Going to School

By Muscle Head

Fred was just your average college guy. A sophmore he was 5'10", 145 lbs, sandy hair, nothing that would stand out in a crowd, yet he had a yearning to be more than he was. He would go to the gym each day to work out and see all the big guys there and wish he had the bulging biceps, huge pecs, big legs and a washboard stomach.

It wasn't from lack of trying. Fred had been faithfully working out and had gained a few pounds of muscles but nothing spectacular.

One day he was in the gym and this guy who was a freshman and had started working out in the fall came in. He had grown from a normal sized 18 year old gawky kid, into a jr bodybuilder type in a few months. Where he had skinny arms, were now mounds of vein wrapped muscle. Where he had a shallow chest, pecs stood out proud and strong. where a flat shapeless belly had been were now six distinct ab muscles. Even his once skinny legs were much larger. He wasn't ready for the bodybuilding shows, but was quickly getting there!

Fred and he were the only ones in the gym and they started talking to each other. Fred asked how Jim had grown so much in the last few months and he couldn't seem to get anywhere. Jim admitted he had some help.

Fred asked him if it was steroids. "Nope" said Jim, "Magic!"

"Oh come on, magic isn't for real" said Fred.

"Sure it is, you just need to know the right people." said Jim.

"Well who is it you know then?"

"My next door neighbor back home" Jim answered.

"Well what do they do?"

"Well, I was out in the yard this summer with only shorts on cutting the grass and getting some sun when she came over with something to drink as it was hot." "I thanked her and we got to talking" "She said something to the effect that I was real skinny and could use some meat on my bones" "I didn't know what to say so I just looked down on the ground." "She then told me that she had something that would do the trick, but I had to also workout with the weights if I was going to grow any bigger."

"We went over to her garage and she mixed me up this brew and and told me to wait till I got to college and there was a great weight room there to work out." "I started right away and overnight began to see a real difference" "Check this out"

Jim flexed his arm and a huge muscle came up...lots bigger than I thought it would be! He flexed his chest and muscles began popping out that I had only dreamed up. He flexed his legs and you could see the muscle bunch up. I went over and felt his hard body.

Jim said, "I'll bet she could fix you up too!"

So that weekend we went to Jim's home and met his next door neighbor who was ectastic over Jim's new body. She agreed to mix me up a potion as well.

That next week was something. My arms had been stuck at 15 inches for months suddenly grew. In one week I put 3 inches on...my chest that had never grown much suddenly took off and I put about 5 inches there...my waist actually shrunk an inch and washboard abs were beginning to show for the first time...and my legs were getting so big I didn't think I'd be able to put my pants on any longer.

Jim couldn't believe how quickly I had grown so big. He called his neighbor who said it was probably because I had been working out already.

But Jim came over one night after we had worked out and asked a question. I know your body has really changed and your muscles are so much bigger, but has something else changed?

I hadn't said anything but I had noticed that my dick had really become big. In fact I was having a real problem getting hardons at the worst possible times. I told him and he said, "Yeah mines out of control these days too. It's almost like it's got a mind of it's own." "Let's see yours"

So we both pulled down our pants and were astonished. Jim's was huge! even bigger than mine...it looked to be about 10" flacid, mine was only about 7"...but then we both started to get woodies.

We both rose up quickly and hard. Large veins running up and down and around our dicks. I had never seen anything so spectacular in my life. When Jim's dick had become fully erect it over 13" long. Mine measured at 10" Jim reached over and began to stroke me...I did the same for him amazed at how hard his dick was, yet how velvet it was to the touch.

Then he did an amazing thing...he leaned down and began to suck me off. I had never had any experience with sex at all, except for my hand. This was incredible! Soon I was shooting my load in his mouth. Then I did the same for him. It was at first very strange then invigorating as he pumped that monster into my mouth. Then he shot off a huge amount of cum, so much it ran out the corners of my mouth.

By the end of the semester we both were looking great with huge muscles all over our bodies, and very content as we continued getting together for our private times. •

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