Power of Imagination, The


By Power of Imagination


Brian tapped the doorbell with the nervousness and completely unrealistic expectations of someone meeting their Internet chat room hookup. No one ever looked exactly like their gifs, jpegs or whatever. Most looked horrifically worse. But there were those chance few that actually looked better than their pictures. Their abs were more cut, their hairdo had changed for the better or their overall mojo had somehow escaped the moment in time when the flash popped.

“Hello?”, an equally nervous (and somewhat less masculine than anticipated) voice asked over the intercom.

Brian stepped up to the speaker like an old man unfamiliar with the technology, then laughed at himself for it. “Uh, yeah, this is Brian. We chatted – “

The speaker cut off and that horrible buzz filled the small glass-enclosed entrance. Brian shrugged his not insubstantial shoulders and opened the vibrating door.

Brian was your above-average boy next door, having just turned the corner into his late twenties. His Internet stats were 6’2” 190 46c 31w 17a. His real-life stats were not exactly the same, but not too shabby nonetheless. He stood a realistic 6 feet tall, weighed just under 180 and had a nice wide chest that came in at 45 inches if you inhaled just a tad. Brian had been skinny all his life, especially during a painful adolescence when he finally realized he would never be a jock. In high school and college, he stood 6 feet tall and weighed 160 exactly once a year, on Thanksgiving night. Most times he tipped the scales at 155.

After college, Brian devoted himself to something he had wanted all on his life – building a muscular physique. He read all the magazines, discarded all the crap that filled 90% of the magazines, and found an eating and exercise regimen that worked for him. After spending a few years as a 205 pound “beefy” guy (aka, fat but not wanting to admit that so much of his muscle was blubber), Brian slimmed down to his current very nice 180. He had a six pack that was almost completely showing through a thin layer of leftover Christmas cookies as well as a nice v-taper. His legs were thick and muscular from years of squats and deadlifts. Those same two exercises had also given him the nice round ass that was truly worthy of the title ‘bubble butt”.

Brian climbed the last two flights of stairs to the third and top floor of the apartment building. It was an unimaginative post-war building that probably had cool apartments inside. He counted off the apartments as he walked down the long hallway, his expectations ballooning with every step. The guy he had chatted with seemed so cool. His stats were 5’ 10” 170 45c 31w, really just a slightly shorter version of Brian. His pic had shown a muscular, confident guy who knew what to do with another muscular, confident guy.

Brian finally reached apartment 310. He took a deep breath, adjusted his tight-fitting long-sleeved t-shirt with his fingertips and rang the doorbell. He quickly ran his fingers through the bangs of his short sandy-colored hair. As he was putting his hand back down to his side, but before he had time to look natural, the door opened.

On the other side stood the crushing disappointment that can only come from an Internet chatroom. This guy was no shorter version of Brian – he was just short. He stood maybe 5’ 8” and his chest was only in the 41” range and saggy at that. He wasn’t overly fat, just overly out of shape and droopy and saggy in all the wrong places. His pasty, doughy face held a smile that was more nervous tension than gracious greeting.

Brian was a nice guy. Everyone said it and it was really true. A not-so-nice guy would have laughed or at least just walked away. But Brian sighed not completely quietly and stuck out his hand. “Hi, I’m Brian.”

The Disappointment saw the hand coming towards him and marked it with some surprise and great delight. He stuck out his own small, clammy hand. They shook hands nervously, each feeling out the other’s strength. Brian won handily. “I’m Kevin,” the Disappointment identified himself.

“Hi, Kevin.” Brian smiled back. He may have been a physical disappointment, but Brian couldn’t help but feel some odd and not altogether bad karma coming from this guy. Brian took a step forward almost before he realized what he was doing. He caught himself, then smiled and kept walking into Kevin’s apartment.

The apartment was definitely cooler than the hallway, but not by much. Just a pretty mundane and ordinary living box. It had a modern gas-powered fireplace as the centerpiece of the living room. Above the fireplace hung two very anachronistic swords.

“Wow, those are some…uh swords,” Brian stumbled to initiate some small talk.

“Oh, thanks,” Kevin mumbled, finally shutting the door. “Just another geeky collection and fetish of mine.”

Brian laughed nervously at the word “fetish”. Kevin smiled sheepishly. “Don’t worry. I don’t pull them out until the second date,” Kevin laughed.

Brian chuckled back. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Kevin wouldn’t win any beauty contests, but there was definitely something here that was keeping Brian from running out into the night.

“Can I get you some water or a beer or something?” Kevin asked.

“Some water would be great,” Brian replied.

Kevin nodded and walked into the small kitchen. Brian had another chance to look around the apartment. Bookshelves lined many of the walls. He was going to peer at some of the titles when Kevin returned with a glass of water. Brian took a sip and smiled.

Kevin gestured for them to sit down. Brian smiled and put his glass on a bland Target coffee table. Kevin smiled back.

Both of them had agreed to meet tonight with “no strings attached”. A cut and dry booty call. So neither of them really saw the need to sit down and have a huge conversation. At almost the same moment, both of them leaned in for the first kiss. Brian had already lowered his expectations and was hoping just to lock lips without gagging.

They kissed. And kissed. And kissed more. Brian’s lips were on fire with sudden passion. His jacket soon felt like a clumsy obstacle. He pulled down the zipper, yanked his arms out of the sleeves and threw the jacket onto the floor. Kevin’s hands were all over Brian’s chest, abs and arms.

As for Brian, he couldn’t believe the passion he suddenly felt for this decidedly below-average hookup. What was it about him? Brian hesitantly followed Kevin’s lead and felt different areas of Kevin’s body as their mouths kissed with such gusto it seemed like they couldn’t get close enough. Kevin’s delts were mushy lumps of oatmeal, his pecs were flat and lifeless and his waist was a blocky, doughy affair. But those lips! Brian’s toes seemed to melt with each advance of Kevin’s kisses. And Kevin’s hands masterfully explored Brian’s physique, hitting all the buttons that even Brian’s long-term boyfriends had taken months to find.

