By Also_KnownAs

"Ouch!" Todd's mouth scrunched up as he felt the needle pierce his ass. "I didn't think it would hurt that much, Doc."

"I'm sorry, Todd. It will be over quickly." The man in the white coat pushed the plunger on the syringe, injecting the experimental male enhancement serum into the first human subject on whom it would be tested. It was a clear fluid, of the same consistency as water, and just as scentless. It was a soup of enzymes, proteins and DNA modulators designed to enhance all aspects of male faculties and potential. It had been cooked up here in this lab by a group of doctors lead by the man taking this final step in a long process of refinement and experimentation.

"You said this'll make me stronger?"

The doctor nodded. Todd thought he was the most emotionless man he'd ever met. All brain, this guy. "You will certainly see an increase in strength. There will likely be additional increases in potency, stamina, resiliency and... other things."

"Other things?"

"As you read in the brief, I believe."

"The one basically signing my life away, you mean?" Todd stood up and pulled on his pants, rubbing his cheek where the sting of the needle lingered.

"An overstatement, but essentially correct."

"And whatever's going to happen will happen over the next few hours?"

The doctor looked at his watch. "The next eight to twelve hours, yes."

"So by tomorrow morning..."

"By tomorrow morning I think you will see a very different man when you look in the mirror."


"Yes? Who is this?"

"It's me. It's Todd."

"Todd? What's wrong with your voice, did the serum give you a head cold?" "No, doc. No, not that. You'd better get over here. Get over here quick."

"What's the matter? What's happened?"

"Just meet me at my place and you'll see."

"Did it work, then?"

Looking down at the new body he'd woken up with, Todd could only grin. "Oh, I think you could say that." The joy and surprise in his voice were obvious.

"Meet me at the lab, Todd. I want to take some tests and measurements, then."

"Well, there's a problem..."


"In a sense."

"What problem?"

"None of my clothes fit me."

"Surely there must be something...?"

"Doc, believe me, if I could fit what I got into something, I'd be more than happy to oblige." He bent his arm, watching the muscle swell enormously. "I mean, you have to see this," he began, tensing the bicep larger still, the fibers and veins separating and swelling, the head of the muscle splitting along a deep crevasse, "to believe it."

"In all areas?"


"I mean, the growth and enhancements should have manifested equally in all areas."

Todd grinned, unflexing his arm and moving his fingers down his rippled abdomen and through a dark forest of soft, shining hair until his hand enfolded the new grown wealth of his cock, slipping his hand around the root and feeling the weight and heft of his manhood. The heat of it radiated into his grip. "Oh, I think you could say I've been enhanced."

"Give me twenty minutes." The phone went dead.

Todd carefully replaced the receiver, growing more comfortable with his increased strength. It hadn't taken him long to figure out that he would have to be much more careful about how he handled everything after he'd accidentally twisted off the faucet handle just trying to shut off the water completely.

Walking back toward the bathroom, he approached the mirror over the sink again. He paused almost in shock, still. The fact that he couldn't believe that the reflection staring back at him was his own still amazed him. Yesterday, he would have seen a man in his early twenties with mud-colored hair, two chins, pale skin and a rather ordinary face. His nose was slightly broad, his eyes were a nondescript hazel. Looking down from that face, he'd have seen a body that showed it had not been well treated by its owner. A definite paunch of flab would be hanging like a heavy sack of potatoes. His chest would wobble if he shook it, and his upper arms were large but soft.

Further down, a small dick which looked almost scared would poke its head from between his fleshy legs. Though he was a tall man, standing just over six feet high, he looked smaller to himself as if the world were on his shoulders.

Now, an almost entirely different figure appeared in the mirror. If a dictionary were looking for an illustration of what 'man' should be, they could find no better example than what now stood in that Same mirror. And all it had taken was one injection and one night's sleep.

The doctor had promised that he'd see an improvement, but even in his wildest dreams he had never expected to see this.

Now the face and body looked as if they had been carved from flesh by a master sculptor. He imagined that when they said that man was made in God's image, this was what they meant.

The first thing that would strike someone seeing the new Todd would be his size. He figured he'd added a few inches at least in height, standing about six and a half feet tall, maybe six-eight head to toe. And in between, what there was to see was nothing short of incredible. Beautiful. Amazing.

His hair was now blonde. Golden and shiny. When the light hit it, silver flickered off the strands like silk. Fine, arched brows and long, thick lashes of a like fair-haired hue surrounded eyes of ice blue. The whites around the irises shone like polished marble, clear and white. His narrow nose angled down toward a mouth of straight white teeth and full, sensuous lips. His own smile almost made himself erect. Dimples in his high cheeks appeared when the flash of his teeth came to his face, and it was like watching the sun appear.

His sunlit hair now cascaded in soft waves to his shoulders, which were now much broader and mounded with muscle. He reached up to move his wealth of gold off his shoulders and watched them bunch and swell. He could feel the power radiate across his upper back, feel the strength there. His eye was drawn again to the crook of his arm where his bicep bulged like a balloon. His hand moved across the expanse of his chest, his touch drifting across two hemispheres of hard brawn. He flexed slightly and watched them inflate even larger, fingers of muscle extending from the thin separation between the globes. Turning slightly, he mimicked what he had seen bodybuilders do, bringing his hands up in a grip and forcing even thicker cascades of strength into his chest until two huge boulders sat pulsing there. He relaxed and watched the hard cobblestones of his abdomen swell and recede with each breath. A washboard six-pack like he'd seen on those commercials for exercise equipment, but his looked more formidable and more perfect than any he'd seen on TV. Maybe that was just wishful thinking, though.

His skin seemed almost luminous under the bright bathroom lighting. It was bronzed and shining with vitality, covering every inch of his new form like soft velvet. Running his hand over his chest and down, his touch caressed a copper nipple and he felt another strong, erotic shock reverberate through him and land at his crotch where what had grown between his legs overnight pulsed once, seeming to swell slightly at even so delicate a stimulation.

That drew his attention again to the monster there, the length of hot flesh that awoke him that morning to what had happened.

