Nate's Magical Christmas Story

Peter meets with Prince


By tfwizard

Peter had to digest the whole thing. He was flying over two hundred feet up in the sky – “My son? He came from the future? Why in the world would I do such a thing? Why would I send my own son back in time? It doesn’t sound like me!”

“That is true, my young pupil!” Prince said appearing in Peter’s eyes.

“Master, I am confused, why sending my son back to the past? I would NEVER do this, unless…” Peter face frowned and his eyes filled with fear.

“Yes, my noble apprentice, you are wise now as you are in the future, you are protecting your most precious wealth, your only son, the inheritor of the Transformation Wizards!”

“I’ve witnessed his powers, they’re rather amazing and he is only ten years old!”

“Nate amazed you just like you amazed me when I first watched you in action – but you are right, his powers are too powerful for such a tender age, but the reason can’t be revealed to you, yet” Prince waved his head – “However, you noticed that he firmly believes he was sent to be with you during holidays.”

“Is there any important reason for that?” Peter asked seriously.

“Peter, your son is POWER incarnate, not just magical power like you, but also physical power like Ryan, you and your brother are the basis of this Realm’s Balance, you are the keeper, he is the Guardian, your power stands for you like Strength and muscles stand for Ryan. But as for Nate, his POWER means your magic and Ryan’s size and muscles combined into one and amplified tenfold!” Prince smiled.

“Tenfold?” Peter almost fell from the sky.

“Probably more; much, much more! But he is still growing; somehow Nate’s future is so important that we can’t know for sure. It is like the whole universe Fate depends on this boy’s development to be written – “Not even my Puddle of Sight can visualize the possibilities when it comes to Nate’s life” Prince replied.

“You mean something bad can happen to him?” Peter asked feeling his heart skipping one beat, for he already loved this boy more than his own life.

“That’s what you wanted to know, Peter. Only you, Ryan and another powerful being could trespass this strange and mysterious obstacle, you three went into the future where Nate will face his duties as your successor, and not even me or my Puddle of Sight can know how are you three dealing with this. We can only hope that the three of you are successful, because the whole Universe counts on you!” Prince was serious but Peter could tell he was also hopeful.

“So, I sent Nate back because if anything happened to me during my mission, Nate would be still safe and sound at this time, no matter what happens at his original time!” Peter said with his clever mind working fast as usual.

“Precisely, you realize Nate is so important to the Universe, that we couldn’t risk losing his powers, you planned that even if your party failed and a horrible change affected the future where Nate is still a child, he would still be able to save the continuum, if he stayed away from such time dimension.”

“And the Christmas time covered this whole plan pretty well huh?” Peter tried to make things merrier.

“Well, this is a time when Hope and Faith are strongly reinforced feelings, so it was better working with the facts instead of against them.” Prince added with a clever smile.

“But what’s my part in this plan?” Peter asked worried.

“We hope you don’t have to do much more than “baby sitting” your powerful son and keep him from worrying about you, Ryan and everyone he cares about. Nate has already too many responsibilities to attend, but we can’t forget that he is only a boy, and nothing is better for a boy than to spend some quality time with his father and his Uncle, just like a real family, even if this is the most powerful family in Universe!” Prince said, as he faded into his usual blue smoke.

Peter smiled, he felt a mix of proud and fear for his powerful son, but he knew Nate was still innocent, pure and unaware of the thrills his powers can cause, and he must stay this way, no matter what it cost.

Ryan’s future revealed

In the meantime, Dustin stood there while looking at his rebuilt house. Nate had paid close attention to every detail, and everything was back at its original place – “This boy is REALLY good!” he whispered.

“He is, isn’t he?” Ty added coming closer to his brother – “I still don’t know what the hell is he doing here, but I am happy for Peter, it must be cool to meet your son many years before he is born!”

“Yeah, it must be really cool!” Dustin said with smile on his face – “where is this boy anyway?”