They paused for a minute. Needing to see the origin of this unfounded passion, Brian took Kevin’s formless chin in his hand and pointed Kevin’s eyes into Brian’s. What Brian saw there was…not much. Just beady little brown eyes that seemed to widen with each passing second, questioning Brian. Now feeling a little foolish, Brian tried to launch into another kiss. Kevin stopped him with an oddly masculine and sexy smirk. Kevin stood up, taking Brian’s right hand with him. Brian smiled and allowed himself to be led into the bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, all clothing lay on the floor of Kevin’s bedroom except for Brian’s boxers and Kevin’s aging mighty whities. And those whities were definitely mighty because Brian could tell they were holding in a sizable cock. In fact, a big fat head was now making itself seen above the rim of the briefs. Was this the source of the mojo that had so driven Brian? He didn’t know and at this point didn’t care.

He looked into Kevin’s eyes, then reached under the brim and took a big handful of cock. This was one huge piece of horsemeat -- at least ten inches and nicely thick. As he slowly stroked Kkevin’s steaming meat, Kevin’s eyes widened with delight. A huge moan escaped his chest and then his mouth. A moan you would never have expected from his weak and hesitant voice. Brian almost stopped stroking in surprise, but couldn’t take his hands off that wonderful dick.

“Thank you.”, Kevin moaned, his voice again sounding more masculine and confident than ever.

“You’re welcome,” Brian smiled back.

“I’m sorry I lied,” Kevin said, with a sincerity than instantly hit home with Brian.

Brian chuckled a little, wiping just a little sweat from his brown. “It’s okay. You’re pretty hot,” he blurted out.

Kevin stopped in his tracks. His eyes seemed to glisten with a new life. Had Brian really seen a fleeting flash of icy blue in those plain brown eyes?

Kevin held back what seemed like a huge ray of hope, then swallowed it completely. “Brian, you have such a hot body. And you’re so sexy. How can you think that I’m hot?”

Brian smiled a cat-like, bedroom smile he reserved for purely seductive occasions. “I don’t know. I just do.”

Without another word – but with a savagely sexy wink – Brian pulled Kevin’s underwear away from the horse dick and swallowed it whole. Kevin’s back arched in pure ecstasy. Brian gave the steaming hot dick another few good licks, then looked up at Kevin and asked, “You like that, huh?”

Kevin swallowed another huge ray of hope, then whispered as close to Brian’s ear as he could manage, “I’d like it better up that tight ass of yours.”

It was Brian’s turn to swallow a huge ray of hope. Ever since he had felt and then seen that remarkable cock, he had been hoping Kevin would want to fuck him. Who would have ever thought that the mealy-mouthed pasty nerd who opened the door would eventually be someone that Brian would beg to ram him?

He dove onto Kevin’s fat cock again, nearly swallowing it whole. The hot meat felt so tasty in his mouth. He swabbed the pole with his tongue, trying to imagine how it would ever fit into his tight round muscle ass. As he tried to imagine that wonderful scenario, a wave of sleepiness fell over him. His head actually dropped a few inches further onto Kevin’s cock, making Kevin moan with delight.

Brian couldn’t believe he felt sleepy now! But it wasn’t unpleasant. He felt his mind drifting away slowly, then focusing on an image of Kevin. The image slowly came into focus in Brian’s drifting mind. It was Kevin as a huge bodybuilder, more masculine and sexy than Kevin could ever hope to become. He looked like a pro bodybuilder and had the sexual magic of a veteran gigolo. The image of Kevin in Brian’s mind winked at him and nodded in approval. The image then turned and walked away into some sort of misty whatever, but not without turning one more time and beckoning Brian forward.

Brian’s eyes snapped open. His mouth was still planted on Kevin’s cock. He looked up at Kevin with a new sense of wonder. Kevin had been watching him the whole time and smiled with approval and unbridled optimism.

“I knew it,” Kevin whispered breathlessly.

“Knew what?” Brian asked.

Before he could wait another minute for answer, Kevin sat up, took Brian’s mouth off of his cock and pulled Brian into a long passionate kiss. The image of Kevin the Incredible again flashed in Brian’s mind. Brian allowed himself to sink into the passionate pleasure of Kevin’s touch, kiss and embrace.

After a few minutes of fumbling and good-natured laughing, the two had found the perfect position. Kevin lay on his back, his head arched back with total pleasure. Brian had mounted the huge pole and slid down its wonderful length with a roaring moan that woke up the neighbors above and below them. Now as Brian raised and lowered his tight round ass on the wonderfully huge and thick dick, Kevin matched his every move with a powerful thrust.

Brian rode the waves of thrusting like a pro, feeling a new rush of pleasure with every move of their now synchronized bodies. Brian’s moans came in deep waves, too, seeming to come from the depths of his stomach, through his chest and then out of his mouth with no way of stopping them. He moaned and moaned again.

Then out of nowhere, Brian yelled, “Oh, God. You’re so hot, Kevin. I love you!”

Kevin stopped first. His hands dropped from Brian’s lean, muscular hips. That ray of hope was now all over his face. He swallowed hard, then said, “Wh-what did you say?”

Brian’s face turned red and a new sweat formed on his brow. “I’m sorry. It was stupid. You’re just so hot….”

“Oh God. Yes! Yes!” That ray of hope now literally beaconed on Kevin’s face. His once pasty face now seemed to have a moonlit glow. Brian looked again into Kevin’s eyes and swore he saw pools of blue starting to form inside the dark brown circles of Kevin’s eyes. A huge smile spread across Kevin’s face as he laid his head back onto the pillow. A smile, really a super-sexy snarl, took over his mouth as he grabbed Kevin’s hips with new strength and purpose and thrust into them savagely.

Forgetting his embarrassment forever, Brian rode these new heaves and thrusts with more intense pleasure than he had ever felt in his life. He put his hands on Kevin’s shoulders to steady himself. Shoulders that seemed to be getting warmer – no, hotter -- with every passing second. But Brian didn’t care. That huge dick seemed to be poking into his stomach, into his diaphragm, into his soul. Every push brought Kevin deeper and deeper into Brian. And Brian just couldn’t get enough. Kevin responded with growls and moans that sounded more like those of a beast waking up from hibernation with every breath.

Now Kevin’s shoulders weren’t just getting warmer, they were getting – bigger? How could that be. And why did it feel like more of Kevin’s hands held his hips and ass in a not unpleasant vice-like grip? As both sensations seemed more and more real to Brian, he opened his eyes just a little bit, still riding even more beast-like thrusts from Kevin. What he saw nearly made him cum at that very moment.