Like any other morning, his prick had hardened in anticipation of a morning's visit to the bathroom, but when he moved his grip toward that urgency, what his hand found under the sheets was not his usual six-inch hard-on but something impossible.

Digging through what he would later discover was a new wealth of silken gold that started as a thin trail of hair from his navel and spread above his loins like a crown, his fingertips encountered the fat, firm root of a cock that went on and on until his hand rested on the wide knob extending out from his body by what seemed to his blind touch to be a foot, at least. As his hand moved along his girth, feeling a heat and urgency unlike any he'd felt before, shocks of pleasure erupted from his prick like explosions through his body. He could feel that touch magnified tenfold, the slightest stroke sending waves of orgasmic pleasure through his body in a surging tide. But the shock of the thing seemed to drain the desire away, and after taking a piss that would have watered a desert, he'd called the doctor to get the man's ass over there.

He looked down at himself now, watching the dull pulsing of his expanding cock as the memory of the morning's minor pleasures engorged it anew. The head swelled like a mushroom, the shaft expanding like a water balloon, the whole of his cock rising with each fresh pump of hot blood toward his belly and farther, increasing in length and girth and size until he didn't believe it could get larger.

Closing his eyes, then, not even touching himself, he luxuriated in the waves of erotic bliss emanating from his growing erection. Just feeling the increasing weight of the monster made him get that much hornier. He could feel the heat from it against his belly, crawling still higher up his muscled torso. He leaned back to counterbalance the burgeoning appendage, his muscles supporting him effortlessly as the thing climbed higher. He could feel the weight of it at his crotch, feel the size of it, the power of it, the sheer scope of its growth. He swore he felt his balls dropping lower, growing heavier and larger as well.

He felt like he would cum buckets, gallons, that he would become a fire hose of pleasure spewing his load in an unending stream. He felt something warm running down the length of his prick, something like honey drizzling along the shaft, flowing down over the helmeted head and heating his entire manhood.

As he opened his eyes, his gaze fell upon the eye of his cock throbbing with each beat of his heart. A clear glaze of precum was flowing from the tip, running in thick rivulets down his engorged member standing now red and at attention before him. This is new, he thought dimly, but he was overwhelmed with the tide of pleasure radiating from his erection. And he was almost frightened when he caught site of himself in the mirror.

He could see the well-muscled man he had become, see the sheen of bronzed skin and collection of raw brawn, but before that was a colossal erection, easily three feet high. His balls had similarly grown, hanging now like two huge, perfectly round balls in his fat, fuzzy nutsack. He thought he could see them move, churning in the skin, he could almost hear the flood of cum awaiting release. His cock was glazed with a thick coating of clear fluid that drizzled off the bottom of his balls, puddling between his feet.

"Impossible," he whispered, but his mind was filled with the roar of bliss, the ache of gratification. He wanted nothing more than to move his hands along the shaft and drown in what it delivered.

He dipped his touch to his cock, his abdominal muscles bulging in a relief map of power, and the feeling of pleasure was magnified tenfold. The fluid was slick and warm, a lubricant that covered his hand as his moved it up the shaft. He placed his other hand on the opposite side and was rewarded with an intensification of the bliss. It filled him, it overwhelmed everything, he was nothing but that feeling and shock of deeply realized erotic ecstasy.

He could feel it in his balls, feel his heavy load wanting to be set free. He could feel the weight and power of it, like an electric pulse. He was lost to his desires.

The clear fluid was flowing like a river, a sticky sweet flow that ran down his cock, covered his densely muscled arms. He was stroking himself slowly with both hands, his prick as hard as steel, as hot as the sun. Wave after wave of concentrated bliss filled him. He could feel the load moving toward his cock, feel the liquid lightning urging him on. A slow, low moan left his body.

Then it began. He felt as his cum climbed through his engorged member. Felt it through every inch as it went higher and higher until he threw his arms back and fell against the wall behind him, yelling aloud. His load was unleashed in a long, unending stream. It did not shove out in quick spurts, it fountained from him toward the ceiling.

Grabbing his huge erection by the base, he shoved his load free, feeling the ultimate bliss of release and orgasm such as no human being had ever felt it before. If what he had been experiencing thus far was a tidal wave of bliss, then here was the crest of that wave. Deep as the ocean, wide as the sky, hot as the sun the pleasure filled him until his load was spent and he was left gasping and laughing.

He stood in a pool of his seed, his feet sunk into a puddle of white swirling with the clear of his precum. Rather than feeling tired as he expected to after such a draining experience, he felt invigorated and powerful, stronger than before.

His mammoth erection was quickly deflating. He still found it difficult to turn with a two-foot cock standing out from his body, but soon his prick had lost its rigidity and sank limp between his legs again, still hanging probably a foot down against his heavily muscled thigh. He felt it there without looking down, retaining some of its heat and craving for his touch even now. It still felt heavy, maybe even heavier than before as if this amazing display had increased its bulk, although he couldn't fathom how that could be true.

Looking around him, he had to smirk and huff out a quick silent laugh. He'd managed to miss himself in the shower of cum that launched from him, but thick threads of it were dripping from the ceiling and it coated most of the wall and the mirror in front of him. Some of it was pooled in the sink, looking too thick to drain away. He shook his head at the memory, sizing up how much his balls must have produced to make the mess in front of-and above-him.

He turned on the faucet to force what was in the sink down the drain and turned to grab some towels, trying to clean everything up. Pulling his feet free, he found it interesting that this cum seemed to stick to him like glue. It seemed to be growing thicker as it mingled with the clear lubricating fluid. In fact, now that he was really paying attention, it seemed that it was whiter than it should be, almost like milk.

Maybe it wasn't cum, he thought. Maybe the serum did something else....

But what it had done to him already seemed impossible. First the incredible changes to his appearance and strength, then the amplified erotic pleasure gained from the slightest touch, and now it seemed that his huge dick could swell to massive proportions, not to mention the way his balls had swelled to match that increase, and he was producing something like cum that gave him the most incredible and overwhelming orgasmic pleasure he'd ever experienced, but it wasn't exactly cum, either.

Lifting his foot to wipe it clean, he lost his balance and fell on his ass, splashing himself with more of the thickening solution. It was on his butt and his back, and his hand fell into it as well. Attempting to regain his feet, he twisted around and fell forward.

