Power of Love, The


By Lover_Boy

This is my first time posting a story here at Evolution. I just feel it appropriate to say that I'm basing this story on real life in a way. Some of the events in this story actually happen (or have happened). Indeed, it's a fantasy I've had about my best friend for a while. And to all those of you (or those few of you, maybe) that don't enjoy homoerotic fantasies....TURN BACK NOW ! As for the rest of you, read on, and hopefully, enjoy....!!!!

I looked over at Michael (or "Mikey" as I usually called him). He looked from the music he was downloading, as if sensing my observation, and grinned at me. That huge beautiful grin. I didn't know what it was, but a grin like that always made my heart go "pitter-patt!". We'd met for the first time a few years ago at the Fair. I was instantly attracted to him. He was young, tall for his age at close to 6 feet, and cute. The whole time, I glued myself to his side. After that year's Fair, I didn't see him again....for awhile.

A long and drawn out series of living relocations/events (too long to describe) occured in the next two years, an I ended up moving to the small town where he lived. As a gay young man in this notoriously "red-necked" town, I had very little to do. And a lack of transportation forced me to seek ways of self-entertainment. In short, it wasn't long before I looked him up. He looked nearly identical to when I'd last seen him. However, now, he had matured a bit more. He was taller, and beyond cute. Time and puberty had sculpted his face nicely. He had remained quite fit. Not to say he was "huge". He wasn't, not by a long shot. But he was simply lean. The build of a young man with long limbs in the habit of running a lot, and lifting weights to keep from being skin and bones. Thick, shiny, dusty-brown hair in a shaved-underneath bowlcut. Deep brown eyes that gleamed with youth, smooth amber skin, and a smile as big as ever. A young, sexy, boy. Very nice indeed.

As I admired his grin now, I looked at his shirtless body. Semi-broad shoulders, small-but-defined arms, tiny waist, muscled back, andyoung six-pack. No pecs to speak of, but the muscles were there. I looked at him quizically, "What're you grinni' at?" "You..." the leer flashed wider. "You like lookin' at me don'tcha?" I felt my face redden at this as I mumble, looking away. "Can ya blame me?" "I don't know what to do with you." I'd come out to him a few years ago, and it hadn't bothered him at all. He said that it didn't change anything. I was still his best friend. "I know you're happy to be my friend", he told me. I hugged him that day. In a different way than we usually hugged. It was emotional for me and he understood, hugging back with as much feeling. He understood. And it made thing even better for me. You see, despite being straight, he'd aloowed me to toch him often. Allowing me to administer full bodied massages, hugs, and affectionate caressing. Even letting me sponge and towel him off after working out. All of it in private, of course. The only thing was that I never crossed the line of touching anything "inappropriate". I quickly fell for this sexy young man, developing true feelings for him beyond physicality. I had fallen wrecklessly in love.

He lept from his seat on the chair to the bed, and crashed on top of me. After wrestling for a few minutes, we lay on the bed next to eachother, exhausted. I could smell his sweat, hear his breathing. I scooched over to him. He shifted his position to accomodate, knowing what I was after. I laid my head on his stomack, feeling the firmness of his young abs. He was slightly sweaty, and I could hear his heartbeat. I turned my head to the side, and raised a hand to his torso, and stroked his hairless skin. I longed to turn my head the other way. To bury my face in his cock. It wasn't big. It was average. But the thought of it still appealed to me. Like any gay man, I like a big dick. But for me, it wasn't something I demanded. He grabbed his remote, switching on the TV. I looked up at him as he placed a hand absent mindedly on my head, and tossled my hair. We laid there, in quiet comfort for a while, watching television. A commercial came on for Stacker 2, and I laughed.

"What's so funny?", he asked. "Well, the one guy at work was telling me about this one type of creatine a few weeks ago. He said that it not only helped you add weight, but it makes your stuff bigger too." "Heh! Can ya imagine what overusing that stuff would do...?" In illustration, he grabbed the front of his nylon sweats, and yanked the pelvic area out to look like an insanely big erection. "You'd be walkin' around like this all the time." I laughed, secretly imagining his slender frame with a cock that big. Definitely an arousing thought. Especially since he mosly wore that type of pants and was a boxers-man through and through. "Yeah! And I don't even wanna imagine what you'd look like when it did get hard". Lying through my teeth. I was getting horny, now, at such thoughts. And I had a good way of relieving such arousal. "Hey, Mike. Ya think I could sleep over tobight?" "Sure. You know Mom and Marlin don't care." "Good", I said elatedly, "then i can give you a massage later." He shrugged. "Cool. Now, lets go eat. I'm starved." __________________________________________________ _________