Underneath him, Kevin simply wasn’t there anymore. He was slowly being…replaced by a beautiful, incredibly virile and masculine man that came straight from the pages of a medieval tapestry. Kevin’s shoulder’s weren’t just bigger. They were massive – and growing! They looked like the delts of a fitness magazine model and were blowing their way up to a national-level bodybuilder’s delts. Kevin’s hands were growing, too. There was no denying it. What had once been smallish, girly hands were now the huge masculine hands that every man feared shaking for fear of feeling weak in their steely grip.

How could this be? Brian wondered as he tried not to lose pace with the incredible waves of thrusts and falls that brought him such intense pleasure. Maybe he shouldn’t worry about it. How could he not? He looked at Kevin’s face. His saggy, pasty face was slowly taking on the sharp angles and contours of a ruggedly sexy man. A man who knew his way into and out of a good fight. The hint of a rugged beard made itself known on the face growing more handsome by the second.

As Brian allowed his gaze to drift back to Kevin’s now softball sized delts and to his rapidly growing arms, he noticed that Kevin’s arms were longer. A lot longer. This led Brian’s gaze, through eyes closing spontaneously with each huge thrust from the changing warrior, to Kevin’s widening, deepening and thickening chest, through the tightening, unbelievably sexy abs and down to Kevin’s exploding legs. They weren’t just getting muscular and oak-like -- with quads bubbling up from nowhere and the rising curve of a huge hamstring nearly lifting Brian higher off the bed -- theey were getting longer. Kevin was getting taller. In between poundings, Brian guessed that Kevin was probably now well over 6’5” with no signs of stopping.

He’s becoming what I imagined, Brian thought. That image that came into my head. He’s changing into that. The amazing and incredible thought danced around Brian’s head as he tried to remain calm amidst the monster pounding his body was enjoying with such glee.

Brian couldn’t take it any longer. He was on the verge of cumming, and of going insane without asking what was going on. He opened his mouth to speak. But before he could utter a sound other than a moan, Kevin let out the roar of a trapped beast finally free. His back arched almost a foot off the bed, nearly knocking Brian off him completely. Brian gripped onto Kevin’s massive, boulder-like delts for balance.

“Kevin?” Brian asked nervously, right before he felt the hot spray of Kevin’s cum in his ass, seeming almost to shoot up into Brian’s throat. Brian couldn’t speak, couldn’t moan, could barely breathe. He barely felt himself cumming and cumming all over Kevin’s wide plates of pecs. They both came for what seemed like hours. After he felt himself slowing down just slightly, Brian opened his eyes a slit. Once again, he opened them wide, hoping to make some sense of what his optical nerves were sending to his brain.

The wall between the bedroom and the living room was mostly gone. It looked like a flimsy transparency from cheap special effects found in a 1940s movie. The gas fireplace had been replaced by a two-sided massive flagstone fireplace mostly found in old European hunting lodges. A roaring fire flared up with every last stroke of Kevin’s cock and every thrumming of the last juices to escape in a jet spray of white hot cum into Brian’s ass. Around the fireplace, Brian could just make out a group of hugely muscular men, bodybuilder-like warriors just like Kevin had now become. They were dressed in loose-fitting robes that allowed Brian to see the furrows of their pec cleavage and hints of their stone-like six packs. They were raising swords, beckoning Kevin to join them. In the tiny corner of his mind still able to make witty remarks, Brian thought they looked like the cover of a Chippendales calendar, circa 1032 AD.

Kevin’s eyes suddenly opened wide. They were now the ice blue that Brian had started to see before. He smiled a wide, confident smile of someone going home a champion. He slapped Brian’s shoulder with a hand than nearly swallowed Brian’s big delt with just the palm of his hand.

“Thank you. I’m going home. And you will be rewarded with a gift,” the massive new Kevin uttered with a voice as deep and dark as the depths of the ocean.

A great cheer went up from the men at the fireplace. Brian looked down at Kevin, pleading for answers, pleading for the right questions. But Kevin was becoming as transparent as the wall between the rooms. He started to fade away, in that cheap special effect sort of way. With one last toe-melting smile, Kevin was completely gone. His physical being no longer holding him up, Brian fell onto the bed, face first.

He rolled over and looked at the wall. It was there again. The whole apartment was back the way it was. Except there was no Kevin, nerdy or uber-sexy. Nothing.

Brian started to try to think rationally about what had happened. It had definitely happened. His ass still throbbed with the imprint of Kevin’s massive dick and powerful thrusts. He allowed himself to lay back on the bed. He closed his eyes, trying to replay the whole night over again in his mind, savoring the incredible change in Kevin. As he started to put the pieces together, he drifted off into a deep sleep.

“Does this come with the apartment?” a woman’s voice giggled.

Brian pried open his bleary eyes to find himself in a completely empty apartment. It was early morning and he could make out the outlines of sunrise underneath the still-closed blinds. But the blinds were the only thing left in an apartment that he couldn’t quite remember.

As he looked around at the bare walls, empty shelves and echoing spaces of Kevin’s apartment, the whole night came back to him. The chatroom, the disappointment, the swords, the kiss, the cock and then the change. Just as he had scanned the room long enough to find a man and a woman in the bedroom doorway, he realized he was butt naked on the bare floor.

He grabbed for his clothes as the couple laughed nervously. “Just had to spend one more night here, huh?”, the guy asked nervously.

“Uh yeah. Lots of memories,” Brian managed to return somewhat-wittily. “Excuse me.” He found his clothes lying scattered on the floor, exactly where they had landed last night.

He quickly put on his underwear and shirt. He grabbed his pants and shoes and bolted past them into the living room, too embarrassed to make eye contact. Too freaked out to worry about his socks.

The living room was, not surprisingly, also deserted. Brian’s jacket was slumped on the bare floor, one sleeve still inside-out from being pulled off in a passionate rush. He grabbed the jacket and ran out the open door into the hallway, never looking back.

“And what the hell kind of name is Kevin for some medieval, warrior, super stud?” Brian asked out loud as he pounded his steering wheel. Kevin was the name of every middle-manager insurance salesman, minivan-driving yutz in the suburbs, he thought to himself. Knowing that he would go crazy sitting in his apartment alone trying to figure out the logic of last night, he had opted instead to go about his usual Saturday routine and go to the gym.

It’s a good thing there were few cars on the roads that morning because Brian was far too distracted to pay close attention to his driving. Snow was coming down in huge waves. Brian peered through the white mess, trying to see the road, trying to keep his sanity.