"Shit," he laughed. He pulled himself up and turned toward the mirror, laughing at his awkward antics and the site of himself coated with thick strings of the stuff. He started to wipe it off when he noticed that it seemed to be drying on his skin rapidly.

No, it wasn't drying on, his body was absorbing it. He started to panic, trying to scrub it from his skin with his hands but he only succeeded in coating himself with more of it. And as quickly as he did, his body drank that up, too. It was entering him through his feet. His grip on the sink invited the pool there in through his fingers, soaking into him through his fingernails.

"Fuck. Fuck!" He could feel himself suddenly growing warmer, particularly in the spots where the stuff had been. That warmth grew to a heat, a heat that spread through his limbs, into his muscles.

"What the fuck..." Looking down at himself, that heat dimmed and hardened, and as he watched it seemed to him that his muscles tensed and flexed, his arms, chest and shoulders growing suddenly hard as if he were trying to lift some incredible weight. It spread across his back, over his ass to his legs and around his thighs and calves. It crawled up his neck into his face and across his scalp. His saw his reflection in the mirror, his eyes squinting, his teeth clenched in a rictus. His whole body was red, the muscle fibers showing clearly under the skin.

The pressure increased into a shining pain, the sweet sting of growth and strain that he used to feel in the gym trying to pump out one more rep, trying to push himself beyond the wall of hurt to the place where his muscles had to take over and push themselves harder, make themselves grow.

And then he was growing.

He was growing again.

He could see it happening. Looking down, he watched as his chest slowly expanded. He watched his biceps and triceps swell. In the mirror, he could see the muscles of his neck, his shoulders, his laterals all start to grow slightly larger in front of his eyes. Lifting his arms, he flared his lats and watched the wings grow thicker and wider. He bent his arms into a double bi, feeling the muscles growing. He turned to see his back increase in size, his ass grow higher, slimmer. He felt his stomach as his abdominals rippled with deeper separations. Then his legs were growing, and he watched himself rise higher, growing slowly taller, his head rising as his body expanded.

"No fucking way." Even his voice was changing, lowering deeper, more fully masculine.

It struck him that it wasn't merely growth he was witnessing, it was a sort of refinement to his body. The lines of his features grew even more striking, his eyes more piercingly bright, the line of his jaw more rugged. His hair flowed over his shoulders and down, further, the shining ends tickling his lower back, then even his ass. A main of gold as thick as a lion's, as bright as a sunrise, as soft as silk. He lifted an arm and watched the muscle tense and smooth, perfecting itself. He circled a nipple with his fingertip, seeming to make it larger, more flawlessly round, the tip hard and perfect.

When the changes finally slowed, he was even bigger, even stronger, even more beautiful than before. He ran his hand along the line of his squared jaw feeling the sudden growth of a beard there. No other hair had appeared on his body, although it looked like the forest of fur above his cock was thicker and curlier.

His cock!

He lifted the tool of his growth, feeling again a surging pleasure from the touch, and felt the weight of his cock like a luscious burden. It had not so much increased in length-though perhaps it had but in relation to the rest of him, it looked as nearly perfect--as it had in size, in overall bulk. The veins that had previously patterned the surface were nearly gone, the shaft now smooth as glass and almost completely uniform in width from root to helmet.

The head, too, seemed more, well, perfect. The wrinkles were gone and it was also smooth and looked almost... If someone had been given the assignment to find the most perfect cock, his would come damned close.

Looking at himself now, he realized that what he had been before was a softer version of what he had become, as if with the first eruption from his dick the metamorphosis was complete. That the monster erection and subsequent flood was the culmination of his becoming this perfect example of the human male form, and his accidental bath in his own orgasmic release signaled the final modifications to manifest.

At least, that sounded good to him.

He wondered now if the huge erection and fountain were a one-time event. And he wondered what the new, seemingly improved tool sitting in his grip would do.

But he didn't have time to explore that curiosity before he heard the knocking at his door that he was sure must be the Doc. Pulling himself from the reflection of the perfection of man, he pulled another towel from the rack and wrapped it about his waist. He strode from the now clean bathroom without realizing he had absorbed all his own creation to the door and opened it wide.

"Hi, Doc!"


"Oh, it's you, Chuck." His best friend stood on the threshold, wearing his usual kalkis and white T shirt. He towered over him, now and could see Chuck's premature bald spot.

"Todd?" Chuck stood with his jaw hanging open staring up and up at the site before him.

Todd smiled and the sun came up. To Chuck, it was like seeing the face of a god, the body of a god as well. Perfection in bronzed flesh. He felt weak in the knees and his mouth went dry.

"C'mon in." He opened the door wider, taking a slight step back. To Chuck, even that movement was a striding dance, a gliding movement of beauty. "I know, you think I look different." The voice filled his ears like a song. The eyes of the man before him filled him with desires he had never known before. "Well? Are you coming in or not? The neighbors will start to talk about my strange new naked greeting habits if you don't . . . what's up with you, Chuck?"

Chuck swallowed hard. "Todd?"

"Yes, Chuck?"

He stepped in and Todd closed the door. As he passed, Chuck's senses were filled with the scent of the Man, the overwhelming power of him, the incredible passion and masculinity that flowed from him in overheated waves. "Todd, what..." He had to swallow again. He could not take his eyes from the other man's form. He needed to blink but could not. "What happened?"

Todd looked down at himself, lifting an arm into a swelling display of raw power and smiled again. "Oh, you noticed?"

Chuck nodded, licking his lips.

Todd let his arm drop and ran his hand absently across his tightly muscled stomach before tucking his fingers under the waistband of the towel hanging low on his slim hips. His nails killed an itch on his crotch where a bead of sweat had trickled. Chuck followed his friend's motions, his eyes bulging nearly out of his head when he saw the bobbing thickness of something long and substantial hanging between his friend's legs. "Remember that experimental drug you said I was a fool to take?"

Chuck was nodding slowly, his eyes scanning Todd's wealth of muscled beauty. A strand of silver-gold hair had worked its way across one expansive shoulder and curled across the largest chest Chuck had ever seen. The nipple on that hemisphere seemed to gleam as if it had been licked.