The afternoon waned into evening, and then into night. I had run the black back to my house to get clothes, and sleep atire. And the oil I liked to use when massaging Mike's fine young body. This particular activity was my favorite among the things he let me do. The play wrestling, the hugs. Even just sitting behind him with my arms around his waist while he played on the computer, none of it compared to the sheer, sexual thrill I got from giving him a rubdown. It was always lengthy, and given with great care. Often spending long amounts of time on different areas. His defined, compact thighs were the most fun, however. When I mssaged his thighs, it actually gave him pleasure. Always marked by his relieved sighs and light moans as I worked the tension from his legs. And, in addition, I did it in a manner that caused my arm to caress his cock as I kneeded the flesh of his legs.

He turned off the overhead light, and turned on the lava lamp. It cast an eerie blue glow over the room, and I set about things. "You know the drill. Take off your shirt, and lay on your stomach." He was dressed for bed, now, which meant he was wearing a pair of Champion gymshorts. Slipping his lithe frame out of his shirt, he laid down on the bed. I climbed on top, kneeling over him with my knees on either side of his waist. I squirted some oil into the palm of my left hand, and rubbed may hands together to warm the liquid. And, with great satisfaction, I finally began, placing my hands on the back of his neck. I worked the muscles there intently. I took great comfort in the fact that his life at school often made him tense. SO this was a mutually beneficial activity for both of us.

I curled my fingers down over the sides of his neck, while pressing my thumbs into the two cords of muscle in the back of it. Up.....down, up.....down, up.....down. Slowly, deliberately. I spent about twenty minutes on that are. I continued, now massaging the sides of his neck, spending an equal amount of time there. Proceeding, I put my hands on his shoulders. I needed his small traps firmly, but gently, relishing in the feel of his smooth skin and knowing it would get better still. Slowly, squeeze, then rub....squeeze, then rub. He sighed, "That feels soooo good..." I smiled at his pleasure. Nothing gave me more satisfaction than hearing that. "It's only going to get better, Mike." "Oh, I know. Not even Andrea (his girlfriend) has hands like you." Normally, the mention of Andrea would cause a slight spark of jealousy in me. But this was one area I knew with 100 % certainty in which she could never compete with me. I moved my hands to his back. His back, actually, was really quite buff. Again, not huge. But his lats and back muscles were nicely developed for someone so slender. And he wore his "V"-shape well! It's the feature that causes him to look so appealing in a "wife-beater". I have a theory. Every guy, no matter what their build, has one group of muscles that is built. Mine, despite being somewhat overweight, is legs. Mike's is most definitely his back muscles. I added more oil, having rubbed the first dose into his amber skin, and resumed. Lost in the moment, I accidentally spoke what I meant to only think. I always thought this, but never actually said it.... "I love you so much, Michael." I froze. Had I ruined everything? Not just this moment, but our entire friendship....? I waited for some response, holding my breath. Having kept the depth of my feelings hidden, I expected a heart breaking response. Feeling my obvious discomfort, he spoke softly... "I know." I was relieved, and could contain my next action no longer. I bent, lowering my face. I kissed him tenderly on the cheek, repeating the affirmation. "I love you, Mike." His eyes were closed, but he smiled, moved his arm from his side momentarily to pat the side of my face. "Just keep rubbing." I knew he would never return the emotion in the same way, but I felt the heat of joy spread inside me all the same. He accepted me, my deep, boundless affection for him. My heart was brimming, and I felt the hot sting of tears in my eyes. I strained to keep from sobbing out loud. Instead, my heart overflowed with love as I continued to massage my sexy little boy.

The massage intensified with my feelings, and he felt the difference. I no longer had to hold back, and he began to moan louder than usual as I put extra time and effort into every muscle. I wanted him to feel the love through my touch. It was almost as if I was physically transferring my passion for him into his body. It felt as if I was generating heat from my hands. His taught back muscles yielded like never before to my touch, and I was glad that his parent's room was downstairs as he really began to moan. He sighed, his breath coming in short gasps now, as I imagined that the heat from my hands increased. I began the massage over again. I felt like I was actually giving him my love, making it physically part of him. And the fact that he accepted it made it all the more intense.