He still knew that it all really happened. His ass hurt in that wonderful way after a night of wonderful pounding. It’s a good thing today wasn’t leg day. He could still feel Kevin’s last kiss with those firm, masculine sensual lips he had grown into. More than anything, he could vividly recall the image of Kevin he had conjured up during his narcoleptic episode while sucking Kevin’s amazing cock. That image that later became Kevin was easily conjured up in Brian’s mind, even now.

Brian scanned his memory, trying to recall some cryptic remark or corny and prophetic text that Kevin had typed to him during their chat. Something like, “I can never meet the right guy. I must have a CURSE on me or something.”

While vaguely watching the blizzard outside as he drove, Brian did recall this chatroom exchange:

GymJockBtm (aka, Brian): >> What kind of guy do you find attractive?

MusclGuy4Same (aka, Kevin): >> Someone with imagination.

GymJockBtm: >> I know what you mean.

MusclGuy4Same: >> So many people see my pic and only want to do my body. I like being built and I like showing off, but I want someone to see beyond that. Is that too deep for a cruisy chat room?

GymJockBtm: >> LOL…I hear ya. Sometimes very ordinary guys turn me on if they have the right kind of mojo.

MusclGuy4Same: >> And even the most built guys have no sex appeal.

GymJockBtm: >> Luckily, we don’t have that problem :)

MusclGuy4Same: >> Nope. Never have, never will.

Was there something Brian was supposed to use in that e-conversation to unlock the mystery? He’d have to think about it later. He had just arrived at his gym.

Brian now wondered if the gym was even open. Only a few cars were found in the normally bustling parking lot. He drove by the front entrance and saw a few people milling around inside, so he knew that the gym was somehow open on this snowy, cold and generally nasty morning.

Brian entered the gym and got ready to work out. He stopped for a moment to admire himself in the mirror. Not in an butthead sort of way, just a quick smile acknowledging all the hard work he had put into himself. He now had the sort of masculine, graceful, athletic build that looked like he had been a jock all his life.

He did some cardio warmup and then hit the weights. This really was a good idea, he thought to himself. Going through the routine of working out would allow his mind to digest what had happened last night.

Brian had the gym pretty much to himself. There were a few stringy, arrogant marathon runner types on the cardio equipment, but only himself and two women in the weight room. He plowed through a surprisingly intense chest and shoulder workout. He felt great – strong and confident with all his lifts. He was also getting a great pump. A really great pump. One of the best he ever had.

As he finished a set and flexed an arm discreetly, he felt the blood surge into his arms, tight against the cuff of his short-sleeved shirt. His jaw suddenly dropped. Hadn’t Kevin said he would get a “gift”? Maybe he would grow into a superstud, just like Kevin. This t-shirt had never felt so tight on him. Brian excitedly ran into the men’s locker room.

In the empty locker room, Brian took a moment to look at himself. He looked huge in this t-shirt, there was no denying it. His heart racing, Brian took off the t-shirt and quickly tried to study his body, looking for signs of growth. After taking off the shirt, however, Brian realized he pretty much looked the same as always. Not bad, just the same. He couldn’t believe it. He had felt so great and so tight in the weight room.

He grabbed his t-shirt with a sigh. His eyes happened to catch the tag on the inside of the shirt. Brian laughed out loud, really feeling foolish. Today was laundry day and he had grabbed one of his last t-shirts. It just so happened to be a size medium t-shirt left over from an old boyfriend. Brian shook his head with a self-depreciating laugh.

As he started to leave the locker room, one of the trainers at the gym entered. He was always a happy, friendly guy who seemed like he didn’t act that way just because he got paid to. He was just over six feet tall with short black hair, bright green eyes and a darkly handsome face. He had a large build – not huge, but athletic and muscular -- that could use a few good weeks of fat burners, extra cardio, and fewer burgers. P;

Brian sat down to re-tie his shoes and entertain a fantasy he had always had about this trainer. He didn’t know his name, but saw him nearly every Saturday and exchanged a friendly “Hey.” He had always thought this trainer would look so hot if he were a few inches taller, lost some of his blubber and added some muscle. He was such a nice guy, he deserved it.

The thought took hold in Brian’s mind, much stronger than he had ever intended. The image took a life of its own as Brian again felt that strange sleepy feeling he had felt last night. His chin sunk to his chest. He couldn’t stop the wave of fatigue that suddenly hit his mind and body.

In his mind, the trainer grew and grew beyond anything Brian had previously fantasized. He now stood at least 7’ 3” and had the powerful and beautifully huge muscles of a pro bodybuilder, but somehow more flowing and natural, not as freakish. He tipped the scale at well over 400 pounds of fantastic muscle. A sexy smile brightened his whole face as he gave Brian his usual, “Hey”. But this was a “Hey” tinged with intense sexual desire. In Brian’s mind, the image walked past him, winked and then faded off into that same strange mist.

Brian came out of the dream-like state slowly, grasping reality in slow clutches. He looked around and saw that he was still alone in the locker room. Then he heard a sink running at the opposite end of the locker room. He looked up and saw the trainer washing his hands. The trainer caught Brian’s gaze and nodded, “Hey.”

“Hey,” Brian returned. He wasn’t sure if the trainer had seen his little nap. Even if he had, he didn’t let it on. The trainer smiled again and left the locker room.

Just what I need, more weirdness, Brian thought to himself. Maybe he really was losing it. He went back to the weight room and tried to concentrate on his own body for a change.

Brad returned to the front desk of the gym and pored over some reports he had printed out. He stepped back up to the PC and felt his gut hit the keyboard. He shook his head with disdain. He really had been trying to eat better and work out more, but work had been controlling his life recently. He had helped open four new clubs this year alone and two more were on the drawing board.

He saw his reflection in the glass doors the entrance of the gym. It was someone he was ashamed to see. His physique had once inspired his clients. Now it stood as a testament that even the best bodies need regular maintenance. Brad was one of his gym’s best trainers. He had a gift for seeing the physique that could be with hard work and discipline. He gave his clients a clear vision of what their bodies could be, then set about making the plans and goals that would produce those bodies.

Brad grabbed for the bagel that he had been munching. Seeing his puffy face in the reflection, he angrily threw the bagel away and returned to his printed reports.

