Nate's Magical Christmas Story

Christmas Eve at the orphanage


By tfwizard

Everybody savored the wonderful plates Ty prepared, but Ryan was the only one who just ate “a little” – 2 whole turkeys, half a tender and three pounds of mashed potatoes, he seemed worried with something.

“Uncle Ryan, is something bothering you?” Nate asked with his mouth full of food.

“No, I am excited, and YOU are going with me too!” Ryan grabbed Nate while the boy tried to get another turkey leg, but it was too late – “MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY, WE`LL BE BACK SOON!” Ryan shouted as he and Nate flew into the sky.

“Where are we going?” Nate asked once more, but then the red 6’10” 500 pounds muscle boy decided to search into Ryan’s mind since his “uncle” – “We are going to the orphanage where you stayed?”

Ryan looked at him with tears in his eyes – “I wanted to go there ever since Peter first grew me, but I never had the courage, I was afraid the kids would all fear me, but since you talked all those thing about my future I decided to share with those kids a little of my endless happiness, and that’s where you enter mister!” Ryan said as they landed a few blocks from the Saint Katherine’s Orphanage.

“What you want me to do?” Nate asked already rubbing his hands.

“First, you could make me a HUUUUGE bag of toys, clothes, candies, all this kid stuff, you know, a bag so HUGE that…”

“Only a 25’ tall muscle titan could carry right?” Nate asked blinking at Ryan who nodded happily – “consider it done!” Nate just pointed his finger to a big trash bag, and suddenly it grew bigger, then it turned into a rich velvet red, carefully adorned with golden details and silver laces, it got bigger, and finally it got about 20 feet tall and over 30 feet in diameter, over carried with every kind of toys, candies, clothing you could think of.

“Nate, this is AMAZING! The kids are gonna be so happy!” Ryan said as he approached the giant bag, which looked normal sized to him, he kneeled and grabbed the bag with just one hand, then he tossed it up and down like it was a little rock – “How heavy is this?”

“Why bother? You can lift just anything you want!” Nate said walking around Ryan

“But I think we could do something about your clothing!” Ryan felt his tank top disappearing and his shorts turning into some kind of red velvet trunks, his amazing muscles were now displayed, and atop of his head a giant Santa Claus hat appeared giving him a friendlier look – “A GIANT MUSCLED SANTA!” Nate said, laughing out loud, while Ryan waved his head – “Do you always NEED to get carried away with everything?”

Meanwhile, Peter and Ty looked at each other – since Ryan and Peter had this mental link, it was easy to Peter track down his brother no matter where he was. Pete had just realized what those powerful were kids up to.

“Ryan, you’re such a great kid!” he whispered and then looked at Ty.

“I think they deserve a special treat!” Pete smiled at his cousin and Ty just smiled back at him – “What are your plans?”

“Well, although Nate and Ryan are two of the most powerful beings ever created, they’re still kids! And you know what kids REALLY want for Christmas?”

Ty just blinked – “They’re gonna freak out!” Then the blond transformation wizard rubbed his hands together – “But we gotta do this right, otherwise they are gonna notice right away, Nate is a very clever kid! I know who can help us!”

Ty looked at Dustin who was carefully tasting his food – “What? What did I do this time?” Both Peter and Ty smiled and Dustin felt his spine freezing.

The room wasn’t sad, but it wasn’t much happier than that either – over 20 children finished their Christmas meal – nothing more than a bowl of soup and some biscuits – thanks to the kindness of the neighborhood they had new clothes and shoes, and even a real Christmas tree, little and not much ornamented but full of hope and joy.

“Sister, can I have some more?” Fred asked, his chubby little round face, always asking for more food. Sister Daisy was a very thin, slender and delicate young woman, she ran the Orphanage with much taste, she loved being with all those wonderful kids who actually needed her. She poured the soup while she looked at the other kids, most of them didn’t appreciate soup, especially when they see those wonderful banquets served on the Christmas movies, but they keep eating the soup eagerly.

Suddenly, they heard some heavy steps outside, like something REALLY heavy stomped the front yard. The kids all gathered around the window, trying to see what was causing the strange noise, although Sister Daisy tried to keep them at the table.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!” a loud child voice filled the entire room, and suddenly the plain, simple room seemed to transform itself!

