Nate's Magical Christmas Story

Christmas Day in the park


By tfwizard

Julie, who was one of Dustin’s friends from school, had invited Dustin and the rest of the boys to spend Christmas Day at the park, where they were having a large outdoors church service before the afternoon picnic. Dustin had told the boys about it, and everyone agreed to go to the service. Dustin took his car, while Ty, Ryan, Nate and Peter flew to the park and joined with Dustin when they arrived there.

Several of Ty and Peter’s friends were also there, including Jace, Keith, Allen, and Rob. Jace was another teen who had TF powers, and he always would wear inline skates wherever he went. Keith was a 41 year old medical assistant who had become friends with Peter when they met in a grocery store. Keith has been granted the ability to perform a body swap with Peter whenever he wanted to, so that Peter would live inside Keith’s adult body, while Keith would live in Peter’s teenage body. Allen was a school friend of Peter who was also on the swim team. Allen had received the same powers as Peter or Ty, but he could only use them on Peter. And since Allen loved to see people become more muscular, he always sought ways to increase Peter’s muscles. Lastly, Rob was an engineer who was changed back to a sixteen year-old teenager by Peter, even though it was at his own request. He wanted to live that part of his life over again, and was offered to move in with Dustin, Peter and Ty as long as he wanted to remain a teenager.

The whole group took their places on a large blanket that Dustin had spread out on the grass. Everyone was able to sit on it, except for Ryan, who was too big. Nate and Nate sat on a large blanket of their own, since they were the two largest people in the group. There was singing and several people read verses from the Bible, before a pastor came up and preached a sermon about the meaning of Christmas. Afterwards, there was singing and dancing, and people gathered in groups when it was about noon in order to enjoy the picnic in the park. Ty noticed that there were several of his classmates there, and so did Peter. The whole group had their own large picnic table, where they all took turns serving up hot dogs and hamburgers, which Dustin had heated up using a small, portable grill.

Afterwards was time for fun and games in the park. Ty, Peter, Nate, and Dustin played Frisbee and football, while Ryan was giving horse back rides to a large group of kids near the playground. Keith and Jace decided to skate around the park on this narrow, paved road which circled around the park, while Allen and Rob decided to join Ty and Peter at Frisbee.

Allen finally got to meet Nate while playing Frisbee, and he was astonished by the boy’s height and strength.

“Wow, so you’re Nate? You look like a big, muscular kid! Are you on a swim team? Or do you practice gymnastics?” Allen asked the boy. Of course, Allen was the captain of the swim team at Ty and Peter’s school.

“I have done some gymnastics, and I was actually pretty good at it! But I love to play basketball, just like my dad!” Nate said, while tossing the Frisbee back at Allen.

“Oh I see. Peter is your dad! Well, I’m the one who makes sure your dad stays in shape, did you know that?”

“That’s because my dad is on the same team as you are!” Nate replied.

“Not only that, though… Hey Peter, come here for a second!” Allen shouted at Peter, who was talking to Rob.

“What’s up?” Peter replied, as he walked over to Allen, who was standing next to Nate.

“I just wanted to show Nate what I can do. Watch this, Nate!” Allen said, as he stared at Peter and began to concentrate on his clothing and his muscles.

Suddenly, Peter’s shorts and t-shirt disappeared, but Peter found himself only dressed wearing his Speedo. Peter gasped as he looked down and realized that he looked like he was about to go swimming.

Then, Peter felt a jolt going through his chest, as his pectorals slowly began to inflate. His chest became three inches wider and thicker, while his biceps grew by 3 inches as well. Allen was showing Nate how he could make Peter more muscular, and he thought that he had totally impressed the boy. Just at that moment Ty, Dustin, and Salvador had walked over to Allen while wondering what was going on.

“That is so easy! I can do that!” Ty said out loud to Allen. “Watch how I do it!” Ty also began to concentrate, and Peter felt his abdominals almost rip out of his torso, while his chest grew another 4 inches.

“Oh yeah? Well then, watch THIS!” Salvador said out loud.

“Whoa, guys… Not all at once!” Peter said, as he felt another wave of power his him. This time, his legs became thicker and more muscular. His quads were gaining inches while his calf muscles became like huge footballs that were ripping out of his legs.

“Now, let me show you how to grow REAL muscle” Nate replied.

“Oh no… Guys, I’m getting… a little… too big!” Peter squeaked, since he could barely talk while a fourth, powerful surge of power overcame his body. The magical powers of all four had gripped Peter by surprise. He could barely move, due to the rapid muscular growth and increase in size and weight. Especially when Nate began to concentrate, he found his muscles almost growing to freakish proportions!

Along with the muscle growth, his body began to compensate for the weight gain, and his arms, legs, torso, shoulders and back began to grow larger as well. Just at that moment, Ryan walked over to Peter as he realized what Ty, Allen, Nate and Salvador were doing to him. Within minutes, Peter found himself looking Ryan straight in the eye!

“Nate… Please… Don’t make me any bigger… I feel so heavy…” Peter almost begged his son, who was almost causing Peter’s muscles to explode.

‘Okay, dad! I figured you’re big enough when you’re beginning to look like Uncle Ryan!” Nate chucked. Ryan looked at Peter and grinned.

“Peter, you look awesome! Amazing! Hey Nate, can you let him stay this big?” Ryan asked Nate while he was ecstatic over Peter’s new size.

“What? Oh no, Nate… Please don’t leave me like this… Please shrink me back!” Peter pleaded with his son. Both Peter and Ryan now stood about thirty feet tall, bulging with muscle.

“Sorry, Uncle Ryan, but I have to listen to my dad…” Nate replied, with a sad tone of voice.

“Alright, then. Shrink me back tonight, after we come back from the park. That gives me the chance to be as big as Ryan for a few hours!” Peter replied.

“Yayyy!!!” Ryan cheered out loud, while embracing Peter, who was now as muscular and as tall as him. “Thank you, Nate!”

Ryan, Peter, Salvador and Jace continued to play Frisbee, while Rob and Dustin walked on to the lake. Several other classmates of Ty and Peter walked up to them, including Bruno, Rex and Daniel. Daniel was the chief editor of the school newspaper, while Bruno and Rex were Peter and Ty’s classmates.

They spent time playing football and throwing the Frisbee to each other until it began to get dark. Then they went back to Dustin’s house, where the entire group got to eat pizza while they watched a movie on the TV. It had been an incredibly fun Christmas day for all of them. They were all happy and joyful, although Peter at times found himself feeling sad and down. He knew that Nate would have to leave the next day. But the important thing was that they all had an awesome Christmas together, for the first time ever. •

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