He hitched up his pants as he started poring over the numbers again. He read the report for a minute, then felt his pants slipping again. This time he stopped. How could that be? He was having a hard enough time fitting his gut into these pants lately. How could they be slipping?

He looked down at his waist and let out a breath that was very audible. He had already lost about two inches from his waist. Taking a quick look around to make sure no one was watching, he lifted up his denim shirt (the gym uniform) and the t-shirt underneath. His gut was shrinking more rapidly by the second. He blinked his eyes and looked again. He had just lost another half an inch.

Brad dropped his shirt, leaving it untucked. He saw his face in the glass doors again. He swore his face looked sharper, more like his old self. He shook his head again and laughed. Wishful thinking, the thought. He went over to the water cooler and filled a glass with cold water. He took a long drink and laughed again. He snuck into his office for a second to tuck in his shirt.

As he walked back to the front desk, his shirt came untucked again. That’s odd, he thought as he mindlessly tried to tuck it back in. His hands felt around his waistband, trying to stuff the shirt into his pants as he walked. But it wouldn’t go. There wasn’t enough shirttail. What the hell, Brad thought. He saw his reflection in the doors again and stopped in his tracks.

If that reflection was right, and there was every reason to doubt that it was, Brad was growing taller. His shirt tails dangled almost half an inch above the waist band of his pants. His head was visibly higher than it usually was in the doors’ reflection. He shook his head again, trying to make sense out of this incredible nonsense. It was then that a wave of growth overtook him, nearly knocking him over.

He grew three inches taller in less than ten seconds. His shoulders exploded to the sides in muscular growth and bone realignment. It felt like a good long stretch, the kind you have after a good night’s sleep on a cold winter night. The warmth of the stretch spread all over his body. The last vestiges of his blubbery gut were sucked up into oblivion and were soon replaced by the hard, protruding squares of a six pack. His legs could barely breathe as they exploded to fill up the remaining space in his formerly baggy khakis. Feeling like his whole body was going to expand out of his skin, Brad dove into his office and shut the door.

He made it there just in time. As he shut the door, his t-shirt ripped open, first at his wing-like lats as they took flight and billowed out in all directions, then in the middle of his now heaving pecs. He also felt his t-shirt sleeve rip as his triceps blew up in to a massive horseshoe. His denim shirt then gave way as the buttons popped first from the middle of his incredible pecs, then the seams slip across the top due to the pressure from his expanding Atlas-like shoulders. The shirt exploded at the shoulder seams, then shredded as Brad’s massive new arms, now over 21” and growing, made themselves known. The shirt now hung fully three inches above his pants. With nothing left to hold it on Brad’s mountainous traps, the shirt fell to the floor inside out, still buttoned at the bottom, where it had once rested in front of Brad’s tight eight-pack.

As for the pants, they then gave way with a mighty rip across the front of his quads. Brad’s legs writhed free of the fabric, still growing out in all directions. Brad had to regain his balance as his calves exploded into massive balls of muscle on his lower legs. He felt a flare of pain in his feet, then heard a strange rip. His Reeboks split open from the pressure of his growing feet. They spread from an already impressive size 12 to being off the charts, somewhere around a size 22.

As he looked down at the tatters of his pants, he saw his knees inching up in the tatters. He was still growing taller. He looked up at the doorway of his office. What had once been almost a foot over his head was now just about at forehead level. Brad took a deep breath and felt the massive new heft of his pecs as they expanded with the powerful breath. He looked up at the top of the doorway again. It grew closer and closer as he felt his legs and spine – really his entire body – grow taller and simply bigger. He couldn’t help reaching down into his boxers and feeling his cock. Not surprisingly, there was something newly massive down there, too. As he felt his cock spring to life, the legs of his boxers split loudly, giving way to his oak tree legs.

As quickly as it had started, the growth stopped. Brad paused a moment to take a shaky breath and mentally feel out his new frame. He looked down at the floor with the eyes of a giant. The floor seemed so much further away than it had been just a few minutes ago. His shredded clothes lay in a pile. His office was a tiny little space with no windows. But Brad didn’t need a mirror or reflection or anything to know that he was huge beyond belief.

Suddenly, though, he felt the burning need to really see what he had become. He fumbled around in his desk for some clothes. He had been working out exclusively in baggy sweats lately. How lucky was that? At least he had some clothes that wouldn’t look ten sizes too small. Or so he thought. As he tried to wriggle his massive new self into these XXL clothes, he was in for a shock.

The XXL sweatshirt barely fit and looked as form-fitting as a leotard. His biceps threatened to break free of the confines with the slightest twitch. The waistband of the XXL sweatshirt hung above his granite abs like something from the Brittney Spears collection. The pants were no better. The curves and contours of his rumbling, unbelievable thighs, hamstrings and calves were all clearly visible. His mouth-watering muscle ass jutted out like two twenty-pound bowling balls.

But this would have to do. What choice did he have? He opened his office door slowly, then peered outside, having to duck under the doorway to do so. No one was looking. Outside, the snowstorm raged and the gym was still very quiet. He charged out of his office, cracking his forehead on the doorway, having forgotten just how tall he had become. He bolted across the empty lobby into the locker room.

In the weight room, Brian was finishing up a great set of triceps work. He looked in the mirror again and laughed when he thought about his body suddenly “exploding” in the size medium t-shirt. Then he remembered his narcoleptic vision of that trainer guy. It became very clear and vivid in his mind. He imagined himself feeling the heft of the trainer’s massive pecs in his own hands. Suddenly, an unnatural curiosity came over him. He gathered up his stuff and headed towards the locker room.

Brad was having a hard time controlling his breathing. He had stripped the sweatshirt off and simply couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His pecs were so broad and so deep that he could barely lower his chin without hitting them. His lats flared like the wings of some dinosaur-like creature. His tiny waist and hard abs defied the laws of physics by being able to hold up the rest of his massive torso.

Even through the barely-holding-together material of the sweatpants, Brad’s new legs were awe-inspiring. Thick, meaty quads bulged everywhere. The cool, sweeping curve of his hamstrings (that no pants would ever be able to hide again) neatly attached into those bowling-ball power glutes. His calves flexed like diamonds of an incredibly muscular variety.

He had weighed himself and was sincerely shocked that he had weighed in at 427. He didn’t have a way of measuring his height, but guessed from cracking his head in the doorway that he was at least 7 feet tall. His face had changed, too. It wasn’t just back to its lean former shape, it had become sexier, more masculine, more confident. Brad loved it.