"Well, how you like me, now?"

With that, Todd let the towel fall away and slowly turned around to display for his friend exactly what he had become.

Chuck nearly fainted. The waves of power and masculine strength and capability came at him in waves. He gazed on Todd with a desire and need such as he never had felt. He could not name what it was he was feeling, exactly, but it was like want and obsession and envy and passion and lust packed tightly together. He had never even looked at a woman that way before.

Todd was unaware of his friends raging emotions. He was simply reveling in the display that he could put on and proud of what he had to show. He didn't think his own reaction had been very different when he saw his own reflection. It was disbelief that Chuck had in his eyes. It was amazement. Todd flexed and posed for his friend, showing off his astonishing new proportions and capabilities. He felt another surge of erotic pleasure as he stood there naked, although he wasn't sure why. Perhaps just the thrill of not feeling any shame in his body, indeed feeling that if he could he'd never wear a stitch of clothing again.

"I want you," his friend said. It came out as a whisper.


The sound of Todd's deeply resonant voice sent chills through Chuck's spine. He took a deep breath, trying to deny what he was feeling, what he'd just voiced aloud. "How's this possible?" That was barely above a whisper, but he managed it.

Todd shrugged, his shoulders demonstrating their magnitude and musculature in the simple gesture. He tossed his head slightly without realizing it to throw his wealth of hair across his back. "I didn't make the stuff, I just had it injected in my butt." He turned slightly and slapped a hand across his perfectly proportioned ass. Chuck sucked in a breath at the site of it and tried to ignore how Todd's huge cock wagged like a pendulum over his round and beautiful balls. The pubic hair looked so soft and silky, and he wondered what it smelled like, if it had that woody musk and heady spice that Todd seemed to give off in a concentrated form.

"But... when...?"

"Last night." Todd paused, looking toward the bathroom. "This morning."

"That fast?"

Todd nodded, and Chuck watched his friend's mane move as if tossed by a warm wind. He wondered if that hair was tickling Todd's ass, if it was as soft as it looked, how it managed to catch the light like spun glass. "And..." Chuck paused, wiping a hand down his face. He was sweating.

"And what?"

"What about the other...?" He waved his hand absently.

Todd mirrored the gesture. "The other...?"

Chuck swallowed. There was no spit in his mouth. His pants felt tight in the crotch. "The other... effects."

Todd quirked a slender brow and blinked his blue eyes. Chuck thought that not even jewels could hold so much beauty in them. "What other... effects?"

God, that voice would drive him insane. So deep and powerful. To hear it speak forever...

There was another knock at the door just then and Todd said, "Excuse me," dipping toward the floor to fetch the towel and this time only holding it to cover his genitals. As he walked, Chuck studied the rise and fall of the cheeks of his friend's ass with a care and want like no other he had felt before.

Todd opened the door and said, again, "Hi, Doc!"

"Good morning, Todd. My, things have progressed quite a lot, haven't they?"

Chuck watched as an older man entered the room. But his attention was only diverted for a moment before his gaze locked back on every movement of the god in his midst. He watched how the muscles of his legs stretched and bunched, how his waist twisted and the abdominal muscles grew and lengthened. He watched the tendons on his forearms twist around each other when he closed the door, watched the perfect globes of his ass kiss each other.

"This is my friend Chuck, Doc." Todd was still holding the towel up. Chuck was staring at it, waiting its fall. "Say hello, Chuck."

He grunted. Todd let his brow furrow. To Chuck, it looked beautiful. Todd's stunning voice intoned, "I think he's in shock, Doc. He's been acting pretty weird."

The doctor raised his eyebrows and quirked a smile. "It might be that." He turned his attention back to his subject. "The results are amazing! Incredible! All this in one night?"

"Sort of." The doctor reached inside his jacket and pulled out a small pad of paper and a pen. He pulled a measuring tape like a tailor might use from another pocket. "May I...?"

Todd grinned, dropping the towel again. "Be my guest! I'm sort of curious myself."

The doctor's eyes widened for a moment when he saw what Todd had been hiding, and as he pulled on a pair of Latex gloves he bent to get a better look. "Interesting. Your penis has become, eh, I'm not sure what I would..."

"Perfect," said Chuck quietly.

The doctor looked over, raising a single brow. "Well, perhaps." He turned back. "And the testes. Hmm. They appear to be..."


The doctor was just about to heft the low-hangers in his hand when he pulled away and looked toward Chuck who was staring at Todd's equipment. Todd looked over as well, saying, "What the hell is your problem, Chuck?"

"I believe he is manifesting what we have seen in some of our lab experiments prior to your dosage, Todd."

"I thought I was the first."

"The first human, yes." The doctor's fingers hovered around Todd's ample cock but did touch him. "But of course we experimented on some chimps. I had hoped to get here before any others encountered you to warn you about some possible... side effects."

"Don't you think you might have mentioned this before I got the shot?"

The doctor straightened, looking up at Todd's face. "I didn't believe they would manifest so quickly, but the metabolism is a hard... but let us get to the measurements."

"What side effects?"

"Hold this please." He handed Todd one end of the tape. "Hold it up. Yes, near the top... yes." He bent toward Todd's toes, explaining as he measured. "What you received... height six foot seven and three quarter inches... was essentially a synthetic male hormone designed... waist thirty inches... to enhance your masculine physical characteristics... chest fifty-two and one half inches... arm please... without affecting your masculine... make a muscle please... emotional tendencies. Upper arm fourteen inches. Hmm. Sixteen inches. Seventeen... are you doing something to change this?" He poked at Todd's bicep.

"What? Oh, sorry." His arm swelled like a balloon, the fibers showing under his shining bronze skin. Chuck seemed to moan, softly.

"Eighteen and... one-half inches. Your hair was not like this." It was a statement, but Todd shook his head - and his hair -- anyway. The doctor took a note. "Now, I must measure your... um."

"My what?" The doctor gestured toward his dick. "Oh. Knock yourself out."

"You are soft?"

"At the moment."

"This is... entirely soft?" He was pinching the shaft gently, testing the tensile strength.

