Good Freak, The


By Also_KnownAs

March 4

Dear Journal,

The doctor said I should start a diary, but diaries are for girls so I'm calling this a journal. Journal sounds better. I know that no one will see this but him and me, anyway.

My name is Kevin. I'm 15 years old. I live in a small town where nothing much happens. Which is why I'm such a freak, I guess. The reason for this journal is to record the things that are happening to me to see if anyone can figure out why it's happening, like I would have a clue if the doctor doesn't.

I guess that sounds like the doctor is a jerk, but he's really not. He seems awfully young to be a doctor, to me. Tells me to call him Jack instead of Dr. Donaldson like everyone else does. He's really pretty nice, which helps since he has to prod and poke me just about everywhere. Actually, everywhere. That guy's seen more of me than I have.

I'll start at the beginning, which I guess was a year or a year and a half ago. He, the doctor, thinks that what's happening is related to puberty, like that's a mind-blowing truth. I could have told him that. Everything was fine until I started growing hair and getting pimples and all that. All through grade school I was like the other guys, far as I could tell. Same height, same weight, we played ball together, ran around, whatever. Then suddenly I start sprouting like a weed, as my dad says, and everything goes crazy.

To paint a picture, I'm 15 and I'm six feet four inches tall. I weigh around 210 pounds. If I work out at all, which I used to do for football and baseball and stuff, I gain weight even faster. I just thought I was working out harder than the other guys, I mean you couldn't miss it, that I was getting bigger than them. My body just started acting weird.

At first it was cool. We'd work out together, my friends Paul and Jerry and me. We grew up together, us three, and were really great friends. I'm still friends with Jerry. Paul started acting weird a few months ago and now all he does is stare at me and look funny, like he's embarrassed or something. I'm not pissed off about that. I figure I'd act weird, too, if my best friend started swelling up like the Hulk or something. Jerry just thinks it's cool. He's pretty small, even for a regular guy our age. So, whatever. We hang out. I just have to be careful around him because I'm so strong.

That's the other thing. I'm not only bigger than I should be, but I'm a lot stronger, too. They say it's dangerous. Well, they don't say that to me, but I hear them sometimes, the adults, talking about me. I play on the varsity football team with the Seniors. I'm a Freshman. And I'm bigger than a lot of them, even. Except for Carl, one of the tight ends, and Robbie, the center. Those guys are huge.

But I'm still bigger than them. I arm wrestled Robbie once. I nearly broke his arm. So I guess I do need to be careful. And although Carl and Robbie are pretty nice and all, I think they just feel like they have to be because I'm big. It's different than how Tim treats me. He's the quarterback. He's really, really nice.

I guess I should mention my penis. It's weird writing about this. Anyway, Jack said to record everything so here goes. My penis is also larger than average, at least from what I can tell. And Jack says I'm `well endowed' too. If I look at the other guys in the locker room or the showers, it's pretty obvious. I measured it for this journal and it's eight inches long. I don't know how long it's supposed to be. And I think it's also fatter than it should be, too. Like, the other guys penises all look thin or something, if I really compare. But whatever, it's not my fault.

Anyway, I have to start keeping this journal so Jack can try and figure out if I'm doing something that make me get big. But I don't think I am.

Jack said I'm also supposed to record my `sexual acts' and I said, `I don't have sex' and he said he meant anything, even masturbation. Which is weird, but whatever. So I jerked off three times today. Once in the shower this morning, once right after gym in the boy's room and finally in bed before writing this. That was a really good one.

Doctor's Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

Kevin's physical growth continues to accelerate. I have been unable to account for it so far, but I'm hopeful that I can draw some conclusions from his personal life. I've asked the patient to begin keeping a diary of his daily routine in hopes that some patterns or unusual behavior emerge.

Patient is abnormally tall for his age. He also exhibits abnormally accelerated muscle growth accompanied by strength and flexibility gains commensurate with that growth. Growth seems to have initiated with the onset of puberty, which may account for the abundance of testosterone in his system. An unusually high amount is being produced, however it does not seem to be manifesting other classic male characteristics one would normally expect such as aggression or emotional instability. Kevin is almost abnormally calm and pleasant, even polite. He was a rather small boy until this growth episode which may account for a shyness even while he is much larger than any other boy his age, already well over six feet tall and weighing just over 200 lbs.

Only worrisome physical trait is a low body fat count for a boy his age, under 8%. I believe the accelerated metabolism probably accounts for that. I have advised him to eat more carbohydrates.

I will send blood samples for analysis.

March 20

Dear Journal,

Tim took me for a ride in his Camaro! It was so cool. He has this killer stereo and you can totally feel the bass all through you. He put on one of my favorite CDs, I couldn't believe he listens to George Michael! That's so funny, I pictured him listening to Aerosmith or something. But he had that Red Hot and Dance CD and he put on the Model Song, as I call it, and we pumped it up and were out on the east side of town, out in the boonies.

Tim's so cool. Who else would take a freshman out in his car at lunch like that? The day wasn't too cold so we opened the windows and the top, his car has a moonroof (I called it a sunroof and he corrected me, but in a nice way not like I was a dumbass) and the stereo was so loud and we were singing along, Too Funky! Too Funky! I'll never forget today. He was really nice, like I knew he would be.

We stopped out on the other side of Memorial Park, up on the hill looking over the whole town. We sat on the hood of his Camaro and the wind was blowing pretty hard. Tim bought us lunch at Mickie D's and we both were finishing our Cokes and he asked me if I ever feel odd, like life is handing you unfair stuff you don't know how to handle. And I said I think everybody does sometimes. And he said no, like really odd, like you don't belong at all, like you're so completely different that you wish you could go away, somewhere else where people don't care who you are or what you do or what you think of.

