May the Best Man Win!

By Musclebuff

Not strictly a growth story, but then these two guys have already been through the process of morphing themselves into musclegods. Based on a(n untrue) rumor of happenings at a recent contest.

He stood there, all six foot four of him, golden, magnificent, a monument to sex and power and beauty. The muscles, cut, full, ripped, flexed and swelled in the sweating spotlights. A sheen of glory sparkled across my retina, threatening to destroy my own essential balance as a vibrant co-competitor. I had to look front while flexing in that hardest of all poses, the "relaxed" pose, but every fibre of my being was screaming at me to look to the side so I could feast my eyes on the man who was inspiring me and melting me inside at the same time.

I knew the competition in that most spectacular of all classes in bodybuilding, the Light-Heavies, was going to be over-subscribed with magnificence at the Nationals that year so I had struggled by the skin of my teeth to add those few pounds that would get up me up into the smaller Heavyweight class. However, this was before the days of the Super-Heavyweight class, designed to give the less gross of us a better chance of winning, and He - Helmut - was a Super Heavyweight par excellence, as were several others. As a result, even and six foot at 245 pounds, I was by far the "smallest" of those up on the stage. I calculated my miscalculation more than once in the pump-up room backstage as I saw them all oiling up, flexing, pumping and so forth, Clearly, in spite of the huge numbers in the class, I would have stood a far better chance of winning and getting my pro-card than I ever could among the behemoths of the Heavies.

So, there I was, sweating beside this god and feeling like a midget beside him. As well as all that, the bulge in my hi-cut mini-briefs, designed to show off every striation in my groin and my glutes, was threatening to expand so much that the silk-latex might burst and expose my devouring feelings for Helmut. Itís true that, in spite of my fears I had come fifth out of 15 in the class, so the adrenalin was high without all that. We stood there, in a hugely magnificent line, waiting for the compulsory poses that would be our final test in this class. As we went through each pose, our joint testosterone efforts were zinging and rebounding along that line of muscle gods as we all strove to outflex, outbulge, outrip each other. Finally it was over and we could, for a moment, really relax.

For a moment. But that moment seemed to change everything from then on. Six-foot-four turned to look down at six- foot and for the first time six-foot could see into those deep acqua green eyes. And that smile. My abs and crotch spasmed and his eyes instinctively looked down to see what was going on down there. The smile turned into a broad grin and six-foot could feel his cheeks burning. Then, as suddenly, he looked very serious and everything changed again. It was a god standing there, pulling me deep into his personal through those green pools. Then, almost as suddenly, he grinned again and threw his arm round me in a tight hug. To everyone else I hoped it looked like a pre-congratulatory gesture, but I knew just how damp the inside of my briefs now were. I looked down sideways at his - they werenít exactly loose either.

Some super-giant behemoth - easily the biggest of all of us - was called out fifth, to the disgust and amazement of the bulk-minded section of the audience. The guy had bitch-tits from here to eternity and could hardly walk across the stage. He distinguished himself by refusing the trophy and walking offstage. End of his career with the IFBB - or should be. As he went, Helmut muttered something that sounded like the German for Asshole. I was fourth - very, very surprised and grateful - and I was rewarded with another hug from Helmut as I crossed to the fourth-place mark. A really handsome guy with amazing abs and bis came third, so my heart was in my mouth for the last two. Helmut lost out to a really amazing and now-famous Super- HWT, but his second place position on stage was beside me, and this time I gave him an absolutely outrageous public hug, and to hell with all of them. He wrapped his arms round me and lifted me four inches off the floor, our swollen crotches banging and rubbing against each other, then dumped me back again. Luckily we were released from stage as the Winner was pouring his famous smile and thick pecs into the camera for his solo Winner shots. We walked down the iron stairs to the dressing-rooms, his arm draped round my shoulders, both of us vibrating with electricity and sexual energy. But we didnít say a word, hardly trusting what we might say, I guess.