He stopped the self-love session for just a moment. How had this happened? The amazing question crawled into his mind and wouldn’t be ignored. This was simply impossible, but somehow it had happened. As the question and the search for answer took root, he suddenly had a strong image in his mind. It was of a member he had seen many times before. His name was Bob or Ben or some sort of B. Even if he couldn’t remember his name, he clearly could conjure up an image of his face and his body. Nice physique, pretty good-looking guy, a regular lifter.

As the image of this member became stronger to Brad, the member, aka Brian, entered the locker room. Brian took one look at Brad and fell back against the wall of lockers. This was the image he had conjured up in his mind, almost uncontrollably, just a few moments ago.

At that same moment, a strange truth implanted itself in Brad’s mind. This guy had done this to him. Somehow, that’s exactly how it happened.

“You…you did this, right?” Brad asked nervously. He shook a little at the deep new notes his voice struck in his powerful chest.

The truth also became immediately and irrevocably clear to Brian, too. “Yeah, I think I did.” He swallowed hard, licking his lips. He wanted to lick a lot more than that, his mind told him and his hardening cock concurred. “Do you like it?” Brian tried to joke.

“Uh…yeah,” Brad laughed back, again unable to control the booming new power of his voice. He rubbed the huge mounds of his pecs with the palms of his hands. Brian’s tongue swirled in his mouth, imagining the sweet taste of those massive plates of muscle. “I…uh, never really wanted to be this tall, though.”

“That’s all me, I’m afraid,” Brian said. “Another fetish of mine. I think it looks great.”

Brad felt a new flush of warmth all over his body. Was he growing again? No, it was lust. Pure masculine lust. “You do, huh?” he suavely asked, flexing his arms against his pecs again.

What was he doing, a tiny little part of his mind shouted out. He wasn’t gay and had never had a sexual thought about another guy in his life. He wasn’t homophobic and could sincerely say that he had two close friends who were gay. He just wasn’t. But now the lust he felt for Brian was something he had before only felt for short, big-boobed girls with sexy laughs.

“Who wouldn’t?” Brian replied. He suddenly felt an entitlement, a powerful right to touch this guy wherever he wanted. After all, he had created him and given him this incredible gift. He should be able to sample the product he created.

Brian walked over to Brad and put a hand on one of Brad’s immense pecs. Brian had to reach his hand up well above his shoulder to even get in range. Brian grunted out loud in appreciation as his palms and fingertips felt the warm granite contours of this beastly chest.

Brian’s touch resonated deeply within Brad. He felt a powerful twinge run from his pecs straight through his abdomen and into his groin. His cock sprang to life again, expanding into an incredible length and thickness. Brad reached out a huge, meaty hand and put it behind Brian’s head. He pushed Brian’s head into the deep valley of his pec cleavage.

They both moaned audibly as Brian landed in between Brad’s new pecs. Brad rolled his head back and moaned again as Brian took the initiative to run his lips up and down this incredible furrow of muscle. Brian then ran his tongue across the wide expanse of a beefy pec and made a small circle around Brad’s nipple that dangled at the bottom of the pec so big and heavy it rolled over on top of itself.

“That’s right, man. You do whatever you want. I gotta thank you. However you want,” Brad whispered into Brian’s ear. Well, he tried to whisper. He was still trying to control the volume of the deep rumbles his new voice. Brad also couldn’t believe how small Brian’s ear looked to him, and how far below him it was. A few minutes ago, they were the same height. Now Brad towered over Brian and weighed more than twice as much.

Brian took a step back to admire his creation. His dreamlike vision of this guy had come exactly true. How had he done it? Why this guy?

They were both interrupted when Tony, another trainer at the gym, entered the locker room. Brian and Brad were standing far enough away from each other now that it looked like they were having a normal conversation. The only thing out of place was Brad’s super-tight sweatpants. And the fact that he had grown a foot and gained 200 pounds of muscle.

“Hey, Brad. Quiet today, huh?” Tony said and walked past them. “Hi,” he said politely to Brian.

“Uh…yeah. The snowstorm must be keeping people home.” Brad said in an overly-booming voice. Brad looked pleadingly at Brian. What were they going to do when Tony noticed the huge change in Brad?

Just then, Tony poked his head around the corner and stared at Brad, doing a double-take. “You been losing some fat, man?” he asked. “Well, it’s about time!” Tony laughed. He took off his coat and threw it into a locker. He went to the sinks and washed his hands, then fixed his hair. He saw Brad’s shocked reaction in the mirror.

“Hey, I mean it looks great. Just giving you a hard time, man.” He laughed and reached up – way up – to slap Brad on the shoulder as he walked past them, leaving the locker room. “You might wanna buy some new sweats, though.”

It was hard to say who was more shocked, Brad or Brian. “He didn’t even notice. He just thought I had lost some fat.” Brad tried to whisper.

“I hate to tell you this, but I don’t have all the answers here. You’re my first giant.” Brian replied.

Brian looked up – way up – into Brad’s eyes and smiled. Brian now saw that Brad was much better looking than he had been before he… before Brian… before whatever happened. Brad smiled back and put a huge hand on Brian’s own impressive shoulder, dwarfing it. Brian’s cock was now fully hard and throbbing with the need to be alone with Brad.

“Where can we go?” Brian asked.

Brad smiled a big broad smile and took Brian’s hand. Brad’s hand nearly swallowed Brian’s as he led him across the locker room. As they clasped hands, a new thought swam through Brad’s mind. He could do whatever Brian wanted and still be straight. There was no fear that he was going to suddenly turn gay or change his whole life. Whatever Brian wanted he would do, then things would return to normal. Well, as normal as life would be with his new 7 foot, 400 pound body.

Brad led them to a supply room. It smelled vaguely of disinfectant and twenty-gallon tubs of shampoo, but neither of them really cared. There were a few old mats that needed repair resting against one wall. Brad cleared some space on the floor and then laid the mats out on the open space. As he did this, Brian watched in awe as the mountains and valleys of Brad’s new back muscles bunched and relaxed on the vast expanse of his lats. Brad grabbed some towels and laid them over the mats. He then lowered his hulking frame to the floor and laid down on his back. He gestured for Brian to join him with a wave of his gigantic paw.

