Max Out Your Week!

By smitch69

Maxwell was a typical skinny nerd, but he had created a on-line persona for himself when he was in the chat rooms. He would spend hours chatting to girls on-line and described himself as a hot muscular Asian guy called “Chin”.

He had been living this persona for such a long time now that he almost believed he was Chin himself. But the inevitable happened, he was talking with this hot chick on-line and found out that she was flying into the area for a couple of days and wanted to meet “Chin”. Max tried to make excuses, but she just wouldn’t allow it – so he agreed to meet her.

Now Max had a problem his nerdy puny body was nothing like his “Chin” persona, but then he had an idea!

Max checked the internet using some of the lesser known search tools – this was Max’s world and he knew you could find anything if you looked hard enough!

It took two days of research, but he found the scripture that would help him become Chin. Max downloaded the scripture and read the instructions – it was simple to perform, and only needed one additional component – a body!

Max now needed a body to transform – he thought long and hard for a source, he checked the local gyms without luck, although there were a lot of hot bodies that had potential for other adventures.

He searched but found nothing locally, but then inspiration hit him, the Male Escort search on the web. Max hit the site, and found four escorts that fit the bill. Max phoned them one at a time, using the excuse that he was arranging an escort for his female boss. It wasn’t long before he had found the perfect escort and arranged for the guy to meet him at a hotel down town.

Max was ready, and it was long before there was a knock on the hotel room door. Max opened the door, and gasped – the guy was perfect, in Max’s eyes this was “Chin”. He invited the guy in, Max was surprised when the guy asked if he could use the shower – apparently he had come straight from the gym.

The guy went in for a shower, and Max read the scripture over in his mind. It wasn’t long before the guy returned with just a towel wrapped around him. Max recited the scripture, as he spoke the guy seemed rooted to the spot, and very confused. Max spoke the last verse, and the guy collapsed – his whole body began to shake violently, second by second his whole body began to deflate. His muscle and skin remained unchanged, but it seemed his internal organs were vaporising. Only minutes had passed, but the guy was now almost fully deflated – there was a wheezing noise as some air escaped from the guys mouth, the process had completed.

Max walked over to the guys skin, he lifted it onto the bed – it was heavy and the muscles all seemed intact. Max quickly stripped out of his own clothes, and got on the bed with the guy skin come body mask. Understanding the scriptures he knew after 7 days the guy would return to normal, but he knew this would be long enough for a perfect couple of days with some spare time to have some fun.

Max started to stretch the mouth open, and climb into the guys skin inching his way down the guys legs, fitting his dick inside the guys huge dick. Max pulled up the guys waist and pulling the ABS and chest into place. Max found it easy to push his own arms into the huge guy’s muscular sleeve type arms. Soon only Max’s head remained – with one swift movement the huge Asian guy swallowed Max and the only guy remaining in the room was the male escort. Max walked his new huge body over to the bathroom and checked his reflection – “Hello Chin, nice to see you finally” – Max, or shall we say “Chin” flexed his new muscles and posed in the mirror.

Max decided it was time to familiarise himself with his new body – he started to get dressed in the guys clothes. First the underwear - tight and white, next he pulled on the guys silky black shirt, fastening up only a few buttons just as the real guy had done only 30 minutes earlier, Max was fascinated by the way the shirt hugged his new body like a second skin.

He pulled on the guys black pants, tucking in the shirt and adjusting the belt to his new 30” waist. After slipping on the guys shoes – Max studied himself in the mirror, admiring his wide back and heavy shoulders and tight bubble butt.

Max checked over the guys personal items next to the wash basin. Wallet, wow! Must have about $800 in cash in here, checking the guys license – he looked at the picture and then himself again and smiled. The keys looked to be door and car keys. Max put the wallet, keys into his pocket, and picked up the small notebook. Inside it seemed to be the guys schedule, there was Max’s details, hotel name and time. Max noticed that the guy had another scheduled meeting at 10pm, the entry had a star next to it with a note saying “overnight stay”. Max smiled “perfect” – Max decided to live the guys life for a while before he met his date.

Max picked up the guys jacket and left the room to meet “his” next client – it was going to be a fun week. •

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