Farmer Man

By MuscleMage

Jack’s dad was away for the week, leaving him alone to take care of the farm. His dad had to go buy some new supplements for the horses. The new experimental supplement they had for the horses made them stronger, but made them too big and they actually lost speed. Now there were cases of the supplement left in the barn, the bottles themselves looked like beer bottles. Neither of them knew what to do with the extra cases, but Jack was supposed to find a way to get rid of them while his dad was gone.

The day after his dad had left, Jack was cleaning up the barn when he grabbed his beer bottle and took a swig. He swallowed hard and coughed loudly. It definitely wasn’t beer, it tasted like strangely sweet medicine. Taking a look at the bottle in his hand, Jack was shocked to find himself holding an opened supplement bottle. The strangest thing was he suddenly developed an erection. He was horny at most of the day but this one felt particularly potent to him.

“Hmm…” the erection felt so good, Jack grabbed his crotch and without thinking took another swig of the bottle. Moments later, his crotch got even harder, pumping up against the front of his jeans. This was the strangest reaction Jack had ever heard of and Jack began getting dizzy and felt weak all over his body. Teetering awhile longer, Jack finally fell to the ground, feeling strangely pumped throughout his body but unable to move. His crotch throbbed harder against his jeans, making him moan with pleasure. He had no idea what was happening but wasn’t afraid at all. His balls seemed to pump ever greater and his muscles seemed to be being fed by his large genitals.

A half-hour later Jack came into his jeans and he found he could move his body again. Stepping out of the barn and falling into his house, he started to examine himself. His pecs were plump, stomach was defined, and his arms and shoulders were swollen. Feeling the front of his jeans Jack was startled to find that the large bulge there hadn’t gotten any smaller since he had relieved himself. It seemed that cock and balls had gotten much bigger. Getting excited all over again, his crotch got even bigger. Jack rushed out of the house and towards the barn. He wanted more.

Breaking opening the crates that contained the bottles, Jack’s eyes were met with dozens of rows of supplement bottles. Grabbing the first bottle, his forearms bulged and effortlessly twisted off the top of the bottle. Quickly downing the entire contents, Jack’s body was seized by an entire body orgasm. Collapsing again, Jack’s crotch popped his Jean’s buttons as they swelled twice as big. His muscles condensed and bulged, pumping in the same time as his balls. Pleasure sweeped across his muscled body and Jack looked with half-glazed eyes at the stacks of crates behind the one he had opened. •

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