Boys of Linden Ave, The


By Lenny

Just this afternoon Tom went from being a boy to a hunk of a man. He met a nice college boy at Linden Ball Park and they really hit it off -- getting each other off. Tom really got messy so he suggested that Barry, the college cutie, drive him home for a fast shower before they go meet the college coach. On the drive home Tom wondered what would happen to Barry if he sprayed him with the strange fart smelling stuff that made him into such a stud. Barry was allot older and Tom did not want to make an old man of him, so he took out his spray and while Barry was checking for on coming traffic he barely sprayed a little on his shoulder.

"Did you fart, man. I don't give a shit, with what you just did to my cock you could puck on me and I'd be all - oh well"

They guys laugh. And Tom directs Barry to his house. Tom notices that his brother's bike is out front and directs Barry to wait for him in the backyard.

Tom goes inside and there is Mikey, his puberty inflicted brother. Tom kind of felt sorry for him, since he got to skip all that grief. All that Mikey ever talked about was wanting a blow job and being eager to grow up so he could receive one.

"Hey, my dad is coming home in minute and he is cop - you better get the fuck out"

"Calm down Mikey, its me your brother Tom. And if you do what I ask you too can have a fuckable body"

Mikey was doubting but the next statement made him take the intruder more seriously.

"On the computer in our room you have a file called, letters to soldiers, in which you keep all your porn"

Mikey was stunned, only Tom knew that and he was sworn to keep it secret or be beaten up by his brother. Mikey could see some resemblance and he was so eager to get buff.

"OK say you are Tom, how are you going to make me bigger"

"With this" he pulls out the spray and sprays his brother.

"Shit, that is shit spray"

"It works, trust me" and Mikey did trust this big man.

Tom went up to shower and came out to be totally aroused with the reflection of his new adult body, then a knock at the door.

"It's working, I am already getting buffer."

Mikey was buff enough for this and he was ready for his first blow job, but this one he would be giving. It became apparrent when Tom dropped his undies what he what he was wanting. Fearful that this growth may reverse, Mikey accommodated his little brother. It was fast and suprisely was enjoyable for Mikey. Hoping to being on the receiving end, Mikey quickly jumps on his bike and heads to the pool.

Tom heads to the backyard and is happy to see that Barry is not that much older, but way hotter. •

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