We were separated by friends and fans and we had a chance to cool down once we were cleaned and showered: we both had cars so had to travel back to the official hotel separately. Cool down? All I and my still steel-like rod could do was fantasize about what might happen now. What was he thinking about? And so on. We still had to endure the monstrous banquet, and a thousand greedy hands pawing our buts and elsewhere as we struggled to find each other in the mob. We were both called by one of the officials to sit at his table, so we did. Very close, very conscious of each other without, again, being able to turn and look.

I think we both got pretty drunk - probably more so than if there had been no promise of anything else to come. Shirts came off, huge unwieldy bodybuilders danced half-naked on the tables; frantic, overheated handsome young middleweights and lightweights cartwheeled and grabbed at the squealing starlets. Our shoulders were raw from endlessly being slapped by well-wishers and Distinguished Visitors and Patrons, all of whom just wanted to cop a feel of all this muscle we shared between us. More than one gave us knowing winks which disgusted and embarrassed both of us and finally we signalled it was time to go. But where? Two different hotels. I neednít have bothered. Helmut decided weíd leave one car in the lot and take the other to his hotel which was luckily not the Official Residence of all the Muscular Glory and their hangers-on.

His six feet four needed a LARGE bed and this had determined his choice of lodging for the three nights we were all in Atlanta for the contest. I gazed around while he turned on some lights and turned off others, found music on the radio and attempted to clean up some of the inevitable masculine body-buoldersí mess. The bed was HUGE and the room was LARGE. It was also littered with all the bits and pieces we need for contests. Micro-waves, tupperware full of one kind of protein or another, rice, rejected potato skins, dirty dishes, bottles of tanning liquid staining the dresser. Several pairs of minute pairs of posing trunks flung about in an attempt to make up the mind what to wear on the night. Sheets stained red-brown from the posing oil and stain from the pre-judging that morning.

Finally he flung the coverlet over the bed in some kind of attempt to dismiss some of the less-sordid disorder and turned to me with a flourish and a grin. Voila! Or, Und so? You want a drink? No, I didnít want a drink - at least, not alcohol. I told him I might become incapable of I had any more. As it was, we were both pretty stoked up, probably at exactly the right limit of intoxication for what we both clearly had in mind.

Do we undress first, or what? He asked. I told him I couldnít face the agony of doing anything with him if I couldnít see and feel those muscles. You talk as if you didnít have any, he grinned. You think I would be towering over you, groping you like this if you were a stick-person? You may be a runt compared to me, but youíre still a magnificent runt!

Grope all you want, but let me undress you.

Go ahead, but donít take too long about it. I might faint.

Thatíll be the day.

His jacket was already off and it he was wearing a pretty sheer silver-white muscle shirt. It was so tight I canít think how he ever got it on him - how he would ever get it offÖÖ I took the line of least resistance and used my (powerful) fists to tear it off him in one rip. He wasnít expecting that and I saw a few $ signs (or Dmarks) flash across angry green eyes before he crushed my lips and fucked my all-too willing mouth with tongue. After an age I pulled away and sank to my knees rubbing my face against that wonderful hard bulge inside those tight-fitting black silk pants.

Then I grabbed the silk-sheathed sick between my teeth and pulled hard till I could feel the huge swollen mushroom head straining against the cloth of his pants and his briefs. I sank my fingers hard into his tight glutes as my teeth pulled down his zipper. He obligingly unbuttoned the clasp at the top of the zip. I slapped his hand away, and dug back into his butt as the pants fell to the floor, imprisoning his feet. My nose and my tongue found that the root of his dick and balls were strapped into some kind of tightish cock-ring. (How did that get there?) So, caressing those giant multi-faceted quads and hams, I grabbed his balls, briefs and all, into my mouth and sucked down hard as one thumb found its way up his ass.

He yelled and pulled me up on to my feet, kicking off his pants and briefs at the same time. He held me firmly around the bis and looked seriously into my eyes.

