Make a Muscle

Muscle Cops


By Demetrius

The meeting didn't take long. All of the officials could see the value of the massive "muscle cops." The negotiations were easy and fast, and within 30 days a platoon of 52 reformed criminals was on the streets, a brute squad with Clint as their leader. He was doing far better than any of the scientists had anticipated. He loved being huge and each day they gave him more and more supplements based on their findings about his rate of growth. They continued to adjust his attitude through chemical means, and his aggressiveness level was climbing rapidly!. They wanted to keep him growing while not endangering him at the same time. He was just over 7' 6" and weighed 453! There was not another man who was as big as Clint. He produced sperm at an incredible rate, and could have sex all day and night if it was necessary. And at the rate the streets were being cleaned up, it was becoming necessary.

The first three target areas they had designated were: downtown Chicago, the inner city schools and the subway system. The men had been deployed in teams of two, and Clint was housed in a renovated hotel near the worst area in the city. All of the doors and ceilings had been redesigned to accommodate Clint's freaky size. A weightlifting gym was installed on the second floor with equipment that was not your usual gym fare. It had been modified to suit Clint's purposes.They also installed a wrestling arena with a ring and mats in a design specified by Clint. The shower room was immense, with eight jets that sprayed into the center of the 16' X 16' tiled room. It made showering an event.

All of the officers had been assigned specific locations to patrol, and now it was time to stop the crime and recruit some new muscle. Location 1. The subway: Knives were drawn, and the three 20 year old punks were demanding money from the passengers on the downtown express. The subway car continued to move rapidly through the tunnel as people, fearing for their lives, handed over jewelry, money, and anything else of value. The three men had been terrorizing the subway system for weeks. One person had been killed and eight seriously wounded for refusing to give up his possessions. Suddenly the door at the end of the car opened. In the doorway stood a massive muscle monster assigned to this subway system. The punks turned and pointed their knives at the cop. He walked toward the punks. He had no weapons; all he did was flex his unbelievable biceps for the puny idiots to see. "Please guys," he said, "don't make me use these. And he flexed again for emphasis. "What?" The punks laughed and then lashed out. In one move the cop had the three men caught! - one in each hand and one under his right arm! "Sorry, fellas, but you don't listen" he said, "so this is the stop where you get off." WHAM! One punk hit the ceiling and was knocked senseless and then the cop dropped him to the floor. BAM! Another was smashed into the right wall of the subway car and was likewise out cold. THUD! HEAD BUTT! The other guy never knew what had hit him. The officer threw the unconscious bodies - one across each massive shoulder - and one cradled in his arms, and left the car as silent as he had entered. The people on the car cheered!

Within 30 minutes the punks were naked on the floor in front of Clint. He was standing there soaking wet, having just finished his shower. He was slowly stroking his 10" of manhood. "So fellas," Clint began as he caressed his right pec, "my men tell me you like terrorizing people in the subway, huh? Bad idea. It would have been wise of you to surrender to the man when he asked to to, but now something a little different is in store for you. Sorry you never got what you were looking for from those people, but in a minute you're going to get something you've only dreamed about - from me." And he smiled as he looked down at his flaccid penis. "Damn!" said one of the punks. "Oh, you like it?" asked Clint as he rubbed his dick slowly. And he smiled again, realizing how he towered over the men kneeling in front of him. He slowly caressed his left pec as he checked out his left bicep muscle at the same time. His 30" arm was incredible. He was no other word but 'massive.' He was putting on a show for the highly aroused men. They were all becoming excited. They couldn't help it. Clint smiled again and ran his hand down his washboard stomach. He was having fun. "I see you're becoming more than a little interested!" said Clint. They just stared. Clint had his hands locked behind his head and was showing off his massive biceps quite nicely.

