Make Sure You Read the Label

By Zat

Bill had always been picked on at school. He was 14 and didn't have much to show off. One day as he was searching the web to find a website he could jack off to, he came across the add for "Mega Manly Pills". He read the article about them and new they would help. He used the credit card his mom and dad had given him for emergencies(as long as he would pay the bill) and ordered the pills.

The next day as he got home from school he saw a package sitting on his door step "Wow, that was fast"he thought to himself. HE grabbed the package and ran inside. He tore it open and found the bottle of pills. on the back of the bottle it said'for best results take one pill before going to bed' "well thats a no brainer." he said to himself and since his parents were away he had complete privacy. After a shower he thought "Maybe i'll get better results if i take more than one" So onstaed of taking one he took 2 and popped them in his mouth.

That night he had the best dream he had every had. He was having sex with the hot highschool football guy that sits behind him on the bus. But instaed of him having sex with this guy in his puny dody he had been in a hunks body.The next morning he woke up felling heavy and with a mager boner. When he looked in the mirror acroos from his bed he almost jizzed right and there. He was the most hunky person he had ever seen. He had actualy pecs and biceps. "man this is awsome!" he yelled but it wasn't his voice it was much deeper.

After seeing his hunky body he started to head to the showers. After getting in th showers he noticed his tiny 4'' boner had now grown to a normal 6''. HE was so horny that he just stated to slowly jack of in the shower not knowing he would break another rule


After cumming the biggest load of his life all over the shower wall he headed over to his deads room to get some clothes. on the way back to his room with a pair of jeans he sarted to feel hot all over. As he looked down he could see and feel his muscles growing larger. HE could feel his bones expanding making him taller he could see his dick "reel out" from 7'' to 9.5''. After he fell down from his sudden weight gain he felt itchy all over and as the itching continued hair started to sprout all over his masculine body.

" fuck yea ooh oh yea fuck man so horny!" he yelled as he leaned against the wall of his hallway. After the growth stopped he pulled on a 2'' hair and thought he mite want to trim it even though he felt like the sexiest man alive.

But agian if he had read the full label he would have seen the other warning...


As he finished shaving he felt that warm feeling agian. He through on a jean vest and went outside of the house to the cattle mirror in the barn. As he looked on his biceps swelled and ballooned as more muscle and hair covered them. He felt so horny as his 9.5'' dick lenghtened to one foot and his now egg size balls blow up to be the size of tennis balls; bursted right out of his dads jock strap. his pecs and abs became for defined and hairy as he felt the itchy yet warm feeling spread all over his body" MAn I feel so horny right now!" HE said in a voice that belonged to a god instead of a mere mortal. as the growth stopped he went in side and read the label.

"hhmm" he wondered "if 2 pills could do this i wonder what a whole bottle could do." •

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