Making Contact

Beyond the Barriers


By StevePwrBear

When we met I was trying to breathe but the air wasn't there. It was the second time that day that my lungs just weren't cooperating. I've probably lost you already so let me start from the beginning Matt and I have been friends ever since we met for the first time when I was a freshman in college. That was 5 years ago. So much has happened since then.

I had just turned nineteen in August, right before school began it's fall semester. Matt was a senior and our local football star. He was everything that I was not: Body, Looks, and Charisma. After years of watching this man completely become a walking wet dream, I never in my life was ready for what was about to happen to me and how Matt and I would become the best of friends.

Danny Cable, who was a senior, was walking my way as his goons were laughing and taunting me in the school gymnasium after study hall. His goons, Jim Hibon and Mike Sanderson were calling me a fat little fucker and pussy freshmen. I was an overweight, fat kid growing up and still pretty chubby at eighteen, but not extremely obese as some of the thin mean assholes of the world would like to think. I had really started grow into my weight, but some assholes still just didn't see it. As Jim and Mike were picking on me, Danny snuck up behind me and shoved his hand through the empty space of my right arm that was holding up my young college life. God, they were so fucking immature for being seniors in college.

My life, as it was, consisted of my Intro to Advanced English, Human Physics and Chemistry books along with my brown paper bag lunch that my mom had made two chipped chop ham sandwiches, a bag of Cheetos, 3 Oreo cookies, a thermos of Koolaid, and an apple. Yes I still lived at home. Even though the evidence was against me, I wasn't a momma's boy. She was just a very overprotective mother. I wasn't aloud to live in the dorms, till I had proven to her that I would do well at college. I was an average high school student with a 3.2 GPA, but that wasn't good enough for Mom. After what our family had been through, you could hardly blame her.

My dad, though, was always proud of my sporting accolades. I lettered in almost every sport; football, baseball, wrestling and track. Even though I never stood out among the other players, my father was always very proud of me and constantly pushed me to better myself. He never was negative about it, always positive and complimenting my progress but always trying to make me a better human being. I think it was because he never was aloud to do sports growing up and was always picked on for being the fat kid, like me. After my dad got out of high school and went into military, he shed his fat weight and beefed up so much, that when he returned home he was one of the strongest and biggest men in our city. He was a huge Neanderthal of a giant that was stronger then an ox but with a heart and soul of angel. He stayed in the Army reserves his whole life, as a Lieutenant through to a Major. According to my dad, every year the Army would actually have to tailor-make his GI Uniforms, because he kept getting bigger and bigger. Looking back, I know my dad loved the attention and yearning for him that almost everyone in town would give him. But he never acted like he was better than anyone else. He was just a man; he'd say, no more, no less. But a man with an amazing power and strength inside of him that no one could match. God I wanted to be just like him. I loved my Dad. He was my hero. But heroes are human, too. I know this because he died the summer before I started college.

Anyway, getting back to the time Matt and I became friends, I remember as I saw my life affirming belongings tumble toward the floor, I felt Jim and Mike push me on my shoulders causing me to fall back over Danny as he crouched on all fours behind me. My right leg kicked the falling objects causing my lunch bag to explode. The thermos lid opened and the red dye #9 Cherry Koolaid sprayed all over my English and Physics books. When I hit the hardwood floor clean on my back, with a breath-stealing thud, I noticed that the Koolaid shower sprayed one of the schools largest and most muscular football jocks all over his face and tank top as he was walking past. "What the fuck?" he yelled.

"Ha ha ha ha, Oh shit sorry man," was all that Mike could get out as he was pushed down onto the floor to meet me. The blow came so quickly that you couldn't even see the contact of fist to body. You only knew Mike had been hit from the wail that come out of him and how he held onto his chest.

His butt-kissing buddy, Jim tried to turn to hit the jock but was punched in the face and went down on top of Mike before he could ever raise his arm. Danny grabbed the back of the jock's legs and yanked them causing the big guy to fall right on top of him. I'm sure that wasn't what Danny had hoped to accomplish. But to me, it was a priceless moment. The big jock landed square on Danny's back causing the air in his lungs to catapult from his body through his mouth, making him spit and sputter into Mike's face.

As the scene played out before me, I started to catch my own breath when I saw a hand, the size of a normal man's entire head, reach down from behind me to help pick me up. The hand was enormous and as I took it, I swear I could feel a rush of energy flow through me and my cock started to fill and grow. For a moment I remembered my father and how huge his hands were, but I knew it couldn't be him. I looked around and up into the greenest eyes I had ever seen. They were almost hypnotic they were so perfect. My cock stirred even more. The bright gymnasium lights silhouetted him so all I could make out was those piercing green orbs. The rest of the giant's body towered over me and made me feel like an ant in comparison. My mind was racing so fast I couldn't hold one thought other than I knew whom it was. It was my fantasy man who started the change in my life.

