've been dying to do this since the first day I got into this office."

"Yeah, well, thanks for NOT doing it," Bob grumbled, staring up at the ceiling. "With my luck, a reporter would've come by, snapped a picture, and next day's headline in the Bee and the Times…..'Governor's Staff Goofing Off, Wasting Millions'".

"Rule of thumb, Bob….never take a job spinning for someone who everybody hates, " I grinned, reaching into my desk drawer for two souvenirs of my last trip to the Caribbean, flipping them and a spare Vegas matchbook over at him. "C'mon – I might as well break a few rules in this building, since I'm about to be kicked out of it."

Bob fumbled with the cigar, finally getting it trimmed and lit. I turned around to the window, wincing as I watched cars inch their way out of the parking lots, narrowly missing pedestrians. "I swear to God, those dumbass traffic control barriers – "

"Not your problem anymore, Dane," Bob chuckled, it turning to a cough as the rich smoke caught him unaware. "You know, you're the only person I know who would look at the Mona Lisa and bitch about which wall they hung it on."

"I'm good at my job, Bob," I said, swiveling back around with a grin, "and my job is minding the details, staying out of sight, and cleaning up the messes."

Bob winced. "You've got that right, Dane. Heaven knows, the governor made plenty. I can't believe you put up with all the crap he gave you."

"At least I didn't have to make him telegenic, of which you did a fine job."

"Not fine enough, it looks like," Bob said forlornly.

I chuckled. "Why blame yourself for not doing the impossible? Everybody knows the man's an ass – and you got him elected twice. Kerry or Dean will be calling in a week, begging you to come polish up their image – and you'll have to turn them down because you've already signed a contract with CNN."

"Thanks Dane," Bob smiled. "You got any prospects?"

I shrugged. "Head off for a couple of weeks, see the folks, then worry about it later. I don't know – something tells me that I've pissed off enough people in this state that my next career option might be Mickey D's."

"Nothing from the new administration?"

"Not a word. Besides, I've already lived through six years with a political hack who was an incompetent governor – why add another two with a bodybuilder?"

The soft sound of rushing water and birds chirping suddenly rose from my desktop. Bob laughed as I picked up my cellphone, but then his eyes widened…."You brought one of those in here? Man, if the governor saw you with – "

"Well, the governor can't fire me now, and I don't care about the man's politics – he makes better cellphones than the governor's blasted cronies that I have to buy the state's phones from do," I said, flipping it open. "Yes?"

"Dane, this is the governor," a deep, richly-accented baritone said into my ear.

I froze for a second, confused – that wasn't his voice – then the realization. "Oh….Governor….yes, how are you today, sir?"

An odd, low thrum filled the earpiece as I spoke – he must be going through downtown, it's always bad reception down there, I thought, as I fiddled with the antenna.

The voice laughed. "Yes, I am still getting used to the idea myself. I did not see you at the inaugural – perhaps you are out RELAXING."

Wow….suddenly I feel a little…."Yes sir….um….relaxing," I said, slumping down into my chair, the low thrum vibrating through my head….

"Good. Now, you will be at my office tomorrow at 8 AM sharp to discuss a position in my administration."

"I really don't think…."

"You should not think, you are RELAXING. Now, you will be there at 8 AM, is that not correct?"

"Yes sir, I will be there at 8 AM," I said dreamily, my body feeling all warm and tingly…suddenly conscious of my shirt, how confining it felt…the thrum slowly increasing in volume….a strange high-pitched sound coming in behind it….

"And you are feeling quite good, are you not? Very warm….very pleased… very ready to give pleasure…you would be happy to serve me, would you not?"

"Yes sir, I will be happy to serve you"…..reaching down…yes….there….

"Excellent. I will see you there." Click.

I snapped back upright….flushing slightly crimson as I noticed where my hand was…ohmigod..

"Dane, are you all right?" Bob was looking at me quizzically from across the desk.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I stammered, pulling myself closer to the desk….damn slacks, where in the hell did this hard-on come from?

He grinned. "If that was who I think it was, sounds like your prospects are getting better. Keep me in your Palm, OK?"