Each man was, at the most, 150 lbs. Clint could take care of them all at once just as easily as he could do them one at a time. They weren't going to be much of a physical challenge. But first he wanted them ready! "OK guys, time to get hard for Clint." He loved doing this. So far, no one had ever been able to resist him. He struck a double bicep pose, and then bounced the huge biceps several times. That always got them started. And sure enough dicks were beginning to fill out! "Good job, men!" said Clint. "You're rising to the occasion quite well!" Clint enjoyed the power he had over other guys! All three men were getting off watching him flex. "Oh! Now men, not quite hard enough!" he said. So he began bouncing his pecs back and forth. It was amazing how rapidly this always worked. All pricks came to rapid attention! "Good boys, your tiny little tools are almost big enough to see!" he said, and he reached down and picked up the largest of the group by the shoulders and lifted him high off of the ground. "Like to exercise?" he asked. "You look like you may have a little muscle there." And he squeezed the guy's left bicep until he yelled out in pain! The man shook his head rapidly. "No, I don't exercise, asshole, and you're crushing my arm!"

"Oh, you should," Clint said, just a little annoyed, "it might give you pecs like these." And he bounced his pecs slowly three or four more times in front of the guy's face and then buried the face in his massive chest, rubbing it hard against the wall of granite. "It might also give you arms like these..." then he rubbed the guy's face on his right bicep... " or abs like these..." and he ran his face up and down his washboard abs. The guy was screaming in pain.

He dropped the guy to the floor, as he grabbed the other two by their necks and stood them up, their 7" rods standing at attention. "Bend over, little man," he said to the one on his left. "No way, you muscle head freak!" he shouted. Clint shook his head and merely forced the guy into position as easily as if he was a toy. "Who loves you, stud?" he asked the punk. He held him there with one hand, while he grabbed the second guy by the dick. It was completely rigid. "Well, I think it's this little man!" Clint laughed and he inserted him into the first guy, and rammed the two of them together. He held the duo with his left hand and picked up the third with his right. "You look lonely. Are you lonely?" Clint asked the third terrified guy.

"No!" he yelled. Clint pulled the guy up to eye level. "You like this, don't you?" he asked the guy, and he shook him and made him nod his head two or three times. "I've never attempted this with three guys at one time," Clint said, and he dropped the duo in his right hand. They were stunned. He then put the third guy into Position One. The pumping began and by "ten" Clint, of course, was as hard as a 18" rod of steel. And the "barbell" was sporting a 7.5" hard-on himself. Clint positioned the guy over the other two and...Smash! The little man had his little rod inserted into the rear of man number two. The group was complete! 450 lbs. of slime planted securely together. Now it was Clint's turn.

"OK boys, get ready. When I'm done with you, you'll appreciate me for doing this!" He lifted the group to his shoulder level just above his mammoth prick, his biceps slightly straining under the pressure of three bodies, and placed them slowly onto his 18" rod. He had the middle guy tight around his waist, and his penis was ready to go! He was ready to make more muscle. Clint began to pump. "Make A Muscle! Make A Muscle." He pumped the last guy until he was full - to the eyes! All the while the other guys kept moaning - they were loving it, and man number one was ready to shoot! And he did, right into the ass of man number two. Clint laughed and pumped faster. He was loving it. The second guy yelled and moaned and cried out and suddenly he shot into number three! Clint was going wild. "Good little boys! Here I come again!" He was a sperm machine. "Make A Muscle! Make a Muscle!" he began to chant and number three shot! Clint was raving "Make a Muscle! Make A Muscle!" and all three men were moaning, yelling, freaking out!

Clint could go on for hours, but he knew his partners wouldn't survive it, so he slowed his rhythm, and then stopped and removed himself from the rear end of the group. "Now", he thought, as he lifted the unconscious trio from his throbbing pole, "I'll leave them stuck together like this. Watching the whole group transform as a pack should be fun." So he sat back on the couch and in three minutes their change began. Two hours later the group was dressed and on the streets working! Puny Punks into Pillars of Power! New Muscles Made!

