Superman: The Sixth Dimensional Vessel


By redwolf64

Superman could only lie on the floor of the cave, a sense of dread overcoming him at the thought of being fucked by this being as he came to his senses.

"Must .... fight..." Superman said to himself, trying to focus and regain control of his body.

Superman's pecs and arms twitched in his costume. The being's huge feet pounded the floor of the cave as he approached Superman, closer and closer; the being's seven foot muscled body bouncing and flexing with each step.

The huge, obscenely muscled being stopped in front of Superman, towering over him. The being reached down his meaty hand and, in a swift motion, grabbed Superman's neck and hoisted him into the air.

The being stared into Superman's eyes.

"I am the most powerful man on the planet, Superman," he growled. "You are weak. You are nothing."

The being shook Superman in his grip; Superman tightened the muscles of his neck, trying to resist his force. The being's strength was immense.

"You will submit to me, Superman," he growled.

Superman was regaining his strength. Focusing his x-ray vision, he scanned the being in front of him, hoping to understand his opponent's weaknesses.

The being appeared like a normal man on the inside, except his bone structure was packed and dense to support his frame. Inside his massive chest, beat two huge hearts, supplying his body with blood. His brain was twice as large as a normal man's and appeared to be throbbing and growing.

"I am evolved, Superman. I am a superior being. Superior even to you."

The massive hulk flexed his bicep as he held Superman by the throat with his other hand. Probably measuring thirty inches, the bicep and forearm flexed and rolled into a steel hard mass of corded, veined muscle.

Superman focused his eyes on the being's bicep; he concentrated, focusing a heat ray on the hulk's arm.

The beam penetrated the tough skin of the being's bicep, burning a hole in his arm, burning away at the muscle.

The being flinched and gripped Superman's throat harder.

The being flexed his arm again, glowing green blood oozing from the wound.

Superman was shocked - the wound, in an instant, was healing itself.

"You cannot destroy me, Superman," he growled as he glared at Superman.

Superman clinched his fists and with a massive blow, punched the being's flexed forearm. It felt as hard as a steel wall, but gave way at the punch. Superman felt and heard the being's arm bone crack with the blow.

Using his x-ray vision, Superman watched in horror as the being inhaled, flexed his arm again, concentrated, and the broken bone almost instantly become whole again.

"Join me, Superman," he growled. "Submit to me. Or die."

"Never!" Superman yelled, flexing his neck and pecs, wrapping his hands around the being's forearm.

The being clenched his fist and punched Superman in the stomach. The force blew the air out of Superman's lungs - he was lucky he saw the massive fist coming and flexed his steel-hard to minimize the impact.

The being's cock grew harder, the massive head resting on Superman's flexed pecs. Some emerald precum oozed out on Superman's chest - the precum hissed as it burned through his costume like acid. Superman tensed his pecs - the precum instantly penetrated his skin, becoming absorbed into his body.

The muscles of Superman's chest tensed and flexed - they felt slightly stronger, more muscled, stretching the fabric of his costume to its limits.

The being grinned and growled in his low deep voice, glaring at Superman.

"It's changing you, Superman," the being intoned, "just as it changed the others."

Superman felt a strange rush in his brain. He felt a strange desire, an overwhelming need. He wanted to be consumed by this being. He wanted this being to use him. He wanted to submit.

"Give in, Superman," the being growled, "You want it more than anything in the world."

In a quick motion, the being shifted Superman's body like some rag doll, mounting him over the base of his massive, throbbing cock, Superman's legs dangling beside them. Superman felt the heat from the being's oversized balls slowly throbbing and growing between his legs.

The being placed his fist in the center of Superman's back at the base of his spine. He pressed Superman close to his body. Superman could feel the huge throbbing dick on his abs and the massive mushroom head between his swelling pecs.

Superman was aroused. He wanted more. He grabbed the cock in a kind of bearhug, hoping to squeeze more of the precious precum from the being's cock. He flexed with a force that could have bent a half-ton pole of tempered steel.

The being laughed, the rumble trembling Superman's body.

"Go ahead, Superman," he growled, "squeeze harder. Pleasure your master."

Superman began to regain his senses. The logical side of his brain fought to take over. He realized this being's cum was, indeed, changing him. It could turn him into a powerful, massively muscled being. But it could also take away his will.

The being was walking towards the strange object that sat in the center of the huge space, his massive muscular flexing and bouncing with each step.

He reached out his hand towards the object. It began to open, like a set of shutters and a strange light emerged. The opening reached from the floor to the top of the object, a giant slit, like a vagina.

The being pushed his hand and forearm into the object and growled with pleasure.

"Pleasure your master, Superman. Pleasure the most powerful being in the universe."

"No!" Superman thundered, reaching out his hands to the being arms.

Superman struggled, trying to keep the being from this strange force that fed his power, but the being was too strong - deeper and deeper the being's throbbing, veined arm went into the light. The being started glowing green.

Suddenly, Superman's hand was drawn into the light. His back arched, his body began to convulse.

Time seemed to slow down. Superman, at the same time he could see what was happening, had another, untapped part of his mind that came to life like some kind of explosion. His mind raced, his superior intellect seemed to be increasing. He stared into the light.

Using his x-ray vision, Superman began to see the true nature of the light. His vision, in fact, had changed to a kind of vision no being in this dimension had experienced.

Superman could see the atomic structure of the matter in the vessel. It was not matter at all, at least in a sense we know it. The strange, dancing light was actually sixth dimensional matter, a form that Superman didn't understand.

But he understood its power - unleashing matter from this higher dimension would instantly destroy the universe in the third dimension, like some supernova. The vessel, surrounded with some strange markings of alien design, was meant to contain this matter, keep it from emerging in this dimension.

Superman, with his advancing intellect, began to understand that this matter was a creation force - destroying any matter it came into contact with, then rebuilding it, multiplying it dimensionally.

The vessel contained the ultimate power in this universe. And the human who had discovered it had only used it as a toy and did not understand its real power. •

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