“They’re having dinner at the kitchen!” Ty pointed at Ryan’s enormous bulk filling the whole room – “Gosh, I will never get used to this boy’s size! It’s like he is getting bigger every second!” Dustin commented and Ty smiled – “well, he is the Guardian of the Good, so he must be big!”

“Well, he sure is a good protector! I can’t even kill one bug in the house, without Ryan’s protests – “They’re also life forms, you can’t kill them!” Dustin waved his head as he approached the dynamic duo eating in the kitchen.

“So boys, how is the food?” Dustin asked staring conversation.

“Delicious, as usual, Dustin, you’re the best cook!” Ryan said with his mouth full, which made Nate laugh of his face.

“Well, I don’t know what you eat in the future, but I guess steak and French fries are always welcome!” Dustin said.

“No problem, Dustin, you are a great cook, I always liked your cooking!” Ryan added, as he finished his fourth plate.

“Well, you can leave the dishes there, I’ll wash them later; after all, you’ve just rebuilt my entire house!” Dustin said with great joy. Nate was about to insist in doing the dishes himself, but Ryan just grabbed him and they ran all the way to the living room – “Dustin never offers to do the dishes himself, so we have to enjoy this rare opportunity!”

“Okay, okay, what are we gonna do now?” Nate asked smiling.

“I don’t know; there’s so much stuff I wanted to know about, you know, the future…”

“Uncle Ryan, you know I can’t tell you much! Prince, my father and even you forbade me…” Nate said in a sad tone.

“No, not THAT future, just a few minor things, like for instance, do people like me in the future? I mean, I’ll be 200 feet tall and stronger than anything they’ll ever know, aren’t they scared at me?” Ryan asked with a curious look.

“What? No way! They all LOVE you, Uncle Ryan! You are their protector! They know they can count on you, so they just accept your ever growing figure like a normal thing, after all you also ended with all wars and conflicts….”

“I did? WOW!” Ryan exclaimed.

“Anyway, people are grateful for your heroic acts, so they love you just the way you are! But no one likes you better than me, Uncle Ryan!” Nate said hugging Ryan’s leg.

“Hey, Nate, you don’t need to call me Uncle here, I am younger than you, it feels weird, and you can just call me Ryan!” He said looking at Nate’s strong face.

Salvador meets Nate

“Okay, Ryan, what you wanna do now?” Nate asked more comfortable.

“I know! We could pay a visit to Sal!” Ryan said as he got out of the house – “You can fly, right?” He said already floating in the air.

“SURE!” Nate said already flying into the sky, being followed by Ryan who just waved back at Ty who tried to calm Dustin as they saw the kids flying away.

Salvador had a busy day today, he not only had to work very hard on his school papers, but he also had to practice a few new spells Peter had assigned to him, and it is still very stressful to a beginner wizard, but the kid was really enjoying the new lessons.

Sal lives at the third floor of a modest building near downtown, so he is not used to have people knocking at his bedroom window. But when he heard the loud noise, he could already tell who it was – his giant muscle titan and best friend, Ryan – “HEY SAL, OPEN UP! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!” he said while tapping the window. Since he is 25’ tall, Ryan just has to raise his arm to reach Sal’s window and soon the kid was there.

“Gracias, Ryan! What are you doing here at this hour? And who is this friend of yours?” Sal asked rubbing his eyes, because the kid was flying next to Ryan but he was fairly muscular, in fact much more muscular than Peter.

“Hey, Sal, how are you doing? This is my friend Nate, he is spending the holidays with us, we were just passing by… Would you like to sleep over at my house tonight? We are gonna have so much fun! I have this new game Nate gave me, and it’s awesome!”

“Gee, Ryan, I wish I could, but I have a lot of homework to do, besides, Peter asked me to practice using some new spells and I am having a terrible time with them. Last time I tried them, I ended up turning my hamster into an alligator! My mom almost had a heart attack!” Salvador said embarrassed, but Ryan wouldn’t accept no for an answer! He just used his giant hand and grabbed Salvador from his room – “You have a lot of time to do your homework, it’s not due till January!”