The walls got filled with wonderful, delicate, rich ornaments, little angels, all the beautiful things they saw on TV. The Christmas tree grew bigger and rounder till it reached the ceiling and huge lights appeared, then a lot of big boxes popped down, like they were raining gifts, each one had a name written in big golden letters. The soup pot disappeared and in its place the richest Christmas plates popped like by magic, and every single child felt his clothing getting clearer, softer, brighter and somehow, they became NEW again!

“MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!” once more the loud voice filled the room, and suddenly one of the kids yelled – “It’s SANTA CLAUS!” but right then, other kid replied – “Don’t be silly, it’s a boy’s voice! Santa Claus is an old man!”

Sister Daisy tried to remain calm – “Don’t worry kids; I am sure it’s just a few kids walking outside wishing Merry Christmas to everybody!”

“But Sister, how can you explain the food, our clothes, the tree; the ornaments and the GIFTS!?” Fred asked already attacking the turkey leg, while the kids noticed their names written on the gifts. The nun was apprehensive now, the kids were excited, and everybody was puzzled, how could it happen?


Daisy listened to that she recognized the voice, but yet everything was still very mysterious – “You stay here, kids, I’ll see what he wants!” the nun took a deep breath and decided to answer the strange visitor. She opened the door, only to she the BIGGEST set of knees in the world, and a HUGE boy next to them.

“SISTER DAISY? ARE YOU IN THERE?” the voice boomed once more.

“Er.. Ryan, she’s outside already!” The red boy poked the enormous legs and then they took a few steps back and kneeled, revealing a very familiar face, atop one mega muscled body


The nun just nodded along, she had never imagined such a thing, the boy – Ryan Armstrong, was one of the sweetest boys she ever met, but he was also one of the scrawniest children who ever lived in the Orphanage – now she looked at the strongest creature she could ever imagine.

“Ryan? Is that really you? OH MY GOD! HOW COME? I MEAN, HOW COULD YOU GROW LIKE THAT?” She asked nervously.

“Sister Daisy, it’s him! The GIANT! WE SAW HIM ON TV! HE SAVED THE KIDS ON THAT BURNING HOSPITAL!” one of the kids said – they were ALL gathering around the nun so curious about this whole thing.

“HELLO KIDS!” The giant said and waved – “My name is Ryan, and this is my friend Nate! We wanted to wish you Merry Christmas!”

“Look at him! He’s bigger than He-man!” One of the kids commented pointing to Nate who just blushed – “Hi everybody! You liked our little Christmas surprise?” Nate asked already getting used to the amazed stares.

“YOU DID THAT?” Little Kathy asked, and Nate nodded – “well, let’s say Santa Claus asked us to help him deliver your presents!”

“You mean there is more?” Fred asked looking at Ryan’s enormous chest!”

“HEY, I REMEMBER YOU; YOUR NAME IS FRED ISN’T IT? GAWSH YOU’RE SO BIG NOW, WHEN YOU CAME HERE YOU WERE ONLY A LITTLE BOY!” Ryan exclaimed already getting the boy and sitting him in his hand

“I am Ryan! Don’t you remember me? I used to sleep in the bed next to yours!” Ryan asked excited.


“Well, not anymore! Let’s say I had a major growth spurt!” Ryan replied happily.

“You are a GIANT NOW! That’s so amazing!” The boy said looking at Ryan’s body.

“WOW! Look at your muscles! You’re bigger than HULK!”

“He’s WAAAY bigger than HULK!” Nate said looking at Sister Daisy – “I hope we are not bothering you, Sister, you see, Ryan wanted to make a special surprise to the kids, and he kinda dragged me along with him!” Nate said politely.

“Bother? You two just gave us the proof of Christmas Miracle!” Daisy said hugging Nate and then she got nearer Ryan – “Thank you Ryan!” she said with her little eyes filled with water.

“You’re welcome Sister!” Ryan lowered his hand and gently offered to sister Daisy to climb in, she was scared at first, but then Fred screamed from Ryan’s shoulder – “Come on up here Sister! We can see the park from here!” The nun smiled and gathered courage to climb up the huge hand and then Ryan brought her near his face.

