Maximum Muscle Machine

By Anonymous

I was a really skinny shrimp, but a really fast swimmer.

My brother, on the other hand played almost every sport imaginable.

By the way my name is John and my brothers name is Kevin.

When I was about 10 years old my brother told me if I wanted to look as big as him that I would report to the downstores gym, which was off limits to John autil he was 14, in 4 more years.

So, I waited four long years for my 14th birthday. Then brother whispered in my ear if I had remebered what he told me when I was 10 then do what he told me to.

I had rembered so, I went downstairs to the gym. My brother was waiting for me I saw that he was sitting on a picular machine, that I have never even seen before.

The machine had stranmge tecnology with clear plastic coating all around everything.

Kevin saw how confused I was and said "You see this machine. Well it makes muscles instantly after the first workout,"

"How did you get it?" I asked

"Off the internet," he answed very quickly,"So do you want to give it a try or not"

I sat down on the machine and Kevin pressed some buttons. I felt the machine move, a big metal peice of the machine clinged against my fat waist and a needle emerged from the belt-like thing.

"This will hurt, a lot" Kevin told him

The needle peirced itself into my cock. The pain was unbelivable. I started to cry and my brother only watched. After I stoped crying the metal belt began to vibrate.

After the vibrating stoped I was relesed from the medal belt and I got up. My cock felt strange. I looked down and it began to grow. It was growing to a 5 inch, no 6 inch, no 7 inch, wait 8 inch cock. Then my cock balls grew up to the size of golf balls. Streching my pants. Then my whole body felt tingly all over and warm. My whole body inflated. I grew pecs, my abs became a 2 pack, a 4 pack, then stoped. My legs grew a little to. I went over to the mirror to use some free weights to flex my muscles.

I wanted more. I shouted at my older brother in my new voice "Turn it back on, I want to be huge"

"You going to make me?" he siad

I looked at him and siad "Yeah, I am"

He was so scared he turned the machine back on as John sat back down. The medal belt came down and needle came back out and then two more needles came out. All three shot all of its juice into his cock. I first cried at the pain then enbrassed it. Then the belt but the needles back in and out came four more different needles, one came and shot him in the chest, another at his biceps, another at my abs, and the last one at my leg. I embraced the pain and welcomed it. The after the needles reteted the vibrating began. After the vibrating was finished the belt lifted up and I inflated like a ballon. My cock was the first thing I noticed. It grew all the way to a 12 inch cock. Then his pecs inflated, is abs grew from a 4 pack to a 6 pack to an 8 pack. Then my biceps grew all the way to 20 inches and my legs blew up to pillars.

I want more I wanted to be perfect. My brother was just staring at me I boomed in my new voice"keep going"

"" he whimpered in his tiny voice

I knew what he was look at and for. I went up to him and flexed all my muscles. My shirt tor into pieces, my pants and underwear flew off. I was now bigger then my brother and I looked at his and easily stripped him with my massive muscles. All Kevin could do was go with me. I poured my 12 inch cock down his tiny throat. My brother loved every minute of it. And then I relized when he was sucking I was growing more and more. So I let him suck me and eventually I began to fuck him and I grew bigger still.

Until I became a muscle God and was my perfect idea of a man. My parents seemed to take it very well and embraced it. I then became the fasted swimmer of my time. I stopped having men sucking me and fucking each other after I was a muscle god. Then I would beat up any man who looked at my cock two time. I would pretend to be gay and then beat them up when we were alone. Well that is my story about how I got big, and I would do it the same way over again. •

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