"Are you okay buddy?" was all he said at first, as he held my hand and I tried to stand up. My legs felt weak, as he must have known, because the giant yanked me up like I was nothing. I know I was at least 210 lbs then, which really showed due to my small height and I noticed that I only came up to his chest. His hand was so warm, rough and callused and it seemed to make me feel 100 times better than I had just a few moments ago. My cock was literally throbbing like crazy in my pants. I reluctantly let go of his hand, strangely remembering how much it felt just like my fathers hand. All the feelings of what happened a year ago with Matt in the locker room started to rush back.

I tried to muster up an "I'm fine," but my breath, even though it had returned from the fall I had just taken, was gone again as he came clearer closer to me. "III'm okay, I guess."

I had not seen him all day till that moment. In fact I hadn't seen him all summer. He must have been 5 times the size he was a year ago. His friend was handling Danny with ease, picking him up over his head as if to throw him. They were by far the biggest and hottest guys in ours or any other school. The year before, though, both of Matt and Jake had been star athletes with above average college jock bodies, but not anywhere near the size they would become. After football season was over, they both suddenly left the college. They were in ROTC and we were told that they had to go off to an officer training facility for the rest of their junior year. No one was sure if they were to return. But they did and with a bang. Just before the end of our spring semester, Matt and Jake showed up. At first no one knew who they were. Their bodies had completely changed. They had grown a lot and were loaded with enormous muscle with bodies far exceeding that of many of the pro bodybuilders. They weren't any too shy about showing off how strong and hot they looked either. They never seemed totally stuck on themselves, like my father, but rather really outgoing and confident. Their clothes looked two sizes to small and their crotches looked like they were holding back massive equipment. Even though we would have the same gym class, it seemed that both of them were modest in the locker room and never let their "players" out for air.

They had become so massive that the looked like they walked straight out of a comic book. The girls would literally fall at there feet practically cumming in their skirts for these guys. Also, you know that some of the guys wanted them as well and I knew this from experience. Testosterone oozed out from every pore in their muscle- bound bodies. When they entered a room it seemed to fill with sexual aura and you knew everyone desired them. My father had had the same effect on people too. I didn't realize it at the time, but now looking back I saw all the signs. The most I ever saw of Matt and Jake's naked bodies were their perfectly round asses in jockstraps that could barely contain the contents inside. I remember how excited I became the first time I saw Matt's ass. I went straight home and waked off till I started shooting blanks. It was really the first time I thought really sexually about being with a man. I had seen my father naked plenty of times, but not until I was a senior in high school, did I become aroused looking at him. I knew how wrong it was to be attracted to my father and I felt ashamed and confused. But I couldn't help myself. Why would I get so turned on looking at his huge body? I was mortified.

After seeing Matt's body I finally knew why. I was gay. It wasn't that I wanted my father as much as how his body turned me on. Even if his body would have been on another man I would have become aroused. It was beyond massive and beautiful, like a morphed muscleman superhero out of twisted fairy tale.

The more I saw Matt and Jake's bodies my sexual appetite constantly increased. That's when I knew I had to stay away from my dad, even when he was just shirtless, as much as possible. For a while my father seemed put off that I didn't want to change around him in the locker room, but I think he had figured it out that last day I was ever to see him again. Always the gentlemen, he told me that it was okay and that he loved me no matter what. He knew my plight and understood. He told me I was special and that I would come to find that out someday. He told me never to be ashamed of who I am and that I should relish in the gifts that are given to me. In the school gym locker room, I would become so incredibly hard when I would just look at Matt and Jake and it wouldn't go down till they left my sight. Every time it happened it became harder and harder to resist them. Once I think Matt saw my erection in my jockstrap and he just smiled and walked away. Little did he know that when he smiled, that was all it took, as I ran to the toilet, barely reaching it in time to just give my cock 5 short pumps and blow a huge load all over the stall door.

Once I actually blew right there in my jock almost immediately. I was in the football locker room changing last year right before Matt and Jake left the school. Matt was on the same locker aisle as me and as he went by me to leave, he brushed his hand against my bare ass. I can't really remember everything, but it seemed that he didn't just brush it as much as running his palm across my entire ass. I now know that he did that very deliberately to cause the start of my new life. At the time though, I thanked God, both of them had walked away and rounded the corner of the lockers and then left the room, before I soaked myself. There were no words to describe the feelings surging through me at the moment. It was the strangest thing; I literally had no control of it. When I came I literally left the ground and was catapulted against the lockers. The force was unbelievable and nonstop. I literally came and came in buckets. I even put a towel in front of me and I soaked through it, too. The entire towel and my jock were dripping wet with my cum. After it finally stopped, I regained my composer and prayed no one else was in there but to my surprise I noticed that the only two guys, Sam Krinshaw, a hot black jock with a super fit and tight body and 9+ inches of cock and Pete Moore, a thick, muscular and hairy wrestling starter with a cock to match were left in the locker room. Both of them were coming out of the same orgasmic induced period. Sam had been completely naked and had coated Pete's furry chest and crotch with his spunk as Pete laid on the bench with his shirt only around his neck. They both must have been changing when Matt brushed against them as well. You could literally smell the sex in the room.