How much does this all mean to you? Everything I said, and I fell in love at that moment. He slowly undressed me, tie off, shirt off, pants undone, peeling my t-shirt off my pumped-up, buffed-up delts and pecs which my arms caressed his bis and pecs, and lats and everywhere else I could touch. Then it was my turn to push him down to sit on the end of the bed from where he proceeded to devour my dick, slowly licking it up and down, top and bottom, then teasing the ballsack with his teeth. Finally slipping the whole, long thicvk length right down his throat and sucking gently up and down until I started to thrust it to the back of his throat with all the strength I could muster. He grabbed me round the root and squeezed and took that sucking mouth off my sexpole.

Not yet, my little Freund. He stood up, pushed me arms length away from him, looked me up and down in silence , binding me still further in his spell.

What do we both most value in this world? What do we most admire about each other? Nein, sagí es nicht. We have both spent our lives struggling towards the same goal: muscle maximum. We both glory in the feel and the look of them. Nothing is better for us than a good pump when we can feel the blood swelling the muscle and we can glory in the power, the size, the muskel-lust. So now weíve got them, and weíve got each other, letís enjoy them before we get carried away, huh?

As he spoke, we were both sliding our hands around the half-oily, half-sweaty muscles we both enjoyed and admired so much. The things that tuned us on and gave us life. We were both as hard and as pumped and ripped as each other - in spoite of the four inches between us in height, I was almost as thick nand heavy as he was. I had a smaller waist, he had wider shoulders; I excelled in quads, hams and calves, while his deep, full, squared off pecs pecs were my greatest

envy. Our arms, as we slid over those baseballs and horseshoes were probably as big as each others, but we still enjoyed trying to outflex and outvasculate each other as we took turns in licking and feeling and kissing those mountains of muscle.

I squatted down behind him, first pulling apart those amazing glutes, then burying my face and eventually my tongue between those twin sex-mounds, one hand stroking the inside of his groin and the other massaging that bursting prick. I fucked his ass as he bent over the bed, tongue stabbing as deep as it could, eliciting groans from my favorite Deutsche Mann. He turned round and pulled me flat on top of him on the bed. He wrapped his legs around me, and I dug my hand under his lats to hug him hard. We both went crazy. Sweaty, oily bodies sliding as hard against each other as our joint musculature could do it. Hard dicks sliding up and down beside, on top of each other along our silkskin covered serrated 8- pack abs. Kissing deep and crazy, fucking each othersí hungry mouths while we flexed and wrestled in the grip of each otherípowerful arms.

Lats spreading, I reared up in a push-up on his delts as his inner quads seized my long dick and squeezed it hard, rolling it unbearably around between each muscled leg. My 12 inches (yes, 12) pulled free and reared up between us, throbbing for release - he slapped it hand and pulled my down again to his tongue, at the same time as rolling round on top of me. God, those 260 pounds of muscle pushing me down into that mattress, squashing my dick still imprisoned under his abs.

It was as if we were on speed or something: our natural testosterone was acting as a super-aphrodisiac. We slipped, punched, slid, slapped, squeezed, flexed, bit, kissed, licked every muscle on each otherís magnificent, golden muscle-god bodies. I think it was this magnificent passion we had for each other and for each otherís bodies that stopped us from cumming - at any rate for the time being. The sensation of muscle wedded, wielded to muscle were just too mind-blowing for us to waste one sperm of energy on cumming just yet. In fact the way it was pent up inside us, at the very core of our beings, where all our muscle springs from, our crotches, held us on the knife-edge of the most god-like feeling either of us could ever experience.

Eventually we fell off each other, flat on our backs, side by side, panting hard, still "virginal", unspent, both of us throbbing for release into each other. I flung one arm over his heaving pecs and turned to look at him. Our eyes were very, very close. So were our hungry lips. We restrained ourselves from kissing, knowing what it would lead to, too soon.

Fuck me, please, he said.

Man, youíre se big, so powerful, I thought youíd be fucking me.

This night of love is still young, my little heavyweight. Time for everything - everything in its time. I might surprise you!