“RYAN!” Salvador protested trying to transform his body in some bird, but Ryan had anticipated his move and closed his both hands - “You’re not going to transform yourself into a bird just to fly away, mister!”

“Why are you doing this to him?” Nate asked laughing because of the clumsy little wizard.

“This is Salvador, your father’s new apprentice! He just worries too much, but he’s my best friend in the whole wide world!”

“You mean THIS is Salvador, the Flawless?” Nate asked with his jaw dropping wide open.

“What do you mean by ‘The Flawless’?” Ryan said while he was already flying back home.

“Well, in my time, my dad’s best men are members of the Inner Circle, powerful wizards lead by Uncle Tyler, who is the Grand Master. But one of the most powerful wizards is known for his amazing powers and flawless reputation, and his name is Salvador, the Flawless!”

“You mean, my little friend Sal is this powerful wizard you’re talking about?” Ryan asked with his eyes open wide with astonishment.

“Oh yeah!” Nate replied, “Both you guys are going to be awesome!” Just at that moment Nate and Ryan landed on the front lawn. Dustin and Ty were already in the house, but Peter had not returned yet.

As soon as he had landed with his two giant feet touching the grass, Ryan opened his hands and revealed the little grey bird. The bird landed on Ryan right shoulder, and it immediately transformed back into the figure of Salvador, who was sitting on Ryan’s shoulder.

“Can you tell us any more about our future?” Ryan impatiently asked Nate once more.

“I can tell you this much…” Nate began to explain, “You guys are going to be big, strong and powerful. Ryan, you will be strong enough to destroy mountains in order to make more room for growing crops, and you will also stop any tidal waves or tsunamis from destroying building near the coast. And Salvador, you’ll become a big, powerful wizard and you’ll have the complete trust of Uncle Tyler and my dad.”

Both Ryan and Salvador smiled with joy, as the three boys walked into the house through the giant front door. As soon as they walked in, they heard Peter land on the lawn behind them. The whole group was together for the first time!

The group had its first dinner with Nate being present, and everyone was excited to have him there. Peter sat to Nate’s left, and Ryan sat on his right. Nate was at the head of the table and was sitting directly opposite Dustin. They talked and had a great time, and Peter was looking forward to spending the following day with his son in the park.

The day before Christmas: Fun at the park

When Ty and Peter had gotten up the following morning, Dustin was already in the kitchen preparing the meal for that evening, which was going to be their Christmas Eve family dinner. Peter had asked Dustin if he needed any help, but Dustin told him not to worry about it and to go ahead and spend some quality time with Nate instead. Nate, Peter and Ryan went ahead and walked on over to the park, which was down the street from their house. Ty stayed home and waited for Peter to leave, before looking up Dustin, who was busy preparing the food in the kitchen.

“Hey Dustin, what are you making?” Ty asked him.

“I’m making turkey, ham, a salad, and pumpkin pie for desert. That will be our Christmas Eve dinner for tonight!” Dustin replied, while getting the turkey out of the freezer.

“Dustin, I thought about something. Since you’re always the one cooking for us, I have decided that I wanted to give you a break from cooking so you can go to the park with the others, okay?” Ty responded. Dustin had a confused look on his face and wondered what Ty was up to.

“But, who’s going to cook our dinner?” he asked.

“I am! I will cook the turkey, bake the pie, and prepare the ham and the salad!” Ty responded, to Dustin’s surprise.

“What? You don’t know how to cook!” Dustin replied, placing his hands on his hips. Ty thought about it for a moment, and made a silent wish.

“I do now! I’m the world’s greatest chef right now. I’ll cook dinner!” Ty replied with a big smile on his face. Dustin was astonished, but Ty didn’t give him time to say anything.

