Boys of Linden Ave, The


By Lenny

Tom, Howie, Allen and Ted were goofing off one summer day on Linden Avenue and Tom finds this strange spray bottle in the grass. It looks kind of like cologne so he sprays himself and finds out to his suprise its FART smell.

Howie: "what's that poopie smell"

Tom: "Poopie" laughing "Your such a baby"

Tom spray Howie. Allen and Ted wise up to what is going on and start running, but Tom catches up near the Linden Public Pool and nails both with the Fart smell.

Allen: "how we going to get rid of this smell"

Ted: "nothing is stronger smelling then the chlorine at the pool"

The boys head to the pool and also notice some itching of the skin.

After a short swim the boys start to not recognize each other. The must have grown up into early teens - but how.

Tom: "The fart stuff must have done this."

Howie: "We look fucking awesome, like high schooler's"

Allen: "Oh my God and Howie just said Fucking!"

Ted: "Man I want to put this new body to work"

Tom: "Great idea, I am going to see if I can hit a ball out of the Linden Park - finally"

Howie: "I want to see if I can out do my Dad now on his Soloflex at home"

Ted: "I want to go down to the beach on Lake Linden and swim all the way out to the net"

The boys all went there ways in there new bodies and Allen decided to just go home and jack off - he had developed his first errection checking out his buddies.

Tom got to the park and hit not one but 10 straight out of the park hits.

"Holy shit, I must be like superman. No kid hits like a pro."

The college dude that had been throwing the balls was really giving it to Tom, but he was hitting like he was Sammy Sosa.

"Funk man your awesome, you should be pro. Where did you go to college"

"Ah, I didn't"

"What the fuck have you been doing with your life, you should come to State. I am a walk-on there. Coach is scotting a high school game across town, you should come with me to meet him"

"ah, okay, I guess"

Tom gets in this college boys car and he notices that the dude is sporting wood. Then he sees his face in the sideview mirror. He is a grown stud, he looks at his body and starts sporting wood over himself.

"Man you dont know how glad I am to see that" then the dude proceeds to rub Toms cock and lays a kiss on his mouth. It was incredible and the only thing Tom could think to do was reach for this guys crotch. Before long the shorts were off and the tongues were in. The dude started to jack off Tom and he followed suit for the dude. It only took a few minutes and the car was cum filled. "Guess we better clean this up before we see coach, damn this is my lucky day"

Meanwhile, Ted's run to the beach seemed to only take a few minutes -- it was so far away normally. Greg the Life Guard is there, he always keeps an eye on Ted to make sure he doesn't swim to far out. Greg is staring again at him and Ted thinks he will show him he can swim in the deep end of the lake -- out to the rope that divides swimmers and boaters. Then bam, he is at the rope, it was so easy it was almost disappointing. Then back again he swims and Greg approaches him, likely to yell at him.

"Hey man, your an incredible swimmer. My buddy just arrived to replace me, but I would like to talk to you about Life Guarding if that is ok."

"Sure" Ted said and followed Greg to the Life Guard Shack to talk.

"There is a formality of a test, but the way you swim it won't be a problem. Due to some rocks floating in one part of the lake we are required to wear a cup with our briefs. I can go ahead and get you one, what size."

"Hell if I know, can we just try a few"

"OK here is an extra-large, it should cover" Greg places it over Ted's truck "Fuck, you got a big package there, we may need to special order."

"I do... I guess so then"

"Hey man its nothing to be ashamed of" Greg drops his briefs to show his well hung cock

"Shit your bigger then my Dad!" is all that Ted could respond

"Man you must be close to me, a big package is nothing to be ashamed of, let me see --- so if your my size we know you will need a 2xl cup"

"Well ok" Ted drops his trunks and to his pleasure sees that he is even bigger then Greg.

"Fuck man that's incredible, can I touch it"

Without thinking Ted says "sure"

Greg's touch sends a convulsion throughout Teds new manly body. Bam his dick hardens to over 9 inches and before he knows it Greg is not only touching it, but licking it too.

"Damn you taste incredible, were the fuck have you been all my life" The licking becomes sucking, deeper and deeper down Greg's throat, then he explodes filling Greg's willing belly with massives amount a sperm.

Back on Linden Avenue, Allen made it home and took a shower. He quickly discovered his growing did not stop at the pool, he decides to explore himself on his mom's King Sized bed - since she had a mirror above it. But no sooner had he started he heard the door shut.

"Allen, it is just me Frank. You mom needs her briefcase for her presentation and asked me to stop get it." the voice yelled until it reached the bedroom "Your not Allen" Knowing Frank to be kind of ditzy, Allen decided to play with his mom's personal assistant.

"Frank no I am not, I am your dream though." Allen was still extremely horney from the sight of his buddies and decided to release that tension on Frank, knowing it was something Frank would enjoy.

"A dream it must be a dream" is all Frank said as Allen undressed him. Allen got some of the KY Jelly he saw in his mom's bathroom and some of her scarfs from the dresser. "Now turn toward me on you knees" Frank obeyed. Allen tired Franks hands to the bed post and began to apply jelly to his anus. Allen's 8 inches were rubbing against Frank as he positioned his mom's employee. The he pushed, but Frank was loose so it was not that hard to get in, and thrust in and out. Allen screamed in pleasure "Thank you God, Thank you" As his ass ate up Allen's engorged penise, after 50 minutes of pounding Allen exploded inside Frank and both colapse into a deep sleep.

Down the block Howie found that he was easily maxing out his dad's soloflex. His dad would be so proud, he was always dispointed in Howie since he was less then athletic compared to the other boys on his softball team. Howie just wanted his dad's approval and love like lots of kids.

Then the door slams. "Damn bitches, there all good for nothing" Howie's dad was yelling as he usually does. "Who the fuck are you?"

"Its me Howie, look how big and strong I am aren't you proud to have me as a son now"

"It cant be" but looking at his face he knew it was Howie "But how" he questions as he felt his sons new arms and chest. "You are like 20 now, let me see if your really are a man" and he tugs down Howies pants to see he indeed was. A bulge immediately developed in his dad's pants.

"All I want to do is make you happy Dad"

"Is that so, then give me some jumping jacks" Howie usually only does about 8, but he was banging them out like crazy. "OK that is enough, push ups" Down goes Howies, ask fast as you can count, then he starts doing them one handed. "OK, dont show off, now I want you to touch your toes" Howies does and his Dad gets behind him to see the most incredible ass imaginable, he inserts his index finger


"You want to make me happy"


"Then enjoy this" He removes the finger and slowly pushes into the tight virgin muscle bubble butt "Relax son Relax" Howie obeyd and his Dads cock begins to slide inside. Then his dad begins to rock, then thrust into that perfect ass. "I love you Howie, I really fucking love you"

"I love you too Dad" Allen cried "Oh fuck Dad this is the best moment of my life"

"Mine too, son. Mine tooooooooooooooooooooooooo" •

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