Boys Will Be Boys

By FanTCMan

Chris and Derrick couldn't wait until their fathers left for the day. Ever since their dads had started taking the pills that their producer friend Frank had given them, they couldn't wait to try them themselves.

They had watched as both the men began turning themselves into the biggest stars on the gay porn roster of hunky men. Since the boys were nearly fourteen themselves, and since they had, probably influenced some by their dads, discovered both working out and sex together, their dads were surprisingly open about what they were doing. They told the boys that they would rather show them the movies they were making than have someone else do it. And when they were chosen to try out this experimental drug that was supposed to, if it worked, make them better for the movies, they told the boys about it so that they wouldn't be freaked when and if results started showing.

Their dads had been taking the stuff for about six months, one pill a day, and now it was becoming obvious that the stuff was very effective. Each pill, it seemed, worked immediately, but not too obviously. The effect was cumulative. Both men, who were handsome and very well-built to begin with, had put on a noticeable amount of muscle and in the process had added quite a bit of hair on their chests and stomachs, arms and legs. They had also been proud to show the boys that the stuff had also caused their cocks and balls to grow considerably, which was one of the effects they were after, for the sake of their status as the biggest porn stars. They were beginning to look like a couple of extremely well-hung bodybuilders, and Chris and Derrick thought what was happening to them was hot as hell.

They had asked if they could try the stuff, too, but their dads had said they would have to wait until they were older, probably out of school. They were too young to start displaying such grown up attributes. Besides, they told them, it has another effect, which is great if you're making fuck movies and need to perform a lot of sex. It made you extremely horny and kept you that way for a long time, which these two, from the amount of boyish playing around they constantly engaged in, practically under their dads' noses, definitely didn't need right now. Finally a day came when their dads had to leave early to shoot a movie and had to go out for a personal appearance afterward. They said they wouldn't be back until very late, maybe even morning.

As soon as they were gone, Chris showed Derrick a key. It was, he told his friend, a very masculine kid of about 5'9" with dark hair and dark eyes that gleamed with mischief, that this was the key to the cabinet where his dad kept the pills. Chris, who was already nearly six feet, grabbed Derrick's head under his arm in a head lock and messed his hair. "You game to try some of that stuff, see what it does, how it feels?" Derrick said, "Sure. You really want to? I think it would be cool." So they went and got the bottle of pills. Chris opened it and took out two. They each swallowed one.

For a while they just waited to see what would happen, and for about twenty minutes, neither of them felt anything. Then, all of a sudden, Chris said, "Hey, Derrick. I think I'm starting to feel something. Do you feel something?"

"I don't know for sure. Maybe. What do you feel?"

"I don't know. Just kind of weird. Kind of sexy or something."

"Yeah, me too. My dick feels funny, kind of tingly."

"Yeah, so does mine," Chris answered. "I wonder if anything has started to show yet."

"I don't think it would do much this fast, do you?"

"Let's take off our clothes so we can see if anything is happening. Want to?"

"Yeah, I do. I really feel like getting naked."

"Yeah, me too." And Chris pulled his shirt over his long brown hair and stripped off his jeans and briefs.

Derrick immediately followed suit. When they were both naked, they looked at themselves and each other. They couldn't see any obvious difference in the way they looked, but they both instantly sported erections.

"What if we took some more?" Chris asked Derrick. "Want to see what would happen? Wouldn't it be great if it made our dicks get bigger like our dads?"

"Do you think we should. Won't your dad get mad?" "He probably won't even notice. Come one, let's try. It does feel really good and sexy." He laughed as he gyrated his hips to make his cock flop around and smack against his belly and thighs. So they each took two pills this time. Again they waited, and within about ten minutes they both became so aroused they began playing with themselves, then each other, and soon were engaged in some serious sucking at each other's groins.

"Oh, God, Chris, this feels so hot!"

"No shit, man. No wonder they like to make those movies."

"Chris, can you feel it inside your body, like in your muscles and skin and everything?"