Todd seemed to consider for a moment. "As far as I can tell."

The doctor squeezed his girth slightly. "You are sure?"

"It's been that way for a few minutes now. That's as soft as I can make it."

"Hmm." He squeezed again before running a tape down his length from root to tip. "Ten and one-quarter inch." Todd grinned. Chuck was breathing loudly. "Can you be hard, please?"



Todd shrugged and closed his eyes. If it worked like it had in the bathroom, this should be easy. "Doc, earlier this morning I jerked off in the john and my cock got... pretty damn big."

"Was this the first masturbation?"

He opened his eyes. "Since the change, yeah. I've jerked off a lot before."

"Yes, yes. How big would you say it got?"

"I got. Not 'it' got. That's still me down there."

"Yes, of course." The doctor was watching his erection manifest. Todd was feeling that pulsing warmth and sensation of erotic pleasure building again.

"I'd guess about three feet long and..."

"Three feet!" Chuck was on his feet.

Todd nodded. "And maybe..." He held his hands in front of him, the muscles of his arms flexing and swelling with sudden power, trying to show the girth as he remembered it. "What's this, a foot around?"

"Fourteen inches," corrected the doctor. He did not seem at all surprised.

"That's gonna cramp my sex life," Todd observed.

"I wouldn't worry about that. You see?" Todd looked down at his red, hard prick standing at attention. It was certainly not four feet long, but for all that it was still an impressive site. The doctor squeezed it again. "Any more?"

Todd tensed, but that seemed to be it this time. "I don't think so." The thrum of sensual bliss was filling him and he had not touched it. The surface was glassy and he could feel heat pouring off it like molten lead.

The measuring tape reappeared. "Fourteen inches exactly."

"Guess I'm a shower, not a grower."

"Holy fucking..." Chuck sat back down. He was drenched with sweat.

"Huh. That's more than twice as big as it used to be. But I wasn't lying about this morning, Doc."

"No, I believe you. That was also not uncommon. I assume you also experienced a certain amount of refinement in your physical appearance following that occurrence?" Todd nodded. "And did it involve contact with the resulting emissions? Physical contact that resulted in a sort of fusing?"

Todd nodded again, his mouth falling open slightly. "I wasn't going to add that part. It was sort of freaky." He glanced at Chuck who continued to stare at him, and most pointedly at his raging hard-on. A steady drizzle of the clear lubricating precum was starting to show, flowing down the underside of the shaft. It was just a small trickle, but it was steady and he could feel more coming. More than a feeling, he knew it was coming.

Chuck could smell Todd's scent stronger than ever, now. An overpowering manliness that emanated from him, a sense of raw power and pungent eroticism.

The doctor seemed immune, dipping a gloved finger to the clear fluid curiously. Todd sucked in a breath at the touch, his chest and abs swelling into hard relief. The flow grew immediately fuller, the trickle welling into a thick stream from the eye of his rock hard prick, coating it with a thickening glaze that gathered on his swelling balls before drizzling to the floor like syrup.

To Chuck, it was as if waves of heat were pouring off his friend and sinking through his own flesh. His cock was hard in his pants, his heart beating fast, his breath coming in short bursts.

"Doc, I..."

"This is like this morning? This emanation?"

Todd nodded, his hand caressing his chest, his fingers at his nipple. "It feels..."

The doctor touched his pulsing cock again, squeezing as before and the fluid renewed its vigor yet again. It was pouring down the sides of his erection. His balls were hanging lower and lower, swelling visibly now. "It appears to increase with the slightest touch." He touched again to demonstrate, and Todd sucked in a breath and moaned deeply. "What are you feeling, Todd?"

He answered haltingly. "Pleasure. Horny. Deep, full, hard, hot. I can feel it everywhere. Everywhere. I want to..."

"Is it like an orgasm, Todd? This is quite interesting. And it began with the erection, with no other...?" He was jotting in his notebook.

"So good. Yes, so terrible and pure and, oh God." He was clenching and unclenching his fists. Every muscle stood out on his body. He was a map of power and sexual capacity, a slave to the passion that filled him up, overwhelmed him. It was as deep as before. He felt his balls growing heavier and heavier, felt his blood growing hot, his skin burned with the need.

Chuck was reaching for his pants, unbuckling his belt, pulling the fly open and shoving his shorts down. His own hard cock sprang up, red and angry.

The clear flow was constant and ample. The doctor rubbed his fingers together curiously, feeling how slippery it was. Thicker than honey but slicker than oil, it was slicker than almost anything he had encountered. This was something unexpected. Perhaps an aid of some sort, and an aphrodisiac as well. It was then that he noticed that Chuck was jerking himself off like there was no tomorrow, leaning back on the couch with his eyes closed, his mouth making words but no sounds coming out. Todd still had not even touched himself, but it looked like the effort on his part was an amazing strain. His body was glistening with a sheen of sweat. He was reaching forward with his right hand to grasp his red, swollen tool. His balls were like two grapefruit, so large in the scrotum that they were as glassy and smooth as his prick.

The doctor stood and backed away to observe the two men, jotting down notes as he did so. It was all incredibly interesting to him. Suddenly, Todd wrapped his hand halfway around his erection and began slowly, slowly to stroke himself, his grip coated in a thick smother of precum. Something like a wave of erotic power seemed to strike Chuck, because he jerked once and started spurting cum across his jeans. He was clawing at his shirt, ripping it from his body as his spasms of pleasure continued.

Then Todd had both hands on his cock and he seemed to tense. His balls rode up and his erection swelled suddenly larger in his grip and the fountain erupted sending a stream of the white liquid lightning to the ceiling and down. Like before, it didn't come in broken spurts but streamed in one long torrent.

As the fluids again mixed, the doctor reached into the mixture with one gloved hand and gathered a pool in his rubber-gloved palm. With only a slightly said, "Excuse me," to Chuck, he spread the gunk on the other man's chest.

Chuck's eyes sprang open and he let out a sudden yelp. "Hot!" he said, trying to shove the stuff off with his hands.

"Only for a moment," responded the doctor, as he ladled another pool onto the unsuspecting subject.