Without taking his eyes off me, he reached out a pulled a Max-size condom and a bottle of Eros out of the night-table drawer. Allow me! He said, wrapping an Eros-covered fist for a moment round my pole then slipping that sexy latex sheath on to my rather large mushroom and rolling it gently down to the balls. He gave my sheathed member - feeling more powerful than ever after this prep - a couple of encouraging strokes as I knelt between his bent knees, then lifted those giant wheel over my sweating balled-up delts. With a mighty heave I pulled his butt close in, dug three Eros-lubed fingers up his butthole. He groaned loudly as his sphincter grabbed and swallowed my stabbing fingers and rammed his glutes down hard on my fist.

Man, I sure want all of you up there but your fist is going to have to wait - give me your dick!

Get it up there hard and now.

I guided the sheathed- rubbed-covered, angrily throbbing mushroom into his pucker which instantly resisted.

Breathe, man! Breathe! He heaved a mighty breath, swelling those giant pecs, driving me crazy, and thrust himself hard down on my dick. My full twelve went in to the hilt in one thrust. He yelled. I yelled!

Fuck me hard! Give me all youíve got!

The veins from my scrotum down the full length of my muscle-fuck pole swelled as I thrust in and out, the whole dick being massaged by his demanding chute. I pulled right out and thrust hard back in again at once. Ja! Ja! So, so! Noch mehr! Harter! Harter! I thrust and thrust and watched his pillar-neck swell with desire and the sweat pour off his face as mine dripped on to his abs. His rearing thick oh so thick cock started to leak pre-com copiously until I worried he might come too soon - before he was able to fuck me!

He could tell I was holding back: Donít worry - thereís a lot more where thatís coming from for both of us. So, after a dozen more punishing, wonderful thrusts, I pulled out of him, bent over and sucked up his pre-cum, salty and delicious, rolled it around my tongue and stuck it into his mouth where he sucked it off me as well as he could, the flats of our tongues licking and sucking against each other. I took hold of his waist and flipped his huge bulk over on to its face. He reared up his butt, grabbed my cock and guided it towards the hole again. This time it was bucking-bronco time and I gave him no mercy until I could feel his balls rise and his butt-muscles tightening around my dick and his ejaculation. Each spasm of cum as it jetted out on to the coverlet, almost forced me into cumming too. But I wasnít ready. I slapped his butt down flat on the bed and lay flat on top of him - 240 pounds on top of 260 pounds. This is my favorite fuck position with a guy - I can get in really deep and really make him feel the cock grinding its way through his tender chute. He didnít know it yet, but this is the most satisfying way of being fucked after youíve cum yourself. I was able to restrain myself for another twelve minutes oif serious fucktime, with him groaning deliriously underneath me until I finally shot jet after jet of red-hoot gism into his ass.

Exhausted, I lay on top him, my dick still imprisoned within his ass, massaging his swollen tits underneath him. Of course, in my greedy passion I hadnít counted on those last twelve minutes giving him all the rest and recup he needed to fuck me out of my mind.

Now itís your turn, he growled.. How do you want it?

Just rape me.

You got it.

First he turned me on to my back. The he started to knead my throbbing, swelling, sweaty pecs. Then he bit down hard on to one nip, squeezing the other. When I could bear it no more, he switched. My body was writhing, magnificently tormented. He told me after that this was the best way to get the muscle-fuck juices building again. It certainly worked with me.

Iím going to shock you very much, he said. I know you wonít let me do what I want to do if thereís any risk. And I think you can trust me the same way. Iím going to fuck you without a condom. OK?

I guess I knew I shouldnít let him, but the steady green glow that poured out of those eyes convinced me there was no danger. Somehow I could tell neither of us was promiscuous, nor likely to be as long as we were with each other. So I nodded, pulled off my own rubber and let him.

Youíre going to love this - thereís nothing like a pure dick, you know? No latex? And, pulling my head up and propping pillow underneath it, he lowered his thick length into my mouth which sucked and licked it greedily till he sunk the full length down my deep and open throat. This extreme operation didnít stop me from massaging my own "great length", while he finger-fucked my hole at the same time. I started to groan from the depths of my engorged throat and flashed desperate messages with my eyes. Eventually, he pulled out, laughing maniacally, seemingly twice as big as he was before he went in.