Brian lowered himself to the mats, peeling off his t-shirt. He crawled over to Brad, thinking that he would crawl on top of this beast. But Brian’s arms were too short to make it over the massive height of Brad’s pecs. He had to scoot along the side of his newly created beast, then roll over on top of the giant muscle stud he had created, his arms dangling at Brads sides. Once his pecs lay against the massive mountains of muscle that was Brad’s chest, Brian was in utter ecstasy. Brad’s massive frame rolled and pitched under him as Brian kissed the round block of muscle that was Brad’s neck. Brian struggled to retain his balance as Brad writhed underneath him in complete pleasure.

Brian didn’t know where to start feeling out his dream creation. The boulder-like shoulders at the bottom of Brad’s mountainous traps were amazing. The massive plates of pecs could be explored for hours. Brad’s lats flared under his pecs, jutting out almost a foot. Brian could feel Brad’s abs poking at him like thick round rocks. As their legs rubbed and kindled an amazing fire, Brian could only begin to imagine their strength and bulk.

But it was when he kissed Brad that their passion truly flared. Any fear of kissing another man had been erased from Brad’s mind. He accepted Brian’s advances with the gusto of a confident, sexy, masculine man who knows the power of his own sexual prowess. His lips met Brian’s in a strong, luscious kiss that raised both their cocks to a powerful hardness.

Brian savored the kiss for a few more minutes, allowing his hand to explore the incredible bulk of Brad’s triceps and the powerful ball of muscle that bunched up into his meaty biceps. Brian mentally put Brad’s arms somewhere around 25 inches.

Brian’s lips pounced on Brad’s one more time, then he pulled away. He opened his eyes and took in Brad’s classically handsome face. Brad’s eyes were still closed, but a small smile formed on the edges of his sexy mouth. “Go ahead,” he mumbled.

With no hesitation but considerable excitement, Brian reached under Brad’s sweatpants and felt for what he knew would be no disappointment. He was right. Of course, he had no idea what Brad’s cock was like before, but now it was in a whole new league. As Brain pulled the sweatpants down (struggling to get them around Brad’s perfectly round and perfectly hard ass), the length of a mighty shaft made itself known. Eleven inches long and perfectly thick, the cock sprang straight up once it had been freed from the confines of the pants. Brian continued to pull the sweatpants down along Brian’s thunderous quads, swooping hamstrings and bulging calves. He gave each bodypart a long tonguing as he appreciated the size and shape, never taking his eyes off the huge member standing at attention.

As Brian pulled the sweatpants down around Brad’s ankles and away from his huge feet, he saw Brad’s huge hand touch his own cock. Brian watched lustily as Brad nervously felt his new cock, then ran his hand down from the head, down and down and down, even Brad not believing just how long and wonderful his cock had become. Brian licked his lips as Brad stroked his cock a few times, the valley of his pec cleavage bunching and shrinking as his pecs pushed together while Brad stroked the length of his new horse dick. Brad’s bicep bunched and lengthened with each stroke, bunching into a perfect massive peak.

Unable to stand it any longer, Brian dove forward again and kissed Brad’s hand. Brad gladly acquiesced and moved his hand away. Brian almost dared his tongue to touch the tip of the massive head. When he did, the cock twitched and Brad moaned from deep within his powerful torso. Brain couldn’t wait and allowed his whole mouth to swallow the cock as well as he could. He thought he was doing well when the cock hit the back of his mouth. He opened his eyes and saw that he still had a few inches to go.

Regardless, Brian’s sexy and skilled mouth worked the cock into a frenzy. Brad’s massive frame rumbled along the towels, the mats and the floor as Brian worked his magic on the big meat. Brain let his spare hand stray in between Brad’s killer huge legs, feeling the oak-like dimensions of his powerful thighs. His hand also felt under Brad’s ass, clasping their incredibly sexy bulk and roundness.

Brad suddenly sat up, pulling Brian off his cock and pulling him into a kiss. It was apparent to Brian all over again just how tall and massive he had made Brad. Between Brad’s impossibly broad shoulders, his wide lats, and massive flaring chest, Brian almost felt like Brad could blot out the sun.

“That mouth of yours is gonna make me cum. But that’s not where you want me to cum, is it?” Brad asked.

Brian sheepishly shook his head no. Brad grinned the boyishly confident grin of a man who knows how to bring his sexual partner to their knees. He put his massive hand on Brian’s shoulder and gently pushed Brian onto his back. Brian closed his eyes in incredible anticipation. He felt Brad’s massive pecs brushing up against his face. Then he felt Brad’s warm breath just a moment before Brad kissed him one more time.

Brian’s entire body tingled with anticipation. He then felt the abrupt entry of what must have been two or three of Brad’s fingers in his ass. It hurt, more than he liked to hurt. He opened his eyes to see Brad looking at him apologetically. Brian instantly forgave him. “I know you’re probably not used to doing this, but it’s nice to start with just one finger to loosen it up,” Brian said.

“That was one finger.” Brian replied sheepishly, holding up one of his giant, muscled fingers.

“Oh.” Brian mumbled, then laughed. Brad joined in laughing. He lowered himself onto Brian and embraced his creator and new friend. Brian loved the feeling of Brad all on top of him, but it was almost 400 pounds. He coughed, struggling not to be crushed.

“Sorry,” Brad said, and rolled off him. At that moment, they both had the same thought. The idea sparked between their eyes like electricity. Without a word, Brad got on his knees and grabbed his 11-incher in one massive hand. Brian raised his legs up into the air. Brad took hold of Brian’s ankles with his other giant hand.

Brad positioned his huge meat right at Brian’s asshole. Brian confidently waited for the plunge. Without hesitation, Brad sank the entire length of his monster dick into Brian’s waiting muscular hole. Brian felt no pain, only intense pleasure. The sizzling was almost audible.

Brad began to hump and pound Brian, his incredible mass seeming to shake the whole building. Brian felt like he was being pumped with the entire length of some fleshy broomstick. Brad was huge enough to suck, but being pounded with that cock – attached to a veritable mountain of muscle – made it feel like Brad’s cock was hitting the roof of his mouth with each stroke.

Brad had never felt his dick – even his old dick – in so tight a hole. The incredible constricting pressure made his head swim and every massive muscle in his body feel alive. He pulled his dick almost completely out of Brad’s tight little hole, then slid it back in with a powerful thrust. He saw Brian – looking so small but so sexy – beneath him, writhe with pleasure, his eyes rolling back up in his head. Brad had taken a chance with that move, being new to the whole fucking a guy thing, but he had bet Brian would like it. He wanted to do whatever it took to give Brian the ride of his life.