I sort of wondered if he meant my freakiness, growing so big so fast, and I said I stopped working out so I wouldn't grow so quick and I'm trying to fit in and I know people call me names and make fun of me and then he looked all worried and said he wasn't talking about me and said he was sorry if I thought he was. He was really quiet all the sudden and we just sat there and looked at the town and I sort wish I had asked him what he meant but it was so weird that I didn't know what to say.

All the way back in the car he was really quiet. I caught him looking at me a couple of times like he wanted to say something but I didn't know what to say and I felt bad that I made him feel awkward around me. He didn't play the CD on the way back and I wanted to ask him to put it back on but, I don't know, it was all so weird.

I jerked off two times, once in the morning and once just before now, at around 9 o'clock. I also had a boner with Tim in his car, I think because of the bass, I could feel it everywhere and it felt good and it almost felt like I was going to ejaculate just sitting in there but I held back. Does that count?

Doctor's Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

Kevin's sexual activity seems over stimulated. He is masturbating several times a day, sometimes more than once in the course of an hour. While teen males are often libidinous during the onset of adulthood, I am unaware of cases where the stimulus is as constant. Having examined his penis it does not seem to be having any detrimental effect on achieving and maintaining erection. Indeed, Kevin's penis seems as abnormally healthy as the rest of his body.

He mentioned a possible homosexual episode to me today regarding one of his friends at school. Again, not unusual during sexual awakening. I am reminded of my own teenage years while talking with him. He is open and gregarious and I believe I have gained his trust which is essential in a doctor patient relationship, particularly one so personal. I believe he was looking for acceptance or approval from me as a male role model. This makes me question his relationship with his father, whom I believe is often gone from the home. The mother died some years ago and there are no siblings.

I took the opportunity to assuage his fears about his sexuality, but was careful to avoid mentioning personal details of my own life to avoid undo influence. However, I left some pamphlets in the office regarding sexual awakening and sexual roles and I believe he took one.

His masturbatory episodes continue unabated, on some days growing even more prevalent. I will ask for a sample of his sperm next week.

Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson March 20

Kevin Peters is going to be a problem. I keep getting hard ons when he strips down. I can't believe the boy's body, and he acts like he's any other teenager as if he isn't a hunk of sweet muscle flesh so prime and beautiful that if I started publishing pictures of the kid on the Web no one would believe they were real. His sweet, almost pretty face plunked on top of a body that would make my grandma wet – it's incredible!

He talked about Tim today. It's a wonder that guy can keep in the closet as much as he's cruising the park every Friday night. I've seen him with half a dozen guys his age doing things I never learned about until I was well past drinking age. Times change, I guess.

But getting back to Kevin, on a professional level I'm not sure what the fuck is happening. Everything checks out normal, better than normal! The kid's super healthy and strong as an ox. He could probably break me in two if he wanted to. Just thinking about those thick arms and that tight ass.

Careful, Jack. Just keep telling yourself, "He's only a kid. He's only a kid. He's only a kid."

He's only a six-foot plus kid who weighs better than 200 pounds, all of it muscle, and has a dick that could choke… well, me.

April 1

Dear Journal,

Sometimes I hate Jerry. It was April Fool's Day and he decided to be a jerk and when I was in the shower he took all my clothes and put them in my locker, not my locker in the gym but my other one out on the quad, where my books usually are. He has the combo to my lockers because one time I was sick and he brought my stuff home which I never thought would be a problem.

So I get out of the shower after gym and I have one of those little towels that totally covers nothing because the school's so cheap and whatever and I wonder why I even try to cover up anyway, I end up just holding the thing over my wiener with my butt hanging out so all the wise guys can whap me with their little towels and I have no clothes at all not even my underwear. Jerry's like totally laughing his ass off and so's half the gym and then he swipes my towel, too so I'm butt naked and no one will help.

I didn't want to be a snitch and get Jerry in trouble with the coach, he is my friend even though he doesn't act like it, so I just decide to go get my clothes myself, which was so dumb but sometimes I don't think.

So I'm kind of covering myself with my hands which is almost impossible and darting from building to building totally nude trying to get all the way across the school to my other locker and I run into Paul who, like I said, has been giving me the cold shoulder for months. He sees me and I sort of wave to him and try to get him to come over but he goes white as a sheet and turns the other way from me and walks in the other direction! What is up with Paul, anyway? I didn't do anything to piss him off and he acts like I have a disease all the sudden!

Anyway, I finally got to my locker and got my clothes back on. I wanted to kill Jerry. I need to think of some way to pay him back for that one. A bunch of people saw me and if they didn't already think I was a freak then they do now! Man, I hate Jerry.

Jerked off three times. Once in the shower this morning, and twice tonight. I'm still mad and sometimes getting off calms me down. Maybe I should do it again.

Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson

April 1

Kevin told me a story today that nearly had me creaming. In fact the first thing I'm going to do after I finish this entry is go find Berry and fuck his brains out.

Kevin's "friend" Jerry (who's a little prick, I've met him – and he *is* a little prick because he has a little prick) played a dumb joke on Kevin by hiding his clothes after Kevin's shower so he had to march across the campus butt nekkid to go get them.

I can't even imagine what that looked like. Well, actually, yes I can. Because he's a huge fucker and I doubt he could even hold himself in both hands so imagine this teenage muscle stud with his pretty, smooth face walking his fine, prime ass across the lawns, swinging his dick, his bulging chest bouncing as he ran because his muscles are so fucking big.

Bedamn! I woulda paid money to see that. •

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