"Stop! What are you doing!" Chuck was frantic as he watched the fluid seem to dry up on his skin and soak into his hands before he realized what was happening. "No, stop!"

Todd stumbled away from what he had again produced, wiping sweat from his brow. "Doc? Doc! No, stop!"

"Just a little experiment, while we have a handy subject." "But you don't know..."

"Not exactly."

Chuck's eyes were bulging as he felt immediately burning hot. He stood suddenly, his still erect cock bouncing wildly as he struggled to be free of his clothes. "Hot! So hot!" Kicking his shoes off, he tugged at his socks and stomped himself out of his jeans and Calvins, ripping his T shirt the rest of the way off. "Hot!" he panted again, dropping back onto the couch.

Chuck's pudgy body, covered with hair and white as a bone, was slick with sweat. "It's so hot," he said more quietly. "So... what... what's... hey!"

Todd was watching carefully. "Don't worry, Chuck. I think it'll be..."

"Hey! What's... what's happening?"

Todd could not help but stare as he watched a version of the transformation that had changed him so dramatically.

Chuck's form seemed suddenly to shrink, as if all the loose fat and skin had been sucked somewhere into his gut. A subtle darkening of his white skin began all over as it also grew tighter, thinner, sleeker. He was not losing hair so much as it seemed to collect itself in a more ordered fashion, disappearing from his shoulders, neck and belly and gathering across his chest. The hair on his head, a stingy mousy sort of brown, was turning midnight black. The soft features of his face were hardening, his bone structure refining itself.

"Give him some more, Doc. There's more, yet."

"No, I..." But Chuck's protest fell on deaf ears as the doctor spread more of the thick white substance on Chuck's legs and arms. He gathered up the last of it from the floor and dropped it squarely on Chuck's crotch where it disappeared almost immediately. Chuck started to moan, his hands moving across his own chest and belly. Todd watched dumbfounded, even though it had happened to him that morning, as Chuck's body started to change dramatically over the following minutes.

"Doc, what the hell is that stuff?"

Chuck's chest was swelling with new power. Ripples of corded muscle throbbed and grew like snakes escaping under his skin, twining and multiplying. His nipples grew larger and larger, dark caps expanding like perfectly round ink stains until the globes of his chest turned them downward. The growth moved out across his shoulders where the ropes of strength multiplied and divided, building new, larger, better shoulders from nothing at all.

"I believe you are manufacturing what might be called the essence of man."

Chuck's upper arms grew with sudden muscle. The skin stretched thin as the biceps swelled like inflating footballs, the triceps becoming like horseshoes of raw brawn. Thick veins crawled across his chest and down his arms, infusing the growing muscle, climbing down his limbs like vines, plugged into Chuck's developing strength. His forearms suddenly grew cables of power that swam over each other in a rush to grow bigger, stronger.

"What the hell does that mean?"

Chuck's stomach seemed alive as new muscles rippled across its expanse. A set of tight, bulging abs rose from his smooth, hard belly like cobblestones, each becoming more defined with every heartbeat. His waist compacted, growing lean and hard. His face was refining itself, the nose narrowing, even Chuck's ears seemed to be growing smaller. His hair was a shining crown of blue-black cascades that fell like a dark waterfall, down to his shoulders and pooling on his chest. When he opened his eyes, they were forest green.

"One of the... unforeseen side effects I mentioned."

Todd's attention was drawn to sudden movement between Chuck's legs as his cock, still hard, seemed to sprout all at once as if it were being inflated. Two thick veins popped along the surface and branched out along its girth, feeding the monster fresh blood. More veins appeared on his pelvis and inner thighs leading to his crotch as if pointing the way for where all the previous growth would suddenly culminate. His pubic hair darkened all at once into the Same midnight color of his head, spreading up, out and down, covering his scrotum and crowning his new monster which was so hard and red it looked like it might burst, but instead it simply kept increasing its size, each heartbeat of hot blood pushing it larger, longer and fatter.

"One of..?"

Chuck's thighs were filled with striated power, muscles so large they forced his legs apart. They were bulls, huge wedge-shaped collections of power folding into each other. They swelled bigger and bigger, as if someone were pumping them up. Rounded diamonds exploded on his calves, or seemed to. They weren't there, then suddenly they were. As Todd watched, Chuck's legs seemed to lengthen, his torso to widen, his head moved taller as he sat there. Chuck's lats flared abruptly outward as if he were sprouting wings, thick and meaty. They expanded up and out, now as wide as the cushion he was seated against.

"You mentioned Chuck's previous odd behavior when I arrived?"

Chuck was moaning softly, his eyes closed as his hands explored his new body. He could feel every touch magnified, his skin tingling with desire.


Chuck's hand reached down his body, his fingers climbing over his new

washboard abs, through the shining black silk of his pubic hair.

"Another unforeseen side effect."

Chuck's cock sprang to life in his hand as he set his fingers to it, and its vigorous development renewed. He started to grow.

"Wait a second, does that mean he's gonna..?"

And grow.

"Yes, he'll experience the same first erection as yourself. It will be interesting to see it. Hopefully I can get some measurements before it culminates."

Chuck sat forward and stood up, the newly cultivated muscles of his body working effortlessly, flexing and stretching and bulging in every direction. His touch was swelling his cock larger and fuller. A tiny dome of gleaming clear fluid appeared at the tip. "Yes," he said, his voice gruff and deep, oozing male potency. "Oh, yes..."

"He better not get bigger than me, that's all I'm saying." Todd sat down in a chair to watch. It would be interesting to see it happen from another viewpoint.

Chuck's quickly burgeoning manhood was an amazing sight, indeed. In no time, the clear flow had swollen to a steady stream that draped his cock in a glistening coat. It had to be two feet high already and showed no signs of slowing down. "I didn't stroke it that much, " Todd observed. "If he keeps that up he'll faint from the intensity."

"Shut up," said Chuck in a rough voice, as the tip of his dick climbed past his chest. His stroking continued unabated, and the lubricant was like a flood from his prick, thick surges spilling down his shaft and covering his balls as if he was squeezing the stuff out. Todd found his eyebrows rising in appreciation of Chuck's nuts, which looked to be as large as baseballs already, swelling his scrotum until it looked like a set of glossy glass balls. "He's going to hurt himself."