Come here, little boy. Sit on Daddyís lap. He pulled me up to sit astride of him, then lay back against the pillows. I squatted over his treetrunk and slowly let myself down on it. He grabbed my by the waist and forced me inexorably down,. Down, lower and lower, thicker and thicker he seemed to get until the whole treetrunk was buried as far as anything had ever been buried there before. It was heaven to feel that pulsing member squirming around in my ass while he girasted my hips around it. I started to rear up and down in ecstacy - never felt anything like it before. My powerful quads squatted me up and down on that thick fuckpole till I went crazy with drunken passion.

He started to roll my dick between his calloused bodybuilder palms until I started to scream with crazy pleasure. Harder! Fill me! Deeper! Faster! That all you got? Really FUCK me for Godís sake!

As if he wasnít. We both rammed into and onto and up each other, my cock being oilily pumped in one of his massive fists and my balls grabbed and squeezed with the other. I started to weep with ecstacy.

Wow! Meine Freund! I had no idea you were such a masochist.

Iím not - itís just that I want you to do anything you want to me. Anything you can! Never known anything like thisÖÖ Wanna cum!..........

NO! He slapped my dick hard and squeezed the root. I have other things to make you scream!

The hand went into the drawer again and produced a length of half-inch-wide black leather thong which he proceeded to bind tight round my root and balls, making my dick thicken even more and giving me the feeling that the whole of my manhood and his were bottled up in my dick and balls.

He got up, leaving me feeling very strange, bereft and excited at the same time, and produced a few more things from his closet. First a series of straps - a long one which went under my nees and behind my neck, forcing my butt into the air and my glutes wide apart. Then two more round my ankles, pulling them up to the corners of the bedhead.

Next best thing to a sling, he said.

Wow - Iíd never experienced a sling except seeing others use them in pornos, Now I was going to experience the next best thing. There I was, my legs and ankles high and wide in the air, pulled back, my weaving spasming dick begging for a rape scene. He stood between my legs, all six foot four of him, golden, glistening, leather-shod cockstrap, muscles pumped bigger than contest-time, gleaming with a godlike aura from the lamp behind him, those green eyes boring hungrily and greedily and determinedly into mine.

I donít think we can risk those big guns of yours interfering, he said, as he cuffed my wrists to the strap behind my neck. Helpless. Just waiting, panting for him to get inside me.

Now, letís just flex a few muscles to turn us up another notch, ja?

In my imprisoned position this was not easy, but somehow the huge and hugely confined effort paid off - especially tensing and flexing the abs. My dick and scrotum seemed to enjoy that a lot. So did Helmut, who reciprocated with most sexy, "most muscular" shots right above me with his knee pushing its way against my wide-open butthole which was itching to be filled and filled hard and thick and deep and often..

He started to massage his already swollen dick. Ever done it like this before?

Never. Always been interested though. Never thought Iíd ever get to do it with someone like you.

Well, as I said, thereís always a first time. And it wonít be the last, I promise you.

And with a teutonic growl le launched himself into me in in one huge, massive, single thrust to the root of his cock and the depth of my being.


Itís very difficult to put into words the supreme effect of that moment. It was truly like being helplessly invaded by a god. I was powerless to do anything except receive him at his will. His will which was truly mine - to an infinite extreme. I could touch nothing, hardly move anything, just had to receive that giant thrusting muscle-fuckpole as he desired to let me have it. Ever so slowly at first, inexorably slowly in and almost out, deep in again and almost out again, over and over again. Then his fist closed on my weeping dick and he started to accelerate the thrusts - and put more power into the jabs. I saw the muscles of his huge German jaw tighten and his large sensuous lips open into bear-like gasps as he raped me. Never a more willing rapee. I screamed at him with every foul word I could muster to go deeper, harder, Fuck me you German muscle-bastard - fuck me into cumming!

He pulled me up almost against him so I was riding that fuckpole as it rammed in and out. He bounced me up and down on it a hundred times till I thought Iíd scream, then dropped me back onto my back as he thrust in even deeper, the straps tightening once again and stretching me wide open in every direction..