"Will do, Bob," I said, forcing a chuckle. With one hand in my pocket – you know, the old reach-for-a-dime trick -- I stretched out my hand….only to shiver slightly as his touched mine….gotta let go now….hanging on, even as Bob's grip relaxed….then, shocked, suddenly letting go…

Bob drew back his hand…."You sure you're OK, Dane? You look a little – "

"I'm good, Bob….no need to worry. Go ahead and head home – traffic'll be murder today, and I doubt the governor will need any press releases done." I tried to chuckle, but it seemed to catch halfway out…mmm, Bob's diet is starting to pay off…he…..what?

"All right….take care, Dane…" Bob gave me one last worried look, and he was out the door.

I sat down at my computer and tried to work, closing out the files….but I just couldn't keep my mind on what I was doing. The office, the chair, hell, even my clothes – they suddenly seemed so stuffy and confining. I loosened my tie…..took off my shoes, sighed as I felt the plush carpet under my toes….man, why haven't I ever done this before?

About 2 PM, I gave up…..heading down to my car, I reached into my pocket for my keychain…and felt the dangling gym membership card brush against my fingers. It's been a while since I've been there, I thought ruefully, looking down at my belly…..maybe a bit of exercise will calm me down.

I headed over to the gym….not too crowded at 2 PM…went through my workout…and had just started a set of finishing situps.

"Excuse me….is there space over here?"

I looked up….along a pair of legs that looked like they came off a statue, tight blue shorts and green tank top starting at a tapered waist, then flaring out into a pair of broad shoulders capped with softball-sized delts, cordlike arms hanging off to the side. A pair of handsome eyes locked onto mine, lips flaring out into a smile.

"S-sure…I…I…" I stammered.

He grinned broadly, sticking out his hand. "Thanks. I'm Tim."

"Dane," I said, shaking his hand…then wishing I hadn't as I felt a sudden surge of blood into where I didn't want it to be. My God, what the hell is going on with me?

"Dane? That's a cool name."

"My family's originally from Solvang – you know, Danish capital of California. I guess they figure it went with the hair and eyes," I laughed, trying hard to figure out a position where I could be seated and hide my dick without it being too obvious.

Tim chuckled as he sat down beside me. "So what are you doing here in Sacramento?"

"Working for the state," I said, trying to discreetly squirm away from him as the heat from his body tingled over my skin.

He chuckled. "Oh really? I'm doing that too….start tomorrow as the new head of technology for the governor's office, pulled right out of Silicon Valley." He looked at me, eyes narrowing. "Haven't I seen your name on a list or something?" He reached over to his side and pulled out a PDA…..I looked at the brand name..

"I thought they only made cell phones. Doesn't that guy make enough money on electronics already?"

"They just started producing these…..after all, he had to do something to make up for the money he pumped into the recall election," Tim laughed, punching a few buttons….."So you're going to see the governor at 8 AM tomorrow, right?"

"I….yes…8 AM tomorrow," I said, suddenly sinking back onto the mat…..so quiet….so relaxed…that deep thrum filling the air again.

"Good," Tim said, an evil grin crossing his chiseled face. He raised his massive arm….and flexed…."You like my muscles, don't you?"

"Yes, I do," I said drunkenly.

"You want to feel them, don't you? You want to reach out and touch me, feel that body of mine? Wouldn't you love to have muscles like these yourself?" he growled in an undertone, grimacing as he made his pecs bounce, twisting his body this way and that, showing off each fiber hung on his chiseled frame…

"Yes…I"….reaching out for him…

"Not yet," Tim said, pulling himself to his feet. He smiled. "I think we're going to be seeing a lot of each other. You'll like the governor – he's a wonderful man to SERVE, and I think he'll make a new man out of you." – I shivered as the words fell off his lips. He looked down…."Damn, this is the hard part…." and I saw his crotch start to rise…"but no testing the merchandise in advance."

He wheeled around….I stared at his fine, round butt, glutes tensing, hamstrings rising and falling as he quick-strode across the gym floor….at the door, he turned back….and with a devilish smile, hit two keys –

"Fuck!" I said out loud – and then shrank back as everyone else in the gym turned to look. My head ached…Tim….what…..what is going on here?

I showered quickly…headed back to my house…..sank back onto the couch to watch the news….then Monday Night Football…but….I stared as the close-ups went across the screen, seeing each guy's arms, legs, as if it were the first time I'd ever seen a man's body….my hands going down, unbidden to my cock….resistance slowly fading….yes….stroke….muscle…strength….service…..