Clint was on the second floor in the gym when the new group of scum was brought to him. He was just beginning his workout, and his pecs were just beginning to get a pump. He watched himself in the mirror, checking out his progress. Both officers had an unconscious guy over each shoulder and a guy locked in each hand - they almost crushed their necks while they carried them at shoulder level, their feet inches from the ground. "Sir! said one of the recruits who brought the guys in, "we caught this group (indicating the guys he was 'carrying') breaking into a store down on Bleaker Street. When we arrived, the owner was dead, and they were holding his wife hostage. And this group (indicating the group dangling from his partner's arms and across his massive shoulders) beat a group of school kids senseless, and were robbing them when we arrived. Sorry they're all unconscious. It was necessary to subdue them."

"No problem, gentlemen. Please put them in the wrestling ring, and remove their clothes for me. They did as they were told. Clint followed them into the room that had been equipped with a 36' X 36' professional style wrestling ring with padding on every inch of wall and floor space. The ceiling was completely covered in mirrors. The men were lying - two on each side of the ring - and Clint waited in the middle. "Thanks, men," said Clint, "Now leave them with me. Oh! and please chain and bar the door as you leave. Extra reiforcement might be necessary. We wouldn't want any of our "recruits" to try and leave us, would we?" The cops did as they were told.

Eight pieces of trash! Clint smiled. This was going to be the best yet! Clint sat in the middle of the ring assessing the situation. He smiled as he took in the group. They were all in the 5' 10" range, and for the most part weighted 175 lbs. or so. Five minutes later the group began to revive. Clint had taken his pill shortly before the group was brought in. He was feeling and showing the effects of this latest drug. His giant biceps were warm and blood was coursing through his veins. He looked down at the 30" mass of muscle and flexed. There were no other arms this big. No set of hands could encircle the entire girth of these mounds. He looked down to see his pecs beginning to jump by themselves! This was a first. Usually he had to concentrate to make them move this way. They seemed to be getting bigger! His legs were always tremendous, but as he flexed his calves and quads he felt a power in them he had never experienced before. His shoulders began to throb - small movements at first, and then a visible pumping movement that made it seem as if his deltoids were breathing. Bigger and bigger - they expanded like they were being filled with air. But it wasn't air! It was more and more muscle mass. He was truly a giant. His frame was expanding. He now measured 7' 10". He was enthralled with himself. This was the goal.

After years of preparation, years of care and feeding, years of exercise and training, the "experiment" was reaching their desired culmination. The pills also caused a heightened sense of aggression that Clint was really feeling big-time! He just wanted to brawl and fornicate. He was outraged at the audacity of men who committed these terrible crimes against the helpless public, and all he wanted to do was to pay them back for their deeds. He was vaguely becoming aware of the buzzing sound that was beginning in his brain. Now his mind was occupied with only one thought - revenge. Where did this feeling come from? He felt as though something had been done to him personally by these degenerates. He wanted to avenge himself. "Make A Muscle, Clint," he kept hearing through the buzzing sound. "They despise who you are; they despise your size, your weight, your looks! They want to hurt you badly. You've got to get them before they get you! Make A Muscle!" He looked around him at the eight men lying near the ropes, and snarled as he flexed his entire body. With the execution of a "Most Muscular" pose he shouted and made up his mind to begin with the smallest man.

An example to the others was in order! The buzzing was growing louder. He couldn't think. By now all eight men were conscious. They could see Clint clearly, standing in the middle of the ring. His chest was moving rapidly up and down. His breathing was heavy. His giant chest was incredible - like pillows of steel on top of a massive frame. His eyes were huge and dilated. He was slightly delirious. The muscles in his legs pulsed and fell. Blood was clearly visible coursing through his veins.