Brian soon got used to the power of Brad’s thrusts as well as the size of his enormous dick. Soon he was matching each thrust with a push of his own, making wonderful slapping sounds as the outside of their bodies matched the intensity of the joining taking place inside their bodies.

Brian soon had the peace of mind to let his hands feel Brad’s incredible body pound him. He grabbed hands full of pecs, cupped Brads enormous new delts, felt the bulge of Brad’s triceps that flexed with each thrust and even managed to sneak a hand down to Brad’s abs, which protruded like giants rocks, then relaxed with each powerful pump of Brad’s horse dick into Brad’s ass.

Brad moans and beastly groans echoed in the small room, seeming to shake the bottles of supplies off the shelves. Brad’s breathing grew faster and more labored, heaving the massive plates of his pecs up and down. Brian felt those pecs flexing and relaxing and thrilled to the touch of a small sheen of sweat forming on the insanely huge chest.

“I’m sorry. I’m gonna – “ Brad started apologetically.

“Oh, God. Go ahead and blow. I can’t hold it anymore.” Brian shouted.

Relief washed over Brad’s face, then a look of shock as a pleasure he had never known was just around the bend. His entire handsome face contorted into a powerful mix of surprise, delight and loss of control. His face few redder and redder as the tension mounted. Brian could feel the steel-like tightness as Brad’s massive arms, wide lats, huge pecs and even his perfectly huge ass constricted in anticipation.

Just then Brian felt the fist wave of thousands of pulses of red hot cum hit somewhere between his stomach and esophagus. Brian could actually feel Brad’s enormous balls push out gallons of cum into Brian’s waiting body. Brian also vaguely felt himself cum all over himself, his own glistening pecs growing wetter and wetter with each of Brad’s now maniac thrusts.

Brad moaned and yelled so loudly that Brian did see a few bottles of supplies fall off the shelves. Brad’s legs flexed frantically, their massive shapes pounding into Brian’s ass. His arms took on a nice blood-filled pump and he humped Brian over and over and over again. That sheen of sweat on his huge pecs now showed a little trickle of sweat for Brian’s effort.

With a few last pushes and squeezes and massive groans from deep within his powerful torso, Brad was spent. He collapsed on top of Brian, the weight enormous but not uncomfortable for a few moments. Brian let his giant lay on top of him, feeling around to the wide broad plain of Brad’s back, when narrowed down to a Christmas-tree lower back and the round mounds of that wonderful muscle ass.

When he could take it no more, he raised his arm to push Brad off. But like so many other times before, they were now thinking the same thought. Brad rolled off Brian with the laugh of a gentle giant. He grabbed Brian’s chin with one of his enormous paws and pulled Brian into a brief but passionate kiss.

“Thank you.” Brad mumbled. “I don’t know how I will ever thank you.”

“My pleasure,” Brian sweetly and sexily smiled.

“I’ve always dreamed of being this built,” Brad said, once more feeling the huge stacks of pecs he now treasured. “Again, not this tall,” he laughed, standing up and hitting his head on the low ceiling of the supply room, “but it’s totally hot now that I have it.”

Brian smiled with pride – and still some lust – at his creation. A sudden wave of thought passed over him, somewhat dreamlike, but not as strong as the others. The thought and feeling was one of peace, of a removal of worry, if not for himself, then for someone else.

Brad saw the change in Brian’s expression and felt the same peace pass over him. He looked at Brian as the feeling passed and settled into both of them. “What was that all about?” Brad asked.

Brian shrugged, then noticed their clothes on the floor. Brian’s clothes were the same, but Brad’s ill-fitting sweats had been replaced by boxers, khakis, a denim shirt with the gym logo, a t-shirt, socks and shoes. Brad picked up the t-shirt and held it over the wide expanse of his torso. It looked like it might actually fit.

“I guess I did that somehow,” Brian laughed. “I wish I knew when my witchcraft was going to happen so that I could control it.” He laughed again as he tweaked his nose just like Samantha on BEWITCHED.

They both laughed out loud, Brad’s booming laugh echoing all over the small room. He covered his mouth in delighted embarrassment, then let out a huge unbridled laugh again.

Brian stood up to kiss Brad again. He had to reach up on his tiptoes to get their lips to match. Brad helped by putting one of his big hands on Brian’s back and lightly pushing Brian forward and up just a touch.

“You go back to your life and enjoy this, okay?” Brian said, slapping his hand against the meaty bulge of Brad’s pec. Brian smiled up at his dream vision with a hint of sadness.

It was Brad’s turn to have the revelation first. It passed through him, made him smile, then passed to Brian.

“Anytime you want to ride this muscle boy, you just let me know.” Brad winked. In his mind, Brad knew that he would continue to date women and probably get married. But the magic Brian had used to change his body forever also meant that he would always have a special physical relationship with Brian. Simply put, he would never be able to turn down Brian’s advances. And he couldn’t wait until Brian advanced on him next.

They both stood up to get dressed. Brad pulled on the boxers that had magically appeared and found that they fit quite well. A little tight, like most clothes would be from now on, but okay.

“Do you mind?” Brian asked, holding up Brad’s t-shirt.

“Not at all,” Brad smiled back.

Brian then dressed Brad as well as he could manage, sometimes having to step up on a ladder in a corner of the supply room to reach up and over him. It was like dressing his own giant muscular doll. As Brian buttoned up the denim shirt, he felt inside one more time at those heaving plates of muscle that were Brad’s new pecs. Brad leaned down and whispered into Brian’s ear, now really whispering in a low masculine voice that he had mastered.

“I’m your creation. Whenever you want me, just think of me and I’ll be waiting for you.” Brad whispered.

Brian looked up into Brad’s masculine, virile face and smiled. The gift he had received for doing whatever he did for Kevin was still growing in his mind, he realized. Brad wouldn’t be the last muscular beast he would imagine in that dreamlike state and then create in reality. He had no idea why he had been able to change Brad, or really exactly how he had done it. But for now, one muscle giant as a sexual slave was certainly payment in full for one night of passion with someone who initially disappointed him. And it wouldn’t be long before Brian would crave a brand new muscle giant to call his own. •

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