I sat out in the anteroom of the governor's office, edgy from a pot of coffee, distracted by a run through security, and frankly wondering why I'd woken up at 3 AM on the couch covered in dried cum. My head still ached and buzzed…..discreetly as I could, I reached down by my crotch to scratch the Speedos that were grabbing under my dress slacks, the only pair of underwear that sufficiently contained the raging hard-on I'd had ever since waking up.


I jumped – looking over, I saw the new governor standing in his office door, a faultlessly-cut suit stretching over his massive frame, an amused smile on his face. "I hope that you did not have any trouble finding the office."

"N-no, none of that," I stuttered, unable to take my eyes off the broad sweep of his legs, the binding of the fabric in his sleeves…the way his hips swung as he carefully passed each massive thigh over each other….the thick, ornate chair creaking ominously as he lowered his frame into it.

He looked at me directly. "I will be quick, Dane. I am hiring you as my chief of staff. I need the knowledge you have of state government and suppliers and your organizational skills to carry out my plans."

"Well, I –"

"Do not bother resisting, Dane – you cannot."

I felt my hackles rising. "Look, you can't just tell me what to – "

He smiled. Suddenly that low thrumming filled the room again….oh fuck… I….he chuckled, coming around the side of the desk, his pecs visibly straining under his shirt….I slid down into my chair, eyes going wide as he loomed over me.

"You are quite strong-willed, Dane. I like that. It always seems to make the process more exciting," he said, leering down at me.

"Process? What –"

"It's very simple, actually, Dane," he said, leaning over the top of me….with one hand he reached up and peeled open his shirt….the buttons popping, threads tearing….he sighed in relief. "Clothes are so confining and unnecessary. You will soon agree."


"Tell me, Dane – are you familiar with the science of geomagnetics?"

"Yes sir….it's the study of the earth's magnetic field."

"Clever lad. Are you aware of the biological effects of the earth's magnetic field?"

"Some animals appear to use it for navigation….virtually all life forms respond to it in some way."

He smiled. "Intelligent and handsome – an excellent combination. However, those are its known effects – there are others that are not publicized, such as what happens when certain high-energy points occur on the earth's surface." He looked down at me. "Have you not ever wondered why there are so many gay men in San Francisco?"

My mouth fell open. "Surely you aren't implying –"

"Oh, there is no implication in it whatsoever," he laughed, reaching up to his shoulder, pulling down his ruined shirt, the sleeves popping open as he peeled off his jacket, placing his hand on my cock as it immediately went to attention. He flexed his biceps at my eye level, popping out like a beach ball inflating with air. "Does this look like implication to you? It attracts them, Dane. It draws them there – even those who believe themselves to be straight -- and then it draws out of them their true forms. Some become party boys, some become bitter sophisticates….but some become…." and he pulsed his pecs in my face, my cock leaping in time with the movement. "Of course it does not happen very quickly in the natural fashion, but technology is a miraculous thing….why, with just a bit of tuning, any magnet can be made to produce the correct frequency to effect the change – and make it happen far more quickly." he leered.

"Oh…my…god….my cellphone.."

"Yes, indeed," the governor laughed. "The poor man was working in his garage lab and accidentally unleashed the effect on himself. He hid it for years…making millions off his electronic skills, even getting into public office, but finally his lusts took control and he decided to expose….the object of his affections." He reached down and kissed his biceps, his achingly-perfect torso rippling under the lights. "His money has also given me the means to do as I wish – to hold power and to grant this incredible gift to those whom I choose."

His eyes locked onto mine. "Every cellphone and electronic device he has produced in the past three years is capable of broadcasting the signal – and all it will take is a simple phone call or email to bring them in, as it did you. Think of it, Dane – a state filled with hot, horny musclemen, consumed by lust, and ruled by me!"

"You can't – the Feds will –"

"To coin a phrase, how is it you say – bring them on? I welcome watching their army attempt to cross our borders….muscles swelling, exploding, filling their baggy pants, tearing away their clothing, leaving them clad only in olive drab underwear, their thick musclecocks begging for relief…..and seeking it from each other. Tank crews consumed by lustful frenzy, muscled-up pilots outgrowing their aircraft, ejecting, floating down on parachutes, only to be met by our `welcuming' committees. I fear no interference from them."

My cock grew even stiffer in my pants, my mind a conflicting whirl of emotions…my God, he can't…but….I want…holy….