Clint crossed to the far end of the ring and reached down to the small man. With barely any effort he lifted the 5' 5" man to eye level. His feet were nearly two feet from the floor! He needed to get hard, and exercise was the only way. His massive pole had grown to 12" soft, and could reach an erection of 21"! It took lots of exercise to get enough blood flowing to make the erection possible, though, and he was going to use these men to do it. "Wrestle me, punk!" he yelled into the man's face. "And you'd better make a good effort or you'll regret it big time. See this fist?" And he bunched his mammoth hand into an unbelievable mass. "If you don't want it to be a temporary part of your anatomy, start fighting!" And he threw the man across the ring and he hit the mat with a thud. "Get up, punk! Come at me or you're dead!" Clint yelled, and the 155 lb. man ran at him from across the ring. Clint lowered his left shoulder and met the man's chest. THUD! The puny scum hit Clint and fell back onto the mat. Clint had barely moved. "Again! yelled Clint. "Get up and try it again!" And the man ran at Clint a second time. As he neared Clint, he tried throwing his body at the giant to attempt to knock him down. Clint held out one hand and caught the man by the neck. He raised him almost 9 feet into the air! SMASH! The man landed on his ass in the center of the ring. Clint smirked! He could tell he wasn't going to get much resistance with this guy, so he called out to the second 150 lb. guy and yelled, "Help him! Do you hear me? Help him overcome THIS! And he raised his arms and struck an incredible double bicep pose that produced the 30" mounds.

The men were as scared as hell, but they ran at Clint, jumped up, and grabbed his uplifted arms and attempted to pull him backwards to the ground. Clint never moved. The men hung in mid-air, holding on to Clint's arms, feet dangling far from the floor. Clint began to flex and unflex his biceps causing the men to raise and lower like little merry-go-round figures. Then he began to turn in a circle as the men held on for their lives. They were flying parallel to the ground, and finally could not hold on any longer. Clint flexed one last time and both men lost their grip and went flying from the ring and crashed into the padded walls - 14 feet away! "Pitiful!" yelled Clint.

Someone give me a challenge! I'm still not even the slightest bit aroused!" he yelled as he presented his 12" flaccid cock to the group. "There are six of you left in this ring! Your friends will be out for a while. Now show me what you're made of!" And the group of six rushed Clint all at once, and they managed to drive him into a corner of the ring, covering his body with 1000 lbs. of man-flesh. Clint was pressed against the ring post. He hadn't ever felt this much pressure before. His penis was starting to grow! "Do it, little men!" he said, "you're getting me going! Try and hold me back!" And he pushed back against the group and knocked them flat on their asses out in the center of the ring. "Take me, you scum!" he yelled. "Do it now, or you're dead!" The first two to recover went for his legs, the second two for his thighs, and the other two for his upper body. By now the two "resting" outside of the ring had returned, and all eight men were working on Clint. Harder and harder they pushed, and finally they managed to topple him to the ground! Two men sat on his waist, two on his chest, one on each leg, and one on each arm. He had 1,300 lbs pinning him to the mat. He struggled, and pushed, and strained, and as he did so, his flaccid penis was getting larger. "Do it, little men! Hold me down! Keep me in place if you can!" he yelled. You're making me hard as hell!"

And he started his upward movement! His limbs were tightened, his muscles strained! He was going to overpower eight men at once! The thought of it made him as hard as steel! His erect penis stood almost two feet in the air, and he was ready to use it to do some damage! "Make A Muscle!" "Make A Muscle" he began to chant, and he pulled his left arm free. A man went flying to the edge of the ring! "Make A Muscle!" he said again, and his right arm ejected a weak 175 lb. man 10 feet to his right! Then he threw the two sitting on his chest, one off to the right and the other to the left of his body, and grabbed the heads of the two sitting on his waist and crashed them together! They were out! The two sitting on his legs just jumped up and ran to the corners of the ring. "YEAH!" yelled Clint. "Run you weaklings! I'm as hard as I get and now it's time to make some muscle!" And he grabbed his erect penis and pointed it toward the biggest man. "You first, tough guy! I want to get off on seeing muscle turned into even more muscle! You're going to be good!" All the other men ran from the ring heading toward the door. "No way out, girls!" he yelled. "It's reinforced steel. After I'm finished with him, I'm coming for the rest of you. So get ready!" Clint reached out and grabbed the muscular guy by the waist and lifted him into the air. "Make A Muscle, Clint!" he shouted, and impaled the man on his shaft. •

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