"More," said Chuck quietly. His cock was now extending to eye level, and he opened them to see the heavy flow pumping forth. "Yes," he said, "Oh, God, yes."

"Good, huh?" Todd was leaning forward, his chin resting on his knuckles, his elbows on his knees watching his friend's balls swell majestically.

The doctor was standing nearby with a tape measure. "Done yet?"

"Oh," Chuck moaned deeply. It was not clear that he'd heard.

"Is that as big as yours was, Todd?"

He nodded. "Eye level, as I recall." He qualified, "you have to remember that I was a little delirious at the time."

Chuck's hands were sliding up and down his monstrous pole with slow, deliberate strokes. He could feel each one to the tips of his toes and the ends of each hair on his head. He was drunk with it, drowning in it, engorged large and full and hard with orgasmic bliss. The doctor reached out tentatively and tried to measure the phallus, holding the tape as long as he could. "Can you help me a moment, Todd? I can't seem to reach."

"Sure, Doc." As the doctor held one end of the tape near the base of Chuck's huge erection, trying not to slip in his fast-growing pool of clear fluid, Todd stretch the tape up to the tip. "Looks like... about thirty-six inches of prick is what we have here." "Thirty-six inches exactly?"

"Well, hold on." Grinning, Todd leaned forward and pressed the tape onto the slick shaft just below the ridge of the helmet. Chuck jerked with a spasm of pleasure. Todd rubbed the tape along the lip, moving it back and forth in the double dips of the head before sliding it up the separation toward the tip. "Thirty-five and one-half inches. Exactly." Pulling the tape away, along with several long strands of the lube, he placed his hand on the helmet again and started buffing the surface. He could feel the heat and hardness of his friend under his touch, feel the strain of the pleasure Chuck was attempting to sustain.

His own 10-incher gave a sudden pulse of eroticism that shocked its way through his system as if in alliance with the monster hard-on beneath his touch. Chuck's eyes met his and his new face smiled, showing a mouth of straight white teeth. He placed his other hand against Chuck's manhood and each stroke seemed to pulse through his own body as well.

Chuck's face tensed. "I can't hold on..."

"Let go," Todd advised.

"But the feeling.... Oh, God, the feeling..."

"You ain't felt nothing yet, my man. You ready for the biggest orgasm the world has ever seen?" He glanced under the huge prick at Chuck's balls that were as big as grapefruit and red as a sunset in Maui. "Because you are about to blow the biggest wad in history."

As Todd stepped back, Chuck let go of his load, feeling the rushing surge of lightning through every inch of his body. It was an explosion of pleasure, of joy, of bliss so intense he thought he might die from its onslaught.

Up it rushed, emptying his balls and flooding out of him in a thick, fat stream that went on and on and on. A geyser of cum, a volcano of it, so much and so fast that Todd could actually hear it coming. It went straight up and splashed against the ceiling, splattering on everything in the room - the floor, the couch, the table, the walls, everything. The doctor, who saw what was coming, had already run for cover in another room.

Most of the load managed to find its way to the pool of clear precum and heeding Todd's advice to "dive into the source!" Chuck fell forward to lie in his wealth of the essence of man, allowing his own crop to flood back into his system and refine what he would become.

And the heat came again, soaking through him like thunder.

As he lay on the floor, pulling in every drop of the powerful essence that he could, Todd stood above his friend and watched the changes happen. And just as they had with him, Chuck's body grew still larger with muscle, muscle that shaped itself into perfect symmetry across his frame. A beatific smile crossed Chuck's lips even as they grew lush and full below his small nose. His hair thickened, growing longer and fuller but not wavy like Todd's. His skin took on a darker hue as if kissed by the sun gods and his waist narrowed further, or appeared to as his shoulders and laterals thickened and widened. The hair on his chest spread as his chest spread. His nipples were as large as silver dollars, then larger still.

And his cock, even as it grew what the enhanced men would consider limp, did not grow as small as Todd's but hung across Chuck's thigh as a thick, meaty pipe capped with a flaring mushroom head cowled in an uncut foreskin.

Rising easily, Chuck now stood head to head with his old friend and smiled brightly as they looked into each other's eyes. "Well," he said, his tones now deep and rumbling, "I feel pretty good."

"You don't look so bad, either." He looked down at his friend's body and noticed something. "Hey!" he said, lifting Chuck's dick into his grip, "your cock can't be bigger than mine!"

"I started out bigger, remember?"

"But I was here first!"

"Interesting," remarked the doctor. The two men turned, standing side by side looking at the man responsible for their changes. "It seems as if you men are not completely changed but rather take the best attributes you have and enhance them."

They glanced at each other and back at him. "Huh?"

"Well. To begin with Chuck is more thickly muscled that you are, Todd. But your proportions are more noticeable as a result."

They glanced at each other and back at him. "Huh?"

"Chuck has a powerful, thick build. He is hard muscle all over, and has more hair on his body. Todd, on the other hand, you have a more slender build, proportionally, so that your musculature and form - the V shape of your torso, for example, the line of your legs - is more pronounced. More sleek than powerful."

"But my dick's bigger."

The doctor glanced down. "Undoubtedly, Chuck. I was not passing judgment on appearance; I was merely making an observation. It could have turned out that you would have been mirror images of each other, but that is not the case."

"Yeah, well, Thank God for that." Todd turned his gaze on Chuck's dark perfection, eyeing his healthy length of heavy dick before reaching over to twist one of his friend's huge, dark nipples between his fingers. "Who'd want to look like that when he could look like this?" For display, he raised his arm and made his bicep swell to immensity. The head of the muscle climbed higher and higher as it split, his shoulder and arm creating a mountain range.

Chuck turned and flexed his own arm next to Todd, and grinned when his muscle climbed just as high, although he could see now what the doctor had mentioned about bulk versus sleek. Chuck's arm was a massive bulge, thick and heavy. Todd's own arm showed the curve and height to match, each muscle outlined and highlighted in extreme detail, but lacked some of the mass. He had no doubt that he must have a few pounds on Todd, but wondered if his friend could best him in strength, also.