"Yeah, man. I can. It feels so good and so hot. Let's take some more."

"OK, man. If you want to."

They could barely control themselves as Chris opened the bottle again. He poured out a handful of the pills.

"How many do you think we should take this time?"

"I don't know. What do think would happen if we took a bunch? Do you think it would show?"

"I hope my dad doesn't get too pissed. What about five each? You want to try that?"

"Sure. Let's do it"

This time the waiting was shorter, and the effect hit them dramatically. They began nearly devouring each other. They felt so sexy and so turned on they couldn't believe how hot they were. Then Chris noticed some hair on Derrick's chest. That was so hot. And Derrick pointed out that Chris's dick definitely looked bigger--longer and thicker. And his, too. It was happening for sure.

They pranced around the room enjoying these new signs of manhood. Chris suddenly had hair on his chest, too. Then both of them realized that their muscles had grown bigger. They had pecs and biceps and their backs were widening and thickening, and their legs were thicker. It made them laugh it was so amazing. Soon both of them began to notice hair growing down their stomachs. Their pubic hair was getting thicker and darker.

And their dick were becoming even larger.

"Oh, man, Derrick. You look so hot. Look at all those muscles."

"I know. You, too." Derrick was feeling his chest, the muscle, the hair.

"You want to try some more?"

"I'm afraid we'll really get in trouble."

"Yeah, but they can't undo it, can they?"

"I guess not. OK. Think we could handle ten? What do you think would happen?"

"Shit, man, let's try."

So they each took ten more. When it hit, at first, it was so strong they both thought they were going to pass out or die. Their hearts raced and they could barely catch their breaths. But shortly they adjusted to the strength of the dose and when they did, they began to laugh uncontrollably. They were like two wild pups, dancing and posing and devouring each other, licking and feeling their muscles, watching their cocks and balls grow bigger and sucking each other off as they grew, and shoving their growing rods hard up each other's butts. Their butts were growing thick and hard and round, two very muscular bubble butts. The hair kept growing in on their groins, their chest and stomachs, even their arms and legs. They were both growing adult stubble on their faces. And their muscles were becoming those of two young bodybuilders, thick and dense with new mass. And then bigger, and soon as big as the pros, and still their muscles grew. They were caught in a swirling, changing fantasy of their own extreme arousal, noticing each change, each new degree of muscularity or body hair or genital size, and the more they continued to change, the more they were aroused to sexual frenzy. It didn't matter how often they come or fucked or sucked each other off, they were just becoming hornier and more excited.

And then suddenly, the door opened. They hadn't noticed the hours slip by, and their dads, finished with their work, were standing at the door. When the door flew open, Derrick was posing, flexing a bulging bicep with one arm and holding Chris's head with the other hand as Chris's mouth enthusiastically pumped up and down the length of Derrick's cock while he stroked his own.

"Well, it looks like our boys have been into our stash. I told you it would happen one day." Derrick's dad spoke first, and he sounded more amused than angry.

"I guess they've answered the question about what would happen if we gave it to them. And it looks like it agrees with them, wouldn't you say?" Chris's dad also sounded amused and even a little excited by what he had walked in on. "How much of that stuff did you boys take? I lot, I would say."

Both men were still feeling the effects of a heavy dose of the same stuff they had taken before their personal appearance, and they found themselves, in spite of the fact that these were their sons, getting erections and, considering the size of their own equipment, they looked about to burst through the straining fabric of their stretch shorts. The boys were so buzzed with the power of the heavy doses they had taken that they didn't even stop to consider what they were doing. They walked over to their dads, each to the other one's father, grabbed their huge, hard cocks, then pulled off their shorts and hungrily dragged the hesitant but willing men into a new round of sexual frenzy.

They boys were insatiable now, and had grown as big as their dads, but Chris, as he rubbed his hands hard over Derrick's dad's huge, thick, hairy pecs, said hungrily, "Let's take some more!" •

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