I moved in procession to his legs, then feet, relieving their ache from the day's walking. Finally, he rolled over underneath me. I began at his thin chest, boldly tantalizing his nipples. Now, i bent down, using my lips and tongue for the massage as well as my hands. A brief flash of fear for his possible anger at my brazen behavior was quickly allayed as he simply squirmed under the deep pleasure I sought to give him with this new form. He wanted it, and I was happy tp give it. I felt as though I was transferring the very essence of my love, passion, and affection for him into his body. Still, somewhat keeping with the routine, I pushed the legs of his shorts up to his hips so I could properly administer to his thighs. I was astounded to see that he had sprung an erection! But, in keeping with my promise to myself to never touch him there without spoken permission, I didn't touch it. Rgardless of how much I yearned for it. I began kneeding the muscles in his thighs intently. He giggled slightly with pleasure as this inexplicably always caused a tickling sensation for him. I rubbed his inner thighs as far up as possible. And then repeated going over his small-but-meaty quads, then inner thighs again. I finished with is calves, and feet once more, and finally laid down on the bed next to him. As I remeoved my hands from his body, I felt like something, my spirit, or my aura, or something, was drawing back into me. He rolled over onto his side. So relaxed and weakened by this massage, he could barely manage it. He spoke to me in a hushed whisper. "That was........incredible." I looked into his deep eyes, dark pools, slightly glazed, and brushed a whisp of hair from his forehead. "Definitely........intense!" I whispered back. He put his t-shirt back on and, without any warning, he climbed on top of me, and snuggled into me as my arms involuntarily accepted him. "Thankyou", he sighed, and fell blissfully asleep in my arms. I lay there contented. My mind raced, going over the events of this particular session. I had all but been making love to him. The only thing that had been absent was the actual sex. But to be happy with him, i knew i never needed something so base from him. My feelings were stronger than that, beyond it, transending it. As I lay there, concidering how preposterous my thoughts would sound if given voice, I felt his body move. He was geting heavier.

My left arm was around him between his lats and arm, and my hand was resting on his chest as I realized what I was feeling. He was growing. His neck was thickening, and his traps were swelling. His delts were becoming more defined as each of the three muscles seemed to separate and enlarge noticeably. The sweeling spread to his biceps and triceps as each began to show through the shirt and inflate in opposite directions. I felt his pecs begin to enlarge through his shirt, and marveled at how quickly they grew. I could feel each of the three pectoral muscles seem to separate and grow, pushing against each other as they enlarged. His back broadened, and rippled now as his lats extended outward and downward toward his narrow waist. The upper extremes of his body were bulging out in unison, now. Chest, shoulders, and arms ballooning to nicely fill out the t-shirt.

He must have felt the growth subconsciously because he now moaned lightly and stretched out on top of me to accomodate this metamorphosis. He was laying on his back on top of me, and I could feel his increasing weight pressing down on me. I placed a hand of his stomach and instantly felt that his abs had become quite a bit bigger and more defined while miraculously, his waist had remained slender and masculinely petit. I peered up over his bulging shoulder to see that the shorts were stretching to look mre like bicyclist's shorts. His thighs were rapidly filling them with girth as each of his quad muscles amassed size and definition to match his upper body. I looked at the shorts in the blue light of the lava lamp, and wondered if everything would grow. As if in answer to my thought, the normally average sized lump where his cock was began to rise like a loaf of bread. Despite going flaccid after the massage, it increased to twice its original length, and spread out in girth. Now, it looked for all the world as if someone was inflating a balloon in his shorts as it extended toward his waistband. Though slightly obscured by his member, i could still see that his genitals were quickly reaching the sixe of tennis balls. With a final surge of mass, his entire body bulged out, nearly bursting the fabric of his shorts and t-shirt.

He lay motionless now on top of me, the weight of his new body pressing heavily down on mine. I was aware of my own erection pushing up against his ass. He'd had a great ass befroe. But now, in addition to being nicely rounded, I could feel that it was firm with muscle. My mind raced to figure out what had caused this transformation. And suddenly, it hit me. Like a lightning bolt, I remembered the sensation as I was rubbing him down. As if I'd been physically transferring my emotions into him. The sudden intensity I'd felt, the heat. And finally, the withdrawing sensation when I'd finished. That was the only thing it could have been. i didn't care to know how it had happened. I simply understood. My love had done this. As i drifted off into blissful slumber, now wrapped in his arms, I could only marvel at the power of love.... •

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