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By florida20

Two years ago I was in a 6 month training program in California for my job. I made a friend named Jeremy there who became a pretty consistant training partner. We were both right out of college and in pretty good shape. He was short, about 5'8" but you could tell he had that swollen yet still slightly thin look about him (dunno if that's a good visual, but he was about 160). Anyway, we were working out and we both noticed this huge guy working out. He was about 6'2" and could have professionally competed as he looked a lot like a bodybuilder does offseason. My bud had always wanted some serious muscle and just went over and talked to him about how he got so big. Jeremy always had a muscle guy swagger, so it only made sense that he get the body to back it up.

The guy couldn't have been more willing to help; he gave us a pretty intense training session. I was nursing a shoulder I had injured the month before, so I left about 40 minutes into the session to avoid overworking it. The next morning my friend came into class and said that they were there for over 2 hours and basically was told everything the guy could think of, including diet, sleep, supplements, etc. I could see the gleam in Jeremy's eyes. I just smirked and told him he was trying to get over his Napoleon complex. Well, I could never really train as hard as Jeremy wanted due to my shoulder (it's rediculous how much we use it for anything upper body), but I stuck it out with him for the remaining month, spotting him when he wanted and such. Every now and then Ron, the big guy with all the advise, would come up to Jeremy and help him out some.

Over the weeks I started noticing some definite improvement. His veins were becoming more pronounced, I noticed that all over he was getting tighter. I also noticed that Jeremy was absolutely loving it. I remember a specific time when he was doing bicep curls and he pumped out maybe 5 more than I'd ever seen him do just because he was so entranced by how swollen his biceps looked. And I'll admit, they were getting pretty gorged. It was only a month, and honestly, how much size can you put on in 30 days.

So I left San Diego to go work in Dallas while Jeremy stayed in San Diego to work at the branch there. I lost contact with Jeremy pretty immediately and never really thought about him much. I lived in Dallas for 2 years but was recently promoted and sent back here to San Diego again. The branch gym here is pretty good, so I went right back the day I started working here (about 2 weeks ago). I was working out not 10 minutes before I hear my name and turn around. My jaw drops. I know its Jeremy right away because his face is pretty much the same, but aside from that he's a new person. He weighs in at a whopping 230 which is insane for a person his height and it is all muscle and veins. He has the body of an ONseason bodybuilder. He was wearing a pretty snug tank top that showed off every ab ripple and was grinning ear to ear when I commented on the explosion.

He said that even though we both thought we were training as hard as was possible, Ron showed him what high intensity truly was. He said that after that first month (after I left) he began packing on poundage almost daily. 30 pounds of the 70 he's put on in the 2-odd years came in those first 3 months after I left. Ron had this whole philosophy of feeling every muscle your working contract to its fullest and to absolutely NEVER do a bad rep. Also, he advised never to count your reps (it only limits you). The list goes on and it worked wonders for Jeremy. He actually plans on competing this summer.

The best part of all this is that Jeremy's taken me under his wing. In two weeks of working out I feel that I've made 2 months worth of progress. The program is killer. And I have crazy inspiration what with Jeremy as proof. I'll keep those interested updated if I have as much success as Jeremy... I have officially caught the muscle bug. •

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