“Now, you’re going out to the park with Peter, Ryan, and Nate! First, you need to wear the appropriate clothing. So you’ll wear your basketball clothes!” Ty said. He snapped his fingers, and immediately Dustin stood there in the kitchen, wearing a pair of shorts, a jersey, basketball shoes, and he was holding a basketball in his hands. Dustin gasped as he looked down and realized that he was already dressed to go to the park. “You’re looking good, Dustin! Now go, get out of here. I want you to be standing on the center line of the basketball court right now!” Ty said out loud. Then Ty snapped his fingers again, and Dustin disappeared out of the kitchen. He found himself standing on the center line of the basketball court which was located next to the park. The park was just a few minutes away from the house. As a matter of fact, Dustin had beaten Peter and the others to the park, thanks to Ty’s power.

Just a few moments later Dustin heard the voices of Ryan and Nate, as the group finally made it to the basketball court.

“Dustin? You’re here already?” Peter asked Dustin, as he walked on to the court.

“Yeah, thanks to Ty! He decided he was going to cook dinner for us, so he dressed me up in these clothes and sent me here instantaneously! Well I’m here, so we might as well shoot some hoops, I guess!” Dustin said to Peter. While Peter and Dustin were shooting baskets, Nate and Ryan sat down on the other end of the basketball court.

“Hey Ryan, I’m going to show you something. Go ahead and stand up for a moment!” Nate said to the big, muscular boy.

Nate and Ryan both got up at the same time and Ryan found himself, at 20 feet, towering over Nate by thirteen feet for sure! But Nate concentrated and began to grow taller and taller! Ryan’s jaw dropped wide open as he watched Nate grow bigger, taller and more muscular in just a few seconds. Within a minute, Ryan ended up looking Nate straight in the eyes, for Nate had made himself exactly the same size as Ryan!

“I’m going to show you something I learned from you!” Nate said, as the two giant 20 feet tall boys were staring at each other. Before Ryan could say a word, Nate threw his right arm around Ryan’s muscular chest, while pushing the big boy over his right leg, forcing Ryan to fall with his back on the court. Nate then placed his left hand under Ryan’s right leg, tactfully pinning the large, muscular boy in a perfectly executed wrestling move that had completely caught Ryan off guard. Before Ryan knew it, Nate had wrestled Ryan to the ground and he pinned him down with a move which made it impossible for Ryan to break free!

“See? I can beat you at wrestling! And you know what? I learned all these wrestling moves from you! But you don’t know them yet, isn’t that cool?” Nate laughed, while looking down at Ryan, who was still pinned with his back on the floor following Nate’s lightning speed wrestling move.

“Yeah, but I think I’m still stronger than you!” Ryan said, while he smiled back at Nate.

“Well, we can see if you’re right!” Nate said, as he gently let go of Ryan’s leg, as he stood back up on his own feet. Then Nate lay back down on his stomach, and extended his right arm in front of him, resting his right elbow on the concrete while his arm was pointing straight up. “Let’s arm wrestle!”

Ryan lay down on the court as well, and both giant boys locked their right hands together. Nate was impressed when he noticed Ryan’s huge, bulging bicep, but he wasn’t about to let him be intimidated by Ryan just yet.

“Ready… Set… Go!” Nate said, as muscles tightened and Nate and Ryan strained to force the other person’s knuckles to touch the ground. Both boys gnashed their teeth, as their incredible size and strength caused their arms to vibrate, causing a small tremor on the basketball court. The concrete beneath their bodies began to crack, and both Peter and Dustin stopped playing when they felt the ground moving, like there was a minor earthquake. Both Dustin and Peter began to run towards Nate and Ryan, who were lying on the court.

“Hey guys! Stop! You’re causing an earthquake!” Peter shouted at them. Immediately, Nate and Ryan let go of each other’s hands, and gasped when they looked down and realized the cracks on the court’s surface.

“Oops! We didn’t want to cause an earthquake and we definitely didn’t want to ruin your basketball court!” Nate said, as he quickly jumped back on to his feet. Ryan got up and stood next to him, and Peter and Dustin were amazed when they realized that both boys were dwarfing over them at a height of 20 feet.