"It is too late, Dane. I turned the device on the minute you entered into the outside office. Already the energy is soaking into you, changing your DNA, stimulating your fibers, forcing the blood and nutrients into your thirsting muscles." He reached down, twisting his arm to show off the perfect horseshoe of his tricep….his hand coming to rest on my bulging groin.

"It is I whom you serve now. Answer the call, Dane."

"N-no…I…I….c-c-c-c…"the low hum increasing in depth, volume….

"You WILL, Dane."

With a ripping sound, he tore his belt away, pants shredding at his touch, arching out from his groin….

"Take and SUCK. FEED from your MASTER, Dane."

I…n-no….mmmmmmph…..aagggghh…..s-salty….sweet….oh it tastes so good….more….

"Yes, Dane…feel the power. Take it…Drink it….REVEL in it!"

shirt so tight…..silk tie popping open…..shoulders forcing their way out…..pecs ripping through my pockets…beautiful nipples peering through ruined broadcloth…..ouch, my feet….

"MORE, Dane. Explode from those clothes. Let loose the constraints of propriety, of decency. Free you inner desires."

shoes tearing to tiny bits, flesh and toes peering out, then joyously bursting into the world around them….calves chiseling into solid diamond…socks now a mere afterthought…free, free….

"Such a beautiful man you were, Dane. What an incomparable creature you shall become…the object of lust and desire for all….drawing stares as you stride down the street, the coastal sun glistening off of your mountainous body, your manhood straining in your bulging speedo….and soon there will be more of you…Tim….all the others."

arms blasting from confinement, triceps forging into bands of iron, biceps pulsing, surging with power….abs popping, flowing upward into the solidifying shelf of pecs, luscious nipples sagging, almost pointing downward….pants now an afterthought, a shredded mass trying vainly to cover throbbing, twisting rivers of quadriceps, of hamstrings, of veiny muscle….speedo stretching, pulling, drawing back, a theater curtain revealing mounded, perfect gluteals….gasping as the shiny strands fall down into a newly-buzzing area of pleasure, begging for another man's…..

"You can resist no longer, Dane. Your sharp mind, your quick wit….they are mine to use and exploit as you swear your loyalty to me. Feel your cock and balls growing, swelling, as your body has….the hormones transforming you from ordinary man into musclefag."

speedo stretching, tearing… itching, hair sprouting…..goatee thickening, head so smooth…manfur covering, coating, accenting every striation….cock…so thick…so long…so beautiful….his hand…

"Swear to me, Dane. Swear and be released into my brave new world, there to be what you have desired, what you were destined to be."

"I…swear…to you…..MASTER…..AGGGGGGGHHHHHH!" _____________________________________________________________________

I pulled myself upright in the chair, blinking at the intense light coming in through the nearby window. The Master was sitting at his desk, his brow furrowing as he perused a series of papers, his massive shoulders rising and falling with each breath. His brows lifted as he heard the chair creak, smiling as our eyes met.

"I apologize, sir….I guess I –"

"No need to do so, Dane – the change is rather exhausting, especially when it is unexpected." He glanced up at the ornate wall- clock. "Forty-five minutes' recovery. You have Tim beat – he was out for an hour afterward." He pushed back from the desk and stood up, his quads coiling and uncoiling like snakes as he strode across the plush carpet. He stuck out his hand, a navy-blue piece of shiny fabric in it.

"I hope this will be satisfactory as our new dress code."

I bent over and pulled up the posing strap, moaning as his strong arms encircled my back, the immense bulge of his cock pushing into my glutes, instinctively bucking myself on him. He laughed as I flexed my back, pulsing my biceps and lats like the hypnotic sway of a cobra's hood. Turning me around, he pulled me closer and our lips met in a prolonged, passionate kiss; then he held me back at arm's length and looked me up and down with almost fatherly pride, his hands running through the thick layer of fur dusting my chest. "Perhaps we will have to change our name to the Bear Fag Republic."

"In time, sir," I said, chuckling. "What do I need to do first – start on the new state budget?"

"Actually, our first order of business is to sit for official photographs. Tim summoned an excellent muscle photographer he knows from Florida – I believe I hear him in the waiting room now."

The sound of ripping cloth and an agonizing moan echoed in from the front.

The Master smiled. •

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