Superman: The Sixth Dimensional Vessel


By redwolf64

"What's...happening.... to... me....?"

Superman groaned in pain and pleasure, his voice growled and roared.

His exposure to the sixth dimensional matter had begun to change him.

Unlike the human, a less advanced life form, Superman's powers began to increase with alarming speed.

His body quaked, the muscles flexing, throbbing, growing. His costume began to tear at the seams.

Superman lost control of his body as his forearm was drawn into the light. His eyes glowed, his heat vision multiplied, began shooting off uncontrollably. Rocks and boulders fell from the ceiling of the cave, bouncing off of him and and the being like rubber balls. The ground shook as these two evolved, hulking masses of muscle struggled with each other for control of the matter in the vessel.

Superman's brows grew heavy, his brain cavity enlarged. His muscles expanded to more than inhuman porportions; his costume ripped and tore, the veins in his muscles pulsed and throbbed, his feet grew huge and thick tearing through his boots.

Superman was growing.

The being grew frantic, trying to move his arm deeper into the light, fighting against Superman, knowing that he had to gain more strength, more power.

But, it was no use.

In a matter of moments, Superman was twelve feet tall, glowing green, standing naked in front of the being. Superman, his veined muscles still growing and throbbing, withdrew the hand of the being from the light.

Superman stood in front of the being, glaring down at him with his glowing eyes.

Superman felt his power. Felt he must dominate this being. Force this being into serving him.

Superman let out a roar and did a most muscular. Superman's neck was incredibly thick, veined and muscled, his pecs huge and powerful, his arms unstoppable.

When he roared, a massive hurricane force wind emerged from his lips, pushing against the face of the being, distorting the features as if he were an astronaut experiencing massive g-forces. The walls of the cave trembled with minor earthquakes at Superman's roar.

The being realized who was the most powerful person in the universe.

As he roared, Superman sprouted strange fur all over his body - fur that was hard, spiny, stronger than steel. His jaw became more square and pronounced, his neck throbbing with muscle and power.

Superman grabbed the wrists of the being with a force that could have crushed a tank; as Superman held the being's wrists behind his back, the bones and muscles repaired and reformed, awaiting more abuse from this superior being.

Superman's cock was engorged, lava hot, pulsing at the thought of fucking this inferior being.

Superman roared again, holding the arms of the being behind its back, flexing his muscles, the hurricane force of the air from his lungs, shattering the bones of the being.

Of course, as Superman saw with his now constantly active x-ray vision, the bones almost instantly healed.

A strange desire overtook Superman. He spun around the being, forcing it to bend over; he massaged his massive cock with his huge fist.

Without warning, Superman plunged his cock into the beings ass, feeling the sensation of his huge, throbbing tool tearing at the ever healing insides of the being.

Superman fucked the being harder - he had to deposit his cum in the being, he had to make the being serve him.

Faster and faster ... Superman pumped the beings muscled ass. Using his super-speed, now enhanced by the vessel, Superman fucked the being for hours...days...weeks. It didn't matter because Superman's cock controlled time and space.

To an outside observer, Superman would not seem to move at all; he was fucking the being so long and hard that tie meant nothing to him.

His x-ray vision saw his massive throbbing cock thrusting inside, tearing at the being's insides and breaking bones that were all reassembled in a few moments.

Superman came, his massive hands squeezing the being's ass, gallons of cum pouring out of his tremendously huge, muscular and powerful cock.

In the moments following his orgasm, Superman imagined this being as he was before. Indeed, as the hardon began to subside, the being grew smaller and smaller.

Superman realized that the vessel had made him capable of reforming matter in this dimension. His will could be manifested in a moment's notice, just by thinking about it.

After what seemed like a few moments, the being shrunk into what appeared to be a normal human being. Naked, the being crumpled on the ground in front of Superman's powerful form.

Superman stared at the vessel, wondered about its power. With a swift motion, the now enormously enhanced Superman used his hands and body to sweep the vessel out of the cave, flying high into the air.

Superman quickly flew to his fortress of solitude, gently placing the vessel there.

Standing in front of the vessel, his twelve foot frame pulsing, glowing with power, Superman wondered if he should place his hand in the opening again. •

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