He doubted it. He doubted that anyone felt as powerful as he did. It was a wonder his dick was not hard again. The feeling of muscle and might that suffused him was like nothing he'd ever dreamed of. He felt almost high with exhilaration and command. Like he could do literally anything, no matter what challenge was put before him.

The doctor's voice interrupted his musing. "I'd like to get you men to the labs to get some more accurate readings. I'm sure you're as interested about what your new dimensions and capabilities are as I."


"Strength and capacities and so on."


"He means how strong we are, dummy." Chuck punched Todd in the arm for the comment, who made a show of rubbing where he'd been struck.

The Doc nodded, adding, "As well as any sensory improvements to vision and hearing and so on. I'd also need to study a sample of both the clear lubricating fluid and the actual semen you are now both producing to discover what properties it contains which allows such radical physical changes in so short a time."

"You don't think it's dangerous, do you Doc?"

The older man shook his head. "I don't see how it's possible. The original serum contained no radical properties not already found in the human body. A simple collection of enzymes, proteins and genetic material." The two men were each arching a brow at him. "A little of this, a little of that."

"Well, like I said I know none of my clothes will fit me. You want us to go out just... naked? Like this?" Todd held his arms slightly away as if to demonstrate exactly how naked he was, which was hardly necessary. Chuck was running a hand through his jet black hair. He grabbed a handful and swung it around his body, draping it down his torso to see just how long it actually was. A pour of shining darkness hung across his expansive chest and over his rippled abdomen, the ends brushing along a good portion of his ample cock. It felt cool and as soft as the finest silk. He seemed to come to his senses and reached over to grasp his torn T shirt, holding it over his wide chest where it looked like a child's shirt.

"Yeah, no way this is going to work."

"We simply need to make you decent, not exactly presentable."

Todd tried to gather up his equipment under his grip, saying, "Maybe if I just hold it all... nope, can't do that either." He was looking down where his cock and balls plainly refused to cooperate, a few inches of the shaft, the helmet and one ball overflowing his fingers.

"What have you got in your closet, Todd?"

"Hey, don't start ripping everything up in there!" Todd followed Chuck to his bedroom where his friend was already attempting to pull a white T shirt - his preferred wardrobe - over his head.

"All this hair sure gets in the way. I wonder how chicks manage with it." His voice was muffled slightly until his head popped through the collar and he started shoving his arms through the sleeves.

"I'm highly dubious of the success of your little trial with my clothes, Chuck."

"Give me a chance, I'm only just... oops. Sorry." One sleeve was already ripped free of its seams as his heavily muscled arm came through it. He went ahead with the other sleeve, ripping it out as well, and then pulled the undershirt down his thick torso. It clung to his chest and shoulders like a second skin, hanging loosely around his tight belly. His nipples looked like they might cut their way through the cotton at any moment.

"Okay, what's the point of that? The shirt's so tight on you, you might as well be naked. Half your stomach is showing, anyway, and isn't covering up the lower half a bit more of a priority at the moment?"

Chuck was grinning anyway. "I always wanted a body like this. I mean, look at me! I'm damn sexy." But when he went into a double-bi front shot, the back of the shirt and the shoulders finally gave way and he was left standing there with some tattered rags clinging to his neck. Laughing slightly - it wasn't his shirt, after all - he tucked his finger under the collar and ripped the shirt off, then stood there a minute scratching himself absently. His big dick was wagging like a happy dog's butt. "What about some boxers, Todd?"

"I'm not sure that'll work."

Chuck was opening drawers looking for underwear when Todd intervened, pulling out a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. He held them over his midsection. "Well, the waist will work, but the thighs are gonna be a problem."

"No problem," Chuck reported, as he tore the legs of another pair open up the side. "See?" Bending slightly, he pushed one leg and then the other through the extra wide holes and pulled the shorts up his body, shoving his ample package to the right as he usually did without thinking.

There was still a problem when a few inches of his manhood fell out the leg to dangle snugly against his thigh. "Ooh," he said, "tight fit."

He started to readjust himself, creating an almost obscene basket in the crotch of the shorts by curling and bunching himself into it. The waistband sagged slightly to contain his entire collection and the cotton seemed to stretch to its limits, but it held. Lifting his hands away, he posed. "Well?"

Todd was rubbing his chin looking at the extreme bulge in his friend's crotch. There was so much meat in so little space that the outline of the contents was plain to see. There was no doubt that it wasn't a sock in Chuck's huge bulge, but for all that he had managed to cover himself, even if it was stretching that definition as far as the straining cotton. "Turn around. Let's see the rear view."

Chuck pivoted and the term 'butt floss" entered Todd's head. The Calvins had so much to contain up front that they'd sacrificed whatever they had in the rear to compensate. Two tiny, sad flaps of material barely covered any of Chuck's tight, high ass cheeks. "That can't be comfortable. Man you've got one hairy ass there, buster. Try walking a bit."

"Okay." Chuck took a few steps and it was shortly apparent that another answer needed to be found. After just a few steps, his equipment started manifesting a mind of its own, seeking escape from its confinement. Either that or all the rubbing and buffing going on in those tightey whiteys was making Chuck feel a bit randy and in no time there was a ripping sound and his entire collection was on display again, unfolding like a snake and actually ripping through the briefs.

"Impressive," remarked Todd. Chuck wasn't sure if he should be proud or embarrassed. But with a simple twist of his fingers and the barest straining of his muscle, the elastic waistband snapped apart and he was naked again. All that attention seemed to make his cock swell slightly, as well.

"Too bad you don't own any kilts, Todd."

"That would solve the problem." He considered. "Well, seeing as we aren't really going to be parading down the Mall wearing nothing but smiles, I suppose the towel solution will work until something better comes along." He went to the hallway and came back carrying two bath sheets, handing one to Chuck. The other he wound around his waist, tying the ends together so that he ended up wearing a draping skirt with a high slit along his right leg. "There."

Chuck was wearing a matching skirt and after a quick review of each other, they both nodded and turned to the doctor. "Okay, Doc," said Todd, "lead on." •

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