“I’ll fix the cracks, dad!” Nate said. He stepped back and focused on the cracks. Red laser beams came shooting out of his eyes, and the lasers struck the cracks and melted them shut. All the cracks had disappeared when Nate was done fixing them.

“Wow…” was the only thing Dustin and Peter could say, as they looked up at the two giant boys.

“So, who won?” Ryan asked Nate.

“Nobody, so I guess we may as well call it a tie. Is that okay by you?” Nate replied.

“Sure! We’re equal in size and strength!” Ryan said excitedly, knowing that he had put up a good fight against Nate in arm wrestling.

“Ummm… How about we just go for a walk in the park? That way we won’t damage anything!” Peter suggested, looking up to his 20 foot son.

The foursome decided to go for a walk around a large lake, which was located in the middle of the park. Dustin spent some time talking to Ryan, while they were following Peter and Nate, who were walking in front of them. Nate allowed his body to shrink back to about 6’10”, which was the boy’s normal height. He was still almost 8 inches taller than Peter, but Peter didn’t seem to mind looking up to his taller son.

“So, Nate, what were you doing before you came here?” Peter asked his son, who was walking next to him as they strolled around the large lake.

“Well, dad, I spent a few days visiting our relatives in Canada, where I had the opportunity to ride a sleigh in the snow! It was awesome!” Nate began to explain to his father. “After I had come back, you and mom were off on a secret mission to save the universe, and I was mostly alone by myself since Uncle Ryan went along with you. I spent a few days with Prince, when the subject came up of me spending time with you while you were still a teenager. Prince agreed and he let me come here by sending me back thirty years in the past. So, here I am!”

“Wow! You’ve been in the snow?” Ryan asked Nate. “I have never seen snow before!”

“I can fix that! I can make it snow a little here in the park!” Nate said, as he looked up to the sky and made a silent wish. Immediately, the sky turned grey, the temperature dropped, and snow flakes began to fall from the sky! Within minutes, the grass became covered with a thin layer of snow, throughout the entire park!

“Wow! THIS is snow? How cool! The only thing is; I’m beginning to fell a little cold…” Ryan said, as he folded his arms in front of his chest. Everyone began to feel the cold, and Nate quickly stopped the snow from falling and made it warmer again, causing all the snow to melt on the ground.

When the group had arrived at a large, open grass field, Nate grabbed the basketball from Dustin’s hands and transformed it into a football. He allowed Peter and Dustin to grow to a height of 8 feet, as they formed two small teams. Nate and Peter played against Ryan and Dustin, but Nate was the one who stole the show. Peter would throw the ball to Nate, who would catch it and run towards the end zone, which consisted of a patch of grass that was located between two very tall trees.

Nate would run under Ryan’s legs and he was completely unstoppable to Dustin. Dustin tried his hardest to tackle Nate, but he ended up being dragged across the field, as Nate continued to run towards the end zone while Dustin was holding on to his jersey. On another pass, Nate would end up pushing against Ryan’s chest as Ryan tried to tackle him. But Nate would simple push Ryan out of the way with his arm, allowing him to make a quick dash towards the end zone! In the end, the four boys were exhausted, and they decided to slowly walk back home, in eager anticipation of what Ty had cooked up for them to eat on Christmas Eve.

In the meantime, Ty had made good use of the opportunity to do some great work in the kitchen while he was home and alone during most of the afternoon. Ty had called upon his magical powers to assist him in preparing the salad, baking the pie, and baking three whole turkeys so that they would have more than enough food for everyone! They were expecting to have several guests over, and Ty wanted to make absolutely sure that he had enough food to go around for everyone.

When Peter, Nate, Ryan and Dustin returned home, they each took turns taking showers and getting dressed so that they would all be ready to welcome their guests to dinner that evening! Peter and Ty had invited several friends from school to come over and join them for dinner, and of course Nate was there to join in as well. And, of course, Dustin was very grateful over the fact that Ty had taken care of preparing the food, so that Dustin would have the opportunity to enjoy the afternoon with Peter, Nate and Ryan. •

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