“Sister, I just wanted to share my happiness with you and the other kids, I am now living with a wonderful family, and have everything I dreamed of!” Ryan said with his eyes full of tears and the Sister comforted him – “You’re such a good hearted boy! Although you are now a powerful titan, you still remain a child inside, and that’s your most precious power!” She kissed his enormous cheekbone and Ryan started crying right there. But he quickly stopped and looked at the kids.

“I STILL HAVE A LOT OF GIFTS FOR YOU KIDS!” Ryan exclaimed and grabbed the huge bag with one hand, and placing it carefully next to them. One by one, he called the kids and gave them, clothes, toys, candies, everything they wanted, mostly because Nate could anticipate their young minds desires and magically transform the gifts into their dream toys.

The kids were all happy with their gifts, but they get away from Ryan not from one second, they all wanted to be next to the giant who saved the Children’s Hospital.

“Can you really lift a building?” Fred asked.

“Are you gonna grow more?” Kathy added

“If you were to fight with the Hulk… Who would win?” Johnny questioned

“How did you get so muscular?” Timmy and Bobby asked in chorus.

“Kids, kids, come on! I can’t answer all of you at once!” Ryan replied smiling and soon he seemed to be just like them, which was actually truth, but people forget about that given Ryan’s stats. The kids were thrilled to see such power and kindness together, Ryan didn’t bother about being climbed, squeezed, touched, serve as playground by a bunch of kids who played hide and go seek around his enormous body. The fun lasted four over two hours, but then Sister Daisy had to call it a night.

“AWWWWWWWHHH that is not FAIR!” the kids protested in chorus with Ryan, but Nate had an idea – “You can come here tomorrow if you want, Ryan!” and the kids all begged – “Yeah, Ryan, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!” they asked and the giant kid could not refuse – “Okay, munchkins, I’ll be here as soon as I can!”

They said goodbye to the kids and flew into the beautiful night sky. “I had an amazing time Ryan, thank you so much!” Nate said to his uncle and they laughed – “Yeah it was awesome! They were so happy!”

“I know you love to show those muscles, and those kids loved that you played with them, you even lifted two cars, one on each hand just to show them your strength!”

“Well Fred said he wanted me to get his ball under the car…” Ryan blushed.

“Yeah, and you just felt like lifting the other one!” Nate teased. Suddenly they heard a very strange sound – It was like a bunch of little bells tied together, they looked at each other – “what was that?” Ryan and Nate looked closely to the horizon and something approached, they saw but they couldn’t believe in the own eyes.

“Nate? Are you seeing the same as I am?” Ryan asked.

“Yes, but I don’t believe in it!”

“HO-HO-HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!” the tender, soothing voice was very familiar, although they never heard it before – The reindeers flew faster going in circles and passing over the ceilings.

“NATE! THAT’S SANTA CLAUS!” Ryan exclaimed and flew directly into the flying bobsled pulled by the flying reindeers.

“Ryan, wait! It can’t be him!” Nate tried to play a grown up guy, but the mere idea Santa Claus was there flying in the sky was too strong to be denied, no one could do that – except for his father! Nate smiled – “He is trying to make a practical joke on us!” and then he followed Ryan as fast as he could.

Ryan’s heart was almost jumping out of his mouth – “Santa, Santa Claus wait for me!” The giant screamed with all his lungs and suddenly the magical carriage just stopped, floating in the air – The pilot looked back, he had everything, a pink round nose, reddish cheeks, a big full white curly beard, the jelly belly, the red velvet clothing, everything, it had to be him!

“HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas Ryan!” he greeted the giant with a friendly tone.

“You know me?” Ryan asked like every amazed child.

“Of course I know you! Even before you grew to be the biggest kid in this world! I know you since you were born!” Santa Claus opened his arms, but instead of being hugged he was grabbed and almost crushed into the massive pecs of the muscle behemoth.

“Ryan, you should loosen up a little, you’re making “Santa” uncomfortable!” Nate said with his muscular arms crossed at his chest.

Ryan obliged a little embarrassed – “I am sorry, Santa!” he gently put the chubby old man back at his place.