My cock sprung back up to full tilt as we looked at each other. There was still so much lust left in us that we grabbed for each other and had a three-way right there and then. That was the day I lost my cherry and the day I noticed my special gift. (More on that later.) I had never been with a guy or girl, but somehow it was the most natural thing to me to be with these two college men. We didn't care if anyone saw us, for we were in a complete frenzy. Our bodies writhing across the tile floor right where anyone could have walked right in. Luckily no one did. But even if they would have, they either would have had to join in voluntarily or they would've been pulled in against their will.

It was mouths, hands, cocks and bodies exploring every inch of each other. There was no stopping us as we each came two more times. The first bout of orgasms happened when we were in a train, fucking each other. I came in Sam ass as Pete came in mine and Sam shot clear across the room over 10 feet away. He said it was from the force of me coming in him that he shot so far. . He said it felt like I had literally pushed it out of him. I didn't believe him but I do remember it was the longest duration of a single orgasm that I had ever had. I came in him for about 2 minutes. My ass must've been milking the cum right out of Pete, cause he just about took the same amount of time cumming in me. Instead of being exhausted we were even more sexed up.

We then headed for the community style showers turning on every spicket so the water splashed us from every angle. We washed each other off and then Pete positioned him self on the floor sitting Indian style as I fucked his mouth. Sam started eating my ass and took a moment to comment on how delicious it was filled with Pete's cum. I told Sam to mix it with his and without warning he shoved his huge cock clear to the hilt causing me to force Pete to deep throat me. Within minutes I shot down Pete's throat and with a huge final thrust, Sam shot up my ass. The moment Sam shot in me I completely exploded even more into Pete's mouth. Pete moaned and sucked my cock so hard after I started shooting that it I couldn't stop cumming in him. Load after load of me gushed in him and it ran down his mouth and body because he couldn't suck it down fast enough. I finally stopped and Pete pulled out and commanded both of us to our knees telling us he was gonna shoot. Then he shot on both Sam's face as well as mine while we fought with our mouths and tongues, for who got the most of Pete's delicious cum. He didn't have the amount that I did, but it was the best tasting cum, besides mine. If there was any left on our face we licked each other clean. It was fucking amazing. Sam and I licked Pete's entire body where any of my cum remained. I never got to taste Sam's cum but Pete's and mine were amazingly good. I still to this day get rock hard thinking of that afternoon. Afterward, the two of them left the school and never returned. They were in ROTC as well. It was like it had never happened. Nothing like that ever happened again with me. Matt and Jake kept their distance, it seemed. I began to wonder if it was just a fantastic dream. But now, as I was touching Matt's hand again, it was bringing all those feelings back.

There was an on ongoing effect since that day, too. I have started to grow taller and I look more evenly distributed. I was beginning to become a man. The fat was starting to turn to muscle and they were getting slightly bigger, but to my dismay, not much stronger. Also, being that I was raging with hormones all that time, especially after the locker room fiasco, I had daily encounters with the glorious gift of masturbation and Matt and Jake were always at the top of my fantasy list. My sexual libido was on complete overdrive. I would have to wake off at least 5 times a day and every time the orgasms were enormous in volume. Sometimes I would just think about Matt and with just a few strokes I would receive a shower of my own praise that would cover my whole body and most of the room. That has turned out to be my claim to fame. I didn't know how unique I was at the time but every time I have an orgasm, I cum more than anyone I've ever known then or since. Most guys shoot about 5 to 8 squirts maximum, where I literally shower up to 8 feet in any direction with as many as 20 to 30 shoots or sprays of my juice. My orgasms are so strong and powerful that I have choked most anyone sucking me off because they can't swallow fast enough and it pours out of their mouths, just like it did to Pete. Cumming in someone's ass is the best. I fill them up to the brink like a strong enema. I really do literally cum in gallons. Then if they cum after I have had my orgasm in them, they shoot the farthest they every have in their lives. My favorite thing when I jack off is to lay on my back and put my legs over my head aiming my cock at my mouth. I always swallow as much as I can because I love the taste of my own cum. As I have also found out, so does anyone else that has ever had it. Surprisingly it's never bitter or pungent, but more like a nectar from a sweet tasting fruit.

What happened that day in the locker room had been a flash in the pan, but it would come to be a fire that was to ignite an entire town. The summer came and Matt and Jake left the town again. My father got called away about the same time, to die and never return. And now, I with Matt towering over me like an angel of muscle was going to start my journey to a completely new existence. •

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