I want you so much, man. I wish you were twice as thick, twice as long and twice as deep and stayed in me for ever. But when are you going to let me cum? Itís been hours.

All the betterÖÖ. But you want more? Iíll give it to you and right now.

From my helpless position I saw him pick something up from the floor. It was a large, long, black rubber dildo dick, with a suitably swollen dickhead. It was about the same thickness as his own cock but longer. He greased it up, thwacked both our dicks with it, then slid its cold but easy way up my ass. OOOOOOGH. It feels so good man!

He started to get rough with it and I started to buck and yelp, muscles twisting, bunching, turning. I watched his bis and tris bunch up sexily and magnificently as he thrust the pole in and out of me with one hand and massaged his monstrous dick with the other.

Easy isnít it, after Iíve opened you up with my big dick? Now take this!

Somehow he angled the dildo upwards, stretching me even wider, then slid his own stickly oily cock up niside me alongside the dildo. Aargh! Aaargh! Aaargh! Was all I could say as I was double-anally invaded with two huge hard dicks. He slid them in and out in opposite motion so that I was always filled in every direction with every thrust and at every moment. Just when I thought I was going to Heaven a penis-gag was thrust into my mouth and tightened round my head. Now I had two cocks up my ass and another down my throat.

I bucked and yelped through the gag, heaving every muscle I could manage up and down as he thrust the two dicks hard and ever faster in to me, now both travelling in the same direction. In and out, in and out, never stopping. The sweat was pouring off both of us, making our heaving muscles swell up in the light, glistening like godheads. At least, thatís what I felt like. Two muscle gods raping each other, top and bottom.

Suddenly he leaped up - pulling his dick roughly out of me, nearly making me cum, leaving the dildo firmly imbedded to the hilt. He reversed his position, pulled the dick-gag out of my mouth and shoved his own into my throat. The he leaned forward and sucked my engorged cock into his throat and grabbed the dildo with another fist.

Now try not to cum too soon - this is the best bit.

Then it happened. 3-way heaven as he fucked my throat and my ass at the same time as letting my dick fuck his throat The "three" of us worked together like a well-oiled machine, working powerfully to create an UberKraft of sex and muscle - such as only two muscle gods like us could make it. Glorying in our superb musculature, the power and beauty of extreme muscle, fuelled by our insatiable sexual appetites and abilities and all that testosterone generated between our loins that is our muscle-blood.

The thick black dildo caressed and satisfied my inner shaft, ever more powerfully and demandingly, my thickening and weeping dick thrust up and down into his sucking throat as hard and as deep as I could thrust it, and his tongue and throat was trying to suck every ounce of my being out of my dick..

Then it all happened together. My spasming dick tightened hard around the dildo that even so kept on thrusting in and out inexorably; I filled his mouth with pints of muscle-juice and received points of his at exactly the same moment in the depths of my throat. He pulled at something and the straps fell away from me: I leaped on top of him and filled both our mouths with our pints of communal muscle-juice, both of us rolling it and mixing it around our mouths until, almost by agreement, we both swallowed as much as we could of our own and each otherís.

We lay there, clasped in each otherís deliciously sweaty arms, giant muscles and bodies still welded to each other, feeling each otherís every breath and muscular contraction, mouths still locked, tongues still searching each other, cocks still rock-hard. All the time our eyes bored into each other, even at such close range. We really were "as one". Sometime our mouths have have separated, satisfied, and we stayed like this until we fell asleep in each otherís arms.

We woke in the morning, cum still gluing parts of us together, got up, showered, soaped each other up as you can imagine two muscle studs doing, got back into bed and started all over again.

Itís been like that ever since. We have a joyful life together. We are inseparable and we donít care who knows it. We havenít made anything public of course, but no one has dared to sneer or snigger at us, nor bar us from competition or any crap like that. Actually I think we may have given some others some sort of courage in this direction.

Helmutís been training me and now Iím as big, though not as tall as him. Anyway, next month we shall be competing against each other for the first time, both as Super Heavyweights. May the best man win. The fucking and the muscle will still be as good, whoever does. •

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