“Thank you, my child!” Than he looked at the impressive red muscular kid – “I believe I don’t know you, yet!”

“How come, Santa? You know EVERY child!” Ryan asked.

“But not those, who aren’t even born, yet! You don’t belong to this time, do you my dear boy?” Santa asked holding his belly as he spoke.

“Oh, wow, you’re REALLY SANTA!” Nate said in a sarcastic tone.

“Why you doubt of me, dear boy?” Santa asked a little surprised.

“Because my father can do exactly the same thing, he can read people’s minds and guess their most intimate desires and then he’ll try to make them come true!” Nate replied.

“And is this a bad thing” Santa Claus asked right away.

“No, of course not. But you’re just trying to fool me dad, I may be only ten but I am not a dumb kid!”

“Nate, this is Santa, you should be more respectful!” Ryan said gently tapping Nate’s shoulder.

“Uncle Ryan, can’t you see? This is my father transformed in Santa Claus, I bet he is trying to fool us! But I won’t fall for this story! There is no such thing as Santa Claus!”

“Are you sure, Nate? You come from a world where magic and mysticism are very common things, and you’d rather believe that I can’t be real?” Santa Clause replied.

“I- I meant that he couldn’t be here, because, well, because I, I don’t know why but I just know it!” Nate said crossing his arms and Santa invited him to sit next to him.

“Remember that night where you were watching your father’s old pictures and you wished you could meet them” Santa Claus asked tenderly – “You said that you had everything you could ever wanted, so you just told me to give all your presents to other kids if you could just satisfy this wish remember?”

“It was… last Christmas!!!” Nate said shocked.

“And the very next morning you gained a little miniature train, didn’t you? Your father said it belonged to him when he was a kid, right? It had his initials scratched at the bottom “P.K.” – Santa grabbed the miniature of his bag and now it had another part – the caboose - “you marked your name right under your father’s name and he gave you this other one where you two carved – “Belongs to Peter and Nate… forever!” suddenly the words appeared like magic and Nate busted into tears – “I am sorry I doubted you Santa! I didn’t mean to! I was just…”

“I know, you didn’t want your father to see you as a child anymore, but I think you are overestimating your father – because I believe he is just there talking to his friends!”

Santa pointed down and they were flying above Dustin’s house where they could perfectly see Peter, Ty and Dustin talking happily at the back yard. Suddenly they look up and saw the magical sled flying over their heads with Ryan and Nate flying very next to it.

Peter smiled and flew right next to them – “Santa Claus? How are you doing?”

“I am fine, Peter, I was just having a little chat with your son, I believe you have anything to do with this don’t you” Santa asked blinking

“Well, Santa it is a long story, but I am glad you talked to him!”

“No problem, after all, Santa loves every kid, even the ones who were not born yet!” He hugged Nate tightly and kissed his forehead – “Now you have to excuse me, because I still have half world to deliver!” Santa excused himself and his reindeers pulled his sled away, as fast as they could say “Merry Christmas, HO! HO! HO!”

Nate looked at Ryan, then at Peter who was hugging him – “Is there any food left? I am starving! Ryan dragged me to the orphanage and I could barely eat!”

“Sure, champ! Let’s go inside! The last one has to do the dishes!” Peter challenged, and soon both Peter and Ryan vanished, giving him enough time to the REAL Peter appears near him. Then, Ty regained his real form and they both gave each other “high-fives” – “WE DID IT!”

“For one moment, I thought he had figured it all! Peter said smiling, but then I could read his thoughts just to know what I had to do to convince him!

“Yeah, that was close, but it was for a good cause, after all he now believes in Santa, and this time I think it’s forever!” Ty said as they landed.

“Well, at least I could give him my special gift in a special way!” Peter blinked as him and Tyler saw “Ty” waiting for them very nervous.

“Come on, we can’t let them see the two of you!” Peter laughed and soon Dustin regained his appearance – “So did it work?” Dustin asked, he hoped Nate could be fooled after all, he almost wrecked his entire house, and he deserved this little prank!

“Perfect! Both of them are Santa’s biggest fans now!” Peter said and the three of them hugged and entered the dining room where Ryan